DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue Out Nov 30th

Thing me a thong, DeathThpank.

Ouch! I’ve just been shot by the news gunman. I hate that guy. So, it turns out DeathSpank pt. 2, Thongs of Virtue, will be released on November 30th and will include both console DLC The Snowy Mountain Dungeon as well as an exclusive co-op partner named Tankko- “half-man, half-spider and all awesome.” Caw, it feels like it was only yesterday that DeathSpank came out. Probably because it basically was. Four weeks between releases? I could do with some more of that in my gaming diet. Trailer after the jump.

Look at that ESRB rating it starts with! Blood, Crude Humour, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol. That’s what I like to see.


  1. Dreaded Walrus says:

    “as well as an exclusive co-op partner named Tankko”

    I saw this mentioned in this manner in the EG post as well, but it’s not PC-exclusive. It’s available for the 360 as well. It was even free, for a while after release: link to

  2. Navagon says:

    *in a future criminal orphan voice* Yay!

  3. UW says:

    Four weeks!? Unacceptable! I was angry enough when Valve released L4D2 after only a meagre year. I’d better get working on my Steam boycott group stat.

  4. Mac says:

    The should release a bundled copy … this close to christmas though, i’ll just wait for the inevitable Steam sale, and pick it up cheap …

  5. Jhoosier says:

    This reminds me: I went to the Tokyo Game Show a couple years ago and found an empty booth with a Deathspank poster and one for (I think) the Penny Arcade game. I took a photo but I’m way too lazy/slow to get it online with any type of speed, so never bothered. In a related story, the mascot for my local radio station looks like Runman. Took a picture of that, too.

  6. Danda says:

    Good news! I was afraid they wouldn’t release the second game for PC.

  7. KillahMate says:

    Four weeks between releases? I could do with some more of that in my gaming diet.

    Good Lord no. Do you have any idea how many games I have waiting to be finished? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a three digit number.

    Game studios: release less. Thank you, good night.

  8. N'Al says:

    FWIW, I just recently completed this on the 360.

    Although it’s still very much the same as Orphans of Justice, I liked it better overall. The jokes seemed slightly funnier*, the setting more interesting, and the quests somewhat more inventive (although there’s still a lot of FedEx and ‘Collect x no. of items’ quests, so someone expecting a complete break from part 1 will be disappointed). Plus: Pirate Ship!

    * This one had me laughing out loud (YMMV):

    – Beatrice the Goddess of Beauty:
    “I am Beatrice, the Goddess of Beauty. Tell me what a beautiful nose I have!”
    – DeathSpank:
    “Ugh, I thought that was an udder.”