Battlefields Newses: Map Pack, Release Date

EDIT: I didn’t realise this was a mandatory update. Expect to download 2.6gb next time you play the game! Ugh.

There are two pieces of Battlefield news! First is that the latest BFBC2 map pack will arrive some time today. It’s looking like the best of the map packs so far, with four new maps. FOUR NEW MAPS. JESUS CHRIST! There are two maps from the original Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer, and two from BFBC2’s single player. They’re all redone to make for BFBC2 multiplayer awesomeness. I am going to be playing the hell out of them on the RPS server a bit later. Also, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be appearing on 18th of December on Steam and EA Store, and 21st everywhere else. We shall also be playing that. Then.

I’ve posted the splendid, explosive map pack trailer below. Go. Me.



  1. Inigo says:

    “What’s that you say? You want an updater that can pause and resume the patching process so you don’t have to download 2.6GB in one go? Ha, ha! Fuck you. Bend over.”

    • squirrel says:

      Each auto-updating for BFBC2 was painfully long really. For this one I recommend updating through manually downloaded patch file which is 2.4GB. The link is on the official game website.

      However, when it comes to incoming new map pack we have no choice though. EA seldom releases DLC files for manual installation.

    • Surgeon says:

      “What’s that you say? You want an updater that can pause and resume the patching process so you don’t have to download 2.6GB in one go?…”

      It’s called Steam.

    • Tei says:

      Seems console games have to pass for a process called “cooking” that place the data phisically in a particular order (?) so the optical mechanical reader (??) is fast at reading then. Often this include replicating data around so 1 piece of data (model, texture) is on more than one location (???).

      link to

      This is not necessary if electronic devices, like hard-disk are used (that have random access, and are fast). But the problem is imported to PC games trough games designed for consoles, then ported to PC. With luck, in a few years we will use solid state hard disk, without any moving part. The current generation of consoles are scheduled to continue for another 5 years. So we will still see these weird GB patches to replace some MB.

    • xLoAcHx says:

      Jesus suck it up princess and don’t bitch about BF and DLC from EA for Christ sake. God damn trolls in this game and forums are completely out of hand. Here’s something to think about

      EA REP: ” Hey did you see this post from this guy that says our update process is fucked? ”
      OTHER EA REP : ” Ya what about it?”
      EA REP: ” Well he bitched enough that maybe what we should do is start charging people for all the BF content because of all these extra’s people like this douche are demanding”

      I say Fuck all the nay sayers EA! Sally forth and don’t listen to this little troll. That goes for you too steam. I know that sometimes shit laggs out a little but considering the 100s of games you support I think your doing a bang up job. PEACE!

    • cry says:


    • squirrel says:

      I need to correct my mistake. The 2.6GB (or 2.4GB manually downloadable compressed patch file) DOES CONTAIN the whole Map Pack 7. After updating by the file I do not need to do further update and today I have access to the new maps!

  2. TheLordHimself says:

    What is this VIP business?

    • Duke Nasty VI says:

      Only relevant for xbox360 and ps3. IIRC it’s a key that came with the game that you associate with your account in order to be eligible for free DLCs. I think it’s meant to make second hand versions of BFBC2 a bit useless.

  3. clive dunn says:

    Hmm no wonder it took two hours for the game to start up last night. Hadn’t played for awhile and was quite frankly narked by the ‘rules’ on a lot of servers.
    No rockets, no snipers, no fun heli flying, no chewing gum, sit up straight. Fuck you I thought, I just wanna have fun. And if that means sneaking into your base and nicking your chopper then so be it.

    • suibhne says:

      Servers with silly, arbitrary, petty-tyrannical rulesets like that are technically violating the server TOS. Then again, that’s cold comfort when DICE won’t bother to enforce it.

    • Dood says:

      Arbitrary, fun-killing rules flashing in the center of the screen are the most reliable way to make me (and all the people I usually play with) disconnect from a server instantly. But let the control freaks do their thing on their servers. At least that means that they won’t bother the other players on “normal” servers.

    • clive dunn says:

      Anyone know some nice servers with nice people that play to have fun? Ta

    • aggybooya says:

      Try the EA servers. If not, just break the rules until somebody without a life actually kicks you! :o)

    • Dennis Ayotte says:

      Try: Server Name: Kill or be Killed. Server founded yesterday.

      This is a new server for all the reasons mentioned. Tired of BS Rules, the rules here are very common sense and don’t restrict weapons or vehicles, you want to steal the enemy helicopter? Go for it. You want to have fun then this is the newest server to do so. Help spread the word.

      clive dunn says:
      December 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

      Anyone know some nice servers with nice people that play to have fun? Ta

  4. Kaira- says:

    “It’s looking like the best of the map packs so far, with four new maps. FOUR NEW MAPS. JESUS CHRIST! There are two maps from the original Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer, and two from BFBC2′s single player”

    Why does this sound awful lot like the CoD4 map pack everybody criticized?

  5. ShaydeeAdi says:

    Sucks that I have a 14 hour work day today :( Oh well, suppose there is always thursday!

    I look forward to seeing mans on the 360 incarnation, where I will kill all you devils.

  6. MrTambourineMan says:

    I quite like it how EA [Dice] (who would have thought !) supports BF:BC2 with loads of free updates on PC. Plus when I experienced environmental destruction, I can never go back to COD’s Doom-like interaction with the world.

  7. ninjapirate says:

    “It’s looking like the best of the map packs so far, with four new maps.”
    In a way, it’s actually the first true map pack. All the other so-called map packs were technically just gamemode packs, no?

  8. Skusey says:

    I’m hoping to play this a lot, but over the past week whenever I’ve tried to play online I couldn’t find any servers.

    • Dominic White says:

      That’s odd.. There should be hundreds. Did you have punkbuster disabled? Because that automatically filters out 99% of servers.

      Edit: Yep, a quick search for populated (but not full), unpassworded, non-hardcore dedicated servers shows around 300. That’s a LOT of people playing.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Update punkbuster and make sure your game filters are set correctly.

  9. bogie says:

    Have they fixed Joystick support yet?

  10. clownst0pper says:

    What’s the RPS server info for Bad Company 2?

  11. Fatbubba says:

    Looking forward to playing the maps, though I see some threads popping up today about Punkbuster having a fit and mass faulty banning. Now, cheaters will always whine, but there’s talk of the bans being related to the last patch and pb royally screwing up.

    Anyone got any info on that before I start up bfbc2?

    • Dominic White says:

      A good litmus test for whether bans are legit or not is whether you have a couple of guys insisting that they’d never, ever use cheats, but they let their second cousin (thrice removed) play the game at the weekend and who KNOWS what they could have gotten up to.

    • Fatbubba says:

      Ah, those people are always entertaining hehe.

      But seriously, just check this topic: link to

      Or this one: link to
      in the last 30 days 1400 bans, of which 50% in the last 24 hours

      I’m not going to play until I’m sure this has been resolved or cleared up as being legitimate bans.

    • Deathvenger says:

      The ban problem is real! I got banned last night, and have never touched a cheat. It seems to be related to the patch yesterday. Unbelievable. I haven’t seen any response yet from EA or Evenbalance on this.

      If they don’t get this figured out, Steam needs to look into it because people will want their money back. I just bought the game 2 weeks ago and now I can’t play, and I DIDN”T TOUCH A HACK/ETC and no one else has used my PC!

    • Fatbubba says:

      Actually it does seem somebody from Dice seems to be aware and starting to investigate the happenings. A link to his post with some questions regarding those who got banned:
      link to

    • squirrel says:

      That’s scary. Last night when playing I did notice server messages of quite a number of players got banned for “pb hacking”. So it’s a bug of the latest patch? Luckily I didnt get banned but if they didnt solve this problem then……

      But are those “bans” permanent? Or are they just a one time kick-out like the bugs for the pervious updates? No kidding but if I get banned for no wrong-doing, I definitely will demand a full refund.

  12. Ogun says:

    so when do we get the SPECTACT (sic?) guns unlocked?

  13. Isometric says:

    It’s about bloody time we got some NEW maps, might have to install this again now.

  14. Kazturkey says:

    Harvest day! WOOT!

    I missed that map <3

  15. Poindexter says:

    [whine] But I just got Arma II and was looking forward to playing that, but now I have to go back to BC2 and play some more…[/whine]

    All fake whining aside, This will draw me away from my shiny new install of Arma II. I have too many awesome modern war games (without playing COD). Not to mention I’ve also been playing Project Reality for BF2.

  16. SP420 says:

    Uh who cares about the fucking map pack? Can we get a fucking date when the new PC patch will come? I’ll take that and wait for the new map pack instead.

    • BogleBogleBogle says:

      What PC patch, whiney? Mine don’t need no steenkin’ patches…

      Thanx for the maps, DiCE – plus the preload for BC2:Vietnam, which I’ve already pre-ordered on Steam.

      (Y’know – Steam, the pausable update avenue…)


  17. Lucas says:

    These 2.6 GB of maps really should be optional. Lazy support DICE, not impressed.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Or at least available elsewhere for download, like filefront, etc. At least I’m assuming they aren’t, and your only option is the BC2 updater.

    • lethu says:

      You can download a patch via the official game website according to posts above.

    • lethu says:

      Yes, that’s what I said.

  18. starclaws says:

    Oh joy … Oh and they aren’t NEW MAPS! They are just redone old maps. And they are a little late… Hardly anyone plays this game anymore as it is…

    • Dominic White says:

      “Hardly anyone plays this game anymore as it is…”

      803 populated dedicated servers at this moment (which is waaaaaaaay from peak hours) would beg to differ.

  19. Brutus says:

    The reason the patch is so big is because it also include the files for the upcomming vietnam addon :)

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  21. Rebs says:

    I love the New Maps THANKS DICE i think they came out awesome reminds me of BF2!!