Realm Of The Mad God: Still Exists, Still Mad

Kieron sends word that Mythic’s Paul Barnett sends word that Realm of the Mad God is one of his games of the year. Well!

Jim posted about RotMG back in January, and following a quick investigation I can report that it’s still the rockin’ free-to-play massively multiplayer fantasy RPG shooter that it always was. Yes. How that works is that you send your character skittering through the world, blasting monsters, collecting loot and attempting the odd quest, and you’re free to chat with/join with/ignore any other players you encounter. It’s an absurdly lightweight experience that a stiff breeze could catapult into space, yet it’s plenty compelling and the shooting is crisp. Go play! If you need me (you won’t need me) I’ll be the frantic priest in an area several levels too dangerous for him.


  1. Starayo says:

    I got introduced to this game sometime last year when a fair few from /tg/ – the traditional games board of 4chan – decided to kill enough to summon the mad god.

    It was good fun. I made a priest named Turtle. I still do whenever I jump on, though it’s less regularly now. I should get some friends on to play it. :P

    • SomeGuy says:

      Has /tg/ been involved in the whole anonomous lolic thing?

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Lemme explain this a bit to you- nothing keeps you from going from one board to another, or having multiple boards open in your browser. So any Anonymous that wants to take part in LOIC can.

    • Richter says:

      Oh man, you were Turtle? I played Link back then, we killed gods all the time. The game is a lot more polished now, that’s for sure.

  2. mcnostril says:

    Oh man, I remember this. I made an archer and spent forever trying to get one of those fancy triple shot bows. When I finally got it, it was epic. Then we obliterated the mad god and I lost interest.

    It’s looking much niftier now.

  3. DrazharLn says:

    I played the super high level priest who teleported newbies to the highest level areas, I then healed them badly and took the few survivors on quests.

    I think I’m probably almost as bad a healer as John.

  4. haircute says:

    There was a game I played several months back that looked almost exactly like this. The differences between the game this post is about and that other is that the one I played was a side scroller and you unlocked different classes. Does anyone remember that game? I want to play it again!

    Thanks for posting about this though. This is great.

  5. DrGonzo says:

    I really like the music in this game. It is a lot better looking than when I tried it many months ago. If anyone is interested in teaming up for an RPS game I would be up for it.

  6. Clovis says:

    There are quests now?

  7. Buarque says:

    Realm of the Hax God

  8. Alex Bakke says:

    Shouted ‘QUINNS?’ a lot.

    Did not find Quinns :(

  9. Adi says:

    Just awesome. I was searching for this kind of game looong time. Will you reveal me your secret of finding such awesome games?..

  10. Simon says:

    The dungeons remind me of that mouse game. You’re all just a small part of a larger organism, no single player deciding where it should move, and yet it moves as though it’s of a single mind, with every player submitting to it’s will. Quite interesting.

  11. a.simons613 says:

    awesome, bros.
    Can we get a RPS Server going? Is that possible?

  12. MikoSquiz says:

    Well, that’s chomped a few hours out of my morning. I keep dying around level 10 with my life bar at around half when the screen fades to grey and I’m back to the main menu, with no indication as to what exactly took off ~150 health in one hit, which is putting me off a bit. But I still keep going back.

    • Adrian says:

      Same here, i wander around, klill monsters, find great equipment, reach a level between 6 and 10 but then all of a sudden im dead with 50% of my hitpoints remaining… this happened three times now.. kind of frustating.

      Whats more frustationg is trying to find someone to team up with. In the few hours i played i have not met a single person who wanted to team up with me and do some low level monster hunting.. :(

  13. Dave says:

    Played an archer to Level 9 last night…then we all got summoned to the Mad God’s chamber, and I died in suitably heroic fashion. Which wasn’t all bad, because it meant I could then go to bed.

  14. Rhygadon says:

    Hmm, played a mage and died immediately. Restarted, and lived straight through to level 20. Mage seems a bit cheesy if you’re cautious enough …

    Is there anything left to do once you hit 20? Other than wait around for the Mad God to show up again?