Shmup Demo: Chrono Rage


Schmup. Shmup shmup shmup. If Bill Watterson had known about Robotron he’d totally have written this strip differently. Shmup. An example of one of those (by which I mean a shmup) is Chrono Rage, by Anima Games, and it’s a shmup. There’s a demo – a brief glimpse of the game which is a shmup, but one that throws a big variety of enemies at you each time you play it. It seems quite a fun shmup, in a not-quite-Geometry-Wars sort of way. Geometry Wars is a 360 shmup. But it does have 360 controller support, which is a good thing in a shmup. The full game costs $10, but demos, demos are free. There’s a video of this shmup below.



  1. Nemon says:


  2. TCM says:

    For impossible to explain reasons, I find the name absolutely hilarious.

  3. Jaxtrasi says:

    But what genre is this game?

  4. Phydaux says:

    Ohh… I really like this, I may end up buying it.

    The time-slow down is just a replacement for a “smart bomb” in these sort of shumps, but it’s very gratifying slowing time just before getting swamped, and destroying everything. :D

    • Matt says:

      See also: “Deathbrushing” in Weapon of Choice (XBLIG only, sorry)

  5. Malibu Stacey says:

    I do like a good SHMUP especially of the twin stick variety. The bosses look interesting from the trailer, very nice idea =)
    As long as I can use a non-XBox 360 controller with it such as my PS2-DualShock-plus-USB-dongle contraption I’m sold (which their website says should be possible).

    P.S. As a French company why are they only pricing it in USD?

  6. Diamond Droog says:

    The added comic and tags absolutely made my day.

  7. lethu says:

    14 is the number of spanks you will be spanked John Walker !

  8. tekDragon says:


    Yet another indie arena shooter. Can we please move on from asteroids?

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Yeah lets have more “realistic” games where angry men shoot other angry men in the face set against brown backgrounds.

    • tekDragon says:

      Yes well it’s not to say that modern games are all that much more creative. However, creativity is supposed to be one of the things that small independent developers have going for them. Arena shooters… blah. (and no I’m not much of an FPSer either).

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, we need more 2D platformers, god knows we haven’t had enough yet!

  9. Navagon says:

    It looks very Shumpy and all. But I’d prefer a bit more variety in my indie shooters.

    If we can’t have originality, can we at least have a remake of Smash TV, Contra 3 or Axelay, plz? Or maybe one of the Dreamcast SHUMPS I totally missed out on the first time around.

  10. internisus says:

    Ah, excellent; a twin-stick arena shooter with more focus on bullet-hell and large enemies than on fast-moving things overwhelming you with chaotic colors. I hope to purchase this in a Steam sale someday.

  11. Jason Moyer says:

    Geometry Wars isn’t a shmup.

  12. Army of None says:

    I think poor John may have gotten too enamored with term “shmup” and forgotten that this game isn’t a shmup at all :(

    • Phydaux says:

      How is it not a shmup?

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah, that’s not a shump. These are shmups:

    • Spacewalk says:

      Axes ready, we’re splitting hairs.

    • Army of None says:

      @Spacewalk Indeed we are, but this is clearly an arena shooter! CLEARLY. Anyone who hasn’t spent hundreds of hours playing various games in which you’re a small pixel shooting other pixels has no room to talk! I kid, I kid.

      @Urthman Exactly. Scrolling shooters are schmups. Games like robotron, Smash TV, Geometry Wars, and this, fall into the category of arena shooters. Both genres are wonderful, of course, but semantics are of utmost importance on the intertubes.

    • Phydaux says:

      I think you chaps are a little confused. Scrolling shooters are just a sub genre of shmups.
      IGN calls Space Invaders a shmup.
      And, Robotron 2084 can get a 9.9 on I think it’s fair to say that arena shooters are shmups too.

      shmups shmups shmups… it is fun to say it a lot!

    • Mad Hamish says:

      also when did shoot-em-ups become shmups? I’ve only heard that term in the last year or two. It makes me feel old, I wish people would stop doing that.