Deus Ex: Inhuman Revolution

UPDATE: Eidos Montreal report that the “Automatic Unlocking Device” is actually a consumable. Hurray!

‘News’ has come down the ‘wires’ about the various goodies to be had from Deus Ex 3 special editions and pre-order exclsuive thingywotsits. One in particular caught my eye. Pray allow me to quote my exact wording in the RPS meta-office when the press release arrived. I warn you: I’m about to clamber into the Angry Tank.

The press release: Explosive Mission Pack Exclusively at GameStop – An entirely new mission with special cameo appearance of original Deus Ex character

I don’t mind pre-orders adding on guns and hats whatnot; I understand it’s important for retailers to sell games and that the market is ever more complicated and competitive. But dangling that sort of money-grabbing, choice-destroying nostalgia-carrot in front of the very people whose undying enthusiasm has been a key factor in allow this game to happen? Ew, ew, ew.

Essentially, if you’re a long term DX fan you’re going to have to make the fairly unpleasant choice of saving money by ordering this much-anticipated, primarily black’n’yellow-hued sequel from your (r)etailer of choice, or dropping full-whack premium at Gamestop to ensure you’re getting the full story and maximum links to DX1. You’re being punished for being one of the people who most cares about this game. Awful.

OK, calm down. Calm down. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Should be fine now. There surely can’t be anything quite as harrowing. Here’s the rest of the Gamestop pack…

– Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
– M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)
– Automatic Unlocking Device

WHAT THE….. Automatic Unlocking Device! Jesus milkshake-drinking Christ! What? Why? God! “Buy from gamestop and you can just wholesale skip one of the game’s tension-setting challenges!” Which, yes, was an option in DX1 but not one you only got by paying extra to a specific real-world shop.

Ok. Ok. If you instead buy the game from the incredibly vague ‘participating retailers’, you get these:

– Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun
– Longsword Whisperhead Extreme Range Sniper Rifle
– Extra Credits

Extra credits. That’s probably not so bad. Sort of defeats the entire point of roleplaying, but there you go.

And on to the ‘Augmented Edition’ special edition of the game, which’ll cost you $10 more than the standard:

– 40-page Artbook
– Exclusive Bonus DVD: Making Of, Special Trailers, Animated storyboard of CGI trailer and Soundtrack
– Premium Packaging
– Motion Graphic Novel

Fine, fine, probably. As long as the plot makes sense without that motion graphic novel.

This is all North America, by the way. Dunno what Euro-folk are in for yet.

“Automatic Unlocking Device.” Bloody hell.


    • Jsnuk says:

      My heart weaps tears of melancholy into my soul, whereby they permeate my very existence and there is nothing but despair.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      No one wants to hear your emo poetry, Gunther. You machine.

    • geldonyetich says:

      That will be adequate.

      They have the complete box spread designed and photographed already?! The “Early 2011” release must be, like, January. Or perhaps they’re planning on shoving it out the door for Christmas.

    • Sup says:

      What a shame.

      Edit: Wrong post….

    • spicy cho says:

      What a shame, oh my what a shame!

    • balooba says:

      UR-DED. OH-DEAR.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      ‘t is a shame, aye it is.

      Also, special editions can go and take a hike into oblivion.

    • Jerricho says:

      I feel a great disturbance in the force… could it be, A BOMB!

    • Fredereichvon says:

      im jumping on the shame bandwagon
      what a shame

  1. Quintin Smith says:

    All aboard the What A Shame train!

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    I think “Automatic Unlocking Device” should be an euphemism for the penis.


  3. Auspex says:

    The point of roleplaying is to amass credits?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      No, that’s the point of real life.

    • Auspex says:

      You’ve just torn my life to pieces Jim :(.

    • John Doe says:

      A.K.A RPG

    • Colthor says:


      “Extra Credits” as in “Extra Lives” – with the normal version you’re only allowed to play it once; die and, just like in real life, you don’t get another go. Copies bought from certain shops will let you die two, or even three times before they stop letting you play.

    • Rob Hale says:

      @colthor that’s clearly going to eat into their bottom line. Poor decision for those stores.

    • Shinan says:

      Oh I thought it meant the opening and ending credits were longer.

    • Xercies says:

      The DICE man was right… :(

    • battles_atlas says:

      Yeah I’m with Shinan – I thought we were being promised the names of the art director’s extended familiy and stuff

  4. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    The original Deus Ex had plenty of Automatic Unlocking Devices, if you remember.

  5. V. Profane says:

    I don’t get these retailer specific offers. Are the retailers paying or offering some sort of free promotion for this, or do the publishers think people are going to buy more than one copy?

    • Rob Hale says:


      Also retailers may refuse to stock a game without these kind of incentives generally just holding it to ransom. After all Gamestop doesn’t care about new game sales because it makes all it’s money off pre-owned.

    • JonWood says:

      Fuck ’em then. Don’t sell through Gamestop.

      I really wish that the companies selling games would just man up, and make it clear that they don’t need brick and mortar stores nearly as much as those stores need them.

    • dalziel86 says:

      But that’s not even remotely true. The vast majority of sales for AAA titles are console sales, and all but a tiny amount of console sales are from bricks-and-mortar retailers.

    • malkav11 says:

      For those of you outside America, let me just note that Gamestop is, effectively, the only videogame specialty shop chain in America. They’ve bought out pretty much all the others that I’ve ever run into. They aren’t a monopoly per se – there are still independent stores that they do their level best to run out of business, and of course megastores – primarily Wal-mart – still constitute a larger portion of videogame retail than any specialty shop (I can only assume because of clueless family members – the selection and prices are always terrible even for console games, let alone PC), and then there’s online vendors and digital distribution. But for brick and mortar retail you’re primarily looking at Gamestop or Wal-mart.

  6. Rinox says:

    Any weapon with the word ‘huntsman’ in it deserves an automatic ban. ;-)

  7. Michael says:

    Must refrain from quoting RE. Must refrain from quoting RE.

    All kidding aside, I pray this trend doesn’t catch on any further.
    That being said, I hope we get to see Gunther again. I miss his Bavarian charm.

  8. Ricc says:

    M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)


  9. Subject 706 says:

    Idiots. That exclusive mission is probably gonna be on the interwebs pretty soonish though. Way to piss off your most loyal customers.

    • shoptroll says:

      Guaranteed it’ll be DLC at the end of the game’s lifespan. Hopefully Steam will rise to the challenge and have a nice digital deluxe edition.

      Keep in mind that this is primarily how Gamestop stays in business these days. I really do wish Steam and other digital stores published their numbers. Would be interesting to see how the numbers compare on the PC when you take into consideration these “exclusive” offers.

    • dalziel86 says:

      No, primarily how Gamestop stays in business is preowned game sales, and that means console games. And console game sales account for the vast, vast majority of their new games sales. PC games are pretty much irrelevant to their business model, and thus, so are comparisons to Steam.

    • Torgen says:

      Yep, went into a Gamestop yesterday to buy a 360 gamepad for my PC, and the PC games section is one 3ft-wide, 4 shelf tall freestanding shelving unit. The rest of the 1500 sf was console stuff, packed as tight as they could get away with. Oh, and Halo toys piled into a pyramid.

    • shoptroll says:

      To clarify I meant in terms of selling fresh retail copies of games. I don’t see any reason to shop there when I can order the exact same product from Amazon and usually at a lower price due to the little bit they undercut the MSRP or from credit earned on previous purchases (I’ve obtained easily $50-$70 in credit this year alone). Very rarely do any of the big box or department stores acquire this privilege.

      And yes, the PC selection at Gamestop has been abysmal for as long as I can remember. My local Target and Wal-Mart have more shelf space allocated to PC Games than Gamestop. Their business model is in for a world of pain once the consoles seriously shift to digital distribution.

    • dalziel86 says:

      The point is they’re not offering these extras to attract PC game sales. They’re offering them to attract console sales, the vast, vast majority of which are made at physical retailers.

    • shoptroll says:


      Yes. Which is why it’ll be hilarious when they inevitably opt to boycott Steam like those other chains a few weeks ago.

      The main reason I brought up Steam in the first place is because I haven’t ordered physical discs for any recent release on the PC and I was wondering if there’s going to be a comparable deluxe edition like EA has done with Bioware’s titles.

  10. Nemon says:

    Shouldn’t that be “you’re dead”?

    • Auspex says:

      Yikes – Original Unstable Remote Explosive Detonative Excitingly Astonishing Device?

  11. Garg says:

    Those damned robotic old men are behind this, I’m sure of it.

    • Bhazor says:

      These electronic old men and their… flexibility put them light years ahead of the competition.

  12. Vaughn says:

    This is quite the double edged sword. On one hand, this is the only way publishers see a return on producing a physical copy of the game… it’s a way to fund the huge cost of traditional copies. It also becomes terrible in instance (offering game-changing bonuses).

    On the other hand, if this method dies, and is discouraged, we won’t be seeing physical copies of PC games anymore which will be the greater loss.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      I don’t even remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a PC game.

    • Mistabashi says:

      That is of course discounting the fact that the majority of ‘physical’ PC game sales are sold via internet retaillers, not Gamestop.

    • Ushao says:

      No the Double-Edged Sword is a Best Buy exclusive.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Why is the death of retail bad? If retail was gone publishers would likely sort out their availability issues on digital. I’d love music cds to die too for a similar reason.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      I bought L4D2 at Gamestop to get the Baseball bat. But I always kind of liked my local Gamestop. They were never pushy about sales or magazine subscriptions. Probably why they went out of business.

    • Moth Bones says:

      @ Helio – I agree about computer games, because people who buy and play computer games are very likely to be able and willing to download. But music’s not the same. There are plenty of music fans with no interest in computers or the internet.

    • Vaughn says:

      The death of retail isn’t bad. The death of physicality is. We don’t know what will happen to all this digital stuff: this service, that service, DRM, no DRM, files on a hard drive, files on a flash card, installation restrictions, service migration (will Steam last forever?), key management, game trading, game selling, new methods of the future? There’s so many questions about digital distribution that nobody can answer. However, I know that my game box sitting on my shelf will stay there, indefinitely, you know, the game I payed for. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of games on Steam, I just don’t feel I have ownership over those games, and technically speaking, I don’t.

      I know that because my Deus Ex game box has been sitting on that same shelf for 10 years.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      I occasionally buy retail PC games, but not habitually. I stopped buying them habitually way back in 2003-ish when I couldn’t afford to upgrade my PC for about seven years (starting in 2000, long story). I still had, and have, literally hundreds of games from the 1990s and the early 00s. Since i couldn’t upgrade my graphics card, I was effectively locked out of new PC games entirely during the maddest of the mad-upgrade-race years. But hey: still plenty of Quake, Half Life, Ultima VII, Diablo II, Dungeon Keeper 2, etc.

      Between 2004 and 2007 there was only one major game I bought for full retail price: Warcraft III, which managed to work on my PC with a bit of fiddling.

      Then in mid-2008 I bought The Orange Box, discovered Steam and Steam Sales and realized I really don’t miss having to store all those bulky PC boxes. Yeah, digital downloads are not as nice museum pieces as retail boxes (not being facetious here: there are videogame museums now and I believe they will be much more popular in a generation or two), but I don’t have the option to store my boxes anymore and it saves me the pain of tossing what I don’t want to throw away. Plus Steam Sales.

      In the last six days if you bought every single daily Indie pack on Steam you got 30 Indie games for $1 each for a total savings of ~92%. So, wait… what’s this “retail” thing you’re talking about? I think I may have done that once…

    • Alaric says:

      I agree with Vaughn 100%. While I could not care less should retail stores die, I am very upset over the trend towards the elimination of physicality. I like collecting CDs and DVDs of games I bought. I like having the boxes of my favorite games on my shelf. More importantly I like being able to keep my property after developers, publishers, retailers, etc go out of business, discontinue support, and play other disgusting tricks on their customers.

    • malkav11 says:

      I have concerns about the longevity of digital distributors, but it’s worth noting that physical copies of the game can and will degrade as well. Many floppies, for example, are no longer usable – not because they’ve been magnetized or because nobody has a floppy drive anymore (though nobody does), but because over time the data on them simply corrupted. I’m told that CDs and DVDs have a limited shelf life as well, though longer.

    • Devan says:

      Very true, but at least you can make personal backups of your game discs to extend their lifespan indefinitely. Or at least you can in any sensible copyright system.

    • Subject 706 says:

      I used to buy retail over Steam, but not anymore. Convenience, less clutter and Steam sales, won me over. Steam and GoG are the places where I get games now.

      Physical media degrades you know. And digital copies can be backed up.

    • Mistabashi says:

      I have to disagree. Just because you have a physical copy of a game on your shelf, doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to play it. Remember DRM? That usually relies on a third-party company being operational in order to function. You could use a crack to bypass this (assuming one is available in x year’s time), but exactly the same can be said for your Steam games. Not that you would ever use your old discs anyway, you’ll just re-buy them on so they work with Windows 2018.

      At the end of the day, if you’re worried about Steam going bust then just back-up your games, there’s really little difference between digital downloads and physical copies in this regard.

  13. Rob Hale says:

    Poo to you with knobs on Eidos!

  14. KauhuK says:

    I have never played the DX games. I have been told that I have missed much and I am aware of that. Now, I dont know if there is anything for me in this third installment of the series but I am tempted to try it out. I like games where you can sneak and you need to pick locks/hack devices. I loved NOLF 2 and though alpha protocol is not that great I still like it cos it has this sneaking ang stuff.

    I hope there will be pc demo of this game.

    • spacesubmarine says:

      Buy an original Deus Ex 1 on steam then.

      It is really worth it and doesn’t look bad on max details. Trust me, I’m in the middle of my 9th playthrough.

      It is perfectly playable, just endure and the game a chance to suck you in.

    • spacesubmarine says:

      Buy an original Deus Ex 1 on steam then.

      It is really worth it and doesn’t look bad on max details. Trust me, I’m in the middle of my 9th playthrough.

      It is perfectly playable, just endure and give the game a chance to suck you in.

    • Premium User Badge

      Waltorious says:

      Yeah, I just played Deus Ex 1 for the first time this year, and it’s great. You can modify the .ini file to run it in super-high resolutions (including widescreen) without any problems, and it actually doesn’t look bad at all, except for people’s faces. I would have to say that objectively it’s the best game I’ve ever played, although it isn’t my personal favorite (that would be Thief 2). I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you’re at all interested in Human Revolution.

    • outoffeelinsobad says:

      What Waltorius said. Objectively. The Best.

      PS:T is 2nd. Objectively.

  15. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    This ‘character from DX1’ visit… do you think it will be a cheesy “You might remember me FROM THE FUTURE!” affair? Presumably it’s Gunther or Navarre, right?

    Also, what’s the bet that it becomes the first DLC for sale?

    Will every sentence in this post be a question? Who knows?

    • Subject 706 says:

      Tracer Tong, I believe. Since the extra mission is called Tong’s rescue or something like that.

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      So it is!

      I somehow missed that. Well maybe we’ll get our Gunther/Anna jollies even if we’re just normal customers…

  16. Dominic White says:

    I’ve never seen a Gamestop in my life! Why are all these things exclusive to stores that are, as far as I’m concerned, entirely fictional?

    • jonfitt says:

      So now you know.

      If you’re looking for the PC section, you can just about see it: in the lower left, behind the bin of used PS1 games, on the shelf with the used Xbox1 games, there’s a couple of copies of WoW and several copes of APB.

    • Dominic White says:

      That picture appears to be from America, or Canada, or somewhere else where they buy things with dollars. I’m nowhere near there.

  17. Archonsod says:

    “An entirely new mission with special cameo appearance of original Deus Ex character”

    Yes. JC Denton gives you the mission to stop an evil software corporation pissing on his grave from a great height.

    Couldn’t resist.

  18. Hunam says:

    I’m getting fucking sick of all these pre-order bonus basically being fucking cheats. Like the Blood Dragon Armour in dragon age giving the player plate mail long, long before they should have been able to afford it during the natural flow of the game.

    It’s just fucking stupid and I hate it, and I hate Deus Ex even more because I thought they’d be better than this.

    I might go and hassle them on twitter again.

    • Hunam says:

      In fact, I’m super angry about this now. I hate the whole pre-order cheat bullshit but I also hate buying a game knowing that I’ve got bits lopped off because I didn’t want to buy it from some retailer I hate. It’s just awful advertising as I know no matter what I do I wont have the complete package, or if I do, I’ll have some cheat running which’ll ruin the game entirely

      I say boo to you sirs.

    • Hunam says:

      I don’t even think Octodad could cheer me up now.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      I preordered New Vegas from Gamestop. I got a “weathered 10mm pistol”. That’s fine, I thought, the 10mm is the crappiest pistol (wasn’t aware they’d changed around the weapons so much), so how bad could a slightly better version be? Yeah, I played ten hours before I found a better pistol.

      Oh, and I also got a Canteen. Which effectively doubles the time you can go between drinks in hardcore. By the end of the game, I had like 50 purified waters chilling in my motel room fridge.

      I’m an American… can I say “bollocks”? Is that allowed? I really think it fits.


    • jackflash says:

      I hated it too – though to be fair, you couldn’t actually wear the blood dragon armor until you were a high level character, due to the strength requirements. Also, it was fugly.

    • bob_d says:

      As a developer I hate this almost as much as I do as a player. At best it screws with game balance, at worst you end up making significant content that only a small portion of the players get to experience (and you don’t even generate extra revenue as you would with a DLC). I was working for a company whose publisher had the bright idea of doing an extra level for one retailer. We told them how much time and money it would take to do the one “special” level and they immediately gave up on the idea, luckily. That dynamic generally holds true for unique content for specific retailers – it can’t be anything significant, as that wouldn’t be cost-effective, so instead you get these dumb little balance-breaking items. Given the cost of doing special editions, even with such minor data changes, I can’t really believe thepublisher ends up gaining that much.

    • DMJ says:

      @Hunam: Really?

    • Bret says:

      Try Plumtree’s “Go!”

      Cheers anybody right up.

  19. Lewie Procter says:

    A bunch of pretentious old men playing at publishing.

  20. DavidM says:

    I have never understood the “Making of DVD” for games.

    Does it show a bunch of guys hunched over computers for hours and hours…?

    • MDevonB says:

      It could be done in a “Metaphorical Coding” sort of way. Like in TV shows and the movies, where an on-screen hose puts out a firewall.

      So, instead of having anything to do with the actual development of the game, it’s an episode of Reboot.

    • Shadram says:

      I’ve never seen a Making Of… DVD in a game that actually showed the making of the game. They all talk about story, and how they had to write it to be “epic”. They show a bunch of content art that you’ve probably already seen on the website (since I assume you’d be interested in that if you’re watching the Making Of… DVD) And they talk a bit about designing the world, without going into any specifics on how they did that. Lots of interviews with artists and writers, and never a mention of a programmer.

      It’s all fluff, no substance, aimed at lowest common denominator.

    • Muzman says:

      The heads of department need something to do with the hours of PR schpeal they rehearsed for trade shows that you couldn’t go to.
      They tried to get it out but people just kept asking them if they had the number of the booth babes and lost interest when they didn’t.

    • StormTec says:


      I don’t believe “making of”… features for films consist mostly of you watching them make the movie either. In fact, I would say that would be pretty boring compared to insight into the characterisation, conveying vital concepts through the writing/set design and generally reasons why the film was made the way it was. I always thought that was the point of “making of..” things though.

    • dethgar says:


      The problem with that is usually that video game characterisations are used as hype material and typically cause their use in “Making of…” to be redundant. Not to mention that there are few games on the market where the story is truly deep and engaging, and are rather more like a “mash up of focus group feedback, buzzwords, gimmicks, and pop culture rip offs linked together just enough to fool your average game player”.

  21. Rinox says:

    If it’s a cameo à la Mafia 2, it may actually still be good (because that one was sweeeet). But yeah, not exactly a reason to pay extra for perhaps.

  22. Heliocentric says:

    Buying the game, torrenting the nonsense.

  23. Down Rodeo says:

    This is the kind of thing that just happened, in passing, as ’twere, in one of the GTA IV DLCs right?

  24. Bhazor says:

    That reminds me how I felt getting Dragon Age. That blood armour is just ri-god damned-diculously over powered and you essentially got it for free or can sell it for about 20 gold which is enough to re-equip your whole party three times over. So much for roleplaying, huh?

    • thatman says:

      Can you re-equip your whole party in Dragon Age three times over with 20 gold!?!?

    • Tusque d'Ivoire says:

      theres bronze, silver and gold coins in DA:O, gold coins are worth quite a lot.

      Fallout New Vegas had a similar problem with its special editions. while ammo is slightly scarce at the beginning, the shotgun you get with the caravan pack is crazy overpowered…

      to me, this extra content is an argument against buying the special edition!

    • Bhazor says:

      Yeah 1 Gold = 100 Silver = 10,000 Copper

      At the start of the game the best equipable armour and weapon for the first four characters comes to maybe 40 silver each.

    • westyfield says:

      100 bronze = 1 silver and 100 silver = 1 gold, so 3 gold = 30,000 bronze.

    • Quasar says:

      I accidentally sold the piece of Blood Dragon armour that you start with in DA:O. So I just ignored the rest as and when I found it.

      Much more fun.

    • Clovis says:

      I trashed the Blood Armor after I saw how much it would sell for. One of the few times I’ve had to actively remove a cheat from a game.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Same here. Did the same with the Steam extras in Dragon Knight Saga (Which is otherwise a great game). Getting three sets of overpowered armor directly in your inventory AT THE START OF THE GAME, is just too stupid.

    • Schadenfreude says:

      At least you can choose not to use the likes of the Blood Dragon Armour. Red Dead Redemption had a couple of Golden Guns that completely replaced your starting pistol, and once activated couldn’t be turned off again. Really infuriating. I don’t mind that stuff being there so long as I have the option not to use it.

      It’s worth noting that this stuff has been going on for years though; remember the bonus merchants in Baldur’s Gate 2?

    • Archonsod says:

      The New Vegas stuff annoyed me off. Mainly because all you guys seem to have got something decent, and all I got was some leather armour, a couple of throwing spears and a machete.

  25. disperse says:

    I wonder which version OnLive will be selling on their service?

  26. Text_Fish says:

    So, they’re making a whole extra mission just for the special edition? It’ll be crap. And if it’s not crap, they’ll release it as DLC a few months down the line.

    HAH! My first thought when I saw “Extra Credits” was they’d add a few names on to the end-credits to account for the extra work on the extras. Silly me.

    • Hunam says:

      Honestly, that was what I first thought too. As if game credit sequences weren’t long enough as it is.

    • Text_Fish says:

      Yeah Hunam, but you know the longer the credits = the more serious and important the game is. Remove the skip function and you’re looking at a very serious, very important game indeed.

    • Hunam says:

      Or they give you a skip function, but it also skips out the super important post-credits scene that bridges the story to the next game/fills in a plot hole.

    • Optimaximal says:

      You should never skip the credits in a Deus Ex game…


  27. Deano2099 says:

    Don’t care about the extra mission, this is the PC, it’ll be available somewhere, legit or otherwise. It’s the guns and stuff that bother me, I mean, presumably the game is balanced around not having them, so bringing them in to the game is surely just entirely unbalancing the difficulty curve?

    It was one thing in Dragon Age, where the combat wasn’t even really the focus of the game so I wasn’t so bothered…but in what’s, let’s face it, is essentially going to be a shooter…

    • niffk says:

      agreed. i’ll wait for the mod that balances the guns and places them in appropriate locations, as well as adds on the extra mission. i don’t hold this against the developers – they’re probably bound by contract to do bullshit like this.

  28. westyfield says:


  29. DarkFenix says:

    This really is a crying shame, it’s this kind of underhanded greedy move that disinclines me to part with my cash in the first place.

    After all, I get a choice between buying the retail version and getting perhaps a third of the bonus content, or pirating it and getting it all. How long is it going to take devs/pubs to realise that punishing the people who do pay is a bad idea?

  30. Nicholas Lovell says:

    This is going to happen more and more. The only way of making money from content that is so easily pirated is to offer special “collector’s editions” where pirating them would make no sense.

    So expect there to be many more collector’s editions of every game.

  31. cjlr says:

    That’s terror.

  32. imsame says:

    Yeah, cancelling preorder, thanks.

  33. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    “You’re being punished for being one of the people who most cares about this game.”

    Not necessarily. If this exclusive mission is complete shit, then you’re actually being rewarded :)

  34. frozenbyte says:

    I don’t know what to think anymore.

  35. Urthman says:

    I don’t understand why they give these exclusive items to the player at the beginning of the game. Wouldn’t it make more sense to insert them at an appropriate point? So, for instance, the Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun would be available when the player would normally be getting, say, the first or second accuracy or ammo upgrade to their regular shotgun.

    I know I’d be much more likely to pay extra for “this game contains exclusive awesome secret extra loot for you to find” than “this game lets you start with game-breaking cheat weapons.”

  36. Urael says:

    I’ve already ranted about games publishers twice today: If I’d known this was coming I’d have saved some ire ‘specially.

    This is exactly the same crap they pulled with Transformers. Punishing the fans of that franchise by making certain much-sought-after characters exclusive only to certain outlets.

    It’s a repellent practice that needs to die, and die NOW.

    Not so miffed about the auto-unlocking device. Frankly, my expectations for the game are already set fairly low.

  37. Hunam says:

    Seriously, why do they want to undermine the core design of the gameplay by handing out cheats willy nilly. I just hope the lead designer is shouting and someone right now.

  38. Navagon says:

    Squee are in ur games, monetizing them.

  39. Anonononomous says:

    It is really lame, but I wouldn’t be too concerned about needing to buy it from GameStop. If SE follows their system from Just Cause 2, all the preorder bonuses will be DLC soon enough after release.

  40. Theory says:

    Someone will release an unlocker five minutes after release anyway. God bless the PC.

  41. Theory says:

    Details on the extras here. The mission is called “Tong’s Rescue”, and you get 10,000 extra credits (hopefully each credit is worth less than in DX!).

    • Dave L. says:

      Tracer Tong? Really? I was hoping it would be Manderley and have something to do with the Knight Killer incident.

      What a shame.

  42. Tei says:

    I have not problem, if the game is balanced, so the “vanilla” game is playable and fun.
    I suppose any good that make sense to be played, can be “unlocked” one way or another in a second playtrought, if the game is good enough to deserve a second playtrought.

    I don’t think this type of stuff is good for the game, but I am not “angry” either. and why I would be angry? Is not my game, if the dev’s feel need to mini-nerf his game this way to sell more.. well… is his game. I don’t know you can get angry at other people decisions about how to sell a game, even if these decisions looks lame from here.

  43. SirKicksalot says:

    Here’s something to ease the pain: link to

    The hacking game is just a barebones version.

  44. ZIGS says:

    “New Game available for pre-order now! Buy it from Super Awesome retailer and get the ENTIRE SECOND HALF OF THE GAME COMPLETELY FREE! That’s right, over 5 hours of content for free! BUY NOW FROM SUPER AWESOME RETAILER!”

    Seriously, just give it a couple of years

  45. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Buy game. Pirate additional content.

    • frags says:

      And have cybernetic man sneak up behind you and elbow stab you to death? I think not.

    • kraz says:

      Pirate game. Pirate additional content. Play game for two hours and become disillusioned. Delete game and go play Deus Ex 1 again.

  46. DigitalSignalX says:

    So with pictures of media, does that mean that actual “gone gold” media exists? mmmm. Ship ship ship

  47. Ziv says:

    You know what’s inhuman? me buying the deus ex collection in the steam sale and not being able to download it today when I wanted to play because the steam download servers were down.

    • D says:

      I think you’re confusing “inhuman” with “minor annoyance”

  48. Red Scharlach says:

    Ugh, retailer exclusives need to frig off and die.

    It’s one thing to have pre-order bonuses because you want people to invest in your game early (though still sad when those incentives are content heavy, but that’s the risk with smaller or less well proven developers, and it’s understandable they’d feel the need to go for it), but quite another when some dying retail franchise feels the need to whip out their monopoly and swing it around.

    • Red Scharlach says:

      On the bright side, none of this “exclusive” content looks particularly interesting:

      link to
      link to

      So it’s not like we’ll be missing out on much.

      And it’s not like it won’t all become DLC later down the line.

      Alternatively, that mission probably sucks.

  49. dethtoll says:

    God dammit. I’m going to have to preorder from Gamestop, aren’t I? Shit. And I was doing so well without them.