Our Ultimate Goal: World Supremacy

That is, coincidentally, also the title of a new turn-based strategy game from the splendidly named Malfador Machinations (Space Empires) and Shrapnel Games. World Supremacy is a turn-based global conflict game powered by randomly generated global maps. A good day for maps, then. It also has 8-person multiplayer and nuclear arsenals, for hot-seat or internet-enabled atom death.

The full game is a princely $30, but fortunately there’s a demo onto which you might drop the H-bombs of your consideration. Get it here… yes, to the right a bit, that’s it. It’s only 98.4mb, which means you are obliged to download it if you have any interest at all in taking the world.


  1. Meat Circus says:

    Wouldn’t you prefer a nice game of chess?

  2. Fuu says:

    Ah, nuclear weapons. A fine addition to any game. Which reminds me: I wonder if you can play this on the Cluedo board.

  3. Stranglove says:

    If I may be so bold:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com

    Just sayin’

  4. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Ah, Shrapnel Games. Games with good graphics need not apply.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      I get the feeling I might be a bit too negative here.

  5. Jae Armstrong says:

    Is it wrong that all I can say when I look at this is… “I wish this was Space Empires VI”?

    • dadioflex says:

      Not wrong, but you must have a lot more good feelings stored up for Aaron Hall than I do. After the incredible SEIV he made Starfury, Dungeon Something(tm) and the abysmal SEV. I didn’t think he even owned the Space Empires franchise anymore. I thought he sold it to SI as was.

      Don’t get me wrong, obviously I’ll be trying it and at thirty bucks it’s a lot less than what I paid for SE4 back in the day. Oh SE4… how many games ended with me getting swamped by intelligent plantlife….

    • jRides says:

      I’m hoping this is the model for ground combat in the next Space Empires, Aaron made Starfury between IV and V which he said was really all about development of the 3D (ish) engine used for combat in V.

    • SP says:

      Personally I wish he would just release a SE IV and V patch that made them work on Win 7 x64 instead.

      But yes, rather be playing SE.

  6. Jad says:

    Ah, Malfador Machinations. They were my first, and for a long long time my only, connection with “indie” gaming. Before the internet exploded and we had the bandwidth to easily download any games we want, I went to stores and bought boxed copies of games published by the likes of Sierra and Microprose and Activision with big budgets and sizable teams.

    But somehow I came upon a shareware copy of Space Empires II, made by one guy named Aaron Hall, and I fell in love with it. I mailed him $30 along with a printed-out and hand-filled form with my address on it, and a couple of weeks later I received a floppy disk and a manual in a plastic bag. The floppy disk’s logo had been printed on a dot-matrix printer and the manual/strategy guide clearly had been hand-cut, folded and stapled by Mr. Hall himself. It was a wonderful human touch compared to all the glossy boxes and books of all my other games.

    I played that game so much, with games growing so massive that the time in between turns when the AI was making all its moves would grind my parent’s crappy computer to a halt, taking upwards of 10-15 for a single turn to calculate. I would run off and play outside and then come back to carefully (very carefully) plot my next move. Every turn was precious.

    The price might be high, but I’ll be throwing Aaron some money for this game just as a “thank you” for giving me so many wonderful childhood memories of epic turn-based galactic conquest.

    • SnallTrippin says:

      Well said sir, well said.

    • Son_of_Montfort says:

      I played that game so much, with games growing so massive that the time in between turns when the AI was making all its moves would grind my parent’s crappy computer to a halt, taking upwards of 10-15 for a single turn to calculate.

      So nice to know that he didn’t change much with Space Empires V… ;-)

      I loved SE IV. SE V was a mess, but I still liked it until it would no longer run on Windows Vista or 7 for me.

    • Martin Kingsley says:

      That may be one of the sweetest odes to simpler times I’ve ever read on this delightful site.

  7. dave says:

    It no work :(

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Excellent avatar+post combination.

    • Alikchi says:

      No but really, when I tried to play this it froze my PC at the pick-your-nation screen (requiring a hard restart) and ever since then I’ve been chugging really awfully. Like, big monster pauses every few seconds. Typing this is hard.

  8. Moth Bones says:

    From the website – “World Supremacy can best be described as a beer and pretzels style strategy game”

    Is this a common American expression? Does it mean ‘game is playable when pissed’? That’s always been my problem when trying to get to grips with Arsenal Of Democracy; it isn’t.

    • Fuu says:

      Out of interest, and out of finding myself as of recently in the US, I had to look that up:

      link to en.wikipedia.org

      Basically: yes. Also, I’d be quite interested in seeing how it plays with house rules determining minimum levels of acceptable pissedness for the participants.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      It means it’s for the everyman. It’s not some super hardore strategy game like, say, Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis. Which is too bad, I love EU.

      But then again, I remember loving the hell out of Space Empires IV when I was a lad. Once I’m no longer piss-poor I’ll maybe give this a go. (I don’t play demos if I can’t afford to buy the game. If it turns out to be really good, I often end up convincing myself to buy it NOW, which the bank account isn’t too fond of.)

  9. pupsikaso says:

    I wish the demo would tell me how to play =(
    There’s a “manual” button on the menu, but clicking it does nothing.

  10. Fuu says:

    If your game doesn’t load and says access violation, then turn off windowed mode.

    If you generate a map and it has some error at about 94%, and when the map loads you don’t have any territories, then you’ve encountered the ‘too many players too small a map’ condition, and will just have to adjust the settings and generate a bigger or less populated map. Apparently they are working on a fix for this.

    In my first game I was positioned on a supercontinent (more than 60 regions), with four other much smaller landmasses (between 2 and 14 regions) and three AI players. After some time exploring and expanding I found that they had all spawned on the small islands leaving me to occupy about 2/3 of the world unopposed. This is something of a problem I think.