Want In On The Magicka Beta? Robe Up

This is fantastic. Magicka, the 4 player co-op Diablo-meets-Benny-Hill effort that’s due out early next year is having a closed beta. Want in on it? Get your robe (or bedsheet, curtain, carpet, sleeping bag, whatever you’ve got) on and post a photo of yourself on Magicka’s Facebook page.

For anybody not sure of the look to aim for, check out the new trailer below. Winning wizards will get their beta invite in 2-3 weeks.

Anybody know what it’s parodying? Yes! Yes, it’s the intro to Da Ali G Show.


  1. Brumisator says:

    Now that is a hillarious idea.
    However, I shall forever refrain from looking at the submissions page on the grounds that I don’t want to have to gouge my eyes out.

  2. Shatners Bassoon says:

    I’m seriously tempted. The ladyfriend shall see that my grandfathers old military poncho is not wasted cupboard space! If only she knew of that time I hid in the bushes outfront for three hours in order to scare her as she arrived home from work. I was livid when I gave up and returned inside to find a text saying she had stopped around her mothers.

  3. Urael says:

    “4 player co-op Diablo-meets-Benny-Hill”

    …Isn’t that Gauntlet you’re talking about, Quinns? Oh wait, I forgot I’m almost of pensionable age. Let me just back up the walking-frame here and I’ll be out of your way.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Honestly, this doesn’t look much like gauntlet. It looks like it’ll have some depth greater than that involved in hitting something ’till it falls down.

  4. Starayo says:

    OK, I’ll bite. I’ve got an old Death robe my grandmother made me for one halloween theme party dealie. This was when I was a child. As I am in my early 20s now, this should make for an amusing fit.

  5. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Okay, I’ll put on my robe and wizard hat..

  6. pakoito says:

    Done using my Gimp spell.

    link to twitpic.com

    • Josh W says:

      It’s probably fine, but I’m avoiding that link just to be safe!

  7. Berious says:

    Funny video but a lack of gameplay footage at beta stage has me highly skeptical

    • pakoito says:

      Theres a video with gameplay and the game is not even beta yet.

  8. Morkai says:

    …and here was me thinking it was taking the mick outta starcraft 2’s opening. AWESOME.

  9. A-Scale says:

    I’m glad it’s an obvious parody (of a parody) and not just a sort of related rip off.

  10. Richard Beer says:

    Genius. I’m totally tempted to take a picture of myself with a towel over my head and, up until now, had no real interest in the game.

  11. HexagonalBolts says:

    That video is the single best videogame advert i have ever seen.

  12. Pijama says:

    Now THAT was fucking sensational.


  13. Sinomatic says:

    Nooooooo….. I do not *do* pictures on the internet. Nor do I do the faceplace.

    Shame, this would be one of the top games in my ‘want to be in the beta of’ list. If I’d written one.

  14. GHudston says:

    Argh! I don’t have anything that could even remotely be convincing as a wizard’s robe…

  15. Malin says:

    I didn’t realize there’s quite some commenting and good coverage going on over here, thanks for all the praise!
    We’re working our behinds off to get the game finished and as great as we possibly can so I seldom have time to keep up with the community and articles but am very glad this site has Magicka covered!
    Some of the developers try to have a look from time to time at the Paradox forum and input from the community there so head over to join in! =D link to forum.paradoxplaza.com

    – Malin H.
    Arrowhead GS