Ongoing Rebirth Of Mythos, Euro Beta Now

Of all the ill-fated games of recent years that I have been surprised to see live again, Mythos comes close to top of the list. When Flagship spiraled into bankruptcy it looked like the game would go down with them, but it turns out that companies such as HanbitSoft, Red Bana, and Frogster had other ideas. Over the past year the game has slowly come back to life, and has been at closed beta in North America for a while now. Frogster have just send word that their European beta for the “hack ‘n slash MMO” (they’re calling the “first” hack ‘n’ slash MMO, which doesn’t quite ring true in my brain) is now taking sign ups. There’s also a lovely video of the game in action on their site, too. Glad to see this one survive, and I am looking forward to seeing live and playable.


  1. MasterBoo says:

    I used to play Korean H&S MMOs back in 2001 O_o. “first”? meh.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      First good hack’n slash MMO?

    • MadMatty says:

      Plus theres Guild Wars and ermm… WoW … kindof hard to miss.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Also Dungeon Runners was out a long time ago. Game was killed off, but it was actually kind of fun.

    • Wulf says:

      Problem with WoW is that it isn’t actually hack & slash. It’s hit one of 30 buttons, wait a while, and watch a guy swing a sword. Hit one of 30 buttons, wait a while, and watch a guy swing a sword. Guild Wars was much faster paced than that, had just 8 buttons, and it required observation of the battlefield (body-blocking) but it still wasn’t hack & slash, per say. That would imply an action MMORPG. And we haven’t seen that idea fleshed out very well, have we? Good action MMOs exist, without doubt, but good action MMORPGs? Hm. The only really example was the Mythos prototype, yeah? And that was nowhere near a complete game.

      Guild Wars 2 is headed down that track though, as is Fallout Online by the looks of it, and then there’s TERA (which I’d be more interested in if the developers weren’t so completely pervy). So there are games like that on the horizon. Will Mythos-Europe actually be good? Hard to say, I don’t know how it’s been mangled post-Runic. But the Runic beta of it was pretty good. Suffice it to say, I’m signed up to find out just how mangled (or not) it is.

  2. InSaNe-O_o says:

    I’m already registred to the site but I cant register to the beta under the same username? the fudge?

    • Uglycat says:

      Actually, just ignore it and it will do it anyway (at least it worked for me).

  3. lethu says:

    Might eventually come back to this, even tho I don’t like the new art direction for the art they used on the website.

  4. RiptoR says:

    “The password is not valid!” *sigh*

    Tried several passwords, even a couple of randomly generated ones, but to no avail… Might be helpful if they said what exactly is wrong with (a 10 to 20 character long) password…

    • mcnubbins says:

      I got an error like that in my first try, but it worked when I added a number at the end of the password.

  5. lethu says:

    @RPS, set bg to #ffffff ffs

  6. Fillem says:

    Well good sir, as long as the price is so cheaper and you have a fast ship I hope all goes well for you, as well.

  7. clownst0pper says:

    Does Age of Conan count as hack and slash? :)

  8. Sébastien Richer says:

    Why is that girl dressed like a stripper?

  9. Ginger Yellow says:

    Yes, but can it do the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs?

  10. DrGonzo says:

    No but it can head from Taiwan to England in 13 miles.

  11. Tyler Jinks says:

    I was in the beta for this under Flagship back in 2008 (for those of you who were in the beta, from just after Zone 2 was implemented up until the end). Still haven’t gotten a reply back for this iteration of the beta.

    Once it goes open, I’ll approach with extreme skepticism. Mythos was one of my favorite games back in the first beta days.

  12. bob_d says:

    I’m not holding my breath for this – HanbitSoft seems likely to go the way of Flagship. They’ve shut down a number of their studios (including their small US studio that they only had open for about a year) due to lack of funds in the last year. If Mythos finally comes out, it’ll likely not be around for too long, and North American players will have to play on servers in Asia.