World of Cor! Craft

I’ve dithered about posting this, because the acting and dialogue is… well, let’s go with “enthusiastic”, but the concept and the special effects are pretty stonking, by and large.

Beyond The Real Life is Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Warcraft, essentially. WoW machinima overlaid onto and blended with real-world footage. “Almost every shot is a combination of in-game items, characters, or environments with real life footage and special effects,” it says here.

As you’ll see, the movie-makers have absolutely gone to town on the green-screening. And on the impossibly nerdy, rapid-fire Warcraft/24/Lost/Lord of the Rings/ pretty much every geek-beloved product you can think of gags.

Like I say, the good-natured but super-amateur performances and narrative are unavoidably going to inspire cynicism, but admire it for the sheer level of time, energy and detail. Even an embittered ex-WoW player like me couldn’t help but feel all wistful at the ghost-walking scene. It’s a bit long, mind: 45 minutes.

(There’s a few crass gags and occasional potentially naughty language, so headphones may be advised if you’re in public).

More details about how this got made and whatnot on the homepage.


  1. HexagonalBolts says:


  2. Wulf says:

    Well then, that was minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I thought only YouTube and occasionally TV Tropes had that effect.

    Still, the effects weren’t too bad, and I have to say that WoW looks a little better than it normally does, there, thanks to the cell-shading.

    • Kaira- says:

      You really had to mention TVtropes, did you? It’s not like I have much important work to do, but thanks to you, I guess I’ll just go tropesurfing all night long.

      … could be a lot worse, though.

    • a says:

      I wonder if there’s a page on heroin tropes. Be right back…

    • Eukatheude says:

      And i thought i was the only one on which TVtropes had that effect.

    • Wulf says:

      TV Tropes even managed to get me. I blame it on the ‘big badass wolf’ trope, which managed to reel me in and catch my fascination. It certainly gave me a few new games, films, and such to hunt down, werewolf fan that I am and all. If it wasn’t for that trope, I’d probably have been able to resist it. Probably.

  3. Tzarkahn says:

    Link seems to be returning a 404.

  4. Colin Marc says:


  5. faelnor says:

    Sorry I really can’t watch this, no matter how hard I try.

  6. Italia says:

    From no glasses to wearing glasses around 9:45.

    From jacket to no jacket 13:40. Friend instantly grows a beard too, then is clean shaved minutes later again. (I didn’t see him go to the barbershop?) Is that actually even the same friend?

    19:30, runs like a doober. (Pretty funny.)

    Wonder where in Europe they’re from…They potentially might be able to act well, I think it seems like they’re reading from cue cards because they’re not sure how to use emotion in English.

    Video wouldn’t load for me past 23:00 minute mark.

    • lamzor says:

      We are from Slovakia. There are some errors, but please bear in mind that almost whole production was done by one guy(same thing with editing), the “actors” had real life and mage character used to live mostly in Australia back then :)
      It took few years to get each shot and i think that changes were made even 1 day before release.

      Everyone in this movie did it just for fun, we are all IRL friends for long time.

      Do not look for the perfect acting/perfect voice acting, rather look for well made comedy wow movie, which (i believe) can make everyone chuckle or laugh :)

  7. manintheshack says:

    Can’t. Watch. Must. Remove. Eyes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggh.

  8. Chufty says:

    I don’t play WoW, but that was actually reasonably entertaining!

    • noodlecake says:

      Totally. That wasn’t bad at all. The lag bit made me chuckle.

  9. Bascule42 says:

    “Can you help me kill Hogger”! Brilliant

  10. Muzman says:

    This entry is messed up fellas. The embed doesn’t work at all. The link is mixed up with this page and the film page together.

    Seems to work for some though. I’m on firefox

    • Wulf says:

      Copy the URL, remove the RPS bit from it right up to the last /, but before the .com, paste it into your URL bar, and away you go.

      General Surgeon’s Warning: If you watch the entirety of this, it might bring about feelings of regret about a poorly spent amount of time, this feeling will no doubt increase depending on the amount of time you give it. It seems like some of us were only able to give it a few minutes, others… have a higher tolerance level, and could likely stick torture based upon hours of Care Bears and My Little Pony, accompanied by modern Brit pop.

      Mr. Meer apparently has no receptors for such torture whatsoever, he’ll surely be the champion of our cause, when the time comes, and whatever cause that’ll be.

    • Muzman says:

      I’m good with how URLs work, but thanks anyway. And yes, it is pretty exhausting (at 14mins in). No doubt loaded with in jokes I don’t understand.

  11. thebigJ_A says:

    Is “stonking” good or bad?

  12. Zogtee says:

    Not nearly as terrible as I expected. A good effort, I say.

  13. lamzor says:

    you can watch this movie here
    link to
    and here

    if the stream doesnt work.

    also please note that most(all?) people in this movie are not actors and do not want to be actors :) like me for example(im even worse than Steven Seagal :).

    you might also like “prequel” for this movie called The Edge of real life(its only ~5min long). shot in few hours, but editing is also superb.
    link to

    anyway, thanks for posting this on RPS!

    • Muzman says:

      “people in this movie are not actors and do not want to be actors :) like me for example(im even worse than Steven Seagal :).”

      Here you can learn from the master. All you need do is every other episode put yourself in a “fight” scene with a supposedly tough badguy for about ten minutes in which he doesn’t lay a hand on you, while you beat the absolute shit out of him; break his limbs, his back, his neck, probably most of his teeth and then impale him on something. You will be guaranteed a long and strange career.

  14. fuggles says:

    Hey lamzor, that was really great. I don’t know heaps about WoW as I never played it but I really thought it was entertaining and very well put together. I nominate you make a Deus Ex one next!

    Bravo, good sir.

  15. Pony Canyon says: