Why Not Ponder Shift 2: Unleashed?

The next Need For Speed game, Shift 2: Unleashed is headed for the PC in Spring 2011. It’s looking rather strong, too, and you can see Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson talking about the project in this GameTrailers interview, below. In this video Nilsson talks about improvements to the engine – a new “helmet cam” view makes it look even more like the real-world view of racing – but also specifically about the “Autolog” feature, which also turned up in Hot Pursuit. This basically allows you to network with gaming chums, and to compares your accomplishments in the game against theirs. It’s looking good.


  1. Nemon says:

    This should be tagged “foot-to-pedal”.

  2. Handsome Dead says:

    Why talk about car games?

    Let’s ponder Cho Aniki instead.

  3. Lyon says:

    When he says they’re making handling adjustments I really do hope he is referring to the terrible turn on a pivot handling that undermined everything they achieved in the original.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Turn on a pivot handling,? You realize the physics in the first Shift are practically identical to all of the Simbin and ISI sims, right?

    • DerangedStoat says:

      I found that with default set up in the first game, almost all the cars had the back trying to overtake the front as soon as you touched the brakes, even in a straight line, took a lot of tweaking to fix this issue (not to mention that having some of the basic setup sliders being reversed made things confusing)

      But then that’s why I’m looking forward to this, and enjoyed the first Shift far more than GRiD. Because the underlying engine is pretty decent (unlike EGO), some community mods/tweaks turned Shift into an excellent driving experience.

    • Lyon says:

      They are nothing like any of the Simbin games, or rfactor. I’m a massive sim racer, I’ve been racing all of the GTR series and rfactor for years, and every other big sim inbetween. Yeah, you might have read that it uses the ISI engine but it really doesn’t handle anything like those games.

      The problem is that it isn’t a sim and it isn’t arcade and it doesn’t sit between them. It doesn’t have arcade physics, it just has crap physics. They are hard enough on the ‘most realistic’ setting to frustrate pretty much everyone, but they aren’t based on the physics of this universe, they’re just wrong.

  4. Shadowcat says:

    Will the On-Track Advertising Billboards From Hell be returning? I would have bought the game if it wasn’t for those. I did see a mod which seemed to deal with them, so maybe I’ll still get it some day, but it’s so off-putting having that stuff there by default that I’ve never been enthused enough to pick it up.

  5. Dussk says:

    But spring finished yesterday :(

  6. sonofsanta says:

    If ever there was a title that sounded like they had mashed together random words from a dictionary…

  7. Sharkticon says:

    Autolog is crap and annoying, and the only redeeming features of Hot Pursuit 2010 were the interesting tracks and the car list.

    But wooh! I am pondering SHIFT 2 so very very hard.

    • EC- says:

      Actually, the Autolog on the console side of things was pretty cool for one reason: it automatically populated your friends list with your PSN or XBL friends. What they should do is automatically (or at least allow the user to) integrate the feature with Steam. It can work on the PC.

  8. Linfosoma says:

    The first Shift was good (even though the drifting was completely rubish). Btw, am I the only one who absolutely hated Hot Pursuit? Everyone seems to be all over it, but after playing more than 50 hours of Burnout Paradise it’s hard not to compare them, and BP is waaaayy better.

    • John Peat says:

      The HP demo was utterly uninspiring to me – it seemed dull and repetitive.

      That said I thought BP was a massive backward step for Burnout too.

      NFS:Shift had some great moments but the drifting was, indeed, shite and the controls were a major issue.

      Oh – and the fact some races were farcical demolition fests (Veyrons!!)

  9. battles_atlas says:

    I like this helmet cam thing, but where will it end I ask you? Short-sighted cam? Wet macular degeneration cam? One-eye radical cleric cam? MADNESS.

  10. sidhellfire says:

    yay new destruction derby! Sadly, it isn’t.

  11. Jason Moyer says:

    Fanboy alert: Any word on whether Slightly Mad is making this one?

  12. Caspa says:

    Until a major game company makes a racing “simulator” with physics even close to as realistic as Live For Speed I am going to continue to be dissapointed.

    • Premium User Badge

      Maltose says:

      Live for Needs: 3 : Online Simulator for Unleashed Racing?