Test Drive Unlimited 2 Reveals Multiplayer

A car, on a road. There is sun.

Finally a trailer for moneybags racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 that isn’t about the environment. This one reveals the multiplayer modes, accompanied by some THUMPING BEATS.

So you’ve got “instant challenge with everyone”, which is what makes the TDU idea so great. It means if you see another player in the online world, flash your lights to signal you want to prove your willy is bigger than theirs, and if they agree to it you’re instantly racing.

Then you can join driving clubs, and then have club v club races. This is all part of TDU2’s new lobbies and walking around on your feet business, where they’re trying to emphasise the social side of the game. But of course it’s ultimately about racing people in extremely expensive cars, and this is that.

There’s the rather dull sounding “Follow The Leader” and “Keep Your Distance”. Neither of these is richly explained, but the footage below shows the cars politely driving in formation, in the latter trying to stay an exact distance apart. Um, that can’t be it. That’s not crashing into things. Fortunately it comes alive with Police Chase, where the smashy-racey-crashy antics finally appear.

But what’s this about “Challenge The Entire World”? I’m imagining me in my car fighting THE WHOLE WORLD. But then comes the moment when I realise that this is not a game mode, but a stupid marketing phrase that’s supposed to describe the entire game. And I’m deflated. Sad. I want to sleep.

Still, it looks very sparkly.


  1. DigitalSignalX says:

    I kind of like the idea of a “follow the leader and keep your distance” mode better then an actual race. It seems like that would be a true test of skill rather then a “oops I pushed you into a spin too bad” kind of race that usually happens.

    • Flameberge says:

      Yeah, the follow my leader modes, despite Mr. Walker’s cynicism (love you really John!) were created in response to just how popular driving around aimlessly with your mates was in the first TDU. Every racing game and its dog has online racing, not that many give you a massive island to just drive around relaxing, drifting and generally having a laugh.

      On the other hand, the graphics look a bit meh (the car models look disturbingly low-poly compared to Forza 3, GT5 and NFS:HP) and the physics look worrying. I don’t want a sim by any means, but the amount of suspension travel and body roll some of the cars seem to be getting looks a bit ominous for having any form of precise handling.

    • Perjoss says:

      the new modes look cool, but to be honest i was quite happy with the ‘drive to the lighthouse and do donuts with a few other drivers’ mode from the first game.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I have to disagree. The only part of that video that doesn’t look chartered-accountant dull is already fulfilled by the good old Burnout series.

    • XM says:

      Yes this was asked for by the clubs doing cruises so not everyone is crashing into each other all the time. They listen to all the feedback and have something for everyone.

      Can’t wait.

  2. Pridit says:

    Looking forward to the more peaceful type modes.

  3. Brumisator says:

    Ah the old perry bible fellowship mental imagery. <3
    (link for the uninformed)
    link to pbfcomics.com

  4. GoodPatton says:

    No Zombie mode?

  5. Flappybat says:

    The beta did not impress. The multiplayer didnt work like an MMO and more like automatic matchmaking, only a dozenish players show up in your local area then every event has to go through a loading screen and lobby, lots of connection issues with firewalls and modems as I think the games were client hosted.

  6. Thants says:

    Oh, some glitchy beats there. I like it.

  7. westyfield says:

    “flash your lights to signal you want to prove your willy is bigger than theirs”

    Wait, does that actually work? Because my current method of getting my cock out and waving it out the window could be improved.

    • stahlwerk says:

      While staying seated? I think your… method is just fine.

  8. fallingmagpie says:

    Mmmm, Bugatti Veyron. Wonder if you can wrap it round a tree like that guy in the UK did a while back.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      Just use the “atwrap” cheat, known as “atdcecitwta” (“(ATari – ) Crashing Expensive Cars into Trees, Wrapping Them Around”) in TDU1 ;)

    • BAReFOOt says:


  9. Johnathan Bollock says:

    A smoother interface, road surfaces that aren’t obviously polygonal and completely unmatched to the driving physics and a bigger choice of cars and i’d be well chuffed with this. Even if it’s just the same game with more cars and tarted up graphics i’ll still probably spend ages playing it like i did TDU1, because i’m a sucker for games that let you enjoy the very act of driving. And the engine noises. Ooh. New pants time.

    • Hydrogene says:

      The polygonal road surfaces, as you say, was one of the really horrible things in the first game. That and the canned spins.
      The driving model wasn’t great but not too catastrophic either, unless you were looking at your car making a very slow and sharp turn from external view and you could see the car actually floating around a central pivot… :(
      I Hope TDU2 improves this…

  10. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    Goodnes, that music is frakking owful.
    These racing, carshow, racingames, etc. tunes really rub the wrong way.

  11. Bassism says:

    Flappybat, if you were in the beta, could you comment on the physics?
    I’ll be heartbroken if they screw that up as badly as the first one did. I don’t need iRacing, hell I don’t even need Forza or GT, but I need it to feel like I’m in a digital representation of a car. Which the first one was nowhere near.

    (Maybe the expert mode in the first one was decent, but I never got even close to unlocking that because I couldn’t stand the driving model. Horrible decision much?)

  12. stahlwerk says:

    “mild suggestive themes”? Mild?! If that trailer isn’t triple-x grade car porn, i don’t know anymore.

  13. Grinnbarr says:

    So much bass all up in your… grill?

  14. Sony Defence Force says:

    In “Challenge the Entire World” or “Create a Challenge” mode you can create a checkpoint race, put your own in game money into the winners pot, set an entry fee that goes directly into the pot with each try of a player and upload it to the game servers where you and other people can try to get the best time possible in the next day or a week.
    This was allready done in TDU1.

    Bassism NDA for beta players is still in effect, so… just go and check youtube, there are still some “illeagal” beta clips on it.

    • Bassism says:

      Heh, I figured the NDA was still in effect, but I’m pretty sure talking about how bad the mp code is also falls under the NDA :P

      Anyhow, I’m off to hunt for this fabled clips.

      Actually, I have to admit it does look better than the first one. Cars still seem to launch in the air every few minutes and I didn’t see anybody actually using brakes ever, but I’ll keep cautiously optimistic.

  15. Zogtee says:

    Man, why would you open (and finish) with the cheering crowd from The Sweet’s “Teenage Rampage”, but cut out before the actual music and rampaging begun? Bastards.

    • Jake says:

      What are the cheering crowd saying? It sounds a bit like ‘we want crisps, we like crisps’

  16. edwardoka says:

    Loved the original, just for the chillout factor of going for a long drive, or the longer races.
    I don’t care about the slightly odd physics – at least it’s not Burnout daft :-)