Newer Heroes: Heroes Of Newerth 2.0

As evidenced by this awesomely overblown splash page, the Defense of the Ancients-inspired Heroes of Newerth has emerged, angry and red-hot, from the furnaces of development into a new era of “2.0”. The upgrades include a new Casual mode, improved matchmaking, an improved interface, a map editor, a new map and (wait for it) a new micro-transaction store! Yes, players can now buy cosmetic and flair upgrades with Goblin Coins! That’s just a name the developers made up, though. You don’t have to go out and find actual coins belonging to goblins or anything. 2.0 trailer after the jump.


  1. Koozer says:

    So now you have to buy the base game, and then spend more money to get aesthetic stuff? They aren’t trying too hard to lure me from League of Legends. Give me a bloody trial at least for god’s sake.

    • pakoito says:

      You can grind everything, no need to pay. It’s a plus for you playing a lot of times more that something you need to win.

      Everything in the stores is and will be aestetic, no p2win stuff, and new heroes and content still is covered by the game’s price tag.

      Also, there has been 10 game trial keys for a while.

    • Fionny says:

      Ya LoL is looking better still, at least until DOTA2 lands.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah, I was going to try this out. But in game store AND you have to buy the game. I will stick to LoL now.

    • mejobloggs says:

      er…… just don’t buy anything from the store?

      It’s just new skins and such, doesn’t change the game whatsoever.

  2. pakoito says:

    Thread I made about all of this. Ask anything you want.

    link to

  3. Eggy says:

    will be interesting to see the hon fanboys’ turnaround after they’ve spent the last year thrashing LoL for having microtransactions

    • LukeAllstar says:

      still funny that in hon you can earn everything ingame, in LoL you have to spend 10€+ for one skin
      also it’s all cosmetic, you still don’t have to (YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO) buy heroes or other game changing things that give you some kind of advantage in HoN.

    • pakoito says:

      You can grind everything, no need to pay. It’s a plus for you playing a lot of times more that something you need to win.

      Everything in the stores is and will be aestetic, no p2win stuff, and new heroes and content still is covered by the game’s price tag.

    • AiglosCelt says:

      ITT HoN fanboys mad.

      Beyond being a fine example of the reason 99% of gamers stay away from HoN, you have no idea what you’re talking about. The only way to get any sort of stat boost in LoL is through the in-game money earned from playing games.

      (this comment was directed at the ragin’ fella whose post was deleted, no offense meant to others)

    • Atic Atac says:

      You can’t buy competitive advantage in LoL with real world money. Period.

      You can buy all the heroes through grinding.

      You can only buy skins through real money. (Cosmetic advantage?)

      You can only buy runes (stat boosting) through in-game currency from grinding.

      For those that have studied microtransaction models….the League of Legends one is probably the best designed one in existence right now.

    • LukeAllstar says:

      There still are advantages you can grind, and you can buy boosts which let you grind faster, what brings me back to my point -> you can get adtvanteges with paying real money, or with grinding, and that sucks. LoL will never ever be nearly as competetive as HoN or DotA.
      I don’t even want to say that LoL is a bad game, i played it long enough myself, but i consider myself a hardcore gamer, and i just can’t be happy with LoL.

      Riot makes for sure more money with LoL.
      And I just have to say, 30$ isn’t a price tag, it’s quality assurance.

    • pakoito says:


      You start the game as a noob, pay 10$ to get IMBA heroes (because there are, just check that SUPERCOMPETITIVE MATCH last week where a hero was 1v5 everyone by minute 15) and he’s way over everyone in his league.

      Be level 17, get an IP boost and buy better runes than other people in your level. Same hero, your runes give you better stats than his, thats completely against balance.

      Competitive lvl 30 player, new hero comes out, it’s OP. You either play for 5 days against him until you grind’m or you pay 5$ to be on the same level.

      I agree that player skills are equally important, but the thing about this games is that everyone should start equally, not that Ryu has two extra Ultra moves and you have Gouki Akuma and your enemy no.

    • AiglosCelt says:

      More uninformed nonsense. Beyond the fact that any stat boosting benefit cannot be gained with real money, the amount of stat boosts available to you is capped by your account level, and it is nearly impossible NOT to reach that cap simply by playing the games it requires to earn the experience to reach said level. IP boosts will do nothing for you but give you more VARIETY in your rune (stat boost) choices. Secondly, the champs are far better balanced in LoL than in HoN OR Dota (and I say that with extensive play experience in all). There will always be FotM op picks in any moba game, but they’re FAR easier to counter in LoL. Thirdly: that “super competitive” match was not. Half the players in the losing team weren’t even on the ranked ladder. Do your research next time.

      I’m in the top 1% of the ranked ladder in LoL and I have never spent a penny. That’s proof enough for me.

    • noobnob says:

      Oh please, don’t mention that match. That was more of a pubstomp more than anything else. As for the issue of OP champions and “lol pay2win”, the nerf/buff/remake bat hits every 2 weeks in patches, and it usually kills whatever cheap metagames/strategies players come up with, rendering “flavors of the month” either useless or tolerable from a balance standpoint. The patch that will be issued tomorrow is bringing a lot of balance changes, daresay quite radical changes, which includes that one champion (I suppose you’re referring to Udyr here).

    • Delusibeta says:

      ITT: Raging microtransaction-powered MOBA fanboys. I’ll just stick to my microtransaction-powered war themed hat simulator (or WTHS), thanks. Probably pre-order that MOBA-but-TPS game, Monday Night Combat, as well.

    • undead dolphin hacker says:

      ITT LoL fanboi ragin’ at facts.

      Why can’t I just give Riot $30 and have all the heroes, now and future? Then we could get into a fair debate over which game has the better gameplay.

      But that’s not going to happen. Riot’s racket is much more profitable as-is now:

      1.) Release a retardedly overpowered new hero, sell for $10 worth of spacebucks, or the low, low price of 8 hours of grinding real games, or 4 hours of grinding practice games.

      2.) Nerf it two weeks later.

      3.) Two weeks after that, release another new retardedly overpowered hero.

      4.) Nerf it two weeks later.


    • Flappybat says:

      LoL is horribly overpriced and the balance does swing around but you are really stretching it to claim they sell a competitive advantage.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well I’ve lost all respect for Pakoito.

      There is no pay to win stuff in LoL. There is pay for aesthetics and pay for convenience. But absolutely NO pay to win. I’ve been playing it for over a year now and have never once spent any money in it, I am now a mid to high ELO rated player. Spending money in LoL will never make you win.

      In fact, all the stat increasing items can ONLY be bought with in game money. The closest to pay to win is that you can pay for an increase in your xp and ip (in game currency) earned per game. But you still earn more than them if you beat them. So, I don’t understand your logic at all.

      As for the ‘nerfs’ that is total crap. They balanced their heroes out through nerfs. A recent example is the rage of Miss Fortunes nerf. Before hand she was overpowered, now she is nicely balanced. People are still complaining because now they have a balanced and fair character rather than an overpowered one. So, the complaints are invalid, she hasn’t been ruined at all, she is incredibly good played right. It’s just people like playing a character that is overly powerful and unfair.

      Is that match your talking about the novelty joke match they had the other week?

      As for imbalanced runes etc. I feel it gives you more variety in the way you can build your character. Ranked matches start at Level 30. So you can’t have imbalanced ranked matches, by that time everyone has the same amount of runes and masteries. So it isn’t massively imbalanced, or pay to win. Learn how the game works before you start criticising it. There is a reason ‘normal’ games are called that, and ‘ranked’ games are locked off until level 30.

    • AiglosCelt says:

      In any case, my original query has been answered. The reaction seems to be pure, fiery nerdrage. Wot a surprise.

  4. Sébastien Richer says:

    I am very sad because of this. I do not like micro transactions. At all.

    • pakoito says:

      ^^ Refer to my last comments ^^

    • Delusibeta says:

      And I’m going to refer to the many Team Fortress 2 Mannconomy arguments, which demonstrate that, for many people (not me), the “it’s not play2win, honest!” arguments won’t wash.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Well, League doesn’t allow you to buy anything with real money to give you an advantage. And it looks like HoN won’t either. Unless they change their policies then the ‘pay to win’ argument doesn’t have anything to stand on.

  5. Starky says:

    I think they are seeing the vast swaths of money and popularity of LoL and wishing they could have some of that…

    Sadly too little too late – HoN is a good game, arguably better for the more competitive DotA player – but by god is it a cesspit of nerd douchebaggery.

    Even with their casual mode, even if they made the base game free, even if they suddenly and aggressively started policing the community, I doubt they will see a significant increase in player numbers.

    Simply put anyone who was ever going to play HoN probably already owns it, and the rest of us probably tried the beta realized that the game was filled with the scummy dregs of the DotA community and passed. Dregs that were all sneering at LoL for it not being hardcore enough while simultaneously being openly hostile to any newcomer to the genre and making the game utterly inhospitable for new players.

    LoL has issues, but thanks to the fact that the majority of the community was made up of newbies to the genre, as well as the LoL devs trying to keep that nerd-bile away resulted in a much nicer community, but not really a competitive one.

    I’m holding out for Valves DOTA to have that competitive edge to it, without the poisonous community of LoL – if anyone can foster a nice community around their games Valve can.

    • pakoito says:

      How about play HoN now, play DOTA when it actually comes out like everybody else?

    • Starky says:

      I still do play HoN occasionally – and it is a good, if not great DotA game – but because I’m not tip-top at it (I’m not new, not a feeder, but not “pro”) I find myself more often than not at the focus of some nerdlings internet rage.

      Irony is often said nerdlings are worse than I am.

    • Tonsko says:

      I played HoN in the beta, it was the first game of it’s type that I had played. I played with people I (kinda) knew from CS/WoW/Quake/BAttlefield etc days – and STILL got totally bitched out by someof them for not levelling fast enough and ending up feeding the other team. It was very inhospitable indeed. Killed it totally for me.

  6. Atic Atac says:

    This is basically S1 Games’s kneejerk reaction over the extreme popularity of League of Legends by trying to emulate it. It’s almost as sad as that new Medal of Honor game.

    • Atic Atac says:

      I do love Heroes of Newerth for one thing though….it keeps most of the worst assholes from playing League of Legends…which makes Lol a better game. Thanks HoN!

    • Geography says:

      Games company in “tries to make money” non-shocker.

      It’s okay, we HoN players love LoL. It keeps the bad players and sparkles-obsessed kiddies out of HoN :)

    • Starky says:

      I second this (Atic’s) statement.

      LoL has it’s issues, it is far from perfect – but by god at least I can suggests it to non DotA playing friends without shame.

      If I advised them to play HoN they’d probably never speak to me again. After a few games of nothing but abusive twats raging at them.

    • Atic Atac says:

      Geography: It’s a nice relationship. I would alway prefer a bad player over an asshole player.

      The amount of douchebaggery in HoN is really astounding.

    • Geography says:

      Oh I absolutely agree that the HoN community is full of utter, utter dicks.

      My main gripes with LoL are that I don’t really enjoy the visual style, or the champions, so I stuck with HoN. Just clicks better with me I guess. The competitive scene is really alive too, which is nice. Need extremely thick skin to play solo with 9 randoms though… but hey, been using forums since 2002, so I’ve had 8 years to mature those calluses… :P

    • LukeAllstar says:

      I don’t know why everyone hates HoN community so much, it has changed, you can now report players, and it is just as bad as every other internet community.
      And i can’t believe you that in a free game where you can make as many smurf accounts as you wish, that there are only nice and friendly persons.
      In LoL most people just leave, because they don’t care. In HoN people rage, because they do care.

      I convinced all my friends, with whom i played LoL before, to play HoN now, and they all do play HoN now.

    • Pony Canyon says:

      The Medal of Honor to Call of Duty comparison jumped out at me too. Kinda embarrassing. I feel bad for HoN.

    • DrGonzo says:

      No, Luke. I went back to Hon with my 10 free games (by the way a disconenct uses up your free game, and apparently the client is very shoddy and constantly drops from games during start up – I’ve now lost 3 games due to technical problems).

      I’ve played some Dota, a lot of Demigod, and loads of LoL. So I know the genre very well, just no the intricacies of HoN. Basically, I’m an above average noob. On my return to the game I got even more abuse than I did before. On the occasions when I haven’t got abuse, someone else in the game has. I honestly think I’ve never, ever seen a game of HoN without someone being nasty to someone else.

    • Jesus says:

      I have played over 1.5k games of hon, played it since July 2009., and I maybe had once disconnect related to HoN (servers for example), so above statement about client being “shoddy” is bullshit.

      Also QQing about how people treat you scrubs in game is just pathetic, learn to play properly or gtfo, nobody wants some moron feeding and wasting 45 minutes of 4 other people. We value our time.

  7. Atic Atac says:

    Geography: It’s a nice relationship. I would alway prefer a bad player over an asshole player.

    The amount of douchebaggery in HoN is really astounding.

  8. Starky says:

    What I find amusing though is that often HoN players who are pretty decent people, will rise to defend a game they enjoy, but be utterly blind to how poisonous the community is.

    Or how easily some otherwise decent people who play that game for a few months and become one of said douchebags – but only in the context of that game.

    I know several people who I play SC2 with, TF2 with, and CSS with who play HoN, who are really nice guys, but inside HoN they become wankers.

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      That’s quite true. Even worse is when the people you play with regularly start bitching at you because you decided to do something they don’t agree with.

      I only ever play no-stats nowadays though, more of a chance people won’t really give a damn and actually play the game for fun.

  9. Navagon says:

    Angrily emerging from the development furnace to deliver unto us a… casual mode. Oooooh!

  10. Fionny says:

    Wow reading the comments in here insure that I will never ever ever ever play HoN.

    I was new to the genre with LoL and love it, I had heard Dota was very elitest and thought the raging in LoL was OTT at times (im as guilty as the next guy)

    But if HoN is as bad both the For and Against people are making it out to be it must be truly nasty.

  11. frenz0rz says:

    Thank god I quit playing HoN. After a few hundred hours play, I was at the point where anyone repeatedly cocking up on my team sent me into a blind fury; and when I was cocking up and feeding massively, I’d end up utterly loathing myself. And yet, when you win and perform at your very best, its a staggeringly good feeling. HoN is, without a doubt, the only game in which I have even remotely experienced such incredible highs, and such soul-shattering lows. This attitude of mine was expanding in other online games as well, such as a friendly no-worrys clan game of L4D, and even into real life situations. It still took a lot of effort to look at all my progress, in terms of skill and game knowledge, and shelf the thing forever before I permanently became a raging, abhorrent monster.

    • Starky says:

      I think that is part of the problem TBH, very few games give as solid as a competitive high as HoN does (SC2 is about the only one – maybe high end CS and such).

      But as you say the hunger for those highs, and effort to avoid those lows make otherwise decent people into monstrous assholes.

      I think it because people want to avoid those lows, and can do so by shifting blame totally onto their teammate (especially if it is their fault) and then expressing their rage forcefully.

      It’s an easy thing to slip into, I know – I play SC2 a lot and sometimes can’t help myself from raging at a team-mate, deserved or not it isn’t something anyone should do – but you just lose it in the moment.

      After the moment passes you really do feel like an asshole, and more than once I’ve found myself apologizing to some random player (who is bronze and really should not be teamed with me [mid-top plat, so nothing amazing], but the system isn’t perfect) for my brief lapse.

      I think the problem with hoN is those brief lapses all competitive games foster have become the standard, and almost expected/excepted.

  12. Jon says:

    This always comes up whenever LoL or HoN are mentioned, each camp starts slagging off the other.

    Why can’t we all just get along? :(

    For what it is worth I play HoN and quite like it. Yes there are bad players [both unskillful/inept and the abusive ones] but the core gameplay is really enjoyable if you like the dota basics. I really like the implementation of casual mode which will be a great improvement for new players, the so called “easy mode” attracted large amounts of new players who when they made the transition to “normal mode” found it too different.

    The micro-transaction stuff: Yeah, not great but everyone is doing it. I see these as more like downloadable content, you now have the ability to buy new skins and voices for heroes and the in game announcer.

    I look forward to trying out the new matchmaking, as that was previously fail-tastic. From what I’ve read you are able to veto 2 game modes from a selection of 5, giving you some choice is always good. Apparently it will even be able to match make groups which will make playing with friends/clan mates easier.

    I really like watching the competitive scene as well, I feel HoN works well as an e-sport due to the fairly back and forth gameplay and team sizes.

    Should anyone want to try HoN, I would be more than happy to play some games with them.

    EDIT: There were a couple of posts made while I was typing this which reminded me of some points I wanted to make.

    Whenever I play I do my best to first off, actually talk to my team mates in chat. Secondly, if someone is doing badly I offer advice and suggestions in a manner that I would wish to receive it. I don’t think the HoN community HAS to be bad, hopefully, little by little we can make it less mean.

    • LukeAllstar says:

      You can just select the Region and the game mode that you like in matchmaking.
      The thing with voting down modes was planed before the release of 2.0, but there were to many complaints about it (esp. that you have to choose 2 regions, which can suck when you have a bad ping to USE from EUR)
      Apperently that’s the reason why they need a bit more testing to be done before they unlock matchmaking

  13. The Right To Arm Bears says:

    Wow, sorry, I don’t know anything about this, but does anyone else see this and read “Heroes of Newell 2.0?”

    • noobnob says:

      That’s DOTA2’s internal project name.

    • Starky says:

      Is that the new MMO-game-development-simulator by Valve?
      Where you roll a character as one of 4 classes, Artist (with 2D and 3D specializations), Coder (AI and Engine specs), Designer (level and game mechanics specs) and Engineer (sound and network specs)…

      Your character starts hired fresh from college/modding hobbyist and shoved into the dangerous and highly competitive world of Valve HQ – where you must learn your craft, level up your skills and most of all navigate the dangerous waters of office politics.

      I’m personally going to roll a Designer, and hope that with the expansion I can take a Producer or Director hero class.

  14. panther says:

    this just reminds me that valve is making a dota clone.

    i am sad :(

  15. Schaulustiger says:

    Shouldn’t you guys know better than to slag each other off in the comments? Nearly makes me want to skip reading the comment threads about HoN or LoL even though I’m still interested in both games.
    That said, I feel inclined to give HoN another try after beta. Unfortunately, I did not have a bunch of friends to play with in the beta and gave up after several dozen public matches that almost always ended in rage and flames. I enjoyed the game but couldn’t stand the community. Maybe the casual mode will make things a bit better in that respect.

    • DrGonzo says:

      If you can’t stand all the comments in here then I would probably not bother with the MOBA genre yet. League has a friendlier community, but it’s still very abusive. I would wait and see whether Valve can make a nicer community with Dota2.

    • Jesus says:

      ^gently caress you and any other moron that calls dotalikes “MOBA”, which a moronic acronym that only people from Rage use and no one else…

  16. Baka says:

    That was a swell trailer.

  17. pissant says:

    I really can’t fathom their decision to compete directly with LoL. Dota-like purity has always been HoN’s strength, and this update is a set of bells and whistles which weaken it..

    • noobnob says:

      Right. And because of that, there’s the chance HoN will be in a very awkward position between LoL and DOTA2, once that one is launched.

    • Jesus says:

      Do you people know anything about HoN? This update has 0 impact on default HoN. Normal mode is still most played mode and it’s unchanged, and this casual rubbish is just a replacement for now dead easy mode, which was equally shit and was in HoN from the very start…

  18. Evernight says:

    I played DOTA for about 3 years casually and when the 2 MOBAs came to bear I got in both Betas and played each one. While I enjoyed the ease of DOTA-tranference in HoN over time I realized that LoL was just an all around better game for the casual player (Better HUD, friendlier community, friendlier matchmaking/ELO system).

    So if you like the hardcore-ed-ness of DOTA go with HoN. If you liked the gameplay of the genre go with LoL.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Thing is. That makes so sense to me. No one would say that Chess isn’t a skill full or challenging game that can be played competitively because the rules are simple. In fact they would say the opposite. There is a massive amount of depth in those rules. This is how I feel about LoL. It streamlines the game and makes it faster, more competitive, less anal. It’s still about the skills of all those playing relative to each other and their tactics. So I resent the idea that HoN is competitive and LoL isn’t.

    • Jesus says:

      ^ LoL is easy as shit, can’t be compared to HoN in that department in any way.
      I started playing LoL 2 days ago, today I had a score 28-5-15 ==> case closed.

  19. Carados says:

    The game is still badly designed. Having something be complex for complexities’ sake isn’t a good design goal. There are better ways of having a high skill cap then making things needlessly complex.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Completely agree. LoL makes strides to make the game simpler, but it still has a whole bunch of overly complex aspects. I hoped when it was announced that Valve were making one, they would be the ones to simplify it and make it awesome. Valve are really into their ‘proper’ game design. Was shocked when I found out it was going to be just as complicated as the original.

    • Jesus says:

      DrGonzo your posts make me die a little inside every time I read them.

  20. Sébastien Richer says:


  21. LiberumVeto says:

    I don’t understand how people can complain about the HoN community. Has it been so long since you played DotA? Do you not remember spending an hour trying to find a game where someone didn’t leave after getting first-blooded? 95% of my HoN games have no leavers and that is really pretty amazing thinking back on DotA. And do you all really get that riled up by what some kid says to you in a game? Ignore annoying kids and play for fun (and with friends if possible) and you’ll rarely have an awful game.

  22. Polysynchronicity says:

    I for one will be happy when Dota2 shows up.

  23. belstaff says:

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  24. 4026 says:

    Man, this is like vi and emacs all over again.

  25. Tupimus says:

    S2Games has even stated that you’re perfectly free to mod in the skins from the shop as well, just that only you will be able to see it (as well as others with the mod). Same with the soundsets provided by some of the swap packs… and I’ve seen people even port Warcraft 3 models into HoN, so I’m guessing the models are possible as well.

    LoL doesn’t let players do that. Heh.

    • cyrenic says:

      Completely false. You can put your own skins into LoL. The community around it is pretty active and some really awesome skins have come out of it. Some are so awesome that the LoL devs ask permission of the original skin creator and if consented to put the skins into the official store after some touch up.

      You can even rename files to get the official skins for free. But only you will see them.

  26. adonf says:

    Is it just me or does the art looks a lot like WOW ? Or maybe Warcraft 3, but I’m not too familiar with this one

  27. hengtian123 says:

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