It’s A Cyber The Times: Deus Ex 3 Viral Site

Hand eye co-ordination, right there.

This is lovely. Say hello to Sarif Industries, makers of top quality commercial augmentations. Go have a look at their site, listen to their sinister elevator music and check out their company statement. Get a little taste of Human Revolution’s day-after-tomorrow universe. Then gasp with exaggerated surprise as you bypass the firewall and get a look at Deus Ex 3’s hacking minigame. Good work, Squeenix. Here’s that link again. Thanks to RPS reader Ross “The Mangus” Angus for the tipoff.


  1. Zetetic says:

    As is so often the case, in the future all sites will be Flash-based. What a dark and dismal time awaits us…

    • Nevarion says:

      True enough. Still the presentation is quite well done. I do like it.

    • sassy says:

      not true at all. HTML 5.0 will come and the need for flash will all but disappear, Sarif Industries must just be behind the times.

    • Boldoran says:

      I usually hate promo sites made with flash. This one is tolerable because at least its pretty well done.

      Also no matter if the game turns out to be good the soundtrack is awesome already.

    • Delusibeta says:

      Blame Internet Explorer. Particularly considering there’s still plenty of machines that only has IE6 for browsers.

    • bastronaut says:

      Shucks. That was my first thought, too.

    • Tim Ward says:

      Jesus christ this website is balls. serif web team need more augmentation.

  2. rei says:

    Apparently Facebook will still be around as well, so you can share your latest augmentations with your two hundred closest friends.

    • Daniel Rivas says:

      Daniel Rivas likes this.

    • august says:

      The site (and the games) take place in an alternate timeline (at this point) so it’s not “then” as much as “now” where a double amputee won gold in the 2007 olympics.

  3. konrad_ha says:

    “Enhance your manhood, with the Sarif Industries ‘Sledgehammer’ series of private part implants.”

  4. MrEvilGuy says:

    What’s with all the Deus Ex coverage?!!?!
    I vote to burn RPS down.

    Who’s with me?

  5. Hélder Pinto says:

    Love the eerie music!

  6. Navagon says:

    That site seems to suggest that Facebook will still exist then. What a bleak vision of the future.

  7. rei says:

    I’m already sick of the hacking minigame after playing it once!

    • fallingmagpie says:

      I didn’t mind it. Plus it was over quite quick – enjoyed it more than any of the Mass Effect ‘minigames’.

    • rei says:

      Well, I failed two or three times so maybe that’s a factor :D

    • Simon says:

      Mass Effect 1 had Frogger, Mass Effect 2 had a matching game, Fallout 3 had Mastermind. Pac-Man seems like a perfectly logical continuation of that.

    • outoffeelinsobad says:

      System Shock 2 pretty much rocked the hacking. A shame people don’t just copy it.

  8. noobnob says:

    Where is the VersaLife website? I want to buy some pet greasels.

  9. Deoden says:

    Apologies in advance, but my addiction to puns is requires me to log in and suggest “It’s a cyber the times” as an alternate headline.

    Ahem. Carry on, chaps.

  10. jon_hill987 says:

    Here is the real question; would you be happy to have your eyes taken out or your arm hacked off to have it replaced with an improved mechanical version?

    • Chalkster says:

      My answer is a rather frank yes.

    • strange headache says:

      Sure, why not?

    • Jacques says:

      Improved being the key word. God yes I would.

    • Nick says:

      eyes for sure, legs maybe, arms.. only if my hands could still feel.

    • Wulf says:

      Given that my sight is poor, my other sense has gone into batshit degrees of overdrive to compensate, the one that really surprises me is how I seem to have a higher resolution of touch than most people do. I can identify things by touch better than anyone I know, even things that feel similar. If the prostheses for arm replacement had an even higher resolution of touch across the board, for every area the prostheses covered, then absolutely yes. Otherwise no.

      My eyes are shit. So that’s a resounding yes, there.

      And personally I wouldn’t mind the brain implant, either. It would be entertaining to spy on people from a mile away, and be able to read their motivations, too. Who’d need soaps? And if I were into that sort of thing, then it would make for the most professional bout of peeping-tommery ever. One for the history books.

    • rei says:

      I’d take a full-body prosthetic replacement in a heartbeat (or whatever pump mechanism I might have), as long as the level of sophistication was high enough. My current organic one is just disappointing after watching Ghost in the Shell.

    • Wulf says:

      Not to mention that a high-tech, futureworld prosthetic body would allow for morphological effing freedom! The future will have body shops. I want to visit the future, so that I might try out their latest line of werewolf models.

    • Jacques says:

      Wulf, you should watch Quinn Norton’s Bodyhacking presentation at 23C3 (it’s on YouTube), it’s all about functional body modification, and mentions furries.

    • Dozer says:

      The Sarif site suggests these prosthesis are made for wounded veterans (as re-enlistment bonuses). So presumably if your eyes already work you wouldn’t take the prosthesis.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Fuck no. And not for retarded luddite or puritanical reasons.

      But because computing is my field and I am acutely, continually reminded by how the domain is so riddled with incompetence that we still don’t have the ability to send messages between computers intact. Using technology is a continual case of being resigned to having to deal with failure, like queuing for bread in Soviet Russia.

      Your robo-eye would occasionally black out or freeze up. And after weeks of trying workarounds, you’d just put up with it, then rate it four stars because hey it mostly works right and it’s not like the competition are any better and I mean man why would you even complain it’s not like you could build a better one and its kind of hard right and I’M TOTALLY NOT JUST TRYING TO JUSTIFY REPLACING OUT THE OLD ONE TO MYSELF.

      Cyberpunk is cool because it’s escapism where technology FUCKING WORKS.

    • Wulf says:


      That was fascinating, though I’d like to point out that I’m pretty much a werewolf fan, there’s a big difference. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed yet (you may have, you may not have) but I’m a large fan of sense-based experiences, and you have to wonder what it’s like to have an olfactory range like that, or to have naturally growing fur, to have different physical elements to the body that can be felt and experienced. We all pass over this line of familiarity, some of us pass over it sooner than others, I’ve passed that line and I’m interested in something new. Some people can entertain themselves with the same old, day after day, and good for them.

      There are others though who would go to great degrees to experience entirely new things, and this happens across a number of fields. Body modification is only really the start of that, I think, it’s just where people want to experience something entirely new. It’s really the stuff that dreams are made of, and sometimes I think that collectively, large parts of the human race are broken in that after a certain age, large chunks of their brain just turn off. They lose their passion, their imagination, their ability to dream, to want non-material, wonderful things, they lose their sense of wonder, essentially they lose the romance that makes being alive worthwhile.

      And that’s what I’m all about, that sense of romance. If you’re not going to push the boundaries, and push them hard, then what’s the effing point of being alive in the first place? I actually have a great deal of trouble relating to large bodies of people, mostly because they’ve completely lost their ability to wonder, and I haven’t. The only people who seem to cling to any degree of this are those in creative fields, but even some of them dream in small, limited, afraid ways. It’s almost a form of cowardice, either that or apathy, perhaps it’s a mix of both, and it seems to be hard-wired.

      I’m for the same thing that those who’re into body modification are, but people like myself are on the next level of that, or the next few levels beyond that. Before our time, vastly so.


      The problem here is that you’re living in a magical unreality where biology FUCKING WORKS™. I won’t introduce you to the horrors of my body, and especially my brain, which could probably shit itself any year now, but human physiology has about as much chance of crapping out as technology does. Sight would hang and reboot. And? And? My sight does that any way, I get rolling bloody sight blackouts, it’s not pleasant, it’s incredibly scary, but I’ve learned to live with it. Having insane vision that can zoom over large distances and give me information feeds whilst still having no downsides which are greater than those I currently suffer with doesn’t seem so bad to me.

      Let me just say that for those who don’t suffer, you’re incredibly fucking lucky. But not everyone is so fortunate. People do suffer, it’s not something you can be detached from, people have things they need to deal with on a day to day basis, from their own mortality, to true pain and loss. It’s not pretty, but that’s life. And frankly, some of these technologies seem a vast step up for those who are suffering. It would at least be better than the shitty situation we’ve found ourselves in.

      Perhaps it’s because I’m broken, but I can empathise with other people who’re broken. Let’s say that I couldn’t walk, that my legs were paralysed, would I want to walk under my own power, even if my legs occasionally glitched, and sometimes even shut down? I imagine that I would.

    • Fox says:

      Seriously, the lack of burning eyes after staying up too late is worth it alone.

      I shall Like this on my future Facebook (while weeping oily tears that it still exists).

  11. oceanclub says:

    The game does seem to have nailed the music brilliantly – who is the composer?

    Am allowing myself to get excited….


  12. Henk says:

    What happened with the shogun total war article above? I just went away and when I reopened the page the shogun stuff was gone, and this was on top again…

  13. Lobotomist says:

    Amazing. If this is the sign of the serious work thats gone into the game. It will be real good stuff :)

  14. Miles says:

    Love the writing for the company line bullshit.

    “We believe in a free humanity, where people and companies work together without regulations, where the progress of civilization is determined by unbridled human endeavor.”


  15. stahlwerk says:

    This post needs the “staring eye” tag.

  16. Jacques says:

    Touch Bionics have such a dull website in comparison :(

  17. WJonathan says:

    They are soooo setting me up for disappointment here. “Kick the football, Charlie, I won’t pull it away this time…”

  18. starclaws says:

    Neat… I guess…

    • Wulf says:

      Amazingly neat. I’d actually love to see us get to this point for real, some day. In fact, there are some projects underway (hooray for having college/Uni/intern type friends who’re robotics nuts) that actually come kind of scarily close to this, so this might be more of a near future thing than we realise, not too near, but not that far away, either. If we can attain the ethical parts of Deus Ex without the whole fated dark, gritty future thing, then I’m all for it.

      Even if I wasn’t a fan of Deus Ex, this would be absolutely fascinating and enjoyable entirely in its own right.

    • Frosty says:


      I so want to be working in this kind of field once I finish my degree but I am unsure as to the employment prospects of it at this time. But in the future….

  19. SlappyBag says:

    Apparently the future will have a really bad signal and have lots of visual tearing. Maybe they completely forgot about V-Sync.

  20. toni says:

    flash monster of a web page and hacking == pacman ? not impressed, on the contrary

  21. Muzman says:

    Yes, very exciting.
    The picture made me think it was Portal 2 though

  22. BIG D 101 says:

    I’m super excited about this game, lets keep our aug’d fingers crossed! Love that music too, shazam does not work on it! :( Also that link about does not work! :( the music from trailer i mean

  23. BIG D 101 says:

    Found the music, linked off his facebook page.

    link to

  24. Collic says:

    The hacking minigame isn’t bad as far as those things go.

  25. Pijama says:

    Okay, I am starting to like it…

  26. Rikard Peterson says:

    Deus Ex 3 = Portal 2?

  27. drewski says:

    The controls of moving about the grid are a bit imprecise with the arrow keys. They’re be fine with a ( :-( ) gamepad, though.