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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Overflowing

All of these deals are organically farmed, and humanely killed.

It’s that time of year, where everything is cheap and I am not allowed to leave my PC for more than 47 minutes, for fear of missing out on the next MEGABARGAIN. Please send food. All of the relevant digital distribution services have started fantastic sales already, for the giving of the thanks, and then after that the Christmas sales will kick off. All of the irrelevant ones have discounted Dark Void by 50% and that’s it. Keep your browser targeted at to make sure you never miss out on any cheap games.Steam Leak
Earlier in the week, the Steam sale lineup leaked (via THE COMPETITION), and so far it has accurately contained the contents of the last two days of sales. Only the indie bundles and gift packs got leaked, although a lot of the items that were in gift packs also received an individual discount too. Assuming that the leak is indeed accurate, here’s what will be on offer over the next three days of the Steam Sale:

These Indie Packs, if the same price as the previous ones, will be £3.99/€4.49/$4.99 each:
Indie Air Pack: Altitude, DogFighter, Flotilla, Gratuitous Space Battles, Plain Sight
Indie Pulse Pack: Audiosurf, Beat Hazard, Bit Trip Beat, The Polynomial, Rhythm Zone
Indie Puzzle Pack: Cogs, Droplitz, Puzzle Dimension, Shatter, Tidalis

Gift Packs:
Aliens Vs Predator TWO THOUSAND AND TEN 6-pack
Braid 10-pack
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City 6-pack
Just Cause 2 8-pack
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West 10-pack
Mount & Blade: Warband 6-pack
Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits 10-pack
Osmos 12-pack
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale 8 pack
Red Faction: Guerrilla 8-pack
Splinter Cell: Conviction 6-pack
Trine 8-pack
World of Goo 12-pack

Now, those of of a mathematical persuasion might have noticed that there are 13 gift packs listed, and they’ve only had 4 each day so far. Dominic White helpfully pointed out to me that: “The Recettear guys say that they’ve heard nothing about an 8-pack, and that the next planned discount they have on the game (other than this one happening now) is going to happen in December.” so perhaps Recettear appears on the leak erroneously. It would make sense, seeing as in the original leak formatting, it’s the only one to be missing a hyphen. Also, perhaps the leak is part of an elaborate prank by Valve, waiting til I included it in the bargain bucket, then changing everything to make me look silly. Then releasing Episode 3. Who knows?

Of that selection, there is a lot that is worth your attention. The indie bundles are a real highlight, each one has multiple games that I would call a great deal if they were available on their own at that price. Mount & Blade: Warband hasn’t seen a mega discount that I’ve noticed previously, so if you can find some people to share a 6-pack with, that would be an excellent deal. I heart Osmos quite a lot too, and it’ll no doubt be mere pennies per copy in a 12 pack. Last year GTA4 was a fiver, so I’d expect a similar discount on the expandalone chapters.

You still have a few hours to get today’s sale items too. Make sure to get the Indie Clever Pack and the beautiful Machinarium.

Age of Wonders Promo
You can get them individually for 30% off, or £8.32/€9.79/$12.97 for both games and the expansion to the second.
A man called Kieron once said “They’re some of my favourite turn-based strategy games of the last fifteen years”, and he was talking about these very games. I’m not quite sure what to say beyond that, since I’ve never ever heard of these games before seeing them go on discount at GOG a few minutes ago. I’ll link to the interview wot that Kieron bloke did with the Design Director, and then feebly trail off by asking you what you think of these games?

50% off everything at Telltale Store.
(Excluding Poker Night and Back to the Future)
They’re also giving you free international shipping when you spend $50 or more. They will be updating with a new deal each day, which is a little confusing, because I wonder whether later discounts will be better than 50% or not. Either they’ve blown their load early, or something you buy today might be cheaper later on. It includes not just downloads and shiny plastic disc version of games, but also merch and other gubbins like soundtracks, T-Shirts and posters.

Positech Winter Bundle – £4.81/€4.89/$5.99
Cliffsky’s Hatful of Hollow. Before he got all gratuitous up in here, he made some games called Rock Legend, Kudos, Democracy, Starship Tycoon and Planetary Defense, and now he bundled them all together for cheaps. A lot of indies could learn from looking at Cliffsky’s strong ideals about selling direct to your customers in addition to having your games on other outlets. If Valve got taken over by aliens, and decided NO MORE INDIES ON STEAM, it would impact him a lot less than some others. I’m looking forward to seeing Show Me The Games develop, although my research into whether the order that the games are shown in is indeed random is coming along pretty well, so far I’ve spotted a +0.067% tendency towards Democracy 2 being in the top 3, but it’s still inconclusive.

Direct2Drive stuff.
D2D have got a couple of different things going on. Firstly, there is a 1/5 chance that a purchase from them will be free. They’ve already given people their games for free 857 times since it started 4 days ago (fact fans can use that fact to work out that D2D have had 4,285 transactions in the last four days. Have they ever given out sales figures before?). In addition to that, they are sort of pricematching against, GamersGate and Steam. If you buy a game from D2D, and on the same day it is available for less at any of those three places, you can get the difference back in store credit for D2D. The process is a bit of a hassle, you’ll have to submit a ticket with screenshot evidence of the cheaper price, but if you prefer D2D’s clientless installs, it’s a great way to avoid missing out on some of the great prices at Steam and GamesGate. Both offers are available until the 31st of December.
Update: D2D are saying that they will not match against promotional prices, including sale prices. Presumably they are only matching against prices that are the same as theirs. This is price match policy in name alone, and is utterly useless to anyone. Avoid. The T&Cs (which were not live when the promotion started) do say that they exclude promotional prices. I’m looking into it now.

Deal of the week
Super Meat Boy – £6.75/€7.25/$9.95
In addition to the aforementioned D2D stuff, they also have the best preorder price for Super Meat Boy. Steam is a little bit more expensive (£7.99/€9.39/$9.99), but also boasts exclusivity of the playable headcrab. I’ve already schooled the Xbox live community on what it takes to beat the meat, but I fully intend to get the PC version and kick all your asses on the leaderboards there too. You can read my review here, but all you really need to know is that it is easily one of the best pure platformers out there. From the instant you launch it, to the end of the credits, you can hear it screaming “I LOVE GAMES I LOVE GAMES I LOVE GAMES” until its lungs bleed. It’s a towering achievement for independent development, and pisses all over that horrible mess of a game called Sonic 4. Ed and Tommy are super heroes, rock stars and pioneers all rolled into one, and we should be terrified of whatever they are going to make next.

Also of note:
GamersGate sale
Impulse Sale

Remember to visit for all the best gaming discounts. Especially on Monday, as it’s “Cyber Monday”, and lots of etailers will have mega sales starting.

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