BFBC2V: Who’s Playing? Thoughts?

I had a bit of a blast on this last night. A few thoughts spring to mind: the map design is pretty good, although a bit chokepoint-heavy on a couple of the maps. I’m not that much of a fan of the flamethrower. It’s fun to use, sure, but you almost always get killed a few seconds after lighting up. Must make you easier to target or something. The overall Vietnam ambiance is great. Also, and I suppose I should have realised this, your level in BFBC2 carries over, which is a shame because I was kind of looking forward to having to unlock everything, and it’s already unlocked. Hmm.

We should have a server up later in the week, I will post when it’s sorted. For now: a launch trailer, with a deeply trendy interpretation of the Vietnam war. Mm, launch.


  1. SF Legend says:

    “the map design is pretty good,”
    Where can I get the version of Vietnam that you’ve been playing?

    • Evil Timmy says:

      Hill 137 and Vantage Point are pretty weak maps, as the fighting always centers in the exact same area on each and they just turn into meat grinders. Cao Son Temple is pretty fun, but a little too narrow and nearly impossible to take back if the enemy takes all three points. Phu Bai Valley, on the other hand, is right up there with Atacama as a well-balanced map, because it’s big, open, and varied. I’ve already seen a few Phu Bai 24/7 servers out there, and I expect that number will only grow. The dense forest, hilly terrain, loads of vehicles, and plenty of hiding spots and buildings make it fun whatever class you prefer and whether you’re in a vehicle or doing your damnedest to take one out.

      Probably my favorite thing, though? The lack of scopes means it really takes skill to snipe with an SMG, rather than being able to slap a scope on anything (other than a shotty) and rain down death.

      EDIT: Steam’s holiday sale has started, and they’ve got BF:BC2 for $6.79 today (20th) only. Get Vietnam at the same time and that’s just over a dub spot for over a dozen maps of my favorite online manshoot of the year.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Well I’ve not played more than a couple of hours so far. All I got from that was that it look pretty and played chokepointy.

    • Feet says:

      I quite like Hill 137’s last stage on rush when you’re assaulting the hill and it’s like you’re fighing in a hellish nightmare, but it’s the 2 stages prior that are somewhat weaker and more choke-pointy. If you can get through those, the last one is really very good.

    • bonjovi says:

      Atacama well balanced map? yeah right.

      this map is so vehicle and snipe heavy that it’s insane.

      Nothing unbalances the map more than such advantage to choppers. there are two ways i can enjoy this map:
      There are no good pilots on either side or there are good pilots on both sides so the cancel themselves out.

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      The problem with the maps is simple: These are clearly Rush maps that have been repourposed for Conquest. I’m a little saddened that they didn’t even try to make decent conquest maps. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the Battle for Hastings to finish up.

  2. Rich says:

    There are only a few things in movies and games that genuinely make me cringe. Being burned or boiled alive are probable joint number one. Sheesh.

  3. clive dunn says:

    Playing this last night, i thought, one more go before bed. Hopped in a Huey and took out two jeeps and a tuk tuk that was really motoring, sent that little fucker burning into a paddy field. God i’m loving those Hueys. I know they’re not realistic but jesus they are fun.

  4. Greg Wild says:

    I’m enjoying it so far, for the most part.

    The weapons seem more balanced, if a touch more deadly than those in BC2 vanilla, meaning you generally want to be keeping your head down a bit more. No Charlie G is always a plus point.

    I like the maps, but they really need some bigger ones too. After playing Harvest Day and Heavy Metal over the past week in BC2 vanilla, I found myself wishing for some more like that but with the Vietnam aesthetic. It’s a real shame they haven’t decided to bring some brilliant maps in Battlefield Vietnam like Operation Irving, Khe San or Ia Drang Valley. The Huey’s don’t feature nearly enough, and bringing back those three would add a lot. I can’t wait for Operation Hastings to be unlocked in that regard, it should be a more interesting map.

  5. Moni says:

    “A launch trailer, with a deeply trendy interpretation of the Vietnam war.”

    Vietnam was actually pretty awesome. You don’t know, man, you weren’t there.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      You mean appart from the stakes-with-poo-on-them and the whole war stuff, right ?

    • westyfield says:

      Obvious sarcasm is, evidently, not obvious.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Right back at you westy, right back at you…

    • battles_atlas says:

      So wait… the poo-on-stakes thing was separate from the whole ‘war stuff’? That sounds much worse, how come no one ever mentions that conflict?

    • The Great Wayne says:

      I’m pretty sure the poo-on-stake stuff was and still is a hobby in Vietnam, not really a thing of the war. US GIs dying on them was just cultural quiproquo.

    • Warth0g says:

      Quiproquo.. that’s an anti-malarial drug, right?

    • battles_atlas says:

      And to think they say that the communists never did anything good for pharmacology

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Not that surprising, since they also said communism brought nothing to art as a whole, which is entirely untrue: link to

      Edit: Funny, you do not use quiproquo in english. It comes from latin btw, so you may as well use it too. Just sayin’.

  6. TheFlyingWooly says:

    I find some of the maps to be a bit too narrow, even on the conquest versions. I always like to flank when I play BC2.

    I also seem to be dying a lot more often than in the non Vietnam version.

    I think that’s because some maps don’t have many buildings for cover and the ones that are there a generally made of wood/bamboo and have the bullet resistance of jelly.

    But I think the main reason for me dying a lot is my play style of motion sensor whoring does not comply. I understand why there’s no motion sensors but I wish they found a way to implement the mechanic. Say for example a smoke grenade that calls in a recon plane or something.

    One last thing. They need to add some smoke/shotgun ammo for the m79, especially the smoke.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      That would actually appear as a plus. Some class/combos in BC2 have it far too easy.

    • Kromaxx says:

      I honestly hate that about BFBC2, the bloody radar sucks the fun right out of the game and takes away most of the skill factor in a FPS. Sure, I understand a commander/squad leader calling in one from time to time, but come on.. little balls that you throw around the field! And THEY ARE NOT MOTION SENSING, the are ALL SEEYING, whether you move or not! I thought I outsmarted a guy by staying perfectly still, but nooOoooO… he sees me as a red blip no problem.
      And get rid of the bloody spawn on any team-mate feature lameness… go back to squad leaders! Come on!

    • ArthurBarnhouse says:

      That’s not true Kromaxx. I play recon a lot, and if you sit still you do not show up on the motion mine.

  7. Toby says:

    I am enjoying it very much at the moment. It really refreshed Bad Company 2 for me. Especially due to the fact that combat is a lot closer and in your face now. Rather than sitting on the other end of the map and shooting.

  8. Feet says:

    I was also disappointed by having all the weapons already unlocked in Vietnam.

    It’s pretty good, essentially it’s just an unbalanced reskin of vanilla BC2. In that when you get in a decent squad and you’re rocking the map it’s utterly utterly awesome (like in BC2). Except when you’re in a map playing as the Vietcong and the yanks have choppers and they continually mow you down with no real way to counter apart from to smash it up with small arms fire (unlike BC2).

    And I concur that some of the maps in both conquest and rush can be so chokey that 3 decent snipers with 3 supporting medics can pretty much hold back an entire team of 16 with absolutely no way of getting around their flanks. Which is shit.

    • mda says:

      Can’t you just make/play a new soldier(name) so you have to re unlock?

      That way those who want to re unlock can and those who don’t don’t have to.

    • kororas says:

      excessive smoke is the way forward against snipers.

  9. clive dunn says:

    tonight i will be mostly filling a chopper with eager flamethrower buddies and landing that baby right smack in the middle of a firefight. Out you get boys!
    I may actually never grow tired of this.

  10. The Great Wayne says:

    The unlocking system in BFBC2 if fubar anyway. It stands just at the spot where it is either too short or too long. It pisses you off for a while to lack essential mods, then you get them and there’s no longer any point in the score system.

    A system spreading unlocks along the 50 levels (even if just cosmetics) would be the way to go, or just ditch the progression system as a whole and let new guys access useful guns and mods instead of being stuck with the starter crap.

    • battles_atlas says:

      On the whole I like the BC2 unlocks system, and going back to the original weapons recently to get the bronze star on all of them I realised that there are actually very few weapons which really suck, in fact I’d say the only properly pointless one is the VSS sniper (combining the worst of sniper and assault rifles), which is one of the last unlocks. But I agree it makes no sense to have a 50 level cap, when the unlocks finish at about 25. Maybe those dumb spec thingy dlc kits could have been later unlocks. Or a gold crown, level 50 should get a gold crown. Would make them easier targets for the rest of us too.

    • Seth says:

      I’m really not saying this to be a tool, I actually giggled at the notion that the VSS is anything less than wtfbroken nerf NOW

      At least in hardcore the VSS is just the most ungodly powerful gun in the game – a sniper rifle that can snipe as well as beating all the ARs at AR range and serving as a godmode SMG that can beat just about anything when hipfiring at close range.

      I was a terrible BC2 player until I picked up the VSS.

    • TheFlyingWooly says:

      The VSS is also one of my weapons of choice and I play non hardcore.

  11. abhishek says:

    It’s fun but it’s also very flawed. Possibly fatally. 2 of the 4 maps (Vantage Point in particular but Hill 137 as well) are just terribly designed. In Conquest mode, any team which captures the high ground and point B in the initial rush on Vantage Point is basically guaranteed the win, and the map inevitably converts into a war of attrition as the tickets of the other side count down. There are no alternate routes and no viable strategies to counter this problem, which is one of map balance. Likewise, Hill 137 inevitably boils down to a fight for point B. A and C might trade hands if you’re lucky, but it’s always about fighting at B. The Temple map, although a bit more open, is still full of chokepoints. The only really good/open map is the Valley.

    Then there’s the combat. It is significantly different from BC2. The weapons have no recoil, incredible range, higher damage, high rate of fire and (I feel) faster reloads. When you have LMGs that have the same range as sniper rifles, and sniper rifles that have little to no bullet drop, and incredibly easy to use SMGs and rifles, the overall effect is that combat is a lot easier. Now here’s the thing… BC2 infantry combat has it’s quirks but at least it’s unique in the way it plays. Vietnam plays a lot like Medal of Honor, which in turn was an attempt to ape Call of Duty. I’ve always felt that, for all the good things BC2 does over COD, the one thing where it lagged behind was pure infantry combat. If I wanted to play that style of game, I would pick COD and not something which is attempting to be like it.

    Vietnam does have it’s moments, sure. There was an instance where I was the gunner in a chopper and my pilot was chasing another enemy chopper in front of us. The pilot of the helicopter ahead was weaving up and down, left and right to try and evade our gunfire, and my pilot was managing to keep up with him brilliantly. That particular Battlefield moment felt like it was ripped right out of an action movie, it was so awesome.

    In general though, I don’t think Vietnam will have much staying power. People I know are already talking about going back to playing vanilla BC2.

    • Potentaint says:

      You’re exactly right, this was an attempt to inject some speed into BC2 and get things fast and furious. I don’t really have a problem with it because it was only $15 coupled with the fact that they lowered the price of admission (temporarily anyway) on vanilla on Steam on top of giving everyone brand new maps for free. Vietnam is more or less an alternate way to play the game, and my only gripe is that it should have it’s own separate stats for your user name (because I have been sucking it up after playing a single marathon session after it first came out).

  12. Memph says:

    I am loving it so far. Completely reinvigorated BC2 for me, at least for the timebeing.
    I’m not certain if the guns do more damage or your armour is lighter (which could make sense as movement seems noticably more fluid now), but i’m finding it much easier to score kills. I can barely pull an even k/d ratio when going for objectives in BC2, even when i do score kills the last bugger i shoot usually guns me down simultaneously, but in this i seem to hold my own for a lot longer using the bushy, craggy terrain for cover when picking people off. Although there’s tonnes of greenery for bush wookies to sneak about in, there’s an almost blissfull lack of that horrible view obscuring dust sweeping across your field of view.

    The guns are great with a nice weighty feel to the shots and they don’t take up half the screen like BC2’s everything-with-a-grenade-launcher-strapped-to-it abominations. Admit i’ve also not prospered much with the flamer, but i have seen it put to excellent use defensively camping the mcomm bunkers on Hill 137.

    No unlocks didn’t bother me at all. Though i don’t believe grinding for gear has any business being in an online shooter and i’d rather that ‘keep going for more stuff!’ mechanic stay firmly in RPG/Adventure games and the like where it actually has function beyond acting as a chocolate button drip for ADD riddled chocoholics. Starting out as medic without the ability to actually heal in vanilla BC2 was irritatingly crippling and unneccessary. You shouldn’t have to earn the right to have a level playing field by being competitively gimped from the start.

    The maps are lacking in vehicles, not a shock but still a dissapointment from what the trailers showed us. I’d really love DICE to just go wild with one big map, like Heavy Metal, but throw 10 tanks 8 choppers and 20 jeeps in the mix and just let us go nuts with the vehicles like the good old BF games. Damn they look better though. Even with 8x+ antialiasing at 1680 1050, I find the built-up BC2 maps to look fuzzy, washed out and fugly, but these all look gorgeous. I miss collapso structures though, all the buildings in Nam just evaporate into a handfull of straw whenever anything nearby goes bang.

    I reckon Nam’s pretty ace for a tenner, assuming BC2 is already owned. But if vanilla isn’t liked this isn’t gonna turn anyone.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Agreed on DICE needing to go wild on a map. I can’t play that Heavy Metal map anymore, unless you have a tank, are a heli pilot or a sniper(shudder) your’re fucked. They need to at least double to number of vehicles in that map, then it would be fantastic. There’s not even any APCs fuck’s sake it’s rediculous. How they thought that half your team humping over the huge terrain only to be picked off by a tank or sniper because there is no cover was going to be fun I have no idea.
      Looking forward to getting Vietnam tomorrow though. No more sniping with every bloody weapon. Another stupid thing in BC2, shotgun sniping. But that’s another rant.

    • battles_atlas says:

      I’ve found an alternative strategy on Heavy Metal, though admittedly it still requires a buggy/quad bike. They’re pretty easy to come by though. I just tear around the ridges in one of those, running over snipers. Its quite fun. As you say, map does kind of suck as it stands though. Though not as bad as the new conquest version of Port Valdez that I played yesterday. Utterly unplayable thanks to the mother of all chokepoints.

  13. realsch says:

    Had a good amount of fun yesterday. I find that, even more than BC2, playing on a 24 player server as opposed to 32 adds to the experience (but does have less explosions).

  14. Memph says:

    Ain’t that the truth. 32 player matches tend to more often than not degenerate into opposing waves of ammobox camping ‘nade and tube spam all too quickly. Especially in rush.

  15. Joe Duck says:

    I am loving it so far, the game looks gorgeous, the levels are very different from each other and the Huey is a joy to fly and shoot at. The conquest maps are very fun, the rush ones not so much. They are way too small and it feels like just walking into a grinder.
    At the moment I prefer this to BC2, but only time will tell.

  16. Veeskers says:

    It’s funny to have people complaining about not having to unlock things anymore. You’re begging developers to string you along with cheap, pointless psychological tricks and they happily oblige.
    Maybe you can make it more fun for yourself by unbinding the medic’s healthpack key for the first dozen rounds you play.

  17. Turin Turambar says:

    I am playing it, and surprisingly, i am liking it less than the vanilla BC2 experience. Less tactical options (no smoke grenades, no sensors), less weapons, less AT launchers, less cover and less destructability, not even one rush position that can be blown up with c4, less vehicles in the maps, and in general deaths feels more random and you die faster. And it’s a bit harder to see the enemies.

  18. Nick says:

    Its horrible. The hitboxes are massive (try using the m40 and be surprised when your misses are headshots), the weapon balance is terrible, the maps in conquest are a fucking disgrace. I am really angry I paid money for this shit.

  19. Tei says:

    I don’t like it. How it look, and how it feel. Also,everything is brown. Brown forest.

  20. frags says:

    Hoping to get this on Wednesday. Soon I shall find out if men with flame thrower is better than men with guns!

  21. Sigh says:

    Let me preface this comment by saying that I love Bad Company 2 and I have mostly been enjoying the new Vietnam expansion this weekend. Bad Company 2 is one of my most played games of 2010.

    My main impression with most BC2 matches is a lack of balance, I am not talking about little gun balance tweaks like add +5 to the G3C, but rather something about BC2 seems to have most matches become very unbalanced where one team just dominates most of the game. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to defenders or attackers either. A lot of people on this thread articulate their own reasons for this such as crippling choke points, overly effective class combos, and helicopter domination, but I can’t really put my finger on it. It is rare for me to play a match where the teams feel really balanced and either side can easily win and no one knows until the last few minutes…that seems really rare.

    Which is a shame since balanced matches that can tip in either direction are the most FUN to play. Whatever you think about Call of Duty I do believe that most of that series provides a more balanced experience, which admittedly must be easier without vehicles.

    Vietnam seems to intensify the team imbalances and this time I do think the choke points are heavy handed. BC2 needs flanking routes without them maps are crippling for one side especially as the scenery disintegrates and you are left with 10 teammates crouching behind the same boulder praying that the camping side doesn’t lob another round of ammo-box-spawning infinite grenades, sniper rounds, and 40 MMs.

    Do any of the kits in Vietnam produce smoke? If not it is desperately needed. I will pay for an expansion to this expansion to add smoke.

    I like Vietnam and I will continue playing it, but after about 5 hours with it I was inspired to switch back to the main game. So Vietnam’s greatest strength was getting me to revisit vanilla BC2 and I had more fun with the latter.

    FYI: Dying by the flamethrower is a really annoying way to go. So the second I see a hint of flame I unload a full clip in that direction, switch to my pistol and unload a full clip again, and then throw my pistol at the possible flamethrower-wearing-guy. I would imagine everyone else is doing the same so that is why death comes quick and sweet with a tank strapped to your back. Also one of the evolving tactics of the attacking side on rush maps is to run a team of flamethrower-dudes towards the objectives. Sooooo, defenders pay particularly close attention to any hints of flame.

    Also as someone said earlier the maps are just beautiful visually and fighting on the napalm-scorched hill is truly surreal and quite memorable. One of the most unforgettable FPS moments of 2010. The choke points may be unforgiving, but at least you die by attrition amongst spectacular scenery.

    • Mark says:

      Just wanted to say that I lol’d at the FYI bit. :)

      I am tempted to buy Vietnam if it were not for three unknown factors:

      its performance on my machine;
      the likelihood of an active server pop remaining; and
      whether there’s a kit that allows shotgun + slugs (because, seriously, fuck that shit).

    • abhishek says:

      I’ve noticed a disproportionately high amount of matches in Vietnam end with one of the 2 teams getting spawn raped. Sure, it happens in vanilla BC2 as well now and then, but not with the regularity I’m seeing here. The maps truly are imbalanced, unfortunately.

    • SF Legend says:

      “Do any of the kits in Vietnam produce smoke? If not it is desperately needed. I will pay for an expansion to this expansion to add smoke. ”

      Only on the vehicle smoke launchers.

    • Severian says:

      I’d have to agree that my biggest problem with BC2, in general, is the lack of team balance. On the rare occasions that the teams are balanced, I have a great time. Otherwise it’s boring (winning team) or an exercise in frustration (losing team). It also seems problematic that decent players from the losing team switch to the winning team early and often.

      I know they’re completely different games, but it makes me really miss TF2 where balancing happens automatically, easily between matches (shoot, just picking random teams works fine) and if I’m on a poor team, I know it won’t be long before things are evened out again.

  22. dr.online23 says:

    i LOVE the bamboo !!

  23. Tasloi says:

    While i’m sure this game has some strengths I really don’t get the Battlefield feeling from it anymore. At least BC2 had that up to a certain point although severely diminished compared to past BF games. I wish they’d strip the Battlefield name from it and treat Bad Company as it’s own series.

  24. mod the world says:

    Man, the Vietnam War was all about flying around in choppers and listening to cool rock music, why can’t the war against terror produce good music like this?

  25. Sobric says:

    The atmosphere is brilliant – the music, the scenary, the weapons – but I don’t like the tweaks to the mechanics or the new maps much (except Phu Bai valley!).

    The weapons, IMO, do way too much damage/too accurate (they should be one or t’other). It turns the game into something that is far too twitch, and encourages camping behind rocks way too much. This is exasperated by the lack of smoke, which means no one wants to push because they’ll get killed immediately.

    The maps are also far too small, and far too choke-pointy. They all need some decent short-cuts and alternate routes (Vietcong tunnels for crying out loud!).

    Phu Bai is great however, both on rush and conquest. The Huey is immensely fun and well balanced (it can be shot down by small arms fire), and driving around in a tuk-tuk with a mounted machine gun is mental. The PBR is so ridiculously good, but also great fun.

    All BC:V needs is: 1) SMOKE! 2) Slightly bigger maps with more alternate routes/vehicle balance (the temple map should only have a PBR at point B IMO) 3) The weapons be less accurate/more recoil. It’s far to easy to just level it at someone and hold the trigger down (or rapidly tap fire). I’d prefer that over less damage, as the current damage makes CQC very tense.

  26. abhishek says:

    I thought the registration requirement was to get rid of spam like this :P

  27. Flimgoblin says:

    Quite like the maps so far but then again I only ever play Rush….
    The napalmed scorched landscape section (in hill 137?) is just brilliant.

    Really liking it so far, miss my motion mines but just about learning to cope.

  28. 3Suns says:

    As usual, an intelligent discussion above. Love this site and community.

    I am playing up to 12v12 only matches, so my comments are not relevant for the larger rooms. My experience so far with the Conquest game type is as some wrote above, the game goes one-sided quickly and cannot be recovered. A or C is simply too far away from B (and often with a wide open stretch in between but no vehicles). Heartbreakingly frustrating. Even Hill, with its wacky base configuration, quickly can go lop-sided.

    Rush on the other hand is brilliant, on all maps. This is all my 1970’s and ’80’s movie experiences on a gamepad. Rockin’ with a solid squad, on defense I have skunked the other team on every map, and conversely as Attackers, taken all their bases like it was Poland in 1939.

    There are choke points, but as long as they are breakable, I have never minded choke points in a game. Hill 137 is a brilliant Rush map, in my opinion. Hamburger ‘effin’ Hill! You gotta earn your right to take that and if simulating great moments in your favorite war movies is of any value, then you go home a millionaire.

    Also, the MCOM stations appear to be darn near impervious to damage and that is fantastic – I applaud DICE for fixing this in an age when so many developers lazily ignore simple-to-fix exploits.

    Smoke? Yes, DICE should patch that in asap. Maybe they will. They could also add more vehicles to all the Conquest modes. Help make them flow a bit.

    The Huey is wonderful – it is nimble, deadly, has the capacity of a small bus, and is made of tissue paper. I LOVE it!

    Big Johnson: Just like fuckin’ Saigon, hey, Slick?
    Little Johnson: [smiling] I was in junior high, dickhead.

    EDIT: I need to add that I think the Conquest gametype is fundamentally flawed. At any point in the game, if one side secures all the bases and holds them uncontested for xx seconds (20 seconds?), the game should automatically be declared winner to the conquerors. Otherwise, it is just a spawn kill camp fest without meaningful (and more importantly, entertaining) competition for either side.