Section 8: Prejudice $15, Download Only


We knew battlesuit drop-pod extravaganza Section 8 was getting a sequel entitled Section 8: Prejudice with plenty of new content. What developers TimeGate have announced today is that when the title released in Q1 2011 it’ll be download-only and will cost a mere $15, which actually makes it the second download-only multiplayer FPS coming out in that quarter with that price bracket together with contemporary terrain-destruction showcase Breach. Seems more of people want a slice of the invisible pie that was revealed after Battlefield 1943 was such a hit. Mm, invisible pie. A completely awesome trailer awaits below. How awesome? Have a look, and take these protective goggles.

EDIT: Celebrating the announcement, TimeGate have put together a video re-eneacting what I guess they imagine will be everybody’s response. I can only approve of this level of positivity.

Bam! Pow! Fwssh! It reminds me of Planetside, if Planetside had been a bit more better.

AND that announcement trailer.


  1. Tunips says:

    They seem to be taking a certain amount of pride in their game. (teehee)

  2. ceebux says:

    And on Jane Austen’s birthday, no less.

    How very apt.

  3. aldo_14 says:

    Was the single player on the first any good, BTW? Seeing as it’s probably dirt cheap now.

    • Shadow Aspect says:

      Yep, it was a fun little romp.

    • Dominic White says:

      The singleplayer in the original was pretty short and limited, but it wasn’t bad. It really needs to be repeated here, though: Section 8 is a multiplayer game. Any solo/offline stuff is just a bonus.

  4. subedii says:

    Going DD only is probably a smart move. They’re not likely to get much demand from B&M retail, and the profit margin difference between that and DD is freaking ridiculous

  5. Howard says:

    Wait…is this an expansion or an expandalone? Good money if it the latter…

    • Shadow Aspect says:

      Actual sequel as far as I’m aware. Standalone, certainly.

  6. The Skeep says:

    Actually, Monday Night Combat is coming out in January for 15 bucks too, so its the third. :p

  7. Dominic White says:

    The only problem I had with the first game is that not enough people bought it, thus dooming it to the fate of so many other promising multiplayer games.

    This new one looks better, has a MUCH more palatable price, and with a bit of clever marketing should sell nicely as well. Potential for a solid victory here, and another good multiplayer game added to my collection.

    • Jsnuk says:

      I played Section 8 in beta with a few friends and I personally thought it was very good, but NO PLAYRARS after launch. Hopefully the lower price will help with this.

  8. Jake says:

    Strange that it has a rant about evolution being a joke when it looks (superficially) so much like Halo, which was ‘combat evolved’. Intentionally picking a fight with Halo maybe? Or just coincidence? Looks good either way.

    Section 8 is either getting discharged from the military for mental illness or a government funded housing programme according to Wikipedia. I don’t know what the prejudice would refer to, maybe these guys all have posh houses themselves.

    • Dominic White says:

      Section 8 refers to both the discharge-for-insanity thing, and the means by which the squad by that name get into battle: They’e insane enough to be discharged out of spacecraft in low orbit without anything more than their metal pajamas to protect them from the swiftly approaching ground.

      Also, it really doesn’t look anything like Halo. There’s guys in armor in it, but that’s about the only similarity. Gameplay-wise, it’s much closer to Quake Wars than anything else.

    • Jake says:

      I didn’t mean the gameplay, it just looks like Halo superficially. The landscapes and the vehicles combat especially. At least to me.

  9. RLacey says:

    I liked the original. And this is certainly a better price.

    Though I do hope it doesn’t magically turn into a £15 price…

    • subedii says:

      Why would they do that?

      £20 at least, you need to factor in VAT after all.

    • Phinor says:

      £20 = 49.99€ usually. So thanks to our ever optimistic research, we can now confirm that the pricing will be as follows: $15 = £20 = 50€ = 1200MSP = 950 Gamerscore = 152000 Blue points = 920 Reward points = 8660 Bioware points (which can be bought for 920 EA points or $17/32.9€/17.99£ but only available during full moon and on every other Tuesday).

      Or something along those lines. I wish there was simply “10 money”.

      Oh and really looking forward to Prejudice. Hopefully there are more than 10 of us this time on PC.

    • Jsnuk says:

      I prefer to refer to currency as ‘corruption points’.

  10. Ovno says:

    Looks good, my mate played the first one and liked it but gave it up due to low player numbers, I reckon we should all buy to prevent that happening next time :)

  11. BobJustBob says:

    But it’s still using GFWL :(

    • snv says:

      So its still too expensive.

      I just bought the first one because i got it for less than 5€. No GFWL game is worth more.

  12. The Great Wayne says:

    If Planetside had been better, the whole reality could have collapsed. You’re talking nonsense here Quinn, PS was a masterpiece.

    In a next life, when it’ll not be born under the poor tutelling of SOE but will instead be raised and nurtured in a sane environment, it’ll dominate the MMO genre for eons. That is the prophecy.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Here it is ! Where were you son, mom was worried sick and I started drinking again. If you pull that kind of shit again, I’m sending you to the something awful forums, consider yourself warned.

    • Jsnuk says:

      Consider yourself, part of the family?

  13. The Great Wayne says:

    “Bam! Pow! Fwssh! It reminds me of Planetside, if Planetside had been a bit more better.”

    If Planetside had been better, the whole reality could have collapsed. You’re talking nonsense here Quinn, PS was a masterpiece.

    In a future incarnation, when it’ll not have been raised under the poor tutelling of SOE, but instead will have been nurtured in a sane and proper environment, it’ll dominate the mmo genre for eons. So have been told the prophecy.

    PS: the comment system ate my previous post, if you see it appear somewhere, please send it back home, I’m worried.

  14. Hensler says:

    I… have a… friend who is in the beta right now and it’s awesome. Would have paid full price for this.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Does your “friend” consider it completely superior to the first ?

    • Jsnuk says:

      I can neither confirm or deny the rumours that I am infact under an NDA, this may be true or false. What I can say is that GFWL is awful and as such I may or may not be able to play the game that I may or may not be entitled to play, and/or discuss with you due to updater issues, or not.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Except we didn’t need anyone breaking its nda to know GFWL is shit. I think it’s already mentioned somewhere in the genesis.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      I too have a friend in the beta. They think there’s something that just doesn’t quite “work” about it but cant put their finger on what it is. They reckon they probably wont buy it.

      Hmm. Maybe they should play it a bit more to figure out what’s really wrong with it. Possibly too many bots and not enough actual people, which is hardly a fair criticism for a beta.

  15. The Right To Arm Bears says:

    So will there be a pre-order? We have all already made up our minds after all :P

  16. Hensler says:

    My… friend says that the GFWL is much improved in this version, and I – I mean he – played a lot of the first game. Once you log-in to GFWL upon launching Prejudice, you don’t have to deal with it anymore – server finding and all that is handled in-game. My friend has had no issues with it, but would still prefer Steam.

    From what my friend tells me, this improves on just about everything that was weak in the first Section 8 game. And the new Swarm mode is a lot of fun to play.

    • Unknown says:

      Wait a while for this one, the first S8 had a good beta too but then at launch GfWL raped the game hard. Eventhough that last beta didn’t used GfWL, it would still be better to wait and see if there is any post-launch GfWL troubles for this one.

  17. abhishek says:

    GFWL matchmaking is a death sentence on this game. There are exactly zero PC games where multiplayer has flourished when using this system. The only time it could conceivably work is for RTS games like DOW2 that have small player counts.

    They’re making a huge mistake if they stick to letting GFWL handle the multiplayer aspect of this game.

    • Dominic White says:

      It didn’t use GFWL for matchmaking. Hell, even the PS3 version had a PC-based dedicated server app.

      Apparently even the 360 version had dedicated servers.

    • Unknown says:

      The DS implementation in GfWL is crap. Can’t host more than one instance on one server box (cause you can only use one GfWL login for each server), and its just all around hard to even get one instance running (that was the info I got from people at the offical forum).

      The server browser lists bots and human players equally as online players (so you can’t differentiate), not to mention that it defaults to hiding all empty servers (so it makes it look like there were no servers at all).

      TG shouldn’t have stuck to GfWL for this next one, but I’m guessing they got some MS funding (since they are now able to self publish the title). It’s likely MS will champion this as a core title on GfWL for real PC gamers (but its not really).

  18. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    The whole point of the announcement trailer seems negated by the pound = dollar thing. I mean, they do realise it’s a different currency, right?

  19. 7rigger says:

    feel like a warm what?

  20. poop says:


    • Jsnuk says:

      prejudice is free, understanding costs effort. Oh wait, you mean the game…

  21. Saul says:

    Quentin Smith is a thief!

    Compare (from my story on this very topic at Beefjack):

    “The price has dropped by three-quarters. That’s right – you’ll only be paying a piddling $15 for a large slice of exploding-metal pie. Mmm, metal-y.”


    “Seems more of people want a slice of the invisible pie that was revealed after Battlefield 1943 was such a hit. Mm, invisible pie.”

    I think my pie is tastier, but still! This means pie … I mean war!

  22. Kevbo says:

    Liked the first one so looking forward to this and hope there are some more players with the lowered cost.