Allegedly: Urban Terror HD

All that movement chatter brought to light that classic Quake 3 mod Urban Terror is now Urban Terror HD. It seems that the game, which I believe has been a kind of standalone mod for a couple of years now, thanks to ioquake3, will become a standalone Quake 3-licencee in its own right. It will however remain free-to-play and is going to continue to develop as a free shooter support Windows, Mac and Linux variants. Good news, I think, as this is a minor manshoot classic. The installers are over here.


  1. Eclipse says:

    uhm, I think i’ll stuck with True Combat: Elite ( truecombatelite dot com)

    • DrGonzo says:

      I used to play that. But now there are only about 3 or 4 people online at any one time.

    • muki says:

      Uh no. I still play regularly and there are plenty of nearly-full and full servers of 24 or 32. Plenty.

      it might depend which version you play. If you’re still playing the outdated version that requires Q3A, they may not be many player.s If you’re playing the io version, there’s lots. Downside is that without Q3A, there’s no anticheat. At least not untill “HD” comes out.

    • DrGonzo says:

      We aren’t talking about Urban Terror though. I was saying no one plays True Combat Elite. Which I actually really enjoy but can’t play any more due to a lack of servers. As for Urban Terror I have no idea, but if it’s free it has to be worth a try.

    • Carter says:

      Glad to hear its still going, tried a few years ago and it seemed to have disappeared off the net. Played between bouts of RA3 covered my manshoot interests

    • Player1 says:

      Wow, didn’t even know this mod was still alive. Last time i checked the official site over a year ago it was down… I used to play this excessively with some friends years ago. Thanks for pointing me back to it. :)

  2. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    support Windows, Max and Linux variants

    Only a Max version, but no Sam version? Sad.

  3. dethtoll says:

    I haven’t been interested in this at all, especially not since one of the devs kept spamming the forum I go to with pictures of crates and expecting us to think it’s awesome.

  4. The Walker says:

    There are quotes everywhere. Something horrible has happened.

  5. Bald Space Marine says:

    I played UrbanTerror for years and stopped about a year ago because t’s a complete mess. Cheating is rampant due to the lack on ANY anti cheat protection (PunkBusta, BattleEye). And that Passport system they want to force on the players is ludicrous!

    • Supraliminal says:

      Yeah me too, not for those reasons though. I just didn’t bother anymore
      ” ” ” ” ” ” ” (What is THIS ” ” mess)” ” ” ” ” “

  6. Navagon says:

    I quite enjoyed this one back in the day. I had no idea it was still going strong though.

    Am I the only one seeing “””” all over the place?

  7. The Brick says:

    You hit Cobra in the left leg.
    You hit Cobra in the left leg.
    You hit Cobra in the left leg.
    You hit Cobra in the left leg.
    You hit Cobra in the left leg.

    I loved that game when I was younger (with a friend on LAN against bots). Might give it a shot again.

  8. Tei says:

    Heres some comments from the ioQuake3 mail list.

    link to

    1) Going commercial this way, mean that lose the ability to benefit from community patches
    2) No community “hooks” like distributed ban lists
    3) This is effectivelly a “rollback” to a very old version of Quake3
    4) Support for all platforms may break, if Frozen Sands is not willing to support all platforms and platformversions/flavours (FreeBSD 6, FreeBSD 7, FreeBSD 8, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD,
    MacOSX…. )

    It seems urban terror was playing the route of “lets pretend everyone playing our mod has the original game and not a warez version”. And now want to play other route. I wonder if a route to have your game as a commercial thing, but still have it opensource exist. Because that would be the optimal. While the one urban terror is taking seems un-optimal.

    To be honest, I hate all “faithfull engines”. I don’t hate ioQuake3, because a lot of people seems to have a lot of fun with it, but I don’t think faithfull engines like ioQuake3 are that cool things. Why preserve a outdated style rendered? why not “spice up” things and progressivelly change how the engine, the render and the netcode work? Standards are overrated, backward support is overrated, Forks are fun!. . I know I sounds like a arsonist with this comments, but Is how I feel.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I suppose it must be a nostalgia thing. Like how I love to go back and play ESwat once a year on Megadrive, that doesn’t mean I want better graphics and sound, in fact that would ruin it.

    • Tei says:

      Nostalgia is one of the capital sins, with lust and greed. Maybe the worst one.

  9. Delusibeta says:

    I do have to point out that the name change only applies to version 4.2, which is still in development.

  10. yhancik says:

    Does it mean that we’ll be able to play it at a vertical resolution of 1080? About time!

  11. kyrieee says:

    Classic game

  12. Mut says:

    I feel like I just got sucked into the way-back machine …

  13. Winterborn says:


  14. Conor says:

    Quotes everywhere!! It’s the end of RPS as we know it!!!

    • Spacewalk says:

      These aren’t quotes these are ants and they are all over your skin.

  15. EthZee says:



  16. Johnny Law says:

    Can someone give a quick rundown on why being “an official Q3 licensee” differs from just working with the GPL’ed source, if your end product is freely distributed? So far the only thing I can tell is that this allows them to keep their source code private.

    Which isn’t trivial but doesn’t exactly seem to be in line with the tone of the PR — saying that the engine licensing enables “new maps, new visuals, new weapons, a new renderer and of course, the passport anticheat. It’s got the most new content and features since the original 2.0.” Are they just indirectly saying that they wouldn’t have done any of that stuff if they had to publish the code, or am I missing something else?

    • ascagnel says:

      The big thing is that being a Q3 licensee allows them to release the game without releasing the source code to their engine modifications. That’s minor from a user perspective, but major from a business perspective. It also allows them to claim more intellectual property rights over their work.

      That flows into the whole “new models/maps/textures” thing — now that they “own” their game (and aren’t beholden to the community and to release updates), they have more of a reason to put resources into their product.

      The entire thing is being pretty poorly handled, though.

  17. a says:

    “””””Gue”ss I’l”l” ch””eck t”‘”his “out.”””””””

  18. edwardoka says:

    We used to play UrbanTerror every lunchtime in the office (on account of its free-ness).

    Workplace morale has gone somewhat downhill since that stopped.
    I don’t trust these quotes.

  19. Tetragrammaton says:


  20. Matzerath says:

    What in the holy hell is going on in here?

  21. Foolish One says:

    Gah, when I first saw this I thought maybe they were FINALLY releasing 4.2. You have no idea how overdue this update is and how horrible the North American community (competitive and general) is for this game.

    Oh, and the netcode in this game will be the worst you will ever experience in any shooter, I hope for you.

  22. Sinomatic says:

    The quote demons….I knew they would come for us one day…

  23. Biz says:

    it was already in HD

    quake3 engine supports very high resolutions

  24. Tei says:


  25. megaman says:

    You want more quotes? There you are. Because we can!

  26. c2. says:

    Another vote for True Combat: Elite (TC:E) here!

    The key features for me are the remarkable agility and precision of movement exhibited, combined with very tense and abrupt gunfights.
    A total-conversion mod of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, It’s a memorable experience, and one which I am consistently failing to see in commercial games.

    I hold out hope for Brink – which ironically enough is also from Splash Damage, creators of W:ET.

    I’d love it if RPS would do a feature on W:ET, I mean Ed Stern stated it is/was the 5th most-played game.
    Aye, that’s right, 5th most-played, but you never hear it mentioned in games journalism.

  27. Tomo says:

    Amazing game. I lost years to it, and of course urge you all to do the same! :P

  28. K says:

    Can I play this on my not-HD monitor too?

    Seriously, this “HD” tag gets on my nerves. It was “2000” (and “X”) before, and then “XP” after, and now “HD”. What’s next?

    Batman 2000: The Dark Knight HD: The Reckoning of Revenge: XXX?

  29. tapanister says:


  30. shdw says:

    oh and here i was thinking that there is actually new game in the works.

  31. David S. says:

    Download the test beta of urban terror hd at