Vampire: Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 7.2 Out

Kieron made some ill-advised image choices at university.

Who remembers the above charmer? I polished him off with a sledgehammer. Felt good.

The umpteenth unofficial Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines patch has been released, bringing us up to version 7.2. This time the few changes are all very minor, so I’m really posting this as a reminder. If you haven’t played Bloodlines with these unofficial patches that not only fix the game, but dig out and restore a stash of Troika’s unfinished quests from the game’s files, you’re missing out on one of the single biggest gems PC gaming has to its name. 7.2 patch notes below.

If you haven’t played Bloodlines at all, there’s simply no time to waste. You could get run over by a Fiat Panda tomorrow. A Fiat Panda could come crashing through the wall and bounce you across the room today. For the love of all that is unholy, find yourself a copy, and make sure it’s not Vampire – The Masquerade: Redemption, which was… not this.

Those patch notes:

+Made SM haven stay always active and placed Ash’s cell key on crate.
+Adjusted sell values, melee stats and fixed netcafe headrunner bug.
Fixed possible video courier retrigger bug and some dialogue issues.
Prevented Heather’s comeback when returning from lower Hallowbrook.

The “+” symbol means that these changes will only occur if you choose the “plus” version of the patch at install, which goes further than bug fixes and actually alters or adds to the game’s content.

You’ll find Jim’s stirring piece on the tradgedy of Bloodlines’ development here, and Kieron’s NGJ article on his response to your blood slave here. Both are must-reads.


  1. M.P. says:

    Does anyone know if any patch managed to fix that bug where you can only see low-res textures if you had 4GB of RAM in your system? I’m about 3/4 of the way through with this and would dearly love to finish it, but CBA pulling sticks of RAM out every time I want to play it… I was playing using just the official 1.2 patch.

    • Simon says:

      This is a mirror for the one I used:

      link to

      It’s a fairly weighty beast of a patch but it does fix the issue you’re talking about.

    • M.P. says:

      Hmm… would that be compatible with my saves? If I have to restart then I might as well use the +patch, I’m thinking!

    • BBQ says:

      I found that the Gold patch was way better than the silly 7.something patch which is posted in the article above because it seems to change a lot of unnecessary stuff (like moving npc’s around because the guy who created the patch thought it was a better spot and adding new overpowered items and weapons to the game) while the gold patch just fixes bugs that were in the game without really changing anything.

    • Wulf says:


      There’s a lot of drama and propaganda surrounding the patches, and what you’ve just said there is just a load of FUD, really. I’m not sure whether you’re aware of it, or whether you’re just aping what you’ve heard. Anyway, it’s been a long story, wesp started making a patch, some person named Tess didn’t like all the attention he was getting, since Tess’s nude skins weren’t getting as much, so Tess put together a ‘bugfix only’ patch, one that was claimed to be the ‘pure’ patch.

      This patch actually stole a number of things from wesps’s patch, creating huge amounts of drama over that, Tess shut his/her site down a number of times, each time threatening to keep it down permanently, each time bringing it back up since s/he couldn’t stand the lack of attention, all the while attacking wesp, and spreading misinformation about his patch, really being as aggressive as wesp was passive (and I don’t even mean passive-aggressive here, he’s actually a pretty nice guy).

      The goal with wesp’s patch was to ‘restore’ the game. He understood that Troika didn’t have time to finish it, some things they rushed, especially toward the end, they didn’t consider what they were doing as much as they could have, so some things were haphazard, with NPCs slapped down in certain places without much thought, wesp wanted to make the game what it could have been if Troika were allowed to have the time to finish it themselves. This meant the patch going out to his QA team for numerous runs before each big release, just to make sure the feel and balance of the game was retained whilst fixing it up.

      It’s a restoration project. There are no ‘overpowered’ items added, that’s bullshit, they were items that were originally in the game that Troika didn’t have time to finish off and add properly. The NPCs aren’t ‘jumbled around’ either, there has just been more thought put into the continuity of the game, to make the story/content make more sense overall, doing the things that Troika simply didn’t have time to do when the game got rushed out of the doors. Consider that they were rushed so much at the end that they didn’t even have time to fix one game breaking bug that everyone would see (no one could complete the game with that bug there).

      So attacking the patch on those grounds is somewhat cretinous, it would be like saying that KoTOR II’s restoration project, which adds content back into the game, is impure. Even though KoTOR II’s restoration project makes a hell of a lot more sense when playing the game because you see all the stuff that was cut, which makes the story more cohesive.

      If you go with the ‘gold’ patch, you’re getting a patch that’s missing out on all of wesp’s hard work, doesn’t fix all the issues anyway, and stole stuff from wesp’s mod because the ‘gold’ patch people couldn’t figure out how to do these things themselves. I mean, really, who’re you going to trust? The person who actually does the good work, or the people who steal that work and then implement it in an incredibly, stupendously half-arsed way? :p

      And out of curiousity, is Tess’s site up or down, currently?

    • Wulf says:

      Really, you know what the gold patch versus wesp’s patch is like? It’s like having a book, where half the pages are burned. You have two teams working on repairing the book, one is restoring the burned pages and has most of them restored as they originally were, the other team is ignoring the burned pages because the inclusion of them makes the book ‘impure’. Both teams are also fixing typos in the book, but the team who’re ignoring the burned pages has copied their typo fixes from the team who’re doing the really hard work.

      It’s just like that. Really, if anyone has any sense, they’ll research this for themselves and find out that I’m telling the truth here. The gold patch is a pile of Brahmin shite and drama, not worth the server space it’s stored on. The only patch worth using is wesp’s, that’s why numerous mods include wesp’s, like the Clan Quest Mod, for example.

    • BBQ says:


      And have you actually even used both patches? I’ve played through the game once a few weeks ago with wesp’s patch and was really annoyed about how not only a lot of npc’s were moved around (a few examples are the broker guy with his van Downtown and all the npc’s in the Last Round were switched around one time they even bugged out denying me access to the upper levels of the buildings since it was standing in front of the stairs) but also adding a lot of glitches (My apartments aquarium being filled with furniture and doorknobs randomly loading wrong and changing into plants) and bugs like the elevator buttons breaking so you can’t access certain floors of a building without using the noclip cheat. Besides that it also adds IMO rather overpowered passive items (Like the one you get from the Malkavians mansion’s desk at the end). I then continued to replay the game with the gold patch and didn’t run into these problems at all and found the general experience much better and less glitchy.

    • BBQ says:

      Also, I know nothing of this drama/bashing war. I’m just stating my personal experiences with both patches since I didn’t really know which patch to pick and decided to give them both a try. (also I wanted to play through it twice once with a normal character and once with an awesome Malkavian character :P)

    • bill says:

      I think I played it with the gold patch, because I heard about this drama and thought i’d rather have something close to the released game. I may well have been misinformed and made the wrong decision.

      But even with the possibly inferior gold patch it was still an awesome game. Later sections weren’t as good as the early ones, but all in all it rocked. So if the plus patch is even better, and fills out a few of those later areas (in a good way, not a crummy way) then it’d be even more awesome – but either way you don’t lose.

      KotoR2 on the other hand, I played unpatched on the xbox and it was horrendous. Much as i’d like to experience it unbroken, i can’t bring myself to play it again as the memories are so bad.

  2. Simon says:

    Good to see a Bloodlines post, but in all honesty I tend to stay away from Wesp’s patches- there’s a stigma to them of changing too much about the game and turning into more of a shooter than was originally intended. Whether this is still the case, I don’t know, but I read up on the changes he made a year or so back and came away far from impressed. I ended up sticking with another patch that just fixes what’s broken and left it at that.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Well, I suppose that’s why there’s the “plus” installation option now. Not sure how recent that is.

    • jeremypeel says:

      I seem to remember there’s a particular patch no. recommended for those who just want the game ‘fixed’, then rather more after that with a ton of new additions and the like.

      I’m so pleased Bloodlines gained such an inspired modding community; they’re testament to its brilliance.

      I wonder if the team planning to ‘fix’ KOTOR 2 ever finished the job? Maybe it’s unfair to ask people to clean up after ALL ex-Black Isle developers’ games.

    • Simon says:

      Quinns: Fair point, that is a new-ish thing I don’t remember.

      Jeremy: Check the link I posted above, the patch there is purely game/bug fixes and I think it adds the histories/origins that the developers left on the disc but disabled due to them being buggy.

    • Andrew says:

      I would like to recommend Weps unofficial Bloodlines patch. I have used it since its fourth edition if I remember correctly and will never again play without it. It is absolutely NOT true that it turns the game into “more of a shooter than was originally intended”. Roleplaying is a large part of the game and you as a player are absolutely free to play the game the way you like it. Personally I use guns as little as possible and love to rely solely on my vampire powers.
      As opposed to you I am very impressed by all the changes and improvements Wesp has made in his Unofficial patches and I admire his relentless and loyal support of the game.
      To all Bloodline fans that are new to the Unofficial Patch (if that is even possible:)) I would like to recommend to try it at and judge for yourself. I believe you will never go back.

    • JonathanStrange says:

      @jeremypeel in regards to Kotor 2

      Yes actually, I’m surprised RPS never posted about it actually (Or did they?), but a team of modders finished the [b]’Kotor 2 Restored Content Mod'[/b] a few months ago and frankly, having replayed the game with this mod, it’s brilliant!

      See the original people who were putting together a Kotor 2 mega-patch were taking so long that, no joke, another group got together to do it themselves and have since released a finished mod which does much like what these mods do with Bloodlines: Turn a buggy, slightly broken game into an enjoyable and complete experience.

      Here’s a link:

      link to

    • stahlwerk says:

      I heartily recommend using this patch over the “True Patch” by Tessera et al., in parts because Wesp is not a (self described) “Sexaholic Sleazemuffin”. Don’t believe me? It’s all in the numbers:

      1. That’s Terror (NSFW!)

      He also came across as very juvenile in most discussions, but you may have figured that from the patch naming and his avatar already.

    • Simon says:

      Andrew: I’m referring to stuff like being able to get Cold Anacondas off security guards really early on where previously they’d only carried Glocks. Is that still the case, or did it get reverted/bumped to the Plus mode?

    • jeremypeel says:


      That’s amazing, thanks a lot for linking that! This’ll kickstart my KOTOR2 replay that I’ve been dying to do since watching a video of Chris Avellone doing a career retrospective somewhere.

    • oceanclub says:

      “there’s a stigma to them of changing too much about the game and turning into more of a shooter than was originally intended.”

      A stigma that was started by a guy with a vendetta. Wesp eventually added a two-part installer which allows you to select what you want. (I was involved with Wesp’s patch way back, mainly working on typos but, in the processing, finding lots of mispelled variables and therefore fixing some bugs). At the end of the day, the difference between some of what was considering “bug fixing” and what was consider “new functionality” became almost Jesuitic, with this guy seeming to claim he had a divine insight into Troika’s original intentions. (If you’re absolutely bored, google “wesp” and “tessera”). The whole mess which started getting very nasty and personal and I left the Bloodlines forums as I was afraid of my work career being dragging into this bizarre vendetta over, at the end of the day, a game patch.


    • Simon says:

      Yeah, I was vaguely aware of the feud but I didn’t look overmuch into it, because I was quite content to play a non-buggy version of the game. The fact that Wesp seems to have taken the core concern (ie ‘I want a non-buggy game’ vs ‘I don’t want new stuff’) to heart and made the new stuff optional pretty much addresses the only problem I had with it. I’m happy to concede this one.

    • oceanclub says:

      “I’m excited to hear about the KOTOR2 patch– is there anywhere KOTOR2 is available as a digital download?”

      Weird it’s still not on Steam but KOTOR1 is…


    • Enrico says:

      Quoting the intro of the game, “this is bullshit”.
      I can assure you there is NO reason you should stay away from Wesp’s patch.

      In all honesty I’m really really really tired of repeating it once againg. It seems this sick acknowledgement for which his patch has “something wrong” has no way to vanish. :\

      And for the record, even the + version of the patch is incredibly careful in dealing with the original content (the changes outside that are tiny).
      The awesome alternative patch someone still blabber about is outdated and bugged, and based on an easrly release of Wesp’s patch.

      Playing with the 1.2 only is plain stupid.

      PS: remember the widescreen fix, you can find it in the “tools” dir. after installing the patch. Enjoy ;)

  3. Andrew says:

    I love this game. The day I discovered this gem of vampire action roleplaying is a holy day in my agenda.
    Even in this day and age of unrivaled popularity of the vampire genre the game publishers leave us out in the cold. Nothing like bloodlines has been published since. It is incomprehensible. Why has nobody made a Bloodlines 2 in an open world setting like GTA4 for example? I know a White-wolf MMO is coming, but many of us fans do not want a Massive Multiplayer Online with Massive Monthly Fees and the hassle and stress of mandatory online interaction. We just want to dive into a cool roleplaying/action game with a cool, well told story that pulls you in and makes you forget your own boring life :).

    • Hardtarget says:

      Nobody has made a sequel because unfortunately nobody bought this game when it came out.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Yes, it’s incomprehensible that nobody else would try to recreate the buggy commercial failure that Troika died giving birth to. :)

      This is what Jim’s piece is about, really. This game is a sob story.

    • Hardtarget says:

      Well FINE Quintin, why don’t you just respond at the exact same time as me with a much cleverer version of my post.

      That is just GREAT!


    • Zern says:

      I bought it at release, and _instead_ of Half Life 2 (they came out at the same time). I hope you feel bad about yourself now. ;-)

    • bill says:

      I always felt that Bloodlines was like Deus Ex without the option to modify my guns. But then it’s inexplicable that no-one has really followed up Deus Ex – when i played it i imagined that all games would be like it.

      But my quest for more deus ex led to only DE2, Bloodlines, Bioshock and possibly DE3 – and bloodlines is closest so far.

      PS/ I remember reading terrible reviews of it and avoiding it for that reason – then picking up the boxed copy for 2.99 (new) in a game store about 6 years ago – because of the cover and the price. Maybe the most unexpected gem ever.

  4. Dawngreeter says:

    Bloodlines is also a Vampire: the Masquerade game. The game you’re thinking about is Redemption. Which was… well… we don’t talk about it.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Good point. Edited in.

    • Schadenfreude says:

      I thought Redemption was fun. A little disjointed but was pretty to look at and had a nice atmosphere and good voice acting.

      Nice meaty manual complete with a prelude novella too (Wish games would start doing that again).


    • Simon says:

      If any of my VtM players back in the day had suggested that their characters could do or attempt half the stuff that the character in Redemption does I would have tracked them down and dopeslapped them. With a telephone directory.

      That said, the voice acting was pretty good.

    • areyoutherebog? says:

      Redemption played like an aborted Korean MMO. Fact.

    • Flimgoblin says:

      I quite liked Redemption… absolutely nothing compared to Bloodlines naturally. Might be I’m just a sucker for anything with even the faintest hint of Camarilla politics in it…

    • dhex says:

      good voice acting.

      really? i would describe it as one of the worst voice-acted games i’ve ever played. it might be the writing, or the summer stock gimp they kidnapped to do christof’s voice, though.

      i do kinda like it, though. it’s got a patina of pc games past to it.

  5. Barman1942 says:

    But…I live on the second story. How is a Fiat Panda getting all the way up here?

  6. _Nocturnal says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list of changes between the normal and the plus version of this? I’m quite curious, but failed to find one with Google. And thanks for the reminder, Quinns!

    • Enrico says:

      Before installing, there’s the whole readme for you to read.
      As I’ve written above, I strongly suggest the + version.

  7. karry says:

    I finished the game once, and that was quite enough, thank you.
    Now, if someone could do the impossible, and change things around, so that it would actually be possible to finish with a social character, instead of brute force all the way, then i would probably be interested to give it another go. Until then – not worth it.

    • sebmojo says:

      Just play the plus version, you big wussbags. The changes are all things like giving the sword chick you fight in the strip club a sword, so they change the game by making it more awesome.

      And come on. It’s pretty awesome to start with.

    • stahlwerk says:

      How would you “solve” the final level by socialising? SWAT Party?

    • Enrico says:

      You played it ONCE and say it’s not worth playing it again?
      Let me tell you you have absolutely NO idea of what you’re talking about. There’s no crpg out there that has the roleplaying-variety this game has. Even in its unfinished state.

      Go play Two Worlds, it suits u better.

    • fuggles says:

      I don’t know of many RPG’s where you can win with a purely social character, by using pure social skill. Arcanum and Planescape spring to mind, but beyond that you generally have to pitch it to fight things at the end….when all negotiations fail.

      On the contrary, there are dozens of pure combat RPG’s.

      For the first half or so of Vampire, I was loving being a social character and all the perks that came with it.

    • mwoody says:

      Fallout: New Vegas. It’s not super-easy, but a no-kill run was completed recently. Right up to and including the final boss.

    • My opinion is terrible and I'm sorry says:

      @ Enrico: Seriously? I love this game and even I’m willing to admit the ending was a godawful mess.

  8. fuggles says:

    There is a full changelog in the patch files

    [spoiler] full change log spoiler test [/spoiler]

    • stahlwerk says:

      You could make the spoiler by using the acronym tag: Hover me!

    • fuggles says:

      I could but it’s enormous, I’ve put the changelog at:
      link to

      for lack of anything better to do with it.

      This game is one of the best ever. The clans (classes if you like) all play excitingly differently from each other and I’m currently a nosferatu on 7.2 (it was either this or a vampire who can summon spirit animals, but I’ll save that for next time). This is a classic ugly vampire, who can’t show their head in the real world as you instantly break the masquerade, which is the pretense vampires put up to pretend they don’t exist. Break this too much and the vampires lose patience and take you down.

      In my first game I was essentially Max Payne with Teeth, or possibly a turbo rapist, I’m not sure which would be a better description. I was a male vampire who had bullet time, crazy fire arm skills and massive seduction rating which meant that when low on blood I could woo a willing lady (or gent) to follow me into a dark corner for a broken promise.

      My second character was a female malkavian and wore gloriously innapropriate armour – at one point I was dressed as a stripper-cop, having just upgraded from be-thonged cowgirl. What really offsets this is that I put all my character points into melee and stealth, so I was sneaking around in underwear carrying a seven-foot sledge hammer, which amused me no end. Even more so in that Malkavian’s are mad and all their dialogue is gibberish which freaks out the other characters, and also you when the TV starts talking to you.

      Vampire is a game about BEING a vampire. Sure there are some quests and guff, but at the core I get to be a decadent slut who lords it above others in a secret society. If someone sees my sledgehammer and calls the cops, I can wait invisible until they arrive and then persuade them to commit suicide…WITH MY MIND.

      It has lots of nice touches, such as different stealth kills for each weapon and a real dark humour streak. It is unlike any RPG I’ve ever played and although the last third is a combat-fest then just prepare accordingly, you can always just abuse the stealth bug!

      It’s retailing for something daft like £80 on amazon, so go steam or D2D.

    • Latterman says:

      link to

      pastebin – for your casual pasting needs.

  9. Goomich says:

    Those guys should play other games, like Empire TW.

  10. Pete says:

    I will, one day, do my Malkavian playthrough using this wonderful patch – it’s meant to be utterly bonkers since they’re all basically insane so got an entirely different dialogue tree for the whole game.

    • Rinox says:

      Malkavian playthrough is one of the best game dialogues ever written, not to be missed!

    • Goomich says:

      I’ve heard that Nosferatu playthrough is most underground.

  11. deejayem says:

    I think what made me fall in love with Bloodlines was the animation for stealth kills with an axe. It’s a tiny little half-second animation that just oozes style and black black humour.

  12. fuggles says:

    I like the bat, where the crowd cheers from nowhere. Also the soundtrack is outstanding – proper licensed music, such as lacuna coil, darling violetta, massive attack, genotorturers – check out your mp3 directory.

    Anyway, I have four albums owing to this game, it is that good.

  13. sredni says:

    This might be a very basic question, but if I buy this game on Steam, can I patch it with the community patches?

    • Goomich says:


    • Barman1942 says:

      I hate to say this, but you really should just torrent this game. Troika went under right after it released, and Activision now owns the rights. So if you do buy it off Steam, the guys who made it won’t see a cent of your money. However, Bobby Kotick will be pleased.

    • Lukasz says:

      Buy it
      so we MIGHT get another vampire in this setting
      (well Requiem setting)

      you might be supporting the antichrist himself but still it is worth the risk.

    • sredni says:

      I think I’ll buy it but to offset the money going into Activision’s pockets I’ll torrent ten of their games. Pirate logic.

  14. fuggles says:

    Wesp, maker of these patches keeps putting them on the steam forums and a cursory google suggests that they *should* work on steam (don’t have it on steam, but it looks like the same folder structure, just in a different place).

  15. Roguemonkey says:

    Does this work with the Steam version of the game? If so, do I need to do anything special to install it for Steam?

  16. Dominic White says:

    Okay, going to lay this out to end all arguments.

    There are two Bloodlines patches. One by Wesp, one by Tessera.

    Wesp is a university professor of chemistry who fixes up games in his spare time, meticulously, over a period of years (there have probably been over 50 revisions of the VTM:B patch), and has done translation patches for several obscure Russian FPS/RPG/Adventure games, too – White Gold and Precursors.

    Tessera is an internet drama-llama who makes nude patches for EVERYTHING and gets angry if you suggest that running around naked in Hellgate: London is tacky.

    Wesps patch is an enormous community labor of love, and offers two modes – Pure, so you can play the game as it launched, but less buggy (really not advisable unless you honestly believe that the game launched as the devs intended), or Plus, which is rebalanced, has missing content restored, and generally feels like a more complete game.

    Tesseras patch calls itself ‘the ‘TRUE’ patch (in capitals), and is an old build of Wesps patch with a bunch of stuff amateurishly ripped out.

    For the love of gord, just get the good one.

    • oceanclub says:

      “Tesseras patch calls itself ‘the ‘TRUE’ patch (in capitals), and is an old build of Wesps patch with a bunch of stuff amateurishly ripped out.”

      Indeed. I mailed him the following in 2007 (entire email, no editing):

      “I’m the Paul Moloney whose work you have used without permission in your so-called “true” patch. You never bothered to contact me to see whether you could use this work in your patch, and I certainly don’t remember giving you permission to use this work. Can you explain your actions?”

      According him, this mail was, quote, “loaded with hate, threats, whining and insults.”

      Go figure.


    • Enrico says:

      What is disturbing, like I’ve written above, is there’s still plenty of people convincingly stating Wesp’s patch si EVIL and must be avoided at all costs.
      Go figure..

    • Chaz says:

      I never realised White Gold and Precursors were out, are they any good, as I loved Boiling Point?

    • Dominic White says:

      The reason people are convinced by that bullshit is because Wesp doesn’t get involved at all in this drama, but Tessera will shout and scream and demonize until the cows come home. When only one side of the argument is making noise, people will only hear one side of the issue.

    • Dominic White says:

      @Chaz – both came out years back, if I remember right. Heard that White Gold is basically Boiling Point, but better. Precursors is much more uneven in quality – some great stuff, some terrible stuff, but it’s by far their most ambitious game.

      The Patches Scrolls (link to has the english patches both both.

    • oceanclub says:

      I mean, just check this out for an example:

      link to

      “No, you disgusting little kraut bastard… we knew where they were BECAUSE WE HAVE PLAYED THE GAME AS LONG AS YOU HAVE.

      You FUCKING DISGUSTING MEGALOMANIACAL little NAZI. Do you honestly think you have some gifted knowledge of Bloodlines that NO ONE ELSE can POSSIBLY possess..?

      Wesp… if I were you, I would thank the gods that there is an entire ocean separating you from me right now. Be very, very thankful for that… you slimy, self-serving little piece of human garbage. If there is any justice in this world, then you will surely die of the most horrible disease known to mankind. I will pray for that in earnest.

      FUCK YOU, JUNIOR HITLER. Now shove it up your ass and rotate on it — the way you enjoy it most. The only liar here is YOU. Do you wanna know who the REAL thief is, Wesp..? Shall I tell you, scumbag..?


      You, Wesp… YOU STOLE THEIR GAME FROM THEM. You STOLE IT from Troika, too. You STOLE IT from new players who did not know any better, and installed YOUR AMATEURISH CRAP — because they thought that it was an actual patch. YOU, WESP — YOU STOLE BLOODLINES FROM HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, just so you could feed your post-adolescent ego, and your laughably silly dream that you will somehow get a career out of this idiocy.

      I honestly hope you DIE… DIE… DIE, you disgusting little German SCHWEINHUND.

      Pray that you never meet me face-to-face, Werner. Fortunately, I don’t go to oppressive shitholes like Germany. I don’t like Nazis, drunks and faggots — the three things that Germany has contributed to the world in abundance. So I guess you’re safe, you slimy little piece of monkey shit.

      And that, dear Wesp, is my farewell to YOU PERSONALLY. I couldn’t miss this last opportunity to tell you how fond I am of you and your “work.” Hopefully, you will read this before it gets deleted — you masturbating, puny little kraut faggot.”

      And people think the stigma is with Wesp?


    • stahlwerk says:

      Okay, I had faint memories of standard internet drama fare (NO YUO!) surrounding the forking patches, but this guy really takes the cake.

      “Fuck you, junior hitler”?!

      And who is he calling “masturbating”, “[a maker of] HORRIBLE, CHILDISHLY CONCEIVED and DISGUSTINGLY INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSION MODS.”?

      Deranged mind is deranged.

    • Wizlah says:

      Paul, did not realise you’d contributed some work to the WESP patch. Much appreciated. Ta.

      Just by the by, on my playthrough this time round, I was wandering down a particular back alley in chinatown when I came across one of the prostitutes servicing a client. Quite a shock. Fairly sure that despite its unrelentingly seedy nature in hollywood, i hadn’t seen anything like that in the game on my original playthrough back in 2003. Anyone know whether this was stuff that troika had put in then decided to remove?

      (just for the record, satiated johns make for a good feed when you’re hurtin’ bad).

    • oceanclub says:

      “Paul, did not realise you’d contributed some work to the WESP patch. Much appreciated. Ta.”

      It was actually good fun, though if I’d realised there were 20,000 lines of dialogue to edit, I might not have volunteered. :) I just found all the typoes (and there were loads – I recall Kieron mentioned them in his PC Gamer review of the game) jarring.

      Luckily I was able to automate a lot of what I did, processing the file using regular expressions. That’s how I turned up all the mispelled variables as well – presumably when these were all synchronised, further conversion possibilities were unlocked and some events which had been broken subsequently occured correctly.


    • Dominic White says:

      It really says a lot about human psychology. Wesp is this quiet dude who fixes up broken videogames as a hobby. Tessera is a screeching lunatic who shoehorns porn into every game on earth, rips off other peoples work and claims it as his own, and flips the fuck out if questioned in the slightest.

      And there’s actually debate as to which of the two of them is in the right. There shouldn’t be, but there is.

    • Latterman says:

      link to

      i like how the first paragraph reads like part of a reasonable argument and turns completely bonkers in the second one.

      basically that sums up my experience with the whole melodrama.
      there are things one could argue about (like the patch/Mod difference) but all are mostly borderline nitpicking.

    • Latterman says:

      browsing tessas forum for good laughs and this made my day:

      “Get over the homophobia, Wesp.”

      regarding him changing someone into a bisexual thus making seduction possible for all genders.

    • oceanclub says:

      ““Get over the homophobia, Wesp.””

      This from someone whose term of abuse is to call him a “faggot”. Oh, and I didn’t mention the toilet texture episode….

      I just visited the Steam forum and see he’s also been banned from there. I didn’t even know you _could_ be banned from the Steam forums. I don’t think there’s a single forum he hasn’t been banned from (apart from his own of course).


    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      @ Chaz: I’ve seen some favourable impressions over at Qt3.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Hover for game related joke, SPOILER WARNING

    • Dominic White says:

      @Latterman – The only reason the first paragraph of that Tess rant even sounds sane is because he hasn’t started screaming yet. If you actually read it and think about what is said, it’s just as incoherent, though.

      Apparently he knows the exact boundary between ‘mod’ and ‘patch’, and modders should never step on patchers toes or vice versa, and because Wesp has apparently crossed this line (despite offering two versions of the patch to fit into both of Tesseras concepts) and should be destroyed.

      So, what’s the difference? Because a lot of official, developer-sourced patches I’ve seen over the years have radically changed gameplay elements, added content, moved stuff around, etc. The only difference is intent, as far as I can tell, and even then that’s a wooly concept at the best of times.

      Tessera is just polishing his enourmous ego again, claiming that he has a deep-seated understanding of the issue at hand, while simultaneously claiming he is the TRUE (all-caps, remember) representative of the original development teams will.

    • Wulf says:

      I think Tess’s quote was actually misunderstood, there. Am I saying this for the sake of Tess?

      [Cue bout of raucous laughter.]

      Oh good Gods no, it’s just that I remember that thread, and I remember a few people taking it as telling wesp to stop being so homophobic, but that’s not what it was at all, not even slightly, it was worse. What Tess is saying is that wesp should find homophobia excusable, that the homophobia we see some gamer groups embracing is par the course, and that wesp should just get over it, he should accept that people are homophobic, and he shouldn’t be adding pro-bi/gay options to the game because it won’t appeal to the supposedly homophobic audience anyway.

      I remember being completely appalled by that, but then, I’m frequently appalled by just about everything Tessera ever writes.

    • mwoody says:

      My god, it’s a real-life Mort!

    • stahlwerk says:

      @Wulf, you’ll love hate this interview with him (he’s deffo male) about his nude patches:

      NSFW, obv.

      Reading this makes me want to gouge my eyes out with blunt objects. That guy is just unreal. Read the answer to #7, he thinks he’s doing a better job at empowering women worldwide than “so called ‘feminists'”.

      By drawing boobs in a texture map.

    • fuggles says:

      @wizlah, in regards to clients being serviced in alleys (should cover me in case of reply fail). There were two, one in downtown, one in hollywood, my understanding is that Activision had them removed but they were there by troika originally.

    • Latterman says:

      1. never intended to defend tessa one bit. i remember following the “debate” when it was still freshed and already back then i couldn’t decide if i should be disgusted or just laugh.

      2. @Stahlwerk.
      you should have explained the magazine that did this interview.

      for the rest of you:
      think worst games “journalism” ever + horrible style of writing (your dad trying to sound “fresh”) + puberal sense of humor = PC Action.

    • Wulf says:



      You had to show me that, stahlwerk. I must be some sort of anti-Tessera, because Tess fills me with rage that could be equal to Tess’s own, but with a completely different purpose – I think I’m as pro-progressive as Tess is pro-regressive. If pro-regressive meant dinosaurs, I’d be all for that, but it unfortunately doesn’t, it means bias based on race and gender (sickening), slavery (one of our many dark hours, as a species), inequity/inequality, hate based purely on things being exotic and not familiar, the belief that the homeland/anything familiar is superior to anything alien/foreign, and all of those things that really grate on my nerves.

      I’d really desire to see an end to people like Tess, if I were that sort of person, but I’m not. So instead I’ll simply tolerate them in not-so-quiet fury and ire.

  17. markcocjin says:

    For those still interested in seeing this game brought up to current Source Engine standards, please check out this mod…

    link to

    This is not about fixing the existing game but rather, porting it to a newer version of the Source engine and all it’s graphical goodness. They plan to bring the game into the Alien Swarm SDK. That way, anybody can just play the game without paying for anything.

    One of the suggestions I made there was that they should prototype the spell and combat mechanics in a non-canon deathmatch arena. For fans to fool around with and use as beta testing as the original campaign gets developed.

    I think it’s nice that they’re slowly gaining momentum. They’re in bad need of coders though.

  18. Obdicut says:

    I’m excited to hear about the KOTOR2 patch– is there anywhere KOTOR2 is available as a digital download?

    Oh, and I’ve used the patch at version 7.1, and it’s awesome. Really helps fix some glaring errors. I used a lot of the plus options; don’t believe whoever said it made the game more of a shooter. Shooting bullets is nothing compared to being a Malkavian and making other people go insane and shoot bullets for you.

  19. Markachy says:

    I fooking love this game, was in the middle of a replay using 7.1 patch until New Vegas came along, and it is just so much more pleasurable with 1. this patch which removes loads (but by no means all) of bugs and 2. a PC that can handle it with ease.

    I completed this game on release, without the 327324GB of RAM it required, and that was most definitely a labour of love, battling through bugs and crashes and 1 minute loading times. And also, in my ignorance, I chose Nosferatu as my first playthrough class and you know what? I’m glad I did. Made me feel like a proper vampire, skulking around in the sewers and hiding away all the time, and obfuscate is definitely the best power.

    Only when I replayed with a “normal” class did I truly appreciate how detailed this game was. I was gobsmacked at how different the experience could be between just 2 classes of character.

    And then I did Malkavian. Wow. Effectively 3 games for the price of one! Its just a pity the patch doesn’t remove the fecking sewers section down to the Nosferatu home. Its one of the most irritating sections in any game, ever.

    PS On the KOTOR2 restoration mod, I highly recommend it, played through using it in the summer and it fixes plenty. Also, can’t remember if its in the resoration project or as an add-on on top of the restoration project, but the HK droid factory was fully accessible, working and really quite funny. All the droids even had fully-voiced dialogue done by Obsidian. You should experience it.

  20. Sunjammer says:

    Worth pointing out that the game is total shit from the later midpoint and onwards. It’s absolutely schizo. As soon as Hollywood nears its end, that’s that folks. Time for a visit to the latrine.

    • oceanclub says:

      While I did push on ahead and and finish it, but your words have a ring of truth, in the latter half it just becomes a beat-em-up, really.


    • Sunjammer says:

      Just endless sewers and shitty combat. It’s like the developers forgot what the strengths of the game were. Judging by the first half of the game there’s a modicum of faith that you can get through the game with a lessened focus on combat, and then the last part just shoves your face in it. No amount of community patching can fix this, and there are only so many times i can play up to Hollywood.

    • Wizlah says:

      Controversially, on the second playthrough, I didn’t have a real problem with this. The sewers suck, definitely, in part because the art direction of the sewers is lackluster. But Chinatown on the second playthrough seemed a little deeper (the hitman quest was a fair bit of chatty fun). The giovanni mansion wasn’t as combat heavy as I remembered from before, and played through quite differently with my malkavian then it did as a gangrel.

      It does skew more combat heavy as you progress further, but there’s still a surprising amount of chatting and scheming, useful chatting which adds to the plot. I think that people are so overwhelmed by the variety of options up to and including the hollywood hub, then let down by a tedious section of sewerage, so they kind of roll it all into one from there on out

      I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed the final showdowns this time round, because my character was hitting her nutso ridiculously powerful stride. I revelled in it. I think that was kind of the point.

    • sinister agent says:

      I have to say, I agree with Wizlah here. The last third or so is certainly weaker than the opening half, but the sewer bit is by far the nadir. I switched off not long after reaching the Nosferatu, but then came back months later and enjoyed the rest of the game. It wasn’t brilliant from there, but it was worth playing, and I had a largely social character (my highest skills were research and something equally benign).

  21. pakoito says:

    I tried to play and the graphics looked like shit, a hundred time worse than that screenshots…

    • Simon says:

      The graphics spaz out when you have over a certain amount of RAM. Either of the patches linked above should fix that issue for you.

    • Enrico says:

      It actually should be way better thant in the screeshot. :)

      As I’ve written above, use the widescreen fix you can find in the tools directory after installing the patch.
      Then thre’re the filters you can activate through your vga panel (aa and af both at 8x can make quite a difference)

    • pakoito says:

      I don’t think it’ll work fine on my Intel MHD4500 so I’ll wait until Christmas that i re-meet my good old desktop Nvidia250GTS beast.

  22. Jack says:

    Ok, that’s it, I’m booting this baby up again. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into those… adjusted sell values?

    Now, if someone could make a patch adding more stealth and social options for victory at the end of the game… that would be just fantastic.

    • Jack says:

      The lack of an edit button claws at me: let me just say that I’m not trying to reject any of the massive work Wesp put into his patct, here, it made my first play of the game absolutely stellar.

  23. TheSarafanPriest says:

    Haha you could get run over with fiat panda,fucking hilarious :D

  24. Isaac says:

    After GOG.COM released Troika’s other two games, I really thought Bloodlines would be next. Here’s hoping it’ll end up on their site eventually.

  25. Volrath says:

    Fuck me, why did Troika have to go under again? :(

    • Bureaucrat says:

      Because their games were all one or more of 1) saddled with an impossibly dumb custom rules system (Arcanum), 2) wholly lacking in any interesting narrative elements (ToEE), or 3) impossibly buggy on release (all).

      I didn’t play Bloodlines until the company was long gone, simply because I had had such a dismal experience with their first 2 titles, and the modern vampire setting wasn’t my cup of tea. I am glad that I did eventually play it, as it was much better than Arcanum or ToEE was, but it’s not at all hard to understand why it didn’t save the company like they hoped it would.

    • Volrath says:

      Arcanum is the best cRPG of all time when it comes to quests, gameworld, atmosphere, c&c and setting. Hindered only by the worst fucking combat system I’ve ever played. Too bad, if they ditched that shitty real time with pause and focused soley on the turn based aspect, it would have been the best RPG of all time.period.

      ToEE: one of the best combat systems I’ve ever played in an RPG. Replaying this only a month ago with the Co8 patch made me see how much of an awesome engine they had going for them too. Too bad the setting was shit and the encounter design was boring as fuck.

      Bloodlines: fantastic setting, dialogue and some good roleplaying options. Coupled with mediocre combat and a horrible end-game.

      All three games were fantastic despite their flaws. All three games are still being played to this day and are supported by some of the most dedicated fanbases.

      The day Troika went under, was the day original, intelligent and thoughtprovoking RPG’s went the way of the dodo too.

      A damn fucking shame.

    • Wulf says:

      I can’t agree entirely with that, we still have Obsidian. For me, Obsidian and Troika were two of the last, best hopes for high-brow, off-the-wall, paradigm-shifting, creative RPGs, and … Troika is gone, gone because people put more stock on polish than on a brilliant world, or a fantastic story, more stock on minor niggly bugs than setting, atmosphere, emergent gameplay, or tales woven so well involving characters so real that one gets attached to them, games that can move you, games that can make you think.

      One day, Obsidian will be gone, and we’ll then only have the rare moments where Bioware manages to be high-brow, and that will be a fucking tragic world, all because people are whiny bitches who’d complain about their copy of War and Peace having too many slightly incorrect translations, metaphorically speaking, demanding that the publisher should stop publishing books if they can’t get it right.

    • Urael says:

      From Jim’s Bloodlines article: “Hell, the original boxed version of the game had glitches in the opening cutscene”

      Hehe. Remind anyone of a more recent release?

      link to

      No wonder I keep getting Troika and Obsidian confused. Bad coders are BAD.

    • Wulf says:

      You’re a moron, Urael. I’d say you’re uninformed, but you made an attack based on being uninformed, therefore, you’re a moron. That glitch had nothing to do with Obsidian and everything to do with Steam’s content servers screwing up. In fact, on launch day, just validating your local cache made that ‘glitch’ go away. Yes, it was as simple as Steam’s servers not properly uploading the files to one’s computer, it screwed up on a few mesh files, for whatever reason. It’s not the first time Steam’s content servers have screwed up this way, either. They did something similar with Max Payne 2 that made the game essentially completely unplayable for a while. I love Steam, but Steam isn’t imperfect, and it was Steam the dropped the ball here.

      It was also Steam that dropped the ball with the quicksave issue, the Steam cloud-saving feature was being too aggressive with the stored files, it was basically overwriting any new quicksaves with the very first one made, so turning off Steam cloud-saving for that game solved that problem, too. Two of the biggest ‘launch bugs’ for Obsidian’s game weren’t actually Obsidian’s fault. This is why the console users didn’t get these bugs. BAD coders aren’t bad, but uninformed people who make attacks based on being uninformed are cretinous. :p

  26. oceanclub says:

    PS: Wizlah, I’m wondering is that what the patch note “Unhid special situation in Chinatown” refers to?

  27. Unaco says:

    I wish now, that I still had my discs for this… or even my backup images. Alas, they are lost… like tears, in rain.

  28. Nico101 says:

    Thanks, always wanted to re-play VB with the new fan-made patches, but I knew there were two of them, one very good and the other … not that much, but never raised the patience to browse forums to find wich is wich. Downloading now.

  29. drewski says:


    It’s on the list, OK? Stop making me want to play ENORMOUS games I don’t have time for. Stop it.

  30. ZamFear says:

    Just tried it. Not a fan of the dialogue changes. Most glaringly, Heather’s introduction makes her sound (to me) like a whiny little bitch who need to learn to wait her turn, not a seriously injured person who’s about to die. Completely changes the tone of that scene, and not for the better.

    • Wulf says:

      I know if I was about to die, I’d sound like a whiny little bitch too. It’s interesting though that you classify last words as meaningless babble, which is what you did right there. Not all people are totally incoherent when they’re about to die.

      For me, it changes the tone of the game for the better.

    • Wulf says:

      Essentially, what it does is make the character of Heather more human and less like a bloody predictable caricature.

    • ZamFear says:

      Ok, for a start, “whiny little bitch” was too harsh.

      However, I’m a apparently talking out my ass anyway. For kicks, I reinstalled 1.2 to review that scene, since it had been a while since I played, and hey, maybe I really wasn’t being totally fair. As I remembered it, Heather didn’t have any introductory dialogue.
      I started a new game, ignored everything else, and went straight to the clinic, and …

      “Could somebody please get a doctor?”

      Wait, what?
      I’m guessing that if you’ve talked to Mercurio and/or Knox (so you know about the healing properties of vampire blood) it just skips you to “Make ghoul: Y/N?”
      If so, then most of what the UP does is change the trigger condition on the dialogue (which makes sense), and if there IS anything added, it certainly isn’t out of place.

      My (overstated) complaint was that by not having any dialogue (i.e. being too injured / weak to even speak) there’s a greater sense of urgency to your intervention. But Wulf, I think you do have a point. Especially since, if I’m not mistaken, the CDC quest had you interrogating two NPCs (a homeless man just outside The Last Round, and the call girl in the Skyeline) moments before they died. And, ignoring any comparisons to past experiences, it does stand up on its own.

      Completely unrelated, did the UP change the player’s friction? Movement seems somehow slipperier compared to 1.2 but maybe I’m imagining things.

  31. Vinraith says:

    One of my great gaming regrets is that, the one and only time I’ve played through Bloodlines, I completely missed Heather. Unfortunately, given the latter third of the game’s sharp downward turn, and the god-awful boss fights at the end, I’ve never been able to convince myself to give it another go.

    • Wulf says:

      I can understand that, I really can. It’s not brilliant now, even, but it is better, it doesn’t hit you with any ludicrous difficulty spikes or weirdness, either, it does feel more cohesive buuuut… it’s still bland. What we do need is a mod (that would hopefully incorporate the Clan Quest Mod and all that that incorporates) to add a new ending area to the game, with voice-acting and everything.

      It could be done, it really could! I mean, have you seen the quality of the Clan Quest Mod? It’s amazing stuff, simply amazing. The voice-acting actually caught me off guard, I was really pleased by it in general. If they could turn their sights to providing a better latter game…

  32. Danny Boy says:

    Ugh, that bastard annoyed the piss out of me. I was saving up my shotgun shells and had to waste half of them on him. I don’t recall anything else in the game annoying me near as much as fighting him did.

  33. alkanoonion says:

    xactly how can one steal bugfixes?

    here is what was said for the record.

    A lengthy (but interesting) history lesson follows…

    The term “stealing” would, in a larger sense, imply that any of us own the rights to the material contained within third-party patches and mods. Well, we do not own any rights to that material, no matter how much we have modified it. All of the files in question are the intellectual property of ActiVision. They are the copyright holders — not us, and not Wesp.

    The original True Patch was made after a long and heated argument between our side, and Wesp’s side. We were of the opinion that his “unofficial patches” had long since stopped being patches, and had in fact mutated into massive total conversion mods which were bastardizing Bloodlines. We also felt that for him to continue labeling them as “patches” was deliberately deceptive on his part. It was unfair to new players in particular, because they would be unwittingly installing a supposed “patch,” when in reality they would be installing so many arbitrary gameplay and item changes, that they would never know what the real Bloodlines game was all about. Wesp was essentially holding an entire community hostage, by forcing everyone to accept his massive (and totally unnecessary) changes to the core of the game if they wanted to also obtain the much-needed bug fixes. That thought was intolerable to us, and when it became clear that Wesp was not going to capitulate and do the right thing for the larger Bloodlines community, we got angry and took matters into our own hands.

    When Wesp created his first mod (which is what I am going to call his “unofficial patches” from now on), he took all of his original bug fixes from someone else — a guy named Dan Upright. So in like fashion, Acrimonious and myself took one of Wesp’s mods and then reworked it in reverse. We removed any and all arbitrary changes that we could find, and replaced those changes with the original values that Troika had wanted. In a way, we were creating an “anti-mod” out of one of Wesp’s own mods. We were in a hurry, and we wanted to immediately give ourselves an alternative to Wesp’s irresponsibly produced mess.

    We liked what we had come up with, so we then made it available to other players, through my website. Despite his claims to the contrary, we properly cited Wesp in the README.TXT file of that first True Patch… listing him as the source of the original template that we had heavily modified and repaired.

    This move on our part was unwise, as it immediately caused an enormous conflict within the community. We were accused of “stealing from Wesp,” despite the fact that we had merely reversed almost every change that he had made within his mods. Furthermore, we wanted people to be able to install our revised version right on top of one of Wesp’s mods, too — so we HAD to have all of the same files present (so that his versions would all be overwritten by our revised versions).

    My own position is that Wesp has been “stealing” the true Bloodlines experience away from the entire VTMB community for nearly three years — but that does not excuse what we did, either. No one has denied that, but the term “stealing” is not entirely accurate, in our case. What we did was to reverse-engineer a massive and inappropriate gameplay mod, and convert it back into a reasonably decent and proper patch. We could no longer tolerate Wesp’s monopoly upon this game and its fans, and thus we acted rather precipitously in our haste to rectify that unfair situation.

    The patch controversy eventually made us realize that so long as Wesp had a valid complaint against us (and we admitted that he had), then we would never be able to truly call our work a “True Patch,” since it had originally been adapted from someone else’s bloated mod. So, we immediately threw all of the previous versions of our work into the trash, and began the process of producing our own patch totally from scratch. We did not even look at any bug fixes or other material produced by Wesp, Dan Upright or anyone else. We did everything completely on our own, including the enlisting of a half-dozen volunteers to beta test our new patch and help us to find any bugs that we had missed.

    The result of that procedure was the True Patch version 4.04AT, which was also the first True VTMB Patch to be offered on this website. That version was 100% our work and our work alone. It was released in June of this year, and it immediately proved to be a smash hit with the “purists.” By the term “purists,” I am referring to players who wished to play Troika’s game, and play it Troika’s way, but without any game-breaking bugs and glitches. Those players began downloading our patch by the thousands (nearly 11,000 downloads worldwide to date). I was actually rather shocked at how fast it gained in popularity… it was far more than we had ever expected.

    The success of version 4.04AT spurred us onwards and so, over a period of about four months, we quietly refined what we had created. Eventually, the latest version of our work emerged. We beta tested it for two weeks with volunteers, the same as we did with our previous patch — and when we were satisfied as to its quality, we officially released it on September 29, 2007. That is the current version: the True Patch version 5.04AT and you can get it right here:

    link to

    So now, we need to answer the question of the moment: “Which patch should I use..?” The answer very much depends on whose game you wish to be playing. If you wish to play a heavily modified and rather dumbed-down conversion of Bloodlines, then you will probably want to install Werner Spahl’s (Wesp’s) “unofficial patch” (which is in fact an extensive mod). If, on the other hand, you would prefer to play a nicely repaired and restored version of Troika’s original game — witthout any arbitrary changes to any items, quests or gameplay mechanics — then the only real choice is the True Patch version 5.04AT.

    So there you have it: the actual facts of the matter, straight from the source. The Bloodlines community can be very polarized over this issue, so it is commonplace to run into various false rumors about these events. The best thing for every player to do is to simply try each alternative, and then stick with whichever one you enjoy playing the most. I will say that ever since the True Patch was made available to the Bloodlines community, it has proven to be more popular than anything produced by Wesp (when offered on websites which feature both his mod, and our patch). That’s good enough for us –so it just might end up being good enough for you, too. Cool

    All my best,

    – Tessera –
    Co-producer (along with Acrimonious) of the True Patch series for Bloodlines