Majesty 2: Battles Of Ardania Goes Gold

Minotaurs are scary, but not half as scary as majotaurs.

The second expansion for fantasy village bribery sim Majesty 2, Battles of Ardania, is out now. Ardania adds a new 8 mission campaign, 4 new multiplayer maps, a sprinkling of new weapons and a couple of glugs of new monsters. I sat down with Alec, RPS’s resident Majesty 2 veteran, to ask him how he felt about this expansion. Not that he’s actually played it or anything.

RPS: How do you feel about this expansion coming out?

Alec: It looks like they still haven’t built upon the mechanics, which is what they really need to do, instead of just churning out new content (as with the last expansion). I suppose I’d have to play it. I haven’t played it.

RPS: Do you still have a cat? How’s your cat?

Alec: Well, and currently hungry.

RPS: Thanks for your time.

Finally, here’s a new video from Majesty 2 developer 1C talking about Battles of Ardania. It’s pretty good! He refers to gnomes as “little buggers”.


  1. Jahkaivah says:

    You managed to seal an exclusive interview with THE Alec!?

    Impressive. Clearly he was too busy to hang about too long.

  2. Ignorant Texan says:

    Alec Meer, you monster!!! The time you spent trashing New Vegas could have been spent feeding your poor, neglected cat, thus avoiding a imminent visit from the RSPCA!!!

  3. Orvidos says:

    To refer to what Alec said in a no-more-than-tangential-way, Majesty The Original remains a better game. Not sure I’ll even bother to get this expansion with that measly content list.

  4. Rich says:

    Nice to see an environment-concious king putting solar panels on his roof.

  5. ScubaMonster says:

    So is it true the sequel is hard as hell? The reviews I read made it sound like it was pretty difficult.

    • Yorick says:

      Yeah, Majesty 2 is pretty brutal. It’s actually just challenging until a pair of missions where you need to know presciently where to build, where you need to keep restarting. After that the difficulty curve went vertical for me, the AI opponents just had orders of magnitude more money invested in their armies.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Well that’s disappointing. I wouldn’t want to play a game where I hit a brick wall without using some sort of cheats.

    • Depends says:

      Majesty 2 was beatable if you understand the leveling / initial buildup process.

      In later missions it is basically a must to have a kind of startup sequence learned(warrior warrior priest archer or whatever works at that point), because you will need a fairly tight timing.
      You also need to figure out a decent middle between clearing out the most close by and urgent monsterspawns vs not sending your only defense away across the map.

      Once you figure it out however, it is rather doable and not as terrifying as some might make it out to be.
      Part of the fun is finding exactly that balance, obviously.

      A game without ANY room for wiggling, learning, trial & error or challenge would just be CallOfMedalHonor errr, I mean boring.

    • Carra says:

      It’s a trial and error game. You try a mission. You get your ass kicked. You restart and now build your towers in another place and change your build order a bit. You improve.

      I thought it was a fun game and finished it and its expansion. I was mostly bothered about the fact that the classes didn’t feel as diverse as in the original. What’s the difference between the four archer classes? Not enough.

    • Droniac says:

      If you’ve never played Majesty before then Majesty 2 is quite challenging, because it plays completely differently from anything else out there. You’ll have to unlearn everything you’re used to from RTS games and get used to Majesty’s way of doing things, which involves occasionally uncooperative underlings.

      That’s very different if you’ve actually played Majesty before, in which case you’ll find that Majesty 2 is significantly easier. I played both games back-to-back and had to reload frequently in Majesty while I only required save games in 3 missions in Majesty 2. It’s fairly straightforward once you get into the groove and find out some decent hero combinations and starting buildings. I generally start with rangers because they’re awesome: they scout more than any other hero, they’re cheap, they do good damage and because they’re not a caster (nor melee) they don’t die very quickly.

      It’s basically the first game, but slightly easier and with much better graphics. And a few interesting mechanics like specific sites for building temples and taverns, which certainly balances the game a bit for multiplayer. Temple heroes tend to be much stronger than ordinary ones.

  6. Evoc says:

    I love this gaming concept of kingdom sim with non-controllable heroes. Its abit of Simcity, Dungeon keeper and a healthy sprinkle of RPG. I just wish it could have been done better then in Majesty 2, its on the right track but…. yea.. what Alec said. These expansions are depressing.

    Imagine this. Crossroad keep from NWN2 + Majesty + Dungeon keeper. Yay. Gotta learn programming!

    • Depends says:

      You could control the heroes/monsters in Dungeon Keeper directly and it was a great joy.

  7. Tagnok says:

    Had hoped they change the mechanics. Everything are essentially okay, but the ground mechanics are all wrong.

    Why couldn’t they just fixed the graphics on the first game? Would be so much better with and overhauld there. I wouldn’t even complain had they said the game was an original.

  8. alex dante says:

    I picked up Majesty 2 because the idea of an RTS with only indirect control fascinated me. Unfortunately, it plays like most other RTSes except that every single action has a ridiculous cost & often a long delay associated with it.

    I’m having to pay for buildings, then pay for units, then pay for commands…

    • MrEvilGuy says:

      @alex dante
      Strange way to put it… I suppose that is true to some extent.

      But I never thought of it that way.

      Although I only played majesty 2 for a few days.

      The first one was great fun though. I probably spent a good 50 hours on it last year on my ex-girlfriends laptop (I think she got fed up with gnome voices).

      The only real improvement in majesty 2 that I can remember is being able to carry heroes over to the mission – builds up more of a connection to those heroes than was possible in the first one.

      Either way, I’ll probably give majesty 2 another shot in the future.