Online Flight Sim Announced: Dead Six

Or to use its full name, Dead Six: The Resurrection of Romance in the Skies. I’d have called it Dead Six: Love Is In The Air, but whatever. South Korean dev GPAX has unveiled its online arcade flight sim with a press release that wanders between sensible and eyebrow-raising, and also includes the term “mania fans”. Look, I’ve posted the full thing below the jump and bolded the important bits.

Here we go!

Dead six is the terminology for the 6 o’clock blind spot, or the tail of a fighter aircraft in aerial combat. Faithful to its title, ‘Dead Six’ is a flight shooting game based on the motif of aerial combat between fighter aircrafts. The flight shooting genre has been loved by a sturdy base of mania fans for a long time. Yet, it has been particularly struggling in the online game market. GPAX, the developer of ‘Dead Six’, has boldly chosen a path shunned by all others. Seong-cheol Shin, CEO of GPAX, has rendezvoused with adventurous developers and attempts to materialize his yearning for the skies.

Easy-to-Play Flight Game

The flight game genre has actually been receiving fervent support from its mania fans, but is still, by no means, a popular genre. The largest reason why users faced trouble approaching the genre was due to the difficult maneuvering. Fighter aircrafts cannot fly backwards, stop or turn quickly, and must move constantly.

The constant thrust makes it difficult to make accurate and quick maneuvers before actually getting used to the controls. Also, the player must be aware of the space on a 360 degrees basis, making it necessary to focus on many factors simply in making basic movements. Adding combat to this makes it completely chaotic for a first-time user.

The developers of ‘Dead Six’ realized that flight genre games could not become popular due to their difficult maneuvering. Accordingly, they simplified the basic controls to the utmost capacity. The basic controls of ‘Dead Six’ are the four directional keys that move the aircraft up-down and left-right, and the acceleration/deceleration buttons that make up the entire basic controls. Users not used to this flight genre can enjoy the game only using the basic controls, and ultimately familiarize themselves with other game factors.

Mercenaries with Their Own Stories

‘Dead Six’ provides users with units largely divided into character and fuselage. Users select their characters from a pool of mercenaries. Yet, mercenaries do not necessarily imply avatars as in other general online games.

The mercenaries introduced in ‘Dead Six’ have respective skills that aid them to accelerate or decelerate faster, turn faster, or reduce their energy consumption. Users can hire or fire mercenaries according to their own play styles and the combat aircraft’s attributes.

‘Dead Six’ mercenaries are not created directly by the users, but still possess their own respective stories. It is another entertainment factor to read the background stories of each mercenary, from one becoming a pilot with hopes and dreams, and another with a ghost from the past.

Over 30 Types of Various Combat Fuselages

‘Dead Six’ is set to the timeline of a distant future, where the introduced combat aircrafts are designed based on combat fighters actually used in this day. Currently, combat aircrafts are divided into seven ranks, where users must level-up to sortie on aircrafts of the next rank.

Combat aircrafts have 3 types of attributes (defense, turning and speed) for each rank, and can play by selecting the aircraft according to their unique play style and battlefield.

Specially painted combat aircrafts provided through limited events are designed to be slightly better than identical fuselages in terms of exterior appearance and attributes. In addition, users can use items including colored paints to decorate their own units.

The fuselage’s basic performance does not change but additional skills such as the weapon or radar’s range can be reinforced through tuning parts.

From Friend to Foe, the Destiny of Mercenaries

‘Dead Six’ considered for the tastes of users according to their respective country, and emphasized an appropriate balance between PVE and PVP. PVE is conducted in a method where a maximum of 8 users form a squadron to accomplish a single mission. Clearing a PVE grants the users with tuning parts for their fuselages.

Yet, users are at most mercenaries. They cannot always fight on the same side. In PVP mode, users fighting a common enemy as allies must divide into two forces to compete in a maximum of 4vs4 aerial combat.

In particular, the combat aircraft’s classification including defense and speed makes it a flight genre, while also enabling cooperative plays such as party playing in RPG. Furthermore, ‘Dead Six’ contains a variety of special weapons, where several healing and buffing weapons must directly hit the allied aircraft to apply their effects.


Park Hyoun Jung

Thanks, Park Hyoun Jun. Thanks. And look, here’s a picture of some of those mercenaries.

Which one would you pick, readers? I’d pick the man on the right, because he has interesting ideas about how to wear a tie.


  1. MajorTomG says:

    It’s Korean. Of course there is a school girl mercenary.

  2. WMain00 says:

    Talk about utterly generic looking character design.

    • DXN says:

      Okay. Basically, utterly generic looking character design is when you make the design of a character match up to their role in the game in an entirely obvious, unimaginative way, without giving them any characteristics that particularly distinguish them or make them interesting compared to other characters in similar works or in the same genre. Often this is simply the result of a lack of imagination on the part of the developers, though in some cases it can actually be part of a subtle playing with or parody of the tropes that the character typifies.

  3. toaster says:

    I don’t think any of those people are qualified to fly a fighter jet.

  4. SoyBob says:

    If you’re not flying your plane backwards, you’re doing it wrong.

  5. Jimbo says:

    The nice lady on the left. I’d like to be ‘on her six’.

    What? I’m talking about flying.

    • durns says:

      ‘Nice lady on the left’ looks like a female Han Solo.

      Something something ‘her wookie ‘ something.

  6. Mavvvy says:

    What would Goose think of that? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!

  7. Dominic White says:

    My last comment got eaten, but I WANTED to say that if this plays like Ace Combat, I’m in. If it’s somehow arcadier than that, then what’s the point of it even using real planes?

  8. ferret825 says:

    You mean real combat fuselages?

  9. Xercies says:

    I cannot wait to fly my plane backwords.

    But I definitely would fly my plane forwards to the girl on the far left…hmm!

  10. Horza says:

    They say “aircrafts” too many times.

  11. westyfield says:

    Oh, a young girl in a short skirt with high socks. How unexpected.

  12. BobsLawnService says:

    I can’t think of anything I’d like to play less to be honest.

  13. MkHarris says:

    This is amazing idea. A game about dogfighting for people who dont like flight games and have only a vague conception of planes.

  14. DXN says:

    The guy fourth from the left is clearly the best at hiding.

  15. GCU Speak Softly says:

    Area 88 anyone?

  16. DarkFarmer says:

    Games have to be easy enough to control with just arrow keys on a laptop because you’re busy checking your facebook on your iphone while you’re playing.

  17. Bassism says:

    I am proud to be in the sturdy base of mania fans of the flight simulation genre. I will not be a mania fan for Dead Six.

    More seriously though,

    “GPAX, the developer of ‘Dead Six’, has boldly chosen a path shunned by all others. Seong-cheol Shin, CEO of GPAX, has rendezvoused with adventurous developers and attempts to materialize his yearning for the skies.”

    It sounds like he bought IL-2, decided it was too hard, so he should write a new game so that he can play aerial combat.

    • GrinningD says:

      To be fair IL-2 IS insanely hard,

      But oh for those Devs to quit fannying around and make an IL-2 MMO, I would never go out again! (not that I can anyway, stupid snow)

  18. Tunips says:

    Thanks, Park Hyoun Jun.
    Thark Hyoun Jun.

  19. SneakyB says:

    “‘Dead Six’ provides users with units largely divided into character and fuselage.” Gnniii ???
    Ok, English is not my mother tongue but does this even make any sense ?

  20. Joshua says:

    ‘A Path Shunned by All others…”

    Quick! Tell this guy about Wings of Prey!