Daytime! Daytime! MineLARP

Minecraft is, of course, a 100% accurate recreation of the experience of building your own structures, weapons and clothes as an attempt to survive in a wild and hostile land. If you had to do it in real life, it’d be just like that. Don’t believe me? Well, let Gary Bigham: Pro Larper demonstrate…

WELL I LIKED IT. The “pretending to be an 80s fratmovie nerd” shtick is pretty thin, but the Minecraft element right tickled me. I always did wonder about the practicalities of punching animals and making pick axes out of sticks. It even evokes a little of the lonely, endangered sadness of Minecraft too.


  1. Shon says:

    Nice to see someone role play the scream of terror when the Creeper appears. The crying was also very authentic.

  2. fishyjoes says:

    I liked when he finally was able to stand up to the skeletons with his diamond sword. Sadly I didnt get this experience with Minecraft yet :/

  3. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Well, I liked it too.

    I wonder what this looks like to someone who has never played Minecraft. I CAN imagine what the face looks like of someone who has never played Minecraft, while that person is watching this video, though

  4. Torgen says:

    A… professional… LARPer.

  5. Shawnious says:


    “ssSSsSs!!! sSsSsSSSSSSsss!!!”


  6. Ysellian says:

    lol love the attention to detail

  7. Armyofnone says:

    Oh man. This made my morning. Very funny!

  8. Pani says:

    “Shabby” is the word that springs to mind for me.

    There was so much potential and the atmosphere was just wasted with his incessant jabbering.

    I’d like to see another video done by someone who takes it either more seriously, or more comedic, not this wishy washy inbetween.

    • Araxiel says:


      Doesn’t mean I did not enjoy the creeper “SsssSsss” however I was missing the actual explosion. They should have added some effects.

  9. Evil otto says:

    2 damage!

  10. DJ Phantoon says:

    Tell me that “Big-ham” is a stage name. Even if it’s a lie.

    Also, Minecraft should have a reality TV show, with people on it actually meeting gruesome deaths.

  11. the wiseass says:

    This was awesome! Especially the fighting scene at the end: 2 DAMAGE! 2 DAMAGE! Also what superior studies do you have to go through to become a “Pro-LARPer”?

  12. Urthman says:

    I’d make a movie like this, but I’m too busy playing Minecraft.

  13. Crafton says:

    Yeah we had some creepers turn up to our party the other night:
    link to

  14. Clovis says:

    They forgot to have the ghast wander into a lavafall and start screaming like a nightmare baby.

  15. Robomutt says:

    Two damage seems awfully low for diamond. Do L”a”RPing USAdians not say “double” then?

    • the wiseass says:

      Double Damage of what? 1? then how do you know the base damage was 1? Maybe it was 2, then double damage would be 4, not 2. You see, 2x damage is not 2 damage :)

  16. Dasaki says:

    friggin funny, I love how he had a lisp the entire time. I’d love to see a movie be made about minecraft. like a real movie, don’t care if it’s budget.

  17. Saul says:

    Maybe he really is an 80s fratmovie nerd.

  18. Shamanic Miner says:

    Sthweet biomes.

  19. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    This is awesome, I esp love the creeper sneak attack on his newly finished home, and the crying that goes along with it, also getting stuck in the middle of nowhere at night time!

  20. x25killa says:

    He didn’t punch a pig.

  21. Gehrschrein says:

    There’s this (obviously unintended) quite awesome dynamic sequence from 5:25 on, while he starts running. The shot angle, the camera wobble… I came close to thinking it was directed.