WoT! 500,000 Play World Of Tanks

This makes me feel happy in my armoured belly: tank-based pseudo-MMO World Of Tanks now boasts 500,000 subscribers. It’s free, of course, but I think this should still be some kind of measure of success for the game. For something that is just about World War II tanks blowing each other up (and then refitting and upgrading themselves between explosioneering expeditions) this seems like a remarkable number. I shouldn’t be surprised, however, because it always seemed like it was just weird enough to be awesome, and it’s just solid enough for people who were searching for something unusual in PvP combat to be thrilled by the prospect. Most of my old Eve Online corporation seem to be playing this now, too. Proof, if proof be needed, that free-to-play is a good idea.

Are you playing it?


  1. cliffski says:

    I played it in beta, and it was OK, although the starter tanks were a bit stupidly slow. It didn’t seem to have that much depth to me, the customisation options were limited, the maps a bit uninspiring. Maybe it got better?
    I’m, not keen on the ‘buying extra weapons with real money’ aspect either. I’d rather just buy the game, not the bullets.

  2. egg says:

    I am not. But now I think I want to.

    I’m that gullible.

  3. frags says:

    I was but was discouraged when a T34 rammed my puny tank destroyer to death(tanks don’t die technically but you get the point).

  4. jackflash says:

    I thought it was repetitive and simplistic so gave up on it after about an hour.

  5. Baka says:

    I like playing artillery.
    I’m sorry.

  6. Koozer says:

    Yes. T-44 for victory. I really don’t like how arduous light tanks are to play though.

    • Hurion says:


      I finally sold my A-20, sick of going up against Tigers, IS and Panthers with a light tank.

    • solipsistnation says:

      The most significant fun I’ve had has been playing my AT-1 tier 2 TD against other Tier 1-3 tanks. The matchmaker, once you get a little higher up, likes to match lower-tier TDs (Hetzers and StuGs) against higher-tier everything else– that is, stuff you can’t even touch like Tigers and IS-3s. I’ve still been working on higher-tier TDs but I think TDs are typically matched about 1 tier higher than they should be.

  7. CMaster says:

    I like WoT. However I think it would be better stripped of it’s MMO-Lite trappings. There’s no fun in playing loads of battles in shitty tanks to get to good ones. Certainly no point in collecting cash to pay for repairs and upgrades etc, other than as something of a money-time sink.

    I’d like to see people playing in a mix of useful tanks because that is what the team needs, not because they don’t have any choic.

    Although I do realise that if people could pick literally any vehicle, all you’d ever see would be T44s, IS-4s, IS-7s, VK4502Ps, Hummels and Jagdtigers.

    • ZzUu says:

      I suppose those “MMO-lite TRAPPINGS”, besides being time-sinks and ensuring the variety of vehicles( and providing some cash for developers ;-) ACT LIKE A FILTER, which creates a much more challenging experience on higher tiers, where you only meet hardened veterans and no nubz making lulz.

      Seems to me, it’s the only way to create this level of competition.

  8. Bald Space Marine says:

    The game is biased towards Russian tanks……

    I know, huge surprise!

  9. Benny says:

    Indeed most of the RPS eve corp are playing this in some form or another. Might as well call us the RPS Tank Corp…

  10. Brian Manahan says:

    No, I am NOT playing it, because they have not added HATS to the game yet.

    • bleeters says:

      There are hats. They just weigh several tonnes and have gun turrets.

    • MrBRAD! says:

      but… but… you can change the little portraits of the hat-wearing crewmembers!

  11. Jonathan says:

    I played it for a brief moment. That is, I played it for about half an hour, but 99% of that time was me either sitting in a lobby waiting for a game to start or sitting in a game after my tiny starter tank was shredded within ten seconds of the start waiting for the next round. Then sitting in a lobby for another ten minutes before giving up.

    It’s really not very new person friendly. I accept that a new person might have to put up with a toy tank to begin with, otherwise there’s no incentive to work towards a better tank, but they ought to make it a bit clearer that training rooms do not necessarily not contain five people in giant panzers and are in fact not much use for learning to play.

    • JB says:

      It’s possible to take a different tank into another battle when you get shredded. You don’t have to wait if you have more than one tank!

    • CMaster says:

      You can quit the game as soon as you die without penalty, and launch straight into a battle with another tank, There are now 3 free start tanks, so you shouldn’t have to wait around long.

      However, I still don’t see the sense in making people play in the abysmal tier 1 vehicles. It’s basically just a requirement to have a few matches of uselessness before being able to move on.

  12. Brumisator says:

    Wait a minute, I thought this was still in closed beta…

    • Jonathan says:

      It is, but it’s pretty easy to find sites with keys to give away.

    • msarge says:

      @Brumisator I got confused as well.

    • CMaster says:

      Closed beta with no NDA and almost anybody being accepted.
      It’s basically open beta (as quite a few “closed” betas are.)

  13. Stranglove says:

    I play it. Or rather, played it, got bored.

    Still, lights are by far the most fun to play.

  14. zergl says:

    Jim, not just your EVE corp. The amount of bitter EVE Online vets playing this game is staggering.

  15. JB says:

    Yes, I play it. Now they’ve fixed the teleporting tank bug my StugIII is a lot more fun. And I love my Hummel. I’m almost to the Sherman on the American tree, that looks fun.

    • CMaster says:

      My T34-85 was failing to penetrate a Sherman the other day. Considering they’ve got 50mm or so of front armour and my gun with AP ammo penetrates 90-130, I was a little perplexed.

    • MrMud says:

      The angle of the hit changes the penetration values.

    • JB says:

      Also, penetration for AP type rounds decreses over range. HE doesn’t, but of course it’s a lot lower to start with.

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      When in doubt – use HE is what I always say.

      Also while the KV is a dog of a tank with the KV-2 turret and 152 gun with HE males it super annoying to much higher tier heavies and a 1 shot wonderland to pretty much everything else.

      Despite the fact that HE has been nerfed at least once during beta it’s still a necessary round on any tank that accepts it.

  16. pissant says:

    surely they’re talking about all beta accounts that have (ever) been registered, and not their current active playerbase? It’s a very easy game to get weary of because of its repetition.

  17. Louganis says:

    Combat is too slow… I’ll stick with Terra: Battle for Outlands for my tanking in a tank goodness (Even though hardly anyone still plays the ancient game)

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      I’d never heard about that game. Just looked it up and it looks pretty rad. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for mentioning it.

    • MrBRAD! says:

      More people need to be like you and I, informing everyone of little-known gems.

  18. Nallen says:

    It’s not that remarkable Jim, remember: “I don’t have control of girls. I have control of a tank”

  19. MJS says:

    WoT wins my “thats sounds like a rubbish concept, who would play this?….This is actually rather fun teeheehee” game of the year award.

    Nothing beats the ultimate, ‘point & click & explode everything’ fun that is tank destroyers or the gleeful annoyance of being a medium tank spinning around and plinking away at heavies as they slowly try and get you in their sights. Can get a bit samey in its current state but every week or so I’ll find a few of my evenings absorbed because of it.

  20. Sam C. says:

    I’ve dropped for two or three sessions. I usually get popped in a matter of seconds, switch to my other tank, repeat. Or creep forward for minutes and then get popped. Once they have the territory control system in place, it might be a little more interesting, but like a few people have said, it gets repetitive really fast. Might be because the only mode is deathmatch, and it’s deathmatch where you’re outgunned until you can grind your way up to another tank. And I love tanks, so it’s not that. I just don’t see the depth in it, and it’s not immediately exciting. I have nothing to lose, my tank respawns.

  21. dOjo_Snake says:

    WoT is pretty hot. the sweet spot is tier 4-7 tanks best chances of dropping into a battle at the top of the pops, as it were.

    the big big tanks aren’t cost effective, even on premium. But worth grinding towards for the fun of 1-hitting most people out there.

    platoons of 3 is still annoying and limited but this game is young and has a hella lotta potential.

    Light Tanks never stop moving. Mediums Snipe long distance or never stop moving up close. Tank Destroyers are pretty useless period. Arty for farming XP and cash. Heavies the game changes – tactics shift from movement to angles. Position is king in heavies to ensure all shots bounce, Jus dont get surrounded!

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      i agree with you except about the part with the TDs. You just have to play them differently. It takes a different headspace.TDs are supposed to hide and wait – and when they do that they can really put the hurt on heavies in particular. If you use them like tanks you’ll have problems. I’ve seen Ferdinand players on many occasions make the difference between a team winning and losing. Jagdtigers are also punishing.

      Last game I played in my IS-3 the Ferdy player killed 5, and ended up being the damage sponge. I took down 2 and their arty had a field day on me after the Ferdy got taken out. Still we got a draw which never would have happened without that particular person running the Ferdy.

    • CMaster says:

      Indeed, Jagdpanther + up on the german TD tree can, if given an artillery shadow hold a gap by themselves.

    • dOjo_Snake says:

      good points about the TD’s – Ferdy’s can be incredibly effective and paitence is paramount.

      Otherwise they lack any advantages compared to a regular tank. same view distance (not range per say) and limited turret motion.

      Still things like this are healthy and show the games depth through differing opinions!

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      I played a Hetzer and a Stug before the last wipe. Hetzer with binoculars and the big gun (again with HE) is impressive. Not getting annhilated right after firing that first shot is difficult though (usually by arty). The Stug was fun (faster, more mobile than the Hetzer) and you could almost use it like a tank. Oh, and camo really does work on TDs which, unless you never move your turret (or they’ve significantly changed it in this patch), doesn’t on tanks.

      With binoculars the view distance really isn’t the same. in fact with most TDs I’d say they’re damn near mandatory. That and camouflage net. Add repair kit, ventilation, or the 10% view distance (I keep wanting to say contact lens and I know that isn’t right) , maybe the quick load equipment for more fun.

      Last note – like the heavies you really need a crew at 100%.

    • solipsistnation says:

      TDs WERE useless before the recent patch, but now that the distant-tanks-teleport bug has been fixed, you can do some serious long-distance damage with a TD. Since the patch I’ve been getting consistent 700+xp/10k credits driving my StuG3 with the short 105mm derpgun, which is about triple what I was getting pre-patch…

  22. mpk says:

    It’s an intensely shallow game, this, but the more you sacrifice to the grind, the more you’re going to get out of it. Premium is pretty much mandatory for anyone wanting to make money on tanks about tier 7, but a nice Tier 4 arty takes care of that.

    I’m enjoying it while it’s free, but I don’t think I’ll be paying for it come release.

  23. Alikchi says:

    It’s a great game, I don’t think very many people ‘get’ it yet.

    The community is awful, though.

  24. iuzbob says:

    It’s a nice game. The problem is that there is still not a balanced feel to it, probably due to the random battles. Most players act like its a normal FPS which it isnt.

    I can see it as a clan wargame but doubt that it will get many dollars out.

  25. tigershuffle says:

    i love it and play most nights.
    its slowly getting better….now patched 0.6++ and US tanks added last week.

    Love the amount of skins and modded sights etc.
    I think the best thing is to swap your tanks about a bit. Play an Arty game. Then a tier 5-7 Heavy, and then switch to a TD etc.
    To be honest if i sat and played in my KV match after match id be bored too.

  26. Goronmon says:

    I’m pretty much done with the game until release. The thought of grinding through tanks just to do it all over again in a few months just bugs me. Hopefully the community is still healthy when that time comes.

  27. Ezhar says:

    Still playing it on and off and it’s still pretty enjoyable. Going for an american heavy tank now, although getting the XP to get there takes AGES when you’re just playing casually.