Beastly: Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom

I've stolen a screenshot from an old expansion pack, because I am a terrible journalist

Indirect-RTS (IndirTS, as it must now officially be known) Majesty 2 is gearing up for its 300019th and final expansion pack, Monster Kingdom, and it’s the most enticing yet. By which I mean “most like Dungeon Keeper, a game I’ve been geeking out over for more than a decade.”

While the add-ons haven’t done all that much to deepen the distinctive bribery-based army control mechanics, Monster Kingdom is at least taking a confident sprint further down the road of playfulness.

In a move that makes it almost impossible not to mention Dungeon Keeper, this time around you’re in control of the monsters. What if you could talk to the monsters? Well, you can’t. But you can offer them large sums of money in exchange for going and hitting something. Let this man explain, somewhat:

Majesty 2 left me slightly unfulfilled, but I’ve got a good feeling about this add-on. While the snarky cynicism of heroes only heroing in exchange for filthy lucre was a giggle, the idea of sulky, bounty-hungry monsters just makes a lot of sense,


  1. Vivi says:

    If just these packs were not so damn expensive. 15 bucks for what took me and a lot others only four to five hours just doesn’t do it.

  2. Flint says:

    I quite loved Majesty 2 and had no idea it had a mission pack, or several of them.


  3. Soulsick says:

    I loved Majesty 1, it was lacking some polish but it was a beautiful idea that was unfortunately just short of being brilliant.

    Majesty 2 is another beast all together.
    Yes, it re-worked the building / spell / hero death mechanics and its a bit more streamlined. But the game is severely lacking in polish. The missions have a linear order, the missions are the same-old “grind for a few hours until you manage to get some high level heroes” and the quirky UI, camera map and sheer lack of polish ruin it.

    Instead of releasing new content, they should just fix the buggy UI / gameplay and polish the damn game. Until they do, I won’t be buying any DLC. I’m really disappointed in the developers, I just don’t understand their strategy here, there really isn’t any point releasing new missions if people can’t be arsed to play your damn game!
    I didn’t even bother to finish the campaign myself and I have finished Majesty 1’s campaign a few times over.

    • MrEvilGuy says:

      “I loved Majesty 1, it was lacking some polish but it was a beautiful idea that was unfortunately just short of being brilliant.”

      To me, Majesty 1 was brilliant in most respects!

      One theory I have about Majesty 2 annoyance is that it doesn’t maintain consistency in difficulty throughout the level. Like you said, just grind until you have high level heroes. That’s not always the simple answer though. Sometimes you have to figure out a good strategy for the first few minutes else be bombarded with attacking high level monsters too quickly, but then once you get past that part, it goes back to the easy monster grinding. Sometimes you have to accomplish some difficult task half way through the mission, but once done, it goes back to easy grinding and finishing the mission.

      Now perhaps I’m mistaken in my memory, but I think Majesty 1 did a really good job at maintaining the difficulty throughout the mission. A hard mission would start hard (often many resets required), and then maintain hardness through the mission (by constant risk of good heroes dieing and constant buildings being destroyed by monsters) and then finish with a satisfying boss fight.

      Majesty 2 seems to rely far too heavily on the boss fights, and doesn’t offer enough resistance throughout the mission – many missions can be skipped through by using the fast forward 5x button after you get your base and heroes set up.

      My theory is supported by my own experiences with Majesty 2 – the most fun I have is at the beginning of certain missions where I have to figure out the right strategy, everything else sucks. In Majesty 1, I remember loving the beginning, the middle, and the end of many missions!

      So while Majesty 1 incorporated magnificent gameplay throughout the mission, Majesty 2 offers a generic grinding gameplay with the appearance of Majesty 1 style objectives on top, which probably makes it harder for the developers to understand where they went wrong.

    • Flint says:

      For some reason I enjoy both the first and second one. In the first one the gameplay itself was perhaps more solid and varied, but the campaign never particularly grabbed me and I never actually finished it – I mainly played single scenarios of various sorts all the time. The second one has its (slight) problems in the gameplay section but I loved the campaign. Both are great, unique games and owning both is a splendour to me.

  4. MrEvilGuy says:

    To me, this monster kingdom extension doesn’t seem like it would add on any depth to gameplay. Unless I’m missing something, it looks like just a switch over in appearance of buildings and monsters, with some change in hero abilities and whatever. I doubt this change any of the fundamental problems with the game (to me, the fundamental problems are the problems with the game that make it worst than Majesty 1).

    Still, this may have a nice effect on the style, especially in multiplayer.

  5. snv says:

    I don’t buy DLC, period. Or games that use DLC. It’s a ripoff.

    Its better to wait untill its finished, and then buy them all together (cheaply).

  6. Luke says:

    Hoping it will be in the Steam sale, have a hunch it might. Majesty the second, I mean, not this.

  7. basil says:

    Indiro-Time Strategy