1. Da'Jobat says:

    It… it doesn’t even show the wall. What does this have to do with gladiators I DO NOT EVEN.
    Please be a troll.

    • FhnuZoag says:

      No, you see, it’s set in an alternative universe where Rome was really small.

  2. pupsikaso says:

    To be fair, most other, “good”, trailers don’t really show any more information about the game than this one does. Especially if it’s all CG.

    • Rich says:

      Except that this only involves a guy spinning around in an oversized amphitheatre in what looks like a hot country. Doesn’t make me think of the cold and wet Roman frontier at all.

      “The wall was constructed primarily to prevent entrance by small bands of raiders or unwanted immigration from the north, not as a fighting line for a major invasion.”
      I wonder if they’ll even try to be accurate.

    • icupnimpn2 says:

      I’ve been waiting for a good arena spinulator.

    • pupsikaso says:

      In the meantime, Eve offers an excellent spaceship hanger spinulator.

  3. shrk says:

    I thinkkkk I can imagine what they were going for there, but I don’t think anyone explained it to the artists or animators.

  4. Foxfoxfox says:

    Heeeelarious – because, every time the serious voiceover voice asks us a question it cuts to an enormous empty space.


    • sneetch says:

      /looks around
      /raises hand

      I’ll fight for the Glory of Rome. But I’ve got something on this evening so I can’t fight for long… will this take long?

    • stahlwerk says:

      “Fighting for glory” could mean anything really.
      “The VIA is dirty, here’s a SCOPA, now go PUGNA the decidedly un-roman PULVERE!”

    • Bassism says:

      lol Stahlwerk.
      I like you

    • Xercies says:

      I can’t fight for the Glory of Rome, Berlusconi has already been voted in confidence.

  5. Liquidated says:

    Wow… so dizzy….. *bonk* ow!

  6. fuggles says:

    It really screams multiplayer third person action game to me.

  7. Handsome Dead says:

    “Hey what do you think of my Solid Snake impression pretty good huh?”

  8. Onaka says:

    I am whispering, whispering is hardcore, will you listen to me whisper? Or will you close the browser? whisperingannouncer.com, coming may 2011.

  9. Deoden says:


  10. Jezebeau says:

    Did you see that building? Wow! I mean, they made a whole building, and that might not have even been prerendered! That sort of thing was undreamed of in 1982.

  11. Hippo says:

    It could have been worse. He could have started with “In a world.”

    • Jerricho says:

      “In a land before time….”

      (you win 1Internet, good sir.)

    • egg says:

      A robot renegade cop!

    • KillahMate says:

      A robot renegade space cop!

    • Jimmy says:

      “…where nothing is as it seems, a restless all-conquering civilisation, complete with sewage technology, moves north. Somewhere, in the midst of chaos and panic, a hero arises [cut scene to generic swordsman dropping from sky landing with one knee up, other down, one arm thrown behind].”

      Maybe if they made that hero a Minecraft avatar?

    • uNapalm says:

      My most hated line – “Imagine a world… beyond your imagination”

  12. Bornemannen says:

    Wow… I get flashbacks to the mid-90s, this feels really dated.

    Apparently crystalcore is an indie developer and they have been working hard on this for months… We haven’t seen any gameplay yet so it could still be good… ;)

  13. Out Reach says:

    On scale that Colosseum looks even bigger then the Colosseum of Rome, and it for some reason has been built in the frontier province of Britain >>

  14. Armyofnone says:

    Game of the year, calling it now.

  15. Wulf says:

    Hm. I don’t want to be mean, but I’ve seen open source projects from ’03 that look less dated than that, things thrown together by people in their spare time. It’s so dated that for a moment at the very beginning there, I had a Stonekeep flashback. This flashback was worsened as the spinning reminded me of the exploit glitch, where one could spin in circles in Stonekeep and attack and actually never be hit by critters whilst doing so, which made the player essentially invincible.

  16. lurkalisk says:

    Worst? What about the Caesary IncrediTrailer?

  17. duke of chutney says:


    errmm what..

  18. Miked says:

    Spin on your axis camera, spin! Show them our glorious 3D graphics! Seriously though, if you want a trailer noticed make it either brilliant or absolutely rubbish.

  19. Andreas says:

    Damn, that voice turns me on.

  20. poop says:

    just imagine taht if they instead decided to render a pretend wall engraving of a dude fighting dragons people would be pooping their pants in excitement

    • Davian says:

      Well done, sir.

    • 2guncohen says:

      +1 rep

    • Wulf says:

      Not me. :p I’m totally not sold on TES V.

      Premise: durgans r bad guyz, lorelol, u be leet durgankillar ???

      Not to mention that it might not be anywhere near as modifiable as the Gamebryo we know now, if they move more toward a console audience. Mods aren’t necessary for consoles, of course, none of that ingenuity exists in consoleland. So there might be no mods for TES V at all.

      To me, it looks like a step back in lore, intelligence, and engine from previous TES games.

      Totally not sold on it, in fact, if anything, the recent trailer and news killed a lot of hope I did have for it.

      (And correct me if I’m wrong here, but what kind of name for a Nord is Novatine? I have a few Scandinavian friends, and the name means nothing to them, either. This is one area where Guild Wars excels, since all the Norn have proper Scandinavian names. But Novatine? Really Beth, really??)

      (In fact, I’ll correct the premise: u all prayz nobal durgankillar ovaltine)

    • Skinlo says:

      Talk about over analysing the trailer and one fact Wulf. It like me predicting that I will die in 2012, so killing myself now, just not as dramatic and slightly unrelated.

    • etho says:

      OMG can we ease up on the doomsaying a little? You don’t know anything about TES V yet! Except that it is not made with Gamebryo. Gamebryo being the engine that everyone was decrying as the worst thing about TESV, before they found out that it wasn’t using it. And now you find out that it’s not made with the engine everyone hates, and suddenly that is awful too, because it might not be moddable! WTF? Has BGS ever made an RPG that wasn’t moddable? Why would they start now? There is not logic for it, other than because you (A) fear change or (B) just like to whine on the internet. I suspect B.

      And, really, it’s fantasy, it doesn’t have to get each and every ethnographic detail correct. The nords are loosely based on norse culture, but they aren’t identical. You may notice that none of them pray to thor. That’s so unrealistic!

      Besides, I suspect Novatine is a title, not a name, and since one of the main features of every TES RPG is the ability to choose your rave, it is only a nord name if you choose to play a nord! And it is also almost certain you can choose your own name, because you always can in every one of their RPGs.

      So, in closing, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you are ignoring all past evidence, and you are just complaining because you like being contrary.

      ANYHOO. This trailer was bad. Sure, it doesn’t really show any less proper game than the Skyrim trailer, but that is where the similarities end. The Skyrim trailer had excellent narration, interesting plot hooks (to me, it’s ok if you don’t care for TES stories) and looked purty, even for a pre-rendered thing. This one had bargain-basement narration, screwed up basically everything about Hadrians wall, and was ugly despite being pre-rendered.

      I’m not sure I’d call it the Worst trailer I’ve ever seen (that would be the Gears Of War/Mad World garbage) but it’s pretty bad. And I feel a little bad saying that, cause it is probably some indie devs labor of love. But man, it was bad.

    • poop says:

      i dunno dude i think this trailer is as good a summary of the gameplay as the skyrim one is :)

    • Archonsod says:

      “correct me if I’m wrong here, but what kind of name for a Nord is Novatine”

      He was one of the famous heroes who hunted the dragon Horlicks in the Saga of Ovaltine.

    • Unaco says:

      Skyrim trailer had Max Von Sydow though. This one didn’t.

    • cqdemal says:

      Wulf, that’s pretty laughable. Reacting like that to a tiny little teaser is IMO even worse than the “OMG GOTY 2011” crowd.

      If you want to simplify it that way, well…

      Arena: Evil wizard captures King, takes throne. Hero collects ancient thingy, battles wizard, rescues king. Yay.
      Morrowind: Evil deity defeated by hero in prophecy. Yay.
      Oblivion: King dies. Hell invades. Hero finds heir. Heir beats hell. Yay.

      Daggerfall’s plot, I’ll admit, is way above the rest, but it isn’t told that well and the number of distractions along the way makes it all feel disjointed.

      As for the name, well… It’s Dovahkiin. And the Nords are fictional, not Scandinavian. Stop overreacting.

    • thebigJ_A says:

      But… If he stops over-reacting, how could he write long-winded comments about things he has no knowledge of, that aren’t even related to the post he’s commenting on?

  21. Tom says:

    I dunno I thought the bit with the sand looked great.

  22. Spacewalk says:

    Hoo boy.

  23. SneakyB says:

    Ha damn! I never realised that Hadrian’s wall was circular… The great divide between inside and outside.

  24. Sarkhan Lol says:

    We finally found him. The man who actually *wants* to sound like Steve Blum.

    • Wulf says:

      I want to sound like Steve Blum! Though I’m not picking up smoking, since I think one might have to smoke for most of their life for a voice like that. Still, he could probably vibrate a heavy paperweight across his desk by his voice alone.

      Blum has an enviable voice.

  25. TheBlackBandit says:

    Their site is even better.

    “Whether you would rather play as the great Roman Empire, or the Barbaric native Celts. Your sure to find a fight! With various multiplayer, community and gameplay features, the game never stays the same.”

    • Wulf says:

      Wait, what? …what? That’s… arse backwards, isn’t it? If I remember my history, the Celts were barbarians only from the Roman standpoint, and the Celts were quite reasonable and civil by comparison, and generally the rest of the world tended to view the Romans as the most merciless, barbarous, inhumane, and bloodthirsty people of that era.

      The Roman empire had its good points, but it was still ruthless, and nothing more than a unified tribe of dressed up barbarians. New Vegas actually portrays them pretty well in this regard. They’d keep order, they have some advancements to their name, but still… so very barbaric. The only sort of greatness the Roman empire had is pretty much similar to the Caesar’s Legion analogue; rule by strength. And pretty much any bad thing that could be said about any past culture, including ritualistic slaughter, rape, brothels, and so on, all applied to the Romans as much as anyone else.

      I really wish we wouldn’t continue to glorify the winners, especially when there’s really nothing to glorify. For once I’d like to see “Help the noble Celts defend their homelands from the vile and barbarous Roman horde”.

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      My friends and I stand by our conclusion that the Roman Empire set Western civilisation back more than the Catholic Church did.

      It’s no coincidence that Nazi Germany drew much of their inspiration and symbolism from them.

    • wiper says:

      Well, to be fair, they’re all equally barbarous, in that non of them spoke Ancient Greek. And at least most upper-class Romans learned Greek, which technically makes them less of a barbaric culture.

      More relevantly: the Celts, of course, were also not native to Britain,* having themselves seemingly wiped out the previous inhabitants, the “Beaker People” (link to en.wikipedia.org), who were unprepared to deal with such a warlike people. Plus ça change…

      *of course, go back far enough and nobody’s native to anywhere, save perhaps Africa

    • lurkalisk says:

      @Napalm Sushi

      Nazi Germany was, as the Nazis saw it, the continuation of The Holy Roman Empire, an entity that had little in the way of legitimate claim to the “Roman legacy”. The vast majority of symbolism used by Nazis was derived from their predecessors (in a sense).

      Also, in a time when the average person would be considered a rapacious lunatic by modern standards, the Romans seem to have been… Passable.
      I think a quote from Life of Brian sums it up quite nicely:
      All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      OK, I’ll concede that the wreathed eagle, the fasces and the Roman salute have a long history as state symbols (the fasces appear on the Lincoln Memorial, for instance).

      I still have to insist, however, that most of the “developments” made by Rome were taken from those they conquered, and many of those things were since neglected or forgotten amid the hidebound blandness of Roman society. At the time of their conquest, the Greeks were developing automatons, mechanical computers and steam engines, for example. Imagine if history had allowed them to continue.

    • lurkalisk says:

      Oh, I know. But their important contribution is not that they developed anything particularly useful, but that they spread so many great things to so many places.

      Granted, post Diocletian Rome (Constantine and onward) did much more harm than good, for obvious reasons.

    • wiper says:

      I’d also question the assertion that the Roman conquest of the Greek states was responsible to a decline in their, um, ‘research’.

      For one thing, it’s worth pointing out that ‘the Greeks’ did not invent all those things you listed, but rather a few incredibly intelligent individuals did – I’m sure you’re aware of that, but it’s important not to portray the works of unique people in a way that suggests the Greek states themselves had some sort of specific intent to further technological advancement. Hell, it’s important to remember that where the modern, Western view is that cultures gradually evolve and improve through progress – cultural and technological – the ancient Greeks had no such concept. Indeed, many of their writings (philosophical and literary – though the distinction there is narrow, of course) suggest they were worried of quite the opposite: that humanity was gradually moving further from the ideal state. The most obvious reflection of this is in the ancient myths of the descending ages (roughly: Gods > Heroes > modern men), and best typefied in Hesiod’s Works and Days, who even makes clear the belief that things will only get worse, until eventually everything cycles back around.*

      Point is: there was nothing inherent in Greek culture that led to the improvement of technology: quite the opposite, in fact. What you did have was a culture that managed to be unusually stable, despite constant warring, and so obsessed with its own history and how to interpret it that many great minds were spawned in it. Then you had one city state in particular which had a short period of cultural blooming, before over-extending itself and having the crap kicked out of it by another state. Nevertheless, its century-or-so of development would resound in Western culture, well, forever, thanks to the preservation of many crucial texts; thanks primarily to the Romans.

      More, the Greek states had begun to disintegrate following their conquering by Alexander, then the dissolving of his power, and if the Romans hadn’t then conquered them and brought them the greatest period of peace they’d ever known, then what they did and had discovered would almost probably never have been preserved and spread across Europe. We have much to thank for the Romans conquering Greece (and, to paraphrase Horace, being therefore taken captive by Greece itself). Indeed, that ‘mechanical computer’ you speak of is assumed to have been built between 150 and 100 BC – or, to put it another way, it was built /after/ Rome had conquered Greece. Rome hardly stymied Greek invention.**

      If “history” had “allowed” the Greek states*** to carry on without Roman intervention, we can only assume that they would have continued squabbling as they had before, until another big fish came and ate them, whether internally or externally, and would at best have had the same effect (of spreading their culture far and wide at the expense of other indigenous cultures), or at worst have consigned their influence to a few largely-ignored fragmentary texts. At least, that’s what I’d expect.

      Rome’s influence on other countries, of course, was more one-sided: the Greek states were the only ones to significantly sway the culture of Rome, rather than vice-versa. But then, the Greek states were one of only a few with a form of writing, never mind a consolidated culture strong enough to be passed on. I wouldn’t say that Rome’s influence was entirely positive, but it was certainly a stabilising force, and one that happened to spread Greece’s interesting culture throughout Europe. We’ll never know what we would have been like without it. Perhaps we’d have ended up more like the pre-colonisation American states. Or maybe we’d have been closer to the Asian nations. Or maybe one of the African states. Or perhaps something completely different. Only thing we know for certain, is that we’ll never, ever know. Arguing whether we’d have been ‘better’ or ‘worse’ without Rome’s dominance is rather futile.

      *this is believed to have been passed across from eastern religions, incidentally, as there are many similarities between his account and their myths. Er, not that I can give you a reference for that: it’s been a good few years, and I lack the necessary text books to look all this up again.

      **unfortunately my area of interest was their literature and philosophy, so my example will come from this area, but the time following the Roman conquest is one of incredible invention in Greek literature: for the first time since the 5th century they began to develop new forms, moving away from the classical styles (e.g. epic verse, lyric verse, histories, arguments and theatre) and writing the first ever romances and other novels (notably: Lucian’s “True Story/History”, Chariton’s “Chaereas and Callirhoe”, Achilles Tatius’ “Leucippe and Clitophon”, Xenophon of Ephesus’ “Ephesian Tale”, Longus’ “Daphnis and Chloe” and Heliodorus’ “Ethiopian Story”). They hardly stagnated.

      ***pet peeve: there is no ‘Greece’. Well, not until about two millenia after the states were conquered by Rome. They were only ever unified /under/ Macedon, and that briefly: otherwise, they had a long and distinguished history of independence and squabbling amongst themselves. This even continued while under the thumb of Rome, albeit without the warring. They shared a language and a religion, but otherwise the states were unique, and very different culturally. The archetypal examples being the massive divide between 5th Century Athens and Sparta; one highly literate (for the time) and enamoured with the arts; the other illiterate, reliant entirely on a slave-state to run its cities while its own citizens were trained exclusively for war.

  26. Farfarer says:

    Aw, but the guy who runs it is having such trouble attracting the right caliber of people (note, this was pre-trailer)…
    link to polycount.com

    • stahlwerk says:

      A team of 16-20 people did this?! Not having graphics artist on a team is one thing. Rendering a desert amphitheater as promo material of a “tactical combat” game about hadrianic britannia is as much to the point as breeding horses for a milk farm.

    • boab says:

      16-20 unpaid people who replied to spam..

  27. LukeE says:

    … Or will you stand in the centre of an amphitheatre and spin on the spot for about thirty seconds.

  28. stahlwerk says:

    That’s not how brick walls work. Not at all. Oh my. I DO NOT EVEN++.

    • Wulf says:

      This is why I was reminded of Stonekeep, it’s the only game I can remember which got brick walls incorrect in a similar, lazy way.

    • stahlwerk says:

      I’d bet Hadrian’s wall will use the same texture, stretched of course, since the bricks must be larger, obviously.

    • Dozer says:

      I especially like the upwards-sloping bricks in the walls alongside the staircase.

  29. JFS says:

    Be sure to watch this in HD!

    • Bornemannen says:

      OMG it’s even worse in HD. Looks like total crap.

      One thing that does confuse me a bit is that towards the end of the trailer parts of the audience stand up, why the hell would they add a detail like that (it’s impossible to catch in SD and I had to watch that sequence like 5 before I was sure they really were standing up) when the rest of the trailer looks dated and could probably use some more details.

  30. MinisterofDOOM says:

    This trailer needs more Byrds audio.

  31. Sam says:


  32. Fondue says:

    this trailer needs more untextured, dusty floorspace

  33. poop says:

    the most impressive part of this game is that it is one that was started by one of those dudes who goes onto forums and yells HEY GUYS WHO WANTS TO WORK ON MY GAME FOR POTENTIAL MONEY MAYBE SOMEDAY IM MORE OF AN IDEAS GUY and it has actually gotten this far

  34. Mephisto says:

    He’s not the usual trailer guy. I want my voiceover from the famous film one. Is he dead?

  35. Navagon says:

    Did they just outsource… the entire game? To natives of a reclusive country that has developed its own computer technology using giant blocks of stone and redstone switches?

  36. BobDicks says:

    It’s like it’s 1999 again!

  37. Nighthood says:

    Surely I’d be fighting for “Britain’s” freedom, not “Briton’s” freedom. Unless there’s someone called Briton who needs freeing.

    • Berzee says:

      The narrator said “Fight for Britain’s freedom”
      while the text says “Fight for the Britons freedom”
      either of which reads fine, if you don’t care about the missing apostrophe =)

    • Nighthood says:

      Ah, fair enough. Serves me right for listening to the narrator :P

  38. JRez says:

    Was that a trailer for an unfinished map?

  39. wilsonam says:

    Someone has to be taking the piss, surely? This is a game about a kinda large arena, with no people in it or wot?

  40. Lambchops says:

    You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round

  41. 9squirrels says:

    Caecillius Mortuus Est.

    Seriously, if they don’t fit a a Character named Caecillius in here, preferably with a son named Quintus, I’ll be upset.

    Oh, and that there was a TERRIBLE voiceover. I mean, seriously seriously baaaad.

    Canis est in via!

  42. PliQue says:

    Looks like an Age of Empires I cinematic.
    Ahh, the nostalgia..