The TRON-a-tron: TRON Evolution

Tron, tron tron. I can't get enough. TRON!
Tron! Tron. It’s a word that you mustn’t say too many times, lest it become absurd. Avoid this danger by watching other people say the word in the most recent look at Tron Evolution, which I have posted below. In this informative video capsule the developers say stuff about Tron, and they do this because they know more about the game than we do, and wish to impart some of that knowledge. At least I hope they know more than we do, because otherwise the game is in big trouble. I also note that there’s a chap over on GameTrailers calling for a boycott on this game because it isn’t coming out on PC. His mistake is that it is coming out on PC, which makes that seem like a bad reason to boycott it. He does make a good point about Tron 2.0, though. I made some good points about it here, too. I’m not going to be boycotting anything, either, because I like the glowy colours.

Below: Tron.

GameTrailers, we love you, but update your Tron tags please.


  1. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    I don’t think there’s any danger of ‘tron’ becoming absurd…

  2. fuggles says:

    Good bit of footage at giantbomb with the devs:
    link to

    Looks a bit like PoP. The third person jumpy stuff is going to be secondary to any light cycling I would have thought. Looks, erm, solid? Best I can do. Sort of reminds me of the Void.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      I’ll say what I said in the comments to that GB vid (I love that site).

      The game looks too much like a video game, if you get what I mean. It’s cliched. Seems like any of n number of games you’ve played on a Playstation 1 or original Xbox.

      The guys making it seem like they know what they are doing, and they have John Vignocchi on-board, who’s supposedly quite good at what he does. So, I’m sure the game will be competent, not broken or anything, but it really doesn’t seem innovative or interesting in any way. Unless, of course, you are a huge Tron fan (are there any of those?).

      At least they seem to listen to citicism. Some outlets, such as GiantBomb, were pointing out how silly it was to stick “The Game” at the end of the title, thus “Tron: Evolution – The Game”, when there isn’t anything else called Tron: Evolution for it to need differentiation. They swiftly dropped it.

      Who knows, but I think it will be a well designed, by the numbers, “Meh”.

    • Cooper says:

      TRON looking too much like a video game?

      Is a sentiment that suggests postmodernity has started to eat itself.

    • Tom says:

      Wait, you’re saying that a videogame of TRON (TRON!!) looks too much like a videogame? Seriously?

      I mean, I think it looks boring and repetitive, but calling out a game based on a world which is a game for being game-like is the weirdest criticism.

    • Xercies says:

      A meta criticism if you will.

    • Isaac says:

      Post-modernity has _always_ eaten itself! It’s at the self-referential core of all things PoMo.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      Sure it sounds weird, but it is a valid complaint. I’m not talking about the visual style, which isn’t bad at reproducing the Tron universe.

      My complaint is it looks like they just went down the list of Things To Put In a Videogame and checked them all. I don’t see any creativity.

  3. The Sombrero Kid says:

    lol @ the uneducated opinion former, the trailer actually looked interesting, although I’m still not holding my breath.

  4. Jonathan says:

    The bike sections look pretty fun — I like Wipeout-style futuro-racers — and the tanks look neat, but the on-foot combat doesn’t do it for me at all.

    • Jonathan says:

      “Well, I guess we’d better shoehorn some wall-running stuff in — people seem to like that these days.”

  5. the wiseass says:

    I dunno, looks kinds like future Prince of Persia. The Vehicle sections kinda remind me of the boring driving sections in Mass Effect 1, which reminded me that this game could have been much better would it feature some in depth story/rpg elements like mass effect did.

    I mean, the world of Tron, with a prince of persian gameplay, with the depth of mass effect, would have made a perfect video game representation of Tron. But in it’s current state I’m afraid the game will feel much too flat and gamey without allowing us to get a real feel for this marvelous neon world.

  6. Dastompinata says:

    Anyone else think that they all sound like they’re full of it? Very sad

    • Dave says:

      I was hoping to see some actual Capoeira, and it did not happen.

      Maybe someday, there will be a game where people stand around jamming in Afro-Cuban style while a couple of skinny dudes do impossibly agile and gymnastic things that resemble slow-motion fighting slightly more than Tai Chi does, where the object is to steal the other guy’s shoe.

    • Urael says:

      That Derek whatshisface is certainly chock full of marketing guffspeak:

      “I think we realised we’d hit the sweet spot for mobility combat when we picked it up and played it and thought “Wow, we have never seen this in a video game before””.

      I nearly lost my lunch right there. Marketing: the antonym of Truth.

  7. gabanski83 says:

    Well I thought it looked pretty decent, tbh.

  8. Pani says:

    How can I, being brought up in the UK and born in the early 80’s have no idea what Tron is?

    It sounds like it should be familiar.

    • SquareWheel says:

      The movie was pretty medicore, but it has quite the cult following. The games that spun off from it though is what makes the franchise so amazing in my mind. Light cycles is a fantastic idea and there are a bunch of great third party games out there.

      I’ll probably watch the new movie when it comes out even though I don’t have that high of expectations.

  9. Urthman says:

    Really? I’m the only one who thinks this looks awesome and is really glad it’s coming on PC?

    But then I’m the idiot who enjoyed Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which is what this combat reminds me of more than Prince of Persia.

    Also, the light cycle levels remind me of Igneous, which makes me happy because now I’m going to go play Igneous again, which I know will make me happy.

    • redrain85 says:

      You wouldn’t know Evolution was coming to PC: considering how Disney Interactive, Propaganda Games, and much of the gaming press, seem to go out their their way to deliberately NOT mention the PC version as often as possible.

      Pretty ironic. A game about going inside a computer, that isn’t promoted as being available to play on a computer.

  10. Cael says:

    It wont be Tron if it doesn’t all the programming/computer jokes that were in Tron 2.0.

  11. Alexander Norris says:

    Kind of worried that they’re going for a 50/50 racing/action game, because that didn’t work too well for Blood Stone. Otherwise, it looks cool.

    I’m playing Tron 2.0 for the first time and that’s fast becoming one of my favourite games ever.

    • Arathain says:

      I don’t entirely understand why Tron 2.0 was not better received at launch. Was the market saturated with clever, colourful, beautiful, adventurous FPSs? Because I don’t remember that.

    • redrain85 says:

      Tron 2.0 wasn’t as well received as it could have been, because:

      1) It didn’t have a new movie to help promote it. Evolution gets to ride on the coattails of the Legacy sequel, which provides free and pervasive publicity.

      2) It wasn’t promoted very well (refer back to point 1). It was almost completely promoted though the gaming press, instead of a broader marketing campaign. Disney actually did have trailer ads prepared for Tron 2.0 to be shown with Disney films in the theaters . . . but never used them. Brilliant!

      3) They were slow and unresponsive to constructive criticism and providing game patches. Then they pretty much dropped support altogether after only 6 months. The official site for the game shut down about a year or so later. You won’t find any clue that the game even exists on the Disney Interactive site.

    • redrain85 says:

      [Obligatory, shameless plug for Killer App Mod and User Error, whenever Tron 2.0 is mentioned]

      KA Mod (adds widescreen and a lot more): link to
      UE (single player expansion for Tron 2.0): link to

    • ORYLY says:

      Yeah, Tron 2.0 and NOLF were Monolith’s golden age. It saddens me that mediocre FEAR was the one that raked in the cash for them and stopped them from continuing all those better FPSes.

  12. Alastayr says:

    I’d just love to know where I can buy this mysterious “PC-Version” of Tron: Evolution: The Game: Actually the Second Game: But This Time Canon.

    And before some people get too hot about this: it uses Games for Windows LIVE, which is apparently still a dealbreaker for some. (But not for me.)

  13. fuggles says:

    One thing that amused me about the giant bomb video – apparently there was high demand for 90 degree light cycle turns, but implementing this proved hard as Unreal is a physics based engine and turning 90 degrees at high speed did not work out quite as the film suggested. WEEEE!!

    Several engine hacks later…

  14. Sardaukar says:

    RPS. Tron 2.0 multiplayer demo. A community lightcycles and disk night must be arranged.

  15. Davey Jones says:

    We can never have too much capoeira or freerunning. On that note, this game simply looks fun. And I like fun. I assume everyone here likes fun, too. And shiny, glowy Tron fun is, without a doubt, the best kind. I don’t mind the PoP-esque moves – if I remember correctly, those were FUN (says a cynic tired of cynicism).