This Is Probably The Best Crysis 2 Footage

Not sure how I missed a new Crysis 2 video coming out a few days ago, I guess I was entombed in ice, my face silently frozen in a scream… Anyway, this is the best of the single-player footage shown so far, I think, with lots of alien-whacking, and plenty of general showing off of both features and visuals, all from the perspective you will actually play the game in. It’s a trailer all about how that nanosuit does things. And it does things with violence. There’s also a bit of sliding around going on, which makes me wonder if CryTek are wanting to demonstrate that they can compete with Brink. It’s still not clear whether you can carry around a terrified Korean soldier by the throat, however.

Yes, you will want to watch this one. Go!


  1. Sonny B says:

    Ah Saw this yesterday and was like Insta-Pre-Order Now hopes are the release don’t get delayed!

    • toaster says:

      I just hope the game isn’t watered down because of those filthy console peasants. I’ve had enough of PC gamers get shafted thank you very much.

    • Basilard says:

      I just hope the game isn’t innecesarily bloated because of those filthy PC elitists. I’ve had enough of PC gamers confusing streamlined design with dumbing down, and overcomplicated features as “depth” of gameplay.

    • Zaboomafoozarg says:

      I prefer overcomplicated features, they weed out the riffraff.

    • subedii says:

      No jungle, so no weeding problems.

    • Bhazor says:

      I agree with Basilard, who wants games that play differently or have things like intriguing new features. Who cares if people want to play games that aren’t the exact same game they just finished. Personally look forward to having to read the box to check what game I’m playing. I say lets have all games melt into one long corridor.

      There is a fine line between streamlining features and stripping features. Given we seem to have already lost the scale* and much of the destrucity I’m already nervous how close Crysis 2 is shaving that line.

      *Maybe not in terms of geometry, as I’m still not sure how big each level was in Crysis, but I’ve certainly not seen fights anywhere near the scale of the original’s “beach head” mission.

    • steggieav says:

      I just hope the game isn’t crap because of those filthy console peasants/PC elitists. I’ve had enough of PC gamers and console gamers overusing buzzwords like ‘dumbing down’ and ‘streamlining’. These two words, along with ‘elitist’ and ‘consoletard’, should be banned from every gamer’s vocabulary.

    • The Hammer says:

      @steggieav: Hear hear!

    • Archonsod says:

      I just hope the game doesn’t unnecessarily replace perfectly good and interesting antagonists with terribly dull and tedious ones for the last half.

    • chopsnsauce says:


      I propose we go one step further. Lets ban the words ‘console’ and ‘PC’.
      The ONLY acceptable words from this day hence forth will be:

      ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘game’.

    • DarkNoghri says:


      I don’t know about scale of battles (as we only have trailers thus far), but I was just reading scans from (I think) PC Gamer from around last May saying that they’d overlaid levels from from the second on to the first, only to realize that they really were the same size.

    • Sharkticon says:

      Burn the console, kill the dumbing-down, purge the un-PC

    • mcnubbins says:

      I will be playing this game on a filthy console,, and therefore it will be worse on your PC’s. Sorry about that.

    • Thants says:

      Playing an FPS on a console? You MONSTER!

    • Dhatz says:

      overcomplication: having power and speed separate(WTF crytek, which designer wanted more colors for the suit?).
      Stupidity: those aliens are about as armored as the GoW people in their half-armor.
      Dumbing down: having enemy aliens so stupid not to cover major parts of their organism.
      consoles: temporary hardware with a lifecycle
      PC: you will eventually run every game ever created for it and it has no lifecycle(only probably will go into cloud) and has a lot of support if something doesn’t work. Yes I’m talking actual crackers and hackers who just make the shit work, plus the community abroud every major release, plus there are forums in every usable language. Eventually we get the best of every console, if there’s ethernity for games, it is on PC. Newgrounds!

    • vodka and cookies says:

      @toaster How can what is a Halo clone be dumbed down ???

  2. Javier-de-Ass says:

    eh. nin’s ‘just like you imagined’ is still good at least.

    edit: problems with the comment system? might want to dial back the spam stuff again a bit

  3. Lack_26 says:

    Now that looks quite good, I wasn’t entirely convinced by the earlier videos, especially the one set in central station but there looks to be a bit more space in these videos. As long as it’s not too linear I’ll be fine, I really enjoyed warhead after-all and that had some fairly linear sections.

  4. El_MUERkO says:

    Looking shiny. I thought Warhead was a big improvement over the original but both became a pain when the aliens turned up and many of your ‘options’ disappeared, here’s hoping that’s not the case with the sequel.

  5. Lars Westergren says:

    “Be strong. Be fast. Walk straight at the enemy or strafe very slowly like you are playing with a console controller.”

    • Ringwraith says:

      Look on the bright side, if that’s footage from a console version, just think how pretty the PC will be.

  6. Jhoosier says:

    “It’s still not clear whether you can carry around a terrified Korean soldier by the throat, however.”

    I won’t buy it until I’m assured that I can.

    • Springy says:

      There’s lots of chickens and sea turtles to carry around in the middle of New York City. At least, there had better be.

    • subedii says:

      Pet poodle maybe?

  7. Firelance says:

    Be strong. Be fast. Be invisible.
    Use Crytek condoms to become the weapon.

    • MrSpandex says:

      I wonder when companies will start giving out branded condoms.

  8. Pop says:

    They say this post makes me more than a poster

    • AndrewC says:

      But it’s our only chance to fight against the spammers..

      And what do those lines even mean? The ‘but’ in the middle suggests he would be a better last chance if he was ‘just’ a soldier, so the suit is, by his logic, holding him back.

      Goddamit games writing will you please start trying!

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      I felt that he missed a huge opportunity by failing to say:

      “They say the suit… makes the man.”

      Otherwise (as in, outside of the writing, which I think we have to concede will remain awful in AAA games for some time yet): s’OK, I guess.

    • Pop says:

      I’m all for calling it a “Man Suit” from now on. Who wants a nano-suit when you can have a Man Suit?

      Oh dear, it’s all gone a bit TF2.

    • woodsey says:

      He says: “They say the suit makes me more than a soldier… THAT it’s our only chance to fight against the invasion.”

    • The Hammer says:

      Yep, his dialogue was meaningless. He could have said a thousand different things; it’s just underdeveloped fluff.

      The shooting, however… the shooting looked good!

    • battles_atlas says:

      Reminds me of one of the greatest descriptions ever given, from Black Books: “He looks like a horse in a man suit.” NOW THAT’S A GAME RIGHT THERE.

    • Ivan Druzhkov says:

      I’m all for calling it a “Man Suit” from now on. Who wants a nano-suit when you can have a Man Suit?

      Oh dear, it’s all gone a bit TF2.

      So that’s why I immediately screamed “CRY SOME MORE!!!” after hearing the game was powered by the CryEngine 3.

    • doktorfisch says:

      I’ll call it “MANo-Suit” from now on.

    • Saul says:

      Seconded, AndrewC. I’ll play a Crysis game when they hire a proper writer.

    • woodsey says:

      Saul, they have an award-winning SciFi writer (Richard Morgan) writing the game, and he’s given interviews about the game.

      The trailer is most likely handled by the marketing guys.

    • subedii says:


      As Woodsey says, they already have hired a proper writer. His name’s Richard Morgan, and he’s a pretty well known sci-fi author.

      There’s a really good video interview with him regarding Crysis 2 here:

      link to

  9. HeavyStorm says:

    Damn, can’t wait for this one. Just hope there are more teamplay levels — you against a horde of aliens all the time gets boring sometimes.

  10. airtekh says:

    Nice video.

    Does anyone know for sure if Crysis 2 will be more or less demanding on our systems than Crysis 1?

    I know it’s a cross-platform title but I’m wondering if Crytek are ‘scaling back’ the Cryengine 3 for the consoles, or are we getting the same level of graphics.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Less demanding from what I’ve heard, they’ve optimized the engine heavily for consoles so the minimum requirements are actually lower. Remains to be seen if the highest PC settings create a bigger wow than those of Crysis 1 – especially C1 with mods.

      But hey, it’s all about the gameplay, right? ;)

    • Ringwraith says:

      They didn’t build a whole new engine just so they could scale it down you know.
      Besides, they are the ones saying that not enough people are pushing PCs to their limits. So it’s certainly going to be better at the top end, at least to avoid hypocritism.

    • airtekh says:

      Of course it is ;) . I just need to know if I have to start saving some pennies for a shiny new graphics card anytime soon!

      The reason I asked was because I thought Crytek might have been doing a similar thing which Capcom did with its recent titles: create the PC version first, then pare down the graphics until it fits within a console’s specifications.

      That way, not only do we get a great ‘port’ of the game, but we get nicer graphics too.

  11. Sunjammer says:


    I am so god damn bored with European tech wizards wasting their skills on this kind of tripe. Fuck. Crysis. Fuck that stupid name, fuck the generic ass SAVE THE WORLD FROM ALIENS bullshit. This is one step removed from a bald space marine, with no legs to stand on othe than technical prowess.

    Hire some fucking writers or better yet, read some books, your nerds. Fuck!

    • AndrewC says:

      I would love to play a game as a space marine with no legs.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Sometimes you just want to see an alien get dead.

    • skalpadda says:

      “I would love to play a game as a space marine with no legs.”

      We must push little cart?

    • Doesntmeananything says:

      Game of the decade right there.

    • Pop says:

      Your not alowed to complaine about righting when you say FUCK more then 4 times

    • Jimbo says:

      Umm, they hired Richard Morgan as Lead Writer, who won the Philip K. Dick Award for his sci-fi book ‘Altered Carbon’. Does that count?

    • Sunjammer says:

      Ok so i went a bit Kneejerk O’Malley there. But that’s how i feel watching that trailer. It’s just more of the same shit. Again. I’ve seen everything in that trailer elsewhere, with a more interesting setting. Literally everything other than the tech is old as balls. I heartily advocate the death of ALL space aliens, on the condition that the aliens are interesting looking, bring cool toys and offer me a real impetus to see them burn. If not THEY MUST LIVE. They must live in utter mediocrity, alongside these dudes.

      I’m just not impressed with Crytek’s ability to create anything resembling a story i want to hear. All they do is great tech, and interviews where they alternate between saying PC gaming is the true next gen, before saying they’re going for consoles because they’re not making enough money.If the invested

    • Afro says:


      Holy shit, they hired Richard Morgan? Altered Carbon is pretty much the coolest sci-fi I´ve read for the last 10 years. Any more details?

    • Jimbo says:

      Giant Bomb interviewed him a while back.

      Starts about 9:50 in: link to

    • Backov says:

      Ya, Richard Morgan. He basically plotted the game. He was there on and off for a couple weeks at a time.

      I am a big fan (of Morgan), and I worked there, but I still have no idea what the plot is. Hopefully it turns out to be good.

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      “Sometimes you just want to see an alien get dead.”

      need an early RPS scoop on thefarm51’s Alien Fear!

    • Bhazor says:

      “Kneejerk O’Malley”

      Well I think we just found the name for our space marine.

    • chopsnsauce says:

      “I would love to play a game as a space marine with no legs.”

      Avatar: The Videogame, would appear to be right up your street.

    • bob_d says:

      @Sunjammer: “…they alternate between saying PC gaming is the true next gen, before saying they’re going for consoles because they’re not making enough money”
      Both things are true. Their last game sold surprisingly well for a PC game (especially given it wasn’t built for low-spec machines, which always limits sales), but if you look at what they spent on developing it, they needed other income streams just to keep going. PC sales alone can’t support the development of cutting edge tech anymore.

    • Saul says:

      Okay, so maybe they did hire a proper writer. I don’t think they asked him to write the trailer, though.

    • Nick says:

      I’m looking forward to the amusingly graphic sex scenes and massive overuse of the words envoy training.

  12. Tizoc says:

    I used to like that song, what a shame.
    (Also by looking at the ad on the site, I found out that New Vegas DLC will feature Goro from Mortal Kombat.)

  13. Nova says:

    It’s the sequel to Crysis, yes? Where are the aliens from the first part then I wonder.
    And what’s with “this suit is our last hope”? The last time I looked even many of the enemies had Nanosuits.

    • skinlo says:

      Ah, but they were cheap knock offs remember!

    • Ian says:

      And also everybody else seemed to be really bad at using theirs.

    • Ringwraith says:

      Don’t forget it’s a Nanosuit 2.0 (™).

    • subedii says:

      As far as I’m aware, those are the same aliens. They’re just using different exo-suits this time.

      From a storyline persepective, they made new suits so that they could traverse the environment better.

      From a gameplay perspective, the reason for the change is that everyone pointed out that fighting humans was fun, fighting the aliens / mutants / whatever that Crytek always inserts into their games, wasn’t.

      So they basically changed the aliens to be bipedal and vaguely humanoid in design, so that they would be using slightly more “human” tactics, whilst still being more varied to fight.

      Guess we’ll see how that turns out.

      EDIT: And yeah, the bit about the nanosuit being the “last hope” was weird to me as well, when even Korea (or possibly China) were making their own knock-off suits in Crysis.

    • Nova says:

      That’s probably it, subedii.


      Hmm… I seem to be in the minority then because I think Crysis improved massively once you reached the collapsing mountain and the alien ship. The atmosphere also did a major leap from that point on.

    • Cronstintein says:

      Bipedal aliens with assault-rifles is lame. What exactly is alien about that? Some of the tech looked nice but the baddies were by far the weakest element for me.

    • subedii says:

      They don’t behave just like humans, that’s the point. They’re clearly stronger and faster, and IIRC can also do things like clamber along walls. The difference is that the AI for them isn’t completely different from the AI they had covering the humans, it’s more a subset of that.

      Aside from the default aliens though they’ve also got different types, so things like the Pinger.

  14. Theory says:

    Alright then, I’ll do it:

    Stronger. Faster. Invisibler. Weaponier.

  15. weego says:

    someone needs to ban games writers from opening any kind of video with the line “They say…”

  16. kyrieee says:

    This game had be the best thing in years for me to care. I’m sick of Crytek and all their bullshit tbh

  17. fallingmagpie says:

    Also, what?

    “They say the suit makes me more than a soldier. But…”

    So being more than a soldier is bad?

  18. NPC says:

    The sliding around reminds me of Mirror’s Edge, oddly. And would be nice if it can contain some of that feeling of freedom and motion that ME had.

    • Ringwraith says:

      If they retain any of the sandbox-sprawliness that they are so good at doing, it’ll be pretty open in places, with a lot of ways to approach (or even avoid) things.

  19. MajorManiac says:

    Hmm… not sure about this one.

    From what I’ve seen so far it looks like its missing all the bits I liked about the first game. Basically being a/ the Predator.

    Funny how the PREDATOR movies moved from the Jungle to the City in the same way these games are.

    • Guiscard says:

      I’d rather be a Predator rather than generic-technologically-enhanced-supersoldier number 220 to be honest. At least you get a shoulder cannon.

    • subedii says:

      Hate to tell you this, but with the latest movies and games, Predator is generic now.

  20. Doesntmeananything says:

    Good trailer, except of music, voice narration, those words against a black background, some gameplay scenes and overall direction.

    So yeah, I liked it.

  21. Napalm Sushi says:

    (comment deleted; was in response to a damn dirty adbot)

  22. Flint says:

    Yay for scifistic FPS manshoots!

    Haters gonna hate.

  23. Moni says:

    It’s looking lovely. I might reinstall Crysis and Warhead to re-accustom myself with the runny, jumpy, punchy, alien shoot deaths over Christmas.

  24. Nimic says:

    I know I’ll probably be in the vast minority here, but I actually liked Crysis. Hell, I even liked the alien bits, even if I found the regular soldier bits more enticing. I’ve finished the entire game at least three times, as well as Warhead a few times. I just like playing it.

    Now, I’m still a bit skeptical about this, for two main reasons. First of all, it remains to be seen how fun it is when it’s all aliens. It could get tedious. And secondly, and most obviously, how will the console design affect the PC version? Sadly, it will probably make it very easy.

    Still, nice trailer. I’ll probably get it, and I’ll probably like it.

    Sue me.


    • subedii says:

      Well I don’t see how you’re in the vast minority on either count. Crysis was highly rated. Personally I found it and Warhead to be two of the best FPS’s of recent years.

      I also didn’t mind the alien segments either. Exploring the derelict alien spaceship was awesome, and a nice change of pace for the gameplay.

      As far as I’m aware, you won’t just be fighting aliens, there’ll also be some angle to do with CryNet troopers who you’ll be engaging. Judging by the trailer, it might have something to do with the fact that the suit isn’t yours, who knows.

      I’m not worried about console design making the game too easy. Heck, even if it is, that’ll probably be tweakable via .ini files, or some modder will makes changes to make it a bit more challenging. However I am at least a little concerned that we’ll lose some of the free-roaming approach to the levels. “Assault” (the harbour level) is probably one of the best FPS levels I’ve ever played. And it’s not because of any set pieces, it’s because they dumped you into a huge map, outlined your objectives around it, and allowed you to tackle it as you see fit. All whilst providing you the tools to make the most of the situation.

      That’s what I loved about Crysis, that open plan level design which allowed you to tackle them however you wanted. I started up the Crysis demo expecting to see a tech-demo. I ended up playing through it about six times, and each playthrough was vastly different. If you wanted to go in guns blazing on a jeep, that’s your call. If you wanted to snipe a boat and literally bypass whole swathes of the level, you could do that too. When you encountered a base somewhere, it really was a game that allowed you to choose your approach.

      Heck, the obligatory tank level? How many games make it just as viable to get out and do the whole thing on foot? In Crysis Wahread you had the train level, but you weren’t shackled to it. If you wanted to ride it, you could. Or get off at any point, and catch up with it later. Or heck, you could even literally grab a hummer and gun it ahead of the train, bypassing problems and waiting for it to catch up at the end. And the level even adapted to that in small ways if that’s what you wanted to do.

      Most FPS’s these days are stuck in one freaking corridor.

    • Bhazor says:

      Crysis was a fantastic game. A fantastic game alot of people assumed they couldn’t run because Crytek’s PR was at near Romero levels of doucheness.

      Coming out two weeks after CoD:MW it was like a game from the far future. How Modern Warfare won between the two games is something I expect the world to apologise to futur generations (along with that whole climate thing).

    • Xercies says:

      Yeah i absolutely loved Crysis, that big base at the side of a cliff was probably one of my favourite bits in it, so many ways to go into it so many ways to complete the objectives. From the looks of the other videos this looked a bit to linear for me, and to be honest nothing is being shown to alleviate that worry so i am a bit concerned to be honest.

    • Nimic says:

      Definitely agree that some of the best bits in Crysis were when you had a big open space and several ways of completing the objectives. While I’m a little bit worried in this respect regarding Crysis 2, if only because it’s based in a city, the trailer did seem to suggest that this aspect would still be there to some degree.

      And yes, the harbour assault type mission was absolutely brilliant.

  25. noobnob says:

    Here I am hoping that Crytek has a different approach for this game, considering their previous works: the aliens come first, the man-shooting, punching and vehicle-ramming comes last. Doesn’t it make sense, to have the linear bits at the beginning, and then open up the city to drive around and have a multitude of routes to choose to complete your objectives?

    • woodsey says:

      I think they’ve said they’re mixing it all in together. Gives you better pacing and you’ll feel the variety more.

    • subedii says:

      The thing about Crysis (or even Far Cry) was that the humans were what was fun to fight. Pretty much everyone pointed this out to them.

      The reason they changed the design of the aliens this time around is so that they’d be more humanoid in behaviour and how you fight them, with variations thrown in.

      Basically they’re trying to do away with what made the aliens less fun to fight whilst still keeping them in there. No real telling how that’s going to turn out until the game hits.

  26. Urthman says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the new engine looks somehow less…(substantial?)…than the old one?

    I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the light or the shininess or something makes the world seem flimsier or something. The screenshots look more photorealistic than the first Crysis, but watching this in motion it somehow seems less phototrealistic than the first game.

    Is this just my imagination?

    • steggieav says:

      Could be because it’s taking place in a generic post-apocalyptic city instead of a lush island. It’s certainly not bad-looking, but there’s a bit too much gray and brown.

  27. obvioustroll says:


  28. SirKicksalot says:

    The book adaptation’s plot synopsis:

    “Welcome to the Big Apple, son. Welcome to the city that never sleeps: invaded by monstrous fusions of meat and machinery, defended by a private army that makes Blackwater look like the Red Cross, ravaged by a disfiguring plague that gifts its victims with religious rapture while it eats them alive.

    You’ve been thrown into this meat grinder without warning, without preparation, without a clue. Your whole squad was mowed down the moment they stepped onto the battlefield. You’d be dead too if someone hadn’t scooped up your shattered remains and wrapped this high-tech battle chassis around you like a second skin. And the chorus of voices whispering in your head keep saying that all of this is on you: that you and you alone might be able to turn this whole thing around if you only knew what the hell was going on.

    You’d like to help. Really you would. But it’s not just the aliens that are gunning for you. Your own kind hunts you as a traitor, a biohazard, a thing so infested with alien technology that your very thoughts aren’t even human any more.

    Your job might be a bit easier if you didn’t have the sneaking suspicion they could be right…”

    It’s written by Peter Watts.
    The aliens are clearly the ones from the ancient spaceship, they just wear mechanical suits now.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      You’re going to make me cry. Such a delicious plot summary! If only it was real.

      EDIT: Wait, what, it is real?

      *weeps tears of joy*

    • Seth says:

      If the game can live up to this plot summary I am officially bloody excited.

  29. peanut says:

    It reminded me of this:
    “then one day, a lawman came,
    with powers of hawk, wolf, puma and bear,
    protector of peace, mystic man from afar,
    champion of justice, marshall bravestar,
    bravestar, eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf,
    bravestar [bravestar], strength of the bear, speed of the puma”

  30. rebb says:


    Please make the next trailer with less border-line pain-level high pitched noises.

  31. sfury says:


    / thankyouthankyouthankyou, I’ll be here all the week /

  32. prinzipi0 says:

    Sounds like nine inch naisl to me , nice music!

    • TheCentralGovernment says:

      yup, “just like you imagined” …. same track used for the ‘300’ trailer

  33. ChiefOfBeef says:

    Oh great EA roped in the same ass-hats that did the Dragon Age trailers.

    RAWK! TWANG! GUITAR RIFFS! See how awesome this awesome that you are seeing is? RAWK! TOOT! PARP!

    He’s not just any soldier(even though people preferred Nomad when he simply was just a soldier). RAWK! DUM-DUH-DUH! RAWK! He’s humanity’s last hope and his mentor is a black guy. THUMP! RAWK!

    I didn’t like the first Crysis too much, but this was probably tainted by CryTek’s rather dishonest PR about the performance and doctored videos. It looks like despite PC gamers punishing them with severe scepticism they were content to blame piracy and have learned nothing. This will be consolised rubbish.

  34. heretic says:

    What bothers me with Crytek is Yerli’s funny eyebrows.

    Just sayin’

  35. Hodag says:

    I loved Crysis until ‘durrr fight aliens not Koreans now’, and Warhead the whole way through so I just pre-ordered

  36. Ivan Druzhkov says:

    I dunno, guys, I’m just not feeling the love with this trailer. To me it just looks like a mashup of Resistance and Prototype without any of the things that made those games cool (the hyper-advanced 1940s tech from the former, and the ability to eat Marines like chicken nuggets in the latter).

  37. newton says:

    Can we get somebody to do a proper Escape from New York RPG on that engine? No? /sad

  38. Inglourious Badger says:

    “This suit doesn’t make me unstoppable….”

    No, but the ability to quicksave will

  39. Daniel Carvalho says:

    You weren’t kidding; that trailer was freaking awesome! Goosebumps. Definitely the best footage I’ve seen of Crysis 2 and it has got me all excited.

    Crysis 2 looks to be just bloody fantastic. What I see is a highly polished, streamlined and more flexible Crysis 1. With more beautifully rendered POV acrobatics and stylish moves that result in what seems like more graceful and fluid gameplay. The game looks insane. I can’t wait. Nothing like feeling you’re in an epic action blockbuster.

    The year of 2011 is frickin’ great for me. Crysis 2 and RAGE. If DooM 4 and Half-Life 3 comes out next year as well (doubtful), you might as well call it the year of the shooter, and the day I gibbed.

  40. HelderPinto says:

    Took RPS a while to post this! :D

    Glad you guys like it, and yes Richard Morgan kicks ass!

    • Seth says:

      I am the biggest Richard Morgan fanboy in the world, and he is the #1 reason I am excited for this game.

      Are you involved in the development? If so, can you answer plot questions in a vague and roundabout and obscure way? Did Morgan write most of the actual in-game dialogue, or just outline the plot?

    • HelderPinto says:

      Yeah, I’m an artist.
      I always try and stay away from saying anything about the game on the internets, you know how it is.
      I had the chance to exchange a few words with the guy, and he is probably the most communicative open minded dude I’ve ever met, you can also tell that from his interviews. He was here for a few weeks, so I think it’s ok to say he poked his finger on a bit of everything in the game.

  41. reticulate says:

    Good to see Fragile-era NIN getting some more use. There’s more than a couple of suitably epic songs on that album.

    As to the actual game – I was probably going to pick it up anyway, so this is just gravy.

  42. Miles of the Machination says:

    By now I wouldn’t be surprised if Crytek had a means of smugglings PCs from the future, just to make these trailers.

    And have Trent Reznor in a cage.

  43. TheTourist314 says:

    Is it just me or does this look like Halo 2? Either way, this game looks like it will suck a hell of a lot less than Crysis 1.

  44. Nimrod says:

    I recall an interview with one of the Yerli brothers of Crytek who spoke about the choice of New York City for the main battleground. If memory serves me right I think they had decided to concentrate more on verticality as opposed to the open landscapes of Far Cry. The decision for emphasis on verticality made NewYork (or any city awash with skyscrapers) an ideal choice.
    Then again, maybe their choice of New York city made verticality a no brainer. Think Spiderman,