It’s Hip To Be Square: Minecraft FancyPack!

Two Minecraft posts back to back! What’ll we do? Well, I suppose we’ll just have to deal with it. It’s all the fault of RPS reader SF Legend for pointing me towards FancyPack v1.4, a fan mod which expands on the game’s farming and cooking as well as adding piles and piles of new decorative items and furniture to the game, including a smoking chimney. Yes. Ooh, and above you’ll see all the different bonecrafts you can make from skeletons. I had no idea Minecraft content mods had gotten so ambitious. More details on the pack plus a download link right here.


  1. BrendanJB says:

    As cool as this is, I’d much rather have a mod that removes the annoying bounce-back effect from being hit by an enemy, or gives melee weapons an area of effect rather than having to hit the enemy with the 1 pixel in the center of the screen.

    Those two things combined make Minecraft extremely irritating at times.

    One time I was mining deep, deep, deeeeeep within a cave, so far that I’d hid bedrock. I had a ton of diamond and gold and was going back to my halfway storage box to store it when a spider spawned in the tiniest little patch of darkness, jumped in to me as my sword went right through it and I went flying backwards in to a pool of lava.

    That said, I haven’t played it since I did everything there was to do. Extravagent buildings and structures with mazes of minecarts going through them with lava/water features, castles, traps, adventuring, etc. I’m really looking forward to the game having an actual purpose, and spending another 100 hours playing it :~)

    • dadioflex says:

      “One time I was mining deep, deep, deeeeeep within a cave, so far that I’d hid bedrock. I had a ton of diamond and gold and was going back to my halfway storage box to store it when a spider spawned in the tiniest little patch of darkness, jumped in to me as my sword went right through it and I went flying backwards in to a pool of lava.”

      That’s just your average everyday Minecraft anecdote. Personally, I think it’s what makes the game great.

  2. Hippo says:

    The lack of such things in the main game is one of the biggest disappointments with Minecraft. I mean, we’ve got the means to make these cool bases and homes, but there’s almost nothing to put in them. Seems it would be easy for him to add some furniture et.c., but apart from the book case, record player and paintings, there’s nothing.

    Love the game, of course. It’s just that I wish Notch would flesh out the base building and survival aspects that’s already in place before going on to implement large new (and so far pretty useless) features such as the hell world and biomes. Kind of feels like the genius of Minecraft was just a fluke, considering how weird his priorities are.

    • CMaster says:

      Biomes and Nether were intended to add to the exploration side of the game. While I agree that the Nether was a bit of a flop, biomes are doing their job, along with some other world-gen changes.

      Furniture would be a beta thing, I guess, along with hopefully more mobs, more danger.
      What I’d really like to see are some other gamemodes – the engine has the possibility for loads, but maybe a proper modding API will make them arrive anyhow.

    • Foxfoxfox says:

      @ Hippo Oh shit I have become an angry internet man I am going to go and sit in a corner and think carefully about what I was about to do rather than admonish you for being so damn silly.

    • Xercies says:

      The problem with biomes is that you only get one spawn point which means your very reluctant to explore the world because you might not get back again and lose a lot of your stuff.

    • Kelduum Revaan says:

      @Xercies – Just build a compass (it needs redstone, but I’m sure you can find how).

      It always points back to your spawn point, and its saved me from being lost more than a few times.

    • Torqual says:

      He could ask money for furniture and fluff stuff. Its called DLC i think.

    • dadioflex says:

      The more that gets added, the less I seem to play. 3-4 months ago you had a canvas to paint on, but the more that gets hard-coded in, it feels like it’s turning into connect the dots. I still waste more time on my Minecraft citadel than on just about any other game.

  3. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Slow day, huh?

  4. bob123 says:

    Bonecrafts ,huh? Do they menace with masterful worked spikes of goblin bone? :P

  5. ChocolateySyrup says:

    We’re flattered to be featured here.
    As someone said already, we made as a response to all the grand, ghostly-empty chambers and halls that fill the numerous castles and forts that rise above the Minecraft skyline. We created it to flesh out a feature that Notch has not yet gotten around to fully realizing, and we’re just glad to see we’re not the only ones interested in the little things, the aesthetic touches, in addition to the grand adventures.
    Hopefully official modding support will arrive soon, so even if Notch doesn’t add official furniture for a while, we can have a more compatible, easy to use version of furniture blocks like these.

  6. Coins says:

    This is basically what I’ve always wanted from Minecraft, but I’m not sure if Notch thinks this is cool? I remember him writing on his blog that he doesn’t much like mods to the game before he makes the API? Could be wrong though! This is great, anyway.

    • JellyfishGreen says:

      The problem with mods is there’s no documented interface to the game (yet) and their little modder code hooks might break off if Notch changes something drastic and recompiles. Texture packs excepted, as they contain no code.
      Also I heard one of these mods, possibly this one, will break up your SMP server/client relationship so bad your clothes and every picture of you together will be left burning in the street.

    • Bassism says:

      Notch’s biggest problem with mods were a select few that were redistributing his code. Otherwise, it’s just some legalspeak to cover his back.

      Publicly naming mods that he thinks are cool and should be implemented in the game eventually and prioritizing the mod API show his support. Now, whether he thinks that decorative bits are cool, that’s anybody’s guess. I’d wager that it’s just something he hasn’t gotten to yet, since he’s still kind of working on the basic gameplay, the game being in Alpha and all.

  7. man-eater chimp says:

    2 Minecraft posts in a row…

    Just like old times.

  8. WiPa says:

    Can we please have ONE, weekly Minecraft update instead of at least one every day?
    I’ve been playing Minecraft since the first erlease, but the amount of coverage it gets everywhere is ridiculous.

  9. MikoSquiz says:

    Has Mojang Specifications not hired ChocolateySyrup yet? Seriously?

  10. El Stevo says:

    Can we please have ONE Minecraft update without someone complaining about the frequency of updates?

    • Torgen says:


      (also, seems my forum login has lapsed. Out, out, damned captcha!)

  11. Moonracer says:

    This mod needs to merge with the mod that moves dwarf fortress maps into Minecraft. it is a nice project though.

    Sadly I have not had success adding mods to minecraft and the game updates often enough to destroy them anyhow, but I’m guessing it will be a smoother process once the game officially allows them.

  12. Torgen says:

    Oh shoot. Single player only?

    (insert image of crying Minecraft derpsheep here.)

  13. vash47 says:

    Hip To Be Square is so catchy, most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it’s also a personal statement about the band itself.

    • reticulate says: