Blimey: Lego Star Wars III

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars looks pretty incredible. Really, go take a look, below.


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    Evil Timmy says:

    I blimey’d. It really looks like they’re substantially improving on the Lego* games, and I can enjoy the new trilogy portrayed with a sense of humor and none of Lucas’ horrible dialogue. Seems like wins all around.

    • stahlwerk says:

      This may be my own opinion, but I think Lego Anakin is a much better actor than Hayden Christensen.

    • Lucas says:

      Less wooden, more plastic.

  2. DigitalSignalX says:

    Looks like they’re including content from the animated series as well with the padawan Ahsoka character. The Harry Potter Lego game was pretty fun, I’m sure this will be too.

  3. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Man these are almost as bad as COD:45 The Deadining

  4. Mashakosha says:

    Well colour me impressed. Those big battles, if they run as smoothly as they look, could be quite good.

  5. Pemptus says:

    Great stuff. Loved all the LEGO games except for the Indy ones which were just passable. Harry Potter was the first one I got 100% in, and I’m not even all that fond of Harry Potter. Give me manly lightsabers in place of sissy wands anytime, though.

  6. DarkNoghri says:

    Thoughts as I had them:

    It would be awesome if they based this on the 2D animated series. Wait, part of the awesomeness of that was the animation style and humor. Could they do that with Lego?

    R6 Rotary Cannon? link to
    Best I could find in a few minutes. You may have to ignore the music.

    That acklay doesn’t look very Lego-like.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Lego Watchmen, Lego 24 or Lego Lovecraft please.

    Mostly i want a lego rts based on the bay of pigs.

  8. KillahMate says:

    It may not be a groundbreaking gaming experience, but it sure looks like they’re not resting on their laurels. But yeah, the acklay caught my eye, it’s really too big to not be made out of proper Legos, it sticks out.

  9. Wichtel says:


    • jeremypeel says:

      Yeah, the Tt lego games are always about co-op (not least because the companion AI is the worst in the bizzinizz).

  10. Radiant says:

    Ridiculous Job Title Alert!

    Mark James
    External Technical Director.

    He directs my external technicals.
    They’re the bits that dangle between the non technical bits that dangle externally.
    Technically they’re not external but then again technically they’re also not dangling hence the need for direction.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Third World Programmer Liason doesn’t have quite the same ring.

  11. oceanclub says:

    Love the NDS Lego games, but could never get into the PC/XBox ones due to the analogue control system – always kept missing those jumps.


  12. groovychainsaw says:

    From the 2 episodes I’ve seen, the clone wars animation is better than the entire prequel trilogy (not hard, but still, I was somewhat impressed), therefore a lego game based on the clone wars MUST be better than the previous lego games based on the prequels, amirite?

    The previous lego games were pretty great (probably the most accessible series of games in recent times, not counting the ‘waggle a bit’ games on the wii) for what is ostensibly a kid’s game, and the ease of playing it in co-op with anyone (mums, dads, grandparents, toddlers) has made it a great success. I know a surprising number of people who actively dislike most games but will be anticipating this eagerly.

  13. fuggles says:

    Gotta love new starwars stuff. “One of the most iconic things is the Malevolence”… goes to google it as not even vaguely memorable. Acklay falls into that camp too, I thought it might be Ackbar’s girlfriend, but it turned out to be Scyther from Pokemon – the two things I suppose not being mutually exclusive.

    Anyway, looks a bit good, although makes me what brutal legend even more. Dr Who lego next?

    • DarkNoghri says:

      I had to google the Malevolence, too (aside from making an educated guess that it was Grievous’s flagship or somesuch), so don’t feel too bad. And I’m a really big Star Wars geek. I just haven’t seen the 3d animated series, as I had heard that it was pretty much average.

      It probably says something that I could ID the acklay off the top of my head without having heard/read about one for a couple years now.

  14. mandrill says:

    Woo Hoo. A login form integrated with the comment form \o/

    I don’t really have anything to say about this game though so you can probably ignore this comment. (looks nice, makes me want to actually watch the TV series)

  15. MrEvilGuy says:

    Absolutely the greatest, most epic, groundbreaking and electrifying experience I have ever had today from watching a video about Lego Star Wars III.

  16. opel says:

    “We’ve got brand new force abilities where you’re actually able to move things with the force.”

  17. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Looks awesome!

  18. SquareWheel says:

    Lego and Starwars? Three? Crazy stuff.

    Also, this login form is so much better.

  19. The Hammer says:

    Ahhhhh, that was grand.

    The diary seemed to suggest that the space battles would be free-roaming, and not a strict on-rails section, like they were in the original games. If that’s true, and the BIG BATTLES consist of two sides dynamically slugging it out, then I am SOLD.

    Thought it looked very smooth and pretty, too. A definite improvement on the blocky (HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) animations of the previous two (three?).

  20. Urael says:

    Somehow I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue buying these on the Gamecube…guess I’ll just have to pick up the PC version this time around. :)

    The video ‘looks’ great – some epic stuff being shown there – but as I’m at work I couldn’t listen to it. Did anyone say anything about being able to snyc up with the two previous games, like you could use the Prequel Trilogy characters in the Original trilogy game? If that happened, I might have to buy all three!

    Am totally buying this. I’ve watched all of the series so far and loved both of the first two games so this is a no-brainer.

  21. Tei says:

    I can’t express the awesomeness of this in a integer, or a real number. I must use BCD, 40 GB of RAM and scientific notation.
    Hope it delivers.

  22. AndrewC says:

    I am seriously concerned that TT are trying to teach our children RTS.

  23. outoffeelinsobad says:

    Anyone who winds up like that to hit a big red button will get a laugh out of me.

  24. Urthman says:

    If they could add something to make the lightsaber combat even slightly more tactical than “mash B,” this series would be fantastic.

  25. Curious_Orange says:

    Enjoyed the first Lego SW immensely, not so much the second one, but colour me pleasantly surprised here – seems to have made a step on from the last two and doesn’t look absolute gash, as the Indy one was.

    @groovychainsaw I too recently saw my first two episodes of the Clone Wars thanks to Sky’s free movies weekend and I must say, they were roughly 3000 times better than the prequel films, so there might actually be a decent seam of characters and such to draw from.

    Promising indeed.

    • Urael says:

      While there ARE some good episodes, and some great moments within episodes, there’s still a shed-load of teeth-gritting dross to force your way through. Every now and then you’ll get a ‘comedy’ episode with the hated Jar Jar or the increasingly annoying C3PO, or better yet an ASTOUNDINGLY dull political yawn-fest which really makes you wonder if Lucas even knows what kids – the things he supposedly refocused his saga to entertain – actually are; surely even a passing familiarity with one or two specimens would stop him trying to build episodes around grand political manoeuvring and trade treaties?

  26. bill says:

    Well, it’s the first starwars thing i’ve seen since KotoR1 that hasn’t made me feel slightly ill. No idea what the “iconic malevolence” is though (though i could still tell you the name of thrawn’s ship – that’s more iconic).

    15 years ago i could never have imagined typing that previous paragraph. At that point starwars was still magic.

  27. PleasingFungus says:

    That honestly was a pretty impressive trailer! Didn’t expect to be impressed when I clicked on the post, but there you go.

    I really enjoyed the Lego Star Wars games when I was younger, but never got into the Batman or Indy ones. Maybe this’ll be the Lego X to bring me back into the fold?

    That’d be nice.

  28. Lambchops says:

    Never seen Clone Wars but this looks fun and as charming as ever.

  29. Jacka says:

    How similar is the 3d Clone Wars series to Genndy Tartakovsky’s brilliant 2d one? Do they follow the same storyline?

  30. Chaz says:

    The game looks good.

    Just a shame that actual Lego kits are becoming more and more premoulded these days. In my day if you got a Lego boat for Christmas for instance, you had build the entire thing out of bricks. These days, judging by the stuff I’ve bought for my nephew, it seems that most of the structure is already one big moulded plastic blob and all he has to do is stick a few bricks on top for the detailed bits.

  31. tigershuffle says:

    @Jacka….. its squarely aimed at kids… My 8yr old son absolutely loves it, and to be honest its very well done, and I gladly sit through them with him :)

    The Lego tie in was always gonna happen. Lego sponsors the show on Cartoon Network and they do some very clever Lego:StarWars comedy intros at the ad breaks.

    Do you mean the manga-esque cartoon series?! cos i got some at home…..and they are very good. A nice dark resonance to them. The episode with Mace Windu fighting an entire droid army is epic.