The Witcher 2 Can Apparently Be Pre-Ordered

Blue AND orange!

Had you heard you can pre-order The Witcher 2? It’s been about fourteen seconds since the last time I saw something saying I could, and I was darned close to forgetting. So below is a trailer released in honour of pre-ordering’s possibility. As we know, the game will come with no DRM, but if you download it they’ll murder your family*. It’s orange and blue. And Alec ruined your chance of seeing some boobs. RPS brings definitive coverage on all games. The new trailer’s below, and it’s a goodun.

But can it be pre-ordered yet?

*This may be a typo of “fine you”.


  1. mcnostril says:

    Not even sideboob?

    • Luke says:

      There were full on boobs in the trailer – youtube conviently stopped to buffer at that point.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I guess it’s time to re-evaluate my sexuality as I don’t believe tits should be in everything, and that there can be times when they are inappropriate. Say, a funeral.

    • UW says:

      What about the open casket funeral of a devoted female nudist?

    • Pantsman says:

      @DJ Phantoon: I agreed with you up until your example. No tits at a funeral? Good God man, what’s wrong with you?!

    • Martha Stuart says:

      Just like bacon is the food that makes all other foods taste better. Boobs are the appendage that make life worth living!

  2. Dontdrop says:

    The richest collector’s edition ever!

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      I assume this means the Collector’s editions all presently reside in a magnificent country pile, that is when they aren’t touring the world in their massive luxury yacht obv., and will be helicoptering themselves out to the doorsteps of their purchasers.

    • The Colonel says:

      The richest Collectors Edition of the Witcher 2… EVER!? My God! If only I were the richest _consumer_ of not-yet-released-or-reviewed-goods ever!

    • perilisk says:

      Maybe it means rich in fat. Like the fat that accumulates in certain areas of the chests of female humans.

  3. SirKicksalot says:

    Pre-ordered the CE at The Hut, plus a Premium for a friend. Their bonus DLC (what a shame etc) is also the most interesting to me – some extra finishing moves…

  4. jon_hill987 says:

    I pre-ordered the other week from GoG…

    • Rinox says:

      Speaking of which…does anyone know how to ‘actually’ preorder it? I mean like, give monies to them now as opposed to on release? Via GoG, that is.

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      @Rinox: Why would anyone want to give their money before release? One of the most fundamental principles in economics is that money now is worth more than the same money later. This is how banks and loans function.

      By paying a long time before you’ll receive goods, you are essentially paying more. More for nothing, even. Early payment will not provide any extra guarantee, except perhaps for limited, physical versions. So, no matter how insignificant the difference between the value now and value later (which is not limited to the interest lost), there is no reason to give away your money early.

      Sorry for the rant. I am just completely perplexed by this desire of yours…

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      If they get more money now, maybe they can put in some more boobs.

    • Dolphan says:

      Well, actually deflation does happen, it’s just pretty rare and generally a bad sign …

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      @Dolphan: I’m talking about something more basic than inflation and interest. Just human psychology. It applies to anything desirable, really, not just money.

      All other things being equal, people prefer to have the things they want or need right now as opposed to months in the future. This is what causes inflation and allows interest to exist.

    • c-Row says:

      I too agree that deflating boobs are always a bad sign.

    • The Colonel says:

      Especially if it disallows interest to exist. Of course there is the argument that a natural, self-regulating economy creates a far better experience than any augmented or otherwise enhanced assets. With the latter there is always that lingering bitter taste of low self-worth and the acquiescence to the value systems of the man-centred male-ocracy.

    • Rinox says:

      @ Giant, fussy whingebag

      You’re absolutely right on every point, of course. Especially in the era of digital distribution preordering makes little or no economic sense (as it may have done when games were still physically stocked in limited amounts). But I like CDprojekt and I love how The Witcher 2 is looking, so I figured any financial assets they have ‘for sure’ already is cool. :-)

      I do it all the time for smaller games. I’m sure Frictional (Amnesia) needed my advance payment a lot more than CDprojekt ever will, but I like to think I reward companies that think PC first and step off the beaten plastic Hollywood RPG path a little, however little the ‘reward’ may be.

    • bookiegnu says:


      I was wondering the same as Rinox, but for a much less noble reason. As an aussie, I know that right now 45US roughly equals 45AU, however, the same may not be true in May (that’s when it comes out, right?) I wanted them to have my money while the exchange is good. That being said, it could just as easily get better for me, but I thought 45 was a bargain given how much I enjoyed the first game.

    • bonjovi says:

      Please do not write about economics.. too late
      I … can’t … stop …. my… self ….
      Inflation is a result of increase in money supply. By printing and fractional reserve mainly. And it’s crazy to think that deflaton is bad. Why would it be bad if we could buy more for the same money today than year ago?

      And i don’t think that a desire to support developers even before game came out is wrong. Some of us buy the same game multiple times, not cause it makes good economic sense, but because we think that publishers deserve additional gratification, same as tips.

      end of rant

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      @Rinox: Ah, I completely didn’t think of the desire to reward CD Projekt. Understanding accomplished! Still, you certainly can’t pre-pay to them directly and any other method won’t have the effect you desire.

      @bonjovi: Inflation is not just a result of increase in money supply. That is one way of deliberately increasing inflation, usually done to encourage spending. Inflation is, as I said earlier, a manifestation of our demand for things now rather than later.

      Deflation is bad because it can cause the economy to grind to a halt. If people know their money will be worth more tomorrow than it is today, they’ll wait until then to spend. This can become a vicious cycle. Everyone ends up poorer, despite the money they still have being worth more.

    • bonjovi says:

      Your theory about deflation is easily proven wrong. Look at computers, each year new component come out old ones get cheaper and cheaper almost every month. Yet we will buy them and the industry thrives. If people are not buying the product at the given price it means that the price is too high, that is all. What makes us purchase anything? A need/desire to have it. This desire is countered by what we can afford. Interesting is also that with a deflation more people would be inclined to save and invest their savings. This way our economy would be based on the savings- a real money produced by us, that would yield us an interest, us not the banks.

      current Keneysian, inflation model is definitely allowing economy to grow very fast and very big, but this growth is unnatural and artificial, it always collapses as it started doing recently.

      I would not mind inflation if it happen naturally, as a result of natural causes (i.e. with gold backed money, we suddenly find new massive gold mines), however in almost all countries inflation is a product of the printing press.

      Inflation as well is a form of indirect tax. The government instead of increasing taxes to cover increasing expenses can just ‘print’ some money. It’s a hidden tax and it has a delay build in it. So We might print 1trillion today to bail out banks and other failing business, and for common man the bread will increase in price several months down the line, so no one would see the connection.

      I promise i won’t write more on economics, since it’s not the place :-)

  5. Linfosoma says:

    Im waiting for a date closer to release. I need to finish the first one, but first I need to finish Risen and Alpha Protocol…

  6. abhishek says:

    Pre-ordered from Steam already.

  7. Collic says:

    I’m so excited about this game. The first was the best rpg in years, despite it’s flaws.

  8. Turin Turambar says:

    Stupid Alec!

    • Zyrxil says:


    • Zanchito says:

      Damn you Alec Meer. Damn you to Hell!!! And I’d mean it really seriously if I believed in it.

  9. 0mar says:

    If you don’t buy this game, you’re a communist.

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      What kind of communist? Marxist, Trotskyist, ideal communism or the reality? Did you mean it as an insult?

      Also, does that mean that if you DO buy the game, you’re not a communist? What do you mean to say?

      Are posts made entirely out of questions going to become a habit for me?

    • RQH says:

      Oo! I can play this game too!

      What if I don’t buy the game and then invest that money into a financial institution in order to earn interest, which institution uses my money to invest in various capitalistic enterprises?

    • RQH says:

      Oh, who am I kidding. You got me. I *am* a communist.

    • Okami says:

      But I’m a communist and I’m going to buy the game!

    • The Colonel says:

      Then you’re a chauvinist!

    • lethu says:

      If I did count the games I did not buy, I would be a member of the communist party, read: a dick.

    • Guildenstern says:

      Senator McCarthy, is that you? Sorry, I haven’t recognized you right away with all your flesh rotted off.

    • Eclipse says:

      I’m proud to be communist, and I already preordered it

  10. The Innocent says:

    Holy hell, I’m excited for this game.

  11. Christopher M. says:

    Is it just me, or does the content they show in their trailers have a certain progression to it?

    First there was the trailer with the brutish assassin. It featured a specific set of content – mostly cutscenes.

    Then there was the trailer with Triss talking, which featured the dungeon.

    Now there’s this trailer, which combines the first two with the orange-and-blue “battleground” footage.

    All that to say, …maybe they’re only showing off the content they’ve finalized? ‘Cause otherwise there’s a worrying dearth of variety in the trailers’ locations.

  12. toni says:

    like with the first game I hope they withhold any major content of the game and only showed glimpses of the prologue and first act

  13. Po0py says:

    No thanks. I’m not giving my money to a company who hires lawyers to hunt down potentially innocent people

    • jalf says:

      You do know that they haven’t actually done this yet?

      Just checking.

    • Torqual says:

      They have done it with Witcher 1 before.

      To write threatening letters to people who might have downloaded their game is not forgivable. They 1. break rules of private data security by forcing / buying the Internet Service provider to tell them the names of their customers, who used those ipadresses they harvested from observing torrent servers. They 2. break rules of data security by putting sneaking bot programs into private torrent networks. 3. They threaten innocent people to pay their fines. Undermining the private data security is a crime in itself. Committing crimes to fight crime is not excusable. So CDProject would commit ( or have committed in the past ) organised crime with their move to fine pirates of Witcher 1 and 2.

      Have nice day

    • Eclipse says:

      “innocent people”? I mean, really? I think that giving a good scare to some lame pirate is way better than giving legit users a DRM.

    • Eclipse says:

      also because those “innocents” are kinda ruining PC gaming

    • Torqual says:

      @Eclipse: Ah and because of this fining piracy would be stopped. Yes you are innocent until a court decides that your are guilty of committing a crime. Without a court case those people even though they pirated software, are innocent.

      And many lawyers specialized on fining people for copyright infringements are just fraudster. There are many who send threatening letters en masse to just anyone with or without an internet connection.

      Have a nice day

    • Po0py says:

      I refer you all to what Torqual has said. Although, in my opinion, it is still a gray are on weather this kind of practice is “criminal” it is certainly unethical and pretty nasty. It’s purely a money making racket. ACS: Law have been doing it in the UK for a couple of years now and not one of the tens of thousands of people they have sent letters to has had the opportunity to defend themselves in court. It’s just about sending threatening letters and getting the vulnerable and scared to pay up. The more resourceful victims will know to use google and do a bit of research and they will see that there is never any intention to take anyone to court.

      The common advice for people who have received a threatening letter is to respond, stating in simple and plain English that you are not guilty and leave it at that. When a second threatening letter arrives demanding an even larger sum of money you are advised to either ignore it or do the same as before. At no point should you ever give any other information to these people other than your name and a short statement that you are innocent.

      I think spreading information on this practice is the best thing, really. Educating people and advising them what to do is the only way to combat it.

      If you receive a threatening letter go to: link to for more information and download the “Speculative Invoicing Handbook” found here: link to That will tell you everything you need to know.

      I loved The Witcher. What a shame.

    • Rinox says:

      I said in the other thread: looks like some justice systems need fixing. From what I heard in these threads, it often comes down to a richer party (ie producer/publisher) bullying normal people into paying small-ish fees to avoid having to go through the motions of a much more expensive lawsuit.

      That means that the justice system is heavily skewed towards the rich and the powerful, which is a travesty of justice. Being able to high more and better lawyers is one thing, being able to bully people USING the justice system is another.

      Over here, apart from the court costs, the losing party also pays a (relatively large) part of the winning party’s lawyer costs. That was installed to make sure that people don’t file lawsuits without giving it thought or in the hopes of ‘striking lucky’ one day, but also to protect poorer/weaker people from being fucked before the trial has even been concluded when fighting against a huge corporation or much richer opponent exhausting his options (appeal, higher appeal,etc). This makes these “pay now or pay much more lawyer costs later” virtually useless.

    • Eclipse says:

      @Torqual : Basically you’re saying they can threat to sue someone that pirated their game only because a court didn’t say they’re not innocent? That’s what happens AFTER being sued, not before.
      Thinking like you do you can’t sue someone that damaged you just because it’s not already proven that he committed a crime, it makes no sense.

    • Torqual says:

      @Eclipse My arguments make pretty much sense. You try very hard to not understand my arguments. You are innocent until a court proves the opposite. The only way to fight piracy would be to actually sue people. So a court trial can decide the case. The thread option is just to make money out of it, because many normal people can not afford an expensive law suit.

      E.G. When someone kills somebody, a court has to decide over the crime, but the guilty person is only a priori, assumedly a murderer, you could sue everyone who calls you a murderer before a legal court has proven that you committed the crime. After the law suit you are called a murderer not before.
      Its the same when you commit the crime of copyright infringement. Its not so hard to understand, but perhaps its your job to mislead people on the internet, then its totally understandable from my side, why you have to struggle so much against my opinion.

      And DRM was mainly installed against second hand game trading, not to fight piracy. Most modern released game are cracked and downloadable before you could buy them. DRM is to fight second hand trade and first day release sales, nothing else.

      Have a nice day.

    • wcaypahwat says:

      People demand I give them money all the time, for things I didn’t do.

      They claim I murdered their ancestors and stole their lands!

    • Rodney says:

      Agree with op for all reasons outlined both here and various other people in the original thread.

      Modern scare-letter-sending has descended into an extortionist artform that rapes all of your justice systems and stuffs them up while actually problematic issues do not get through.

      And it rewards people that would otherwise not cut it as lawyers by basically exploiting what is there.

      What I am saying: if you buy The Witcher 2, you are supporting grownup equivalents of wallhack&aimbot using cheaters and are basically on par with that kind of scum by cheering them on by rewarding this kind of behavior financially.

      I for one will not.

  14. lethu says:

    Where is my comment !!? SPAM Filter, I will choke you.

  15. The Colonel says:

    Hmmm… to support the wonderful work of GOG, or get it £6 cheaper on evil Amazon*?

    *And recieve it in a real box that can be sold on again if its crap

  16. dogsolitude_uk says:

    I’m buying a boxed version, but not entirely sure if I want the one with the head in it or not.

    Mind you, having Maps And Stuff in Boxes is, in my view, the best way of stopping Piracy. I’ve got three versions of The Witcher: I bought it thrice.

    The first only had a PDF manual. The second had a manual in it, but once I’d bought that I discovered a third version: a huge box with an art book and shit* in it, so I had that as well.

    A similar thing happened with Neverwinter Nights and Morrowind

    I fail to see how anyone could conceive of buying an RPG of any description that doesn’t have a Printed Manual designed to look like a weathered old tome and containing loads of pictures of monsters in it, and a Map.

    *Not actually

  17. clownst0pper says:

    Is the first Witcher worth playing?

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      Yeah, it’s a decent fantasy romp. Just be aware that it takes a while to get going.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      Very much so. A lot of people claim the beginning is a bit slow, but to be perfectly honest I was quite happy pootling around making potions and trying to get laid.

    • Collic says:

      The first witcher is great. I didn’t really have any issues with the opening act, though apparently some did. Nonetheless it’s a very solid action rpg with some great writing and real moral murkiness – a far cry from the supposed important choices dragon age made you make.

      It has a very interesting world and it did the whole elves/non-humans are second class citizens thing before dragon age did, and far more believably.

    • Thants says:

      Does the combat get any better? Because I’ve just started it and the combat is really clunky.

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      @ Thants: If you stick with the swords, and while magic and bombs are available the swords are your meat and potatoes, no it doesn’t get any better. The timings for the attack chains change a bit as you level up the talents but that’s about it, however you’ll probably get inured to it as the game goes on. The front-loading of combat into potion and oil preparation is kinda neat though.

      @ Collic: I can’t say it struck me as being head and shoulders above Dragon Age in the writing department, the overall pacing is a bit shonky and one of the factions being a barefaced Nazi allegory certainly doesn’t help it, although seeing how the sideplot with the Squirrels shaked out was fairly pleasing.

    • The Colonel says:

      The writing is, however, given a massive helping hand from the setting, art direction and basis in already established characters and stories. Dragon Age wasn’t so much poorly written as desperately unoriginal and uncreative. Like they poured hundreds of man-hours into expanding a mythology that someone thought up in 20 minutes while they were waiting for their pizza to be delivered. Like Avatar – lots of work on something that lacked the depth of conception to warrant it.

      I would argue that the swordplay of the Witcher gets a lot better as you develop the stances and add more moves. It starts looking prettier at least, and is less regular and repetitive. The beauty of the Witcher (as I would argue with almost all “legendary” games) is that it delivers a complete package of experience which is absorbing and satisfying. Viva la PC and all that

    • Gunnar says:

      Definitely! I’ve played it 3 times from start to finish, and all this witcher2 footage makes me want to have another go…

      Btw. is it just me or does Geralt look a little too pretty in TW2?

    • Man Raised By Puffins says:

      @ Gunnar: Yeah, the pretty-boy Geralt look doesn’t really work for me either. Playing as a scarred, battered and bruised skeezy ex-rocker (Elric rip-off, if you’re feeling uncharitable) type in the first game certainly made a change.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      A pretty Geralt? Well, it made my g/f happy…

  18. MrWolf says:

    I’ll be pulling on my boner pants the day this comes out.

  19. Woffk@ says:

    ми тут в Росии ждём не дождмся )

  20. mondomau says:

    “Since the UK price is almost $6 more than the price in USD, we’re giving our UK customers a $6 credit to purchase anything on ”

    Come here, GoG. Imm’a kiss you on the jubblies.

  21. Hunam says:

    The production values seem to have been massively improved over the original.

  22. dogsolitude_uk says:

    Look what I found on

    link to

    If you pre-order, you get an unlock code for an ‘Ultimate Magical Suit’:

    Pre-order The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings from and receive a code to unlock the exclusive Ultimate Magical Suit. Code availability is strictly limited – offers are subject to change at any time

    The Ultimate Magical Suit is a set of unique items obtainable through a quest early-on during the game which acts as a unique extension of the new, sixth magical sign (the sign gains regeneration features). The Ultimate Magical Suit is especially valuable for players with a magic-specialized character build

    Please be aware that bonus offer download codes are only available to customers purchasing directly from – we cannot supply you with bonus offer download codes if you purchase through PlayTrade

    …And there I was thinking I’d get a pointy hat and a cloak with moons and stars on it.

    • The Colonel says:

      Hmmm yeah. But fuck unlock codes. I ordered Civ 5 from there to get a bonus extra map thing that I could never find a code for. never again

  23. negativedge says:

    This…well, fuck–it looks pretty good.

  24. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Damn you all to hell Alec

  25. squirrel says:

    No DRM? Not even basic disc check, no Serial Key? I dont believe it.

  26. outoffeelinsobad says:

    Is this available for pre-order yet?

  27. Stitched says:

    It’s been on pre-order for a while now on Steam with a release date of “November 2010″… it’s now December and no word from the developer when it’s coming out.

    So, I guess the real question is, why is no one reporting on the late ship date and how worried should we be that it has slipped?

  28. Stitched says:

    Correction – Apparently the game is coming out in May 2011, so if you don’t mind pre-ordering the game 6 months in advance…

  29. akemichan88 says:

    I pre ordered it on Amazon. This will mean that I get some special packet thingie with a coin in it. And a deck of cards. And a Map.
    And some other goodies

  30. Rodney says:

    I disapprove of murdering families and censoring/removing boobs.

    Do not support either!

  31. Spiffy says:

    You can preorder the digital premium version (same stuff as the boxed premium, but all pdf’s and mp3’s instead of a soundtrack etc) from Steam, Impulse, and also I think Direct2Drive.

    Google them.