Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Out, Demo

Here's a game about fighting dirty. So dirty, in fact, that they've smeared some grease on the camera lens.

Here’s an oddball for you. Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is a tactical RPG put together by a four-man team who describe their game as “ironic”. The plot follows a young wannabe hero called Drake who fails the final exam at his military academy only for all of his successful classmates to go off and die in a terrible battle. In the subsequent and deeply awkward quest to save the world, Drake teams whoever he can find, including criminals, the world’s greatest hero (since fallen from grace) and “still the most dangerous of all creatures, whose help they could seek: WOMEN!”

Any takers? There’s a German demo out, but the installer apparently lets you change the language to English. Trailer follows…


  1. Jsnuk says:

    As much as anything vaguely misogynist tickles my trumpet, I can’t say the trailer impressed me much.

    Also hi, I’ve been lurking on RPS for a year or two…

    • Rinox says:


      I gotta ask though, how did you manage to refrain from posting when the great ‘The Witcher and women’ RPS discussion fires raged high? ;-)

    • Quintin Smith says:

      Hello baby, and welcome! Make yourself at home. I think we had some snacks at one point, but I guess these guys ate them all.

    • Jsnuk says:

      Oo, maybe I was on holiday that week?

      Oh and nevermind about the snacks, I’ve gone and captured the local annoying stares-at-you-all-day-and-then-baaaaaas-really-loud-when-you-are-trying-to-sleep sheep and am, as we speak, gnawing on its fleshy mandibles.

    • jeremypeel says:

      Hey dudes, aren’t there an awful lot of post-modern JRPGs around at the moment? Anyone seen my sheep?

      What did I miss?

    • Temple to Tei says:

      Fluffy? Where is Fluffy?
      And RPS sent all snacks to deserving indie-ers I believe
      Though John ate all the pies.

  2. Eclipse says:

    why today games needs to be brown washed, grayed out or a saturated punch in your eyes? D: I miss normal looking games…

    • Temple to Tei says:

      And what, sir, is normal?
      (Yes, I am bored nothing like being at work when all you want to do is play City of Heroes, so glad I don’t have any sort of addiction. I managed to unsubscribe for nearly 7 hours)

  3. MKharris says:

    As a tactical game it is pretty light on mechanics. There is no flanking or rear attacks, and a limited number of actual options in battle. For quite a while you’ll be doing nothing other than “attack”, “heal”, or “special attack” (once it’s charged up. And it’s usually pretty lame anyway).
    If you’re expecting anything in the likes of Disgaea or FF Tactics you’ll be disappointed.

    The game is selling itself on the ironic and comedy tags. I didn’t find it that funny really but it’s going to vary alot with taste. Like many many games before it sometimes thinks calling something “ironic” excuses sexism, crap quests and poor jokes. Yes I’m looking at you Bards Tale.
    As someone once said “just because you’re doing something ironically, you’re still doing it”

    • K. says:

      I really like turn-based tactics games and I can forgive a lot of stuff in this genre (I’m looking at you, “Last Remnant”).
      I also accept games that can get through completely on witty lines (hello there, anything from Tim Schafer).

      But the “humour” in this totally put me off. Please, devs, if you cannot write… accept that as a fact and do not even think about making “funny” your USP.

    • K says:

      Last Remnant was horrid. Such a great idea, but what a catastrophic execution.

      I want more Disgaea.

    • Temple to Tei says:

      Ah, well bye to that then.
      I was really hoping for something light hearted and humourous.
      Deathspank fell flat for me.

      So its that 4-player magic user shooty thing that is still my go to for funnies. When I remember the name and then work out when it is due.

      Edit: Ah, Magicka found it (do you know how many different spellings there are of magic?)

    • CogDissident says:

      I totally agree, light on mechanics it certainly is.

      During the tutorial, I was told “go attack this plant monster”. So, i looked around, and saw that there was a bush behind the plant monster that I could stand in, gain a bonus to defense while in, and still be able to hit the monster that turn. So I did. It turns out that this puts you in the “wrong position” for the rest of the tutorial such that you cannot save the required quest NPC because you become trapped behind the enemies that spring out of the ground.

      After that I turned it right off and went to go play a good game like FF tactics.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      your version you played must be older. You wont have those problems with the newest version. This game get around 80% from the german press and we’re happy with our work.
      But sure, it’s not a Final Fantasy Tactics clone and not for absolutely hardcore tactic fans, who need thousands of skills to “feel fun”.

      @K. Sorry , but I have to inform you that we have a lot of fans with our style of humor. ;)
      And we get a lot of comments that we can compare with e.g. Deathspank.
      But it’s impossible to write the perfect humor for all people because there are a lot of differences what you feel as funny and ironic.

    • K. says:

      Well, best of luck to you. I am actually glad to hear the game is doing well.
      This will hopefully encourage more of this genre to come to PC, wether as original indie titles or console ports.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      You can try Kings Bounty, that comes close to typical SRPGs.
      After the huge success of Reccetear I really think we will see more JRPGs.

      However the humour of GT2 will be a bit darker and there will be more depth in the character personality, let’s see whats your opinion then. ^^

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Last Remnant was a great game, I don’t understand people bitching about it. Unless they played it on xbox, loosers.

      Grotesque Tactics… Hm, I have finished it, and the English version I played seemed a bit underdeveloped. There was no English VO for starters, and there were some bugs, including one or two which caused me to reload an earlier save. Devs stated that the English version is cheaper than German because of lack of voice, so I expected them to release a patch (maybe paid one) after they finished the work but couldn’t find any such thing. The humor was quite specific, but expected in German production. My main gripe is that there was not so much of this humor in the game, and that game itself was rather short, like 10 hours. And I can go through one game for hundred of hours (strategic and RPG).

  4. Nevarion says:

    Certainly is quite a comical game. Works with steam-hammer-on-the-head-humor. It’s obvious what they’re hinting at most of time and it is blatantly presented or rather thrown into your face at all times.

    I do like good turn-based combat much like Jagged Alliance or even good ol’ Battle Isle. Sadly the combat mechanics of this piece I thought are slow and tedious. Things like story and the… humor just didn’t make the cut in the end for me. Try to the demo and see for yourself is the best advice I can give.

  5. Torqual says:

    If you like infantile jokes about emo kids and half naked maiden, serving a Paladin with black sunglasses, then Grotesque Tactics is the game for you. Its would be a nice game for kids, but there is too much mature content in it. Foul language and drinking. Its just a waste of money and the demo would be a waste of time for many people. I did not like it.

    Have a nice day

    • neinei says:

      Yeah, who cares about the violence and combat, when there’s horrible things like drinking and bare skin afoot! Think of the chidren!

    • 12345 says:

      Beheadings with chainsaw – thats PG12.
      But show a nipple and – OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!
      You americans crack me up…

    • Vinraith says:


      It’s really not all of us, we’ve just got this remnant puritanical streak running through our society that resists every attempt at eradication. The result is a nation of people whose morals vary from modern to 17th century, it’s rather frustrating.

    • JC123 says:

      I also remember all that bullshit with Hot Coffee.
      Who cares if you can do genocide and ethnic cleansing – that’s ok, but PIXELATED BREASTS and SEX – holy crap – that will RUIN OUR CHILDREN…

  6. JayG says:

    Another lurker decided to join in abusing poor quint. Trailer looks pretty awful, but demo might be fun.

    • DJ Phantoon says:


      Quinns needs food (red meat) badly!

    • Rich says:

      Broccoli. Only source of iron in the universe.
      Where do you think all that steel for construction comes from? Mines? No silly, they’re for rocks. The answer is broccoli.

  7. SirKicksalot says:

    So this is a hipster RPG?

    • sredni says:

      Indie Hipster Rpg would be such a success. Everyone who hates hipsters would play it because it made fun of hipsters, and hipsters would play it ironically.

    • poop says:

      nah space funeral is the hipster rpg this is just shovelware garbage

    • Rinox says:

      I showed a hipster friend Hipster Hitler cartoons . He thought they were funny – not sure if he was being ironic or didn’t really get it.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      god damn you internet. This game looks pretty far from my cup of tea, but I say fair play for trying to take the piss out of a rediculous genre. But if anyone even mentions irony these days they get called a “hipster”. It’s such a lazy fuckin insult. Personally I think this hipster thing is like a bogey man, it doesn’t actually exist. People see a few graphic designers(there’s more of them than you think) walking around wearing the kind of shit they do and an urban legend is born.

      edit:oooh I can edit now

    • poop says:

      people discribing literally everything that is more “young people” than they are as hipster is getting about as annoying as when people did the same thing with emo in like 2006

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Don’t say the h-word. That’s racist.

    • neinei says:

      “people discribing literally everything that is more “young people” than they are as hipster is getting about as annoying as when people did the same thing with emo in like 2006”

      This. Thank you.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      At 23, I can safely say I don’t care about young people anymore. In fact, I don’t care about anything anymore.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      baawww. I knew people would get upset about anyone using the word “hipster”. I think RPS has quite a few hipster types here actually.

      Hipster: The only subculture people are ashamed to admit they belong to, or even exists. I think this is because hipsters pride themselves on how “unique” and “subversive” they are. So of course they can’t admit they all look the same and all act the same and all have the same beliefs, and are really incredibly conformist and uncreative.

      Here’s a favorite vid of mine: link to

      link to

    • Matt says:

      At 23, you ARE young people.

      Also: use hepcat instead of hipster! Take it back for the 1940s!! (uhh except maybe the institutionalized racism)

  8. pakoito says:

    The demo for the first one was quite meh. The game didn’t allow you to follow the story and the story didn’t allow you to enjoy the game.

    It felt pretty bad.

  9. Antsy says:

    I think the irony may be derived from the title.

  10. MadTinkerer says:

    This game is trying to be Disgaea-lite. It somewhat succeeds, in my opinion. As I pointed out somewhere else (or maybe it was here), the dialogue seems like it’s probably a lot funnier in the original language, However, since they actually integrate a certain amount of humor into the game mechanics, it’s not all lost in translation.

    Despite German being the original language, I find that thinking of it like a badly fan-subbed Anime (or NES game “A Winner Is You” style Engrish), makes it a lot easier to enjoy. YMMV, but I find it’s flaws to be part of the charm.

    It’s not an industry-changer, but it’s a decent proof-of-concept that a humorous tactical RPG can work on the PC. If they do make a sequel, and put more effort into localization, I could see it being good enough that I wouldn’t have to make excuses for it the second time around.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      The english language was optimized with the last patch from an american guy. Now native readers shouldn’t realize the difference. However the demo is a bit older.
      And yes…we work on a sequel. Thank you Steam! ;)

    • RPGfanatic says:


      Since you seem to be from the team: I know that the text being so stupidly slow is an issue that was also posted to the forum

      Was this ever solved? Can I now finally click through the crappy blabla if I want to, or am I STILL forced to watch it scroll by?

  11. BobDicks says:

    All the bikini-clad anime girls made me facepalm so hard I knocked myself unconscious.

  12. Archonsod says:

    Hasn’t the game been ‘out’ for about four months now? :P

    I enjoyed it. The jokes are mildly amusing, the double edged sword style special moves of your characters (which you can’t control) make the combat somewhat interesting. Saying that I detest JRPG’s and have steered well clear of them since the Legend of Zelda on the SNES, so I’m probably not best placed to judge.

    • BobDicks says:

      Hating (oh excuse me “detesting”) an entire genre is kind of lame

    • Saiko Kila says:

      I hate racers. The most dull of all genres. I understand when someone doesn’t like JRPGs or RTS.

    • Psychopomp says:


      I, uh.


    • Thants says:

      Although really, the Zelda game on the SNES wasn’t a JRPG like this game at all. More of a “Metroidvania” than… oh god I’m a nerd.

    • Matt says:

      You can increase your max health! It’s an RPG! Huzzah!!

    • Archonsod says:


      I, uh.


      That’s generally been my experience with everything marketed as an RPG that’s come out of Japan. Hence why I dislike them, a string of random fights interspersed with cutscenes does not become an RPG just because there’s some numbers that get changed.

    • Patrick says:

      When you get the master sword, monsters that used to take 4 hits to die now take 2. So it’s like leveling up. Plus there are potions.

  13. Froibo says:

    I bought this game a while ago on steam. I got to a point where 2 neutral monsters ended up blocking a path over a bridge with no way to move them and then completely lost interest.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      This bug was fixed with the last patch, you only need to start steam again.

  14. Hensler says:

    Get a “ConfigTool has stopped working” error every time I try to launch the demo. Oh well, doesn’t sound like I’m missing a whole lot.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      Sure your missing your best days in your life. Why are demo testers so pessimistic , eh eh?
      We fixed this like all other important bugs with the last patch too. That was the “Tahoma font is missing in the font directory” bug. slayed…

    • marxeil says:

      Same error here. Just tried it. Also, I didn’t see the English option during installation. Will you be having a demo on Steam?

    • Patrick says:

      “Demo testers”? That doesn’t sound good..

  15. MrEvilGuy says:

    wogzi wouldn’t like this

  16. RPGfanatic says:

    This is definitely a budget title, but will work if you are addicted to turn based RPG strategy.

    Beware however, the fact that the fricking text scrolls infinitely slow, even when accelerated by pressing down the mouse button makes it near unplayable for more impatiend folks like me.

    The jokes and dialogues are clearly of german origin and will likely translate poorly.
    It all feels very homebrew, yet has ok values for that.

    • DeadPoet_Grotesque says:

      We changed the text speed ,yes. You played only this older demo , right?
      Btw. you can also skip the texts with the right mouse button. ;)

      However we will create a new demo for international people. It wasn’t the best idea to have a german demo with beta multilanguage. ^^

  17. zioncrimson says:

    I rather enjoyed it. It’s a simple title with an enormous amount of heart. While the customization and progression (which has become a staple of the genre) appears to be absent, it remains a silly, entertaining adventure that redeems itself by giving us SRPG nerds a chance to delve into the genre without having to consider our moves half a dozen times before we make a decision. For that same reason, it won’t keep many of us distracted from our time-killing classics for long (FFT holds well over 500 hours of my life somewhere between the PS1 and PSP versions). This makes it fortunate in a bittersweet way that the longevity is on the short side. If the sequel adds a bit more depth to it and breadth to match, it could be quite the gem.