Not Too Orcward: WoW Freelocation

Are you one of the frightening mountain of people considering relapsing returning to World of Warcraft in the wake of Cataclysm’s rather noticeable release? Did you log on to dredge up your old character, in whatever ludicrous mish-mash of loot he was garbed in, only to discover that the entire world had set up camp on your server during your away time, and now you have to queue for forty million and 12 hours to get in?

Blizzard may be willing to help.

Queues and WoW launches go hand in hand, but they’re trying to lessen the drama by offering some free server transfers for the most afflicted shards. You can still pay for a specific transfer – for instance if you’re wanting to join the RPS reader guild – but there are also free relocations for certain US servers. No word on Euro moves yet, as far as I can tell.

Here’s the list of sources and destinations, and pop over here if any of ’em are relevant to you:

Source A
Area 52
Destination A

Source B
Destination B

Source C
Destination C

Source D
Destination D

Source E
Bleeding Hollow
Destination E

Source F
Destination F

Source G
Destination G

Source H
Moon Guard
Destination H

Source I
Earthen Ring
Destination I
Steamwheedle Cartel

Source J
Emerald Dream
Destination J

Now you should all go and make friends and arrange servers to play on below.


  1. bleeters says:

    I will resist. I will resist. I will resist…

  2. Aphotique says:

    I thought about returning, but then I saw an 85 mage with 90k+ health and thought to myself, “Uwah, big numbers! Wait, did WoW turn into an arcade game when I wasn’t looking? I don’t have nearly enough quarters.”

    • Ajh says:

      One of my guildmates, a healer, saw a DK walking around with 200K+ health. He was freaking out a bit. He asked how in the world he was going to heal all that hp.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      I remember when 40K health was great for a tank.

    • Riesenmaulhai says:

      Tell me about it. Good ol’ times, huh?

    • Shih Tzu says:

      So even WoW is subject to inflation, huh? Maybe EVE isn’t the pinnacle of realism in MMORPG economic models after all.

    • hitnrun says:

      Before the first expansion, 7k was very respectable for a tank who hadn’t been raid-buffed.

    • Carra says:

      Ah yes, back in the old days my Naxrammas level mage had about 3000 a 4000 hp unbuffed.

      These days I could just one shot her.

  3. WiPa says:

    I used to play WoW, i quit when i realised i was wasting my time whilst getting nowhere.

    Carry on!

    • Kurt Lennon says:

      Which is different from every other game, ever, how?

    • Dhatz says:

      paralell to movies:
      if you only ever watch romcoms, then how could you recognise the significance of Inception or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?

    • Robert says:

      Parallel to movies:

      Playing wow is -or, should be- the equivalent of watching with your family, or said romcoms with your partner. It’s not just about the movie(game).

    • GHudston says:

      Parallel to movies:

      I -REALLY- enjoy “insert-favourite-movie-here”. I watch it frequently and enjoy it every single time that I do. I also watch all the other new releases (and some hidden gems) and enjoy those aswell.

      Also what Robert said. WoW + like minded friends = The most fun I’ve ever had gaming.

  4. JuJuCam says:

    Subscription gaming is like a gym membership… It may be exciting at first but eventually I realise I’m using it out of guilt rather than desire.

  5. ScubaMonster says:

    I don’t play anymore, but if I did, I’d be all over this if you could transfer from PvP to PvE or vice versa. I’d like to be off of my PvP server. Not because I’m a carebear, it just was more of a nuisance than anything else when I’m trying to get stuff done. That and the PvP in this game is ridiculously imbalanced.

    • RQH says:

      You can, but it costs money. I don’t know if that was part of your concern or not. I think they usually do the free transfers from like to like, on the assumption that people are happy with the type of server they chose, but are transferring to help reduce the burden on their current server and get shorter queues and less lag for themselves.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      You can swap between PVP and PVE realms these days. In fact, many PVP realms have been turned into PVE ones because a lot of people had the same realisation you did.

  6. Nobody Important says:

    I played the trial for the first time today, did two quests in the starting area and got bored.

  7. Mithent says:

    I did play on and off for years, but got bored. However, I’m not likely to pick it up again: my account was compromised while I wasn’t even a subscriber (I believe I must have used the same email address and password combination on some insufficiently-secure site, as I definitely don’t have a keylogger and haven’t fallen for any phishing scams). They reactivated my account without my knowledge, and I only found out because they made a change to my contact details several days later.

    Okay, my fault, but Blizzard’s policy is to restore lost items, and the GM I initially spoke to assured me that they’d be able to do that no problem. Given that I wasn’t playing at the time, it wouldn’t be hard to roll back all my items, right? Apparently not: initially they restored a total of 3 items, to a bank alt. I pointed out this major omission, and a number of other items were restored.

    However, I was still missing a lot, including Argent Tournament-related tokens which had taken a lot of dailies to build up, and while they had restored some gold to me, it wasn’t anywhere near what I owned before (I was running addons to track that, never mind knowing it was wrong anyway). I pointed this out, and their response was to basically call me a liar to claim I ever had that much gold (their logs never showed me owning even the gold I said I was missing, allegedly, let alone that being only about half what I had) and that they weren’t going to do any more for me.

    So, yes, while getting my account compromised wasn’t their fault, I wasn’t happy with their assistance with the situation once they started suggesting I was lying, and I don’t intend to give them any more money.

    • malkav11 says:

      Meh. Be glad they did anything about it at all. When my original WoW account (started the day after launch, with an original CE) was hacked while I was inactive, it got banned without notifying me and when I finally found out, months later, they wouldn’t even talk to me, much less fix things.

    • hitnrun says:

      This happened to me last year. The reused email/password theory might explain a lot, since I’m otherwise pretty canny about avoiding the pitfalls of the Internet. At any rate, it apparently happened to a critical mass of customers, because Blizzard changed their policy from “try not to be so stupid on your next account” to “Items restored, NEXT!” The process was time consuming and involved lots of duplicate emails, but I got everything back, as far as I could tell.

      However the chinamen got my account information, they’ve been spamming me with poorly worded warnings in (otherwise startlingly authentic looking) emails from “Blizzard Entertainment,” redirecting me me to their phishing sites. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll never be able to click on an actual link from Blizzard at that address.

    • Spacegirl says:

      my account was actually JUST compromised somehow, but they fixed it and restored everything in a timely matter ( a matter of hours in fact, which is impressive due to the increased weight the GMs are under with an expansion just released)


    • Carra says:

      My account got hacked a year ago (probably my own fault due to a relatively weak password).

      But I got all my items back. Only minus point was that I had to resubscribe to get my items from my mailbox. But I’d rather spend €15 then loose all my items & gold.

    • kavika says:

      More of the same:
      I got hacked, but Blizz fixed my lost items quickly and without incident.

      Less of the same:
      After the first hack, I got an authenticator. I ended up changing my PW back (due to lazyness). Fast forward two years, and I ended up losing my keys/authenticator. I had Blizz remove the authenticator, but I forgot to change my PW. I got hacked just hours later.

      This time Blizz immediately caught it and locked the account after only a few minutes, so I only lost a tiny amount of gold on one character.

      I say yay to Blizz for putting on a smile and repeatedly saving their customers from their own stupidity :)

    • Mithent says:

      That’s the response I was hoping for after the first GM was very reasonable about it (and I added an Authenticator to my account and all, now it’s available for Android). I then got very poor support once the ticket was elevated, though.

      I wouldn’t have minded so much if they couldn’t restore everything for something which was not their fault – though given that I wasn’t actually playing at that point, and all activity on the account was fraudulent, it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to roll everything back. But when the response to “I know I had more gold than this, might you be able to restore all of it?” was “You never had that much gold, you’re just trying it on, go away”, that did raise my hackles.

  8. Coxswain says:

    and still no transfers to/from cho’gal. it’s not like the server is suffering from a 10-1 imbalance in favor of horde or anything…

  9. MrEvilGuy says:

    My cousin just tried to transfer to a server where our hometown had recently created a guild, but it would have costed him $60, which is insane, and encouraged him not to get back into WoW. Hurray!

    • Rinox says:

      Wait what? I knew it costs money to change servers with a character, but is it really 60$? That’s insane. :-(

    • Gabbae says:

      Its $25 or 20€ per character. Not too bad if its just one character but they should give some discount if transferring a lot of characters from the same server at once because then it can get ridiculously expensive. Especially considering that since they started with all this paid server/faction change a lot of the PVP servers have become seriously one sided.
      As for the free transfers, yeah they would be nice if the destinations offered weren’t generally to horrible servers too. Either stay on an overpopulated server with queues but plenty of players so a good economy, nice choice of guilds with progression etc, or move to an underpopulated server without queues but with no players and so a terrible economy, lack of decent guilds etc. Nice choice.

    • Rinox says:

      I see. You don’t get a free transfer every year or something like that though? I can understand why Blizzard would want to dissuade people from moving around servers all the time, but a 20 € fee for every character every time seems a bit excessive for what is essentially not even a game feature.

      It would make sense (from a consumer pov) to have one free character transfer every year or so that you’re subscribed, no? That would stop massive and sudden server changes and not cost players who just want to change servers to their friends/a guild.

  10. Shadram says:

    I went back when the Cataclysm happened, thinking I could roll a new character, play it casually and keep it under control. Then I hit level 54, and a /played time of 49hours, in 6 days. Yeah… Still, I’m in Outland now, and if anything can help me quit again, it’s that shit hole.

    Kudos to Blizzard for the revamp, though, old Azeroth is stunningly good fun to play through now.

  11. DJ Phantoon says:

    Funny. One of the source and destinations is what I did at the beginning of BC, only in reverse. There’s a reason those servers are destination servers, though.

  12. negativedge says:

    They do this all the time. It’s not really news.

    • negativedge says:

      also those servers are crowded for a reason so no one actually leaves them

  13. MrMud says:

    Queues were bugged yesterday…
    Got home from work and logged in. 55th in queue, nice this will be quick.
    3 hours later: 24th in queue, login server dies, everyone gets disconnected.

  14. Vayl says:

    There is not a single mention on RPS of Cataclysm being released this week and now you make a “news” of something that is extremely common place to happen on wow and on European servers at least is almost all the time happening some free transfer from crowded places to lower population servers.

    RPS does not like WoW (think eveyrone that reads the site gets it) but at least do some research of what news you post, is embarassing really.

    • Alec Meer says:

      Vayl says: “Post exactly what I want and nothing else or I will publicly claim that you’re all rotters.”

    • Vayl says:

      Never said anything close to that (i think, might have come different than the intention), my toughts are the exactly the opposite. I think you should write about stuff you like and stuff you enjoy, or stuff you really don’t like and why you really don’t like it.

      This news feels reayyl weird since is really nothing new and is clear you guys don’t enjoy WoW, so go ahead and talk of stuff you like, i’m here to read about it :)

  15. HeavyStorm says:

    Cool to see that people still use the term “shard”. Oh, the old days of UO (uuuuuoooo, not uuuuooouuu).