Live And Let Die: Die2Nite Launches

Sound the Castle Shotgun Happiness Bugle! The English-language release of free-to-play zombie survival browser horrowshow Die2Nite has come about. Invitation keys are no longer needed. Bin ’em if you got ’em. You can sign up and start playing right here, and you can read my impressions of the beta here.

In short, you and a few dozen other players are tasked with surviving as long as possible, with fierce waves of zombies crashing against your walls each real-world night. Work together, improve your defences, lynch the griefers and be sure to drag any corpses outside your town, and you just might last a week. The game’s mad and willfully uninformative trailer follows…

Look at this guy! He’s so happy to be shooting zombies. Course, if they wanted to make this trailer accurate they’d have given him a plastic bag full of water and had him trembling in fear at the sight of two of the things.


  1. airtekh says:

    I think it’s worth noting that a lot of readers of RPS seem to have taken a shine to this game.

    I direct you to the huge thread in the forums.

  2. Ian says:

    I’ll probably give it a miss as it’s multiplayer and hope that Zafehouse 2 is good.

    • Ian says:

      I said this and then had a look and am intrigued even though I have very little idea what I’m doing.

      Is it as involved as it sounds based on my glimpse at the forum thread? I’m wondering if at first I’m better trying the random town I’ve been dumped into rather than trying to get into a game with RPS folks and fouling their organised plans up.

  3. mlaskus says:

    My town was first on the leaderboard for a few days. We survived for 12 days.

  4. Warth0g says:

    I fear I may have missed the point to this game .. sounded great on paper but I found it incredibly dull in practice. There didn’t seem to be much of a game to be enjoyed?

    • mlaskus says:

      It is more about the interactions between the players than the game itself.

    • Rich says:

      This is unfortunately why I won’t find it fun. I found the lying bastards on Neptune’s Pride bad enough. If I make a trade agreement, I expect it to be honoured.

    • mlaskus says:

      Being a lying bastard is the whole point of playing the Neptune’s Pride! :)
      I was allied with every player in my game and manipulated them to do the dirty work for me. Ah good times!

    • Chris D says:


      I see you are of the Quinns school of diplomacy. As opposed to the Gillen school which is… no, wait,,,, I always get those confused.

  5. jeremypeel says:

    Wahoo! I’m on this. I’m on this just as soon as I get home.

    Is matchmaking for settlements all sorted by the game or would it be possible to develop horrible new feuds and beautiful new loves amongst fellow RPSers?

  6. Artist says:

    WFT? “Registration is not possible in your county”???

    • KillerKlown says:

      Same here in Belgium.

      Crap, really wanted to try it tonight, will have to wait.

    • adonf says:

      Same here in Western Belgium (aka Northern Spain). The French language version is available, only it’s played by French people and this makes the game absolutely not interesting at all.

    • strangeed says:

      What a shame about the restrictions. Can’t get in either.

      I think RPS should use their considerable influence to break down these unseemly barriers and open up this experience to the whole of Europe. Internal market and all that!

    • Neosubu says:

      Why is Belgium banned from this game?? I havent been excited about a Free2play game ever.. and now that I am i can’t register.

      Ooh the irony.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      I played the game using Hotspot Shield as a proxy. You only need to use it to log in and click a single link, it doesn’t care about your country otherwise.

    • adonf says:

      @strangeed: Interesting… Could this be against European regulations ? I know that states are not allowed to discriminate between EU citizens, what about companies ?

    • strangeed says:

      @adonf: As far as I am aware this is still possible. Although the internal market should guarantee the free movement of people, goods and services there are sufficient clauses to make it possible for you to get around that. Different countries still have varying rules about thresholds to market and slightly different interpretations on labelling etc. There’s a lot being done to try and standardise more but there will always be national differences. There are also restrictions based on copyright and rights management for example.

      It’s why I can’t get some of the services my xbox (yes I know I know, sorry about mentioning the evil) in theory could provide, such as movies or the recent demo of dead rising 2. Poor belgium. I don’t care if they’re not localised! I want original language anyway!


    • Stag says:

      Same here, live in Germany and can’t register.

    • snv says:

      go get a proxy server and bypass that ridicule

      i just installed foxyproxy as a plugin, and there are video tutorials for that here link to

      works fine so far

    • Carra says:

      *Register, weee*

      Fill in my details…

      *Your country is not available*

      Goddamn it.

  7. Vencat says:

    It seems impossible to register from France… What a shame :(

    • Saucisse says:

      try this is the french (and original) released of this game ;)

  8. MarkSide says:

    Just tried it. Got drunk, then tried to type on the forum. It drunkifies your posts for you!! That’s pretty cool!

    • MarkSide says:

      I should say, I got my in-game character drunk. I’m quite sober. Comparatively.

    • Josh W says:

      That’s amazing! Does it do automated misunderstandings and flamewars too?

  9. Pani says:

    I’ve been enjoying this game since it was first posted about. Much more relaxed and less bastardy than Neptunes Pride.

    Been in 3 beta towns and now a live town. Lots of nuances to lean about, I just wish the help (or unofficial wiki) was a little more informative).

  10. drplote says:

    Tried it out and it looks fun. 12£ a month for hero mode, though? That’s what… about $18? Way too pricey for a browser-based game with limited turns/day.

    • Sic says:

      Yeah, the price is utterly ridiculous. Something like $5 would have worked.

    • plugmonkey says:

      Yep, waaaaaaaay too much. Crazy pricing.

      They defend it on the Facebook page by pointing out that it’s actually only 8 euros a month…if you buy 6 months.

  11. Jp1138 says:

    The pricing of suscriptions is very high for a browser game, though :(

    drplote coment wasn´t there when I started writing. Double :(

  12. mwoody says:

    I played this game a ton during the beta, when hero mode was something you got for being the last survivor and not a thing you bought. It was great fun. Now, though – I mean, I knew they had to make money eventually, and hero mode was probably how they were going to do it. I hate that business model, but I understand it was the only one that would work for them. But 15 bucks a month? That’s what you pay for AAA MMOs, not some piddly little daily timewaster.

    So long, Die2Nite. Thanks for the beta fun.

    • michaelfeb16 says:

      You can still get hero mode by being the last survivor.

  13. Rich says:

    I have a coalition if anyone here is active and interested in joining since I have hero mode for a while. The first town we got in is a full premade of 38 coalition members and 2 randoms. (we really lucked out and should be able to make it far!)

  14. mwoody says:

    Hunh, I just noticed that this is the same company that made “Alpha Bounce,” the best Arkanoid clone ever created – or, at least the one with the longest play time, thanks to an insane number of items to unlock. I own it on the DS’s downloading service. Recommended.

  15. Kefren says:

    Excellent trailer. I bet they had loads of fun making it. At 1:10 thought they were meerkats appearing for some mad moment.

  16. zombieLove says:

    I used to play all the time, even though I didn’t know French. Most important rule, SHUT THE GATE at night.

  17. gerafin says:

    This game is most excellent. Our town has about 10 very active people in it, and I think we’re going to do pretty well. We’ve got an IRC channel going, a third-party app with a map of the surrounding area of the town, along with resources, etc… it’s pretty sweet :D

  18. BSG11 says:

    This game has a lot going for it, but I worry that the failure to grasp an acceptable pricing point will ultimately keep it from getting very far from here in North America. I mean, almost $16/month for a browser game? Pardon my French, but that’s bewildering.

    Yes, it’s F2P, and it’s possible to enjoy the game without the mechanical perks of a subscription. However, the inability to play with your existing friends or your new D2N friends without a subscription is a pretty big detractor.

    Maybe someone can sit the company down and explain the micro-transaction business model to them. I think most of us would pay <$10/month for Die2Nite until the cows come home, but $16/month is just… Mind-blowing…

  19. Menace says:

    I’m having a ton of fun with this game so far. It’s great if you get enough people talking in the forums.

    Are there any other browser games like this out there? I’m looking more cooperative ones like this rather than direct competition with fragile alliances (like Neptune’s Pride).

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  21. Dhatz says:

    that’s weird, it works in czech republic fine, and that’s east of france.