Mad Min-Max: Apox Open Beta

Post-apocalyptic multiplayer RTS Apox has announced an open beta, which you can apparently sign up for just here. It’s a Steam download and it will be free to all for the next two weeks. The final release of the game will occur on January 6th. I’ll try and dip a toe into the game over the Christmas break and have some thoughts about it when we come back.


  1. Dyst says:

    I’ve got my key. Setting off the download as soon as I can.

    Does anybody know how many players can be in a game at once?

  2. derf says:

    Looks like Men Of War.

    *rushes off to download as quickly as possible*

  3. Flaringo says:

    Anybody else getting the “your email-address appears to be invalid”-error?

    • Tony SpaZ says:

      Got the “email address is invalid” trying to use the name “Tony SpaZ”. Switched it to Adam, and it worked just fine. I think it’s saying “email” but means “name”. (GO FORM BUGS WOO)

  4. Peron says:

    Yea, getting that same error here.

  5. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Yes apparently all email addresses are invalid

  6. Sky says:

    I think only gmail is invalid. I tried yahoo and hotmail, and they were valid.

  7. Alabaster Crippens says:

    ‘deep a toe in’?

    Is this post being written in a hammy mexican accent?

    I do hope so. Very atmospheric.

  8. Dodoman says:

    I tried my gmail and my hotmail, both didn’t work :(

  9. somedude says:

    tried many different addresses, gmail, my own domain, etc., no luck.

  10. lurkalisk says:

    Said my gmail address was invalid, tried again twice, worked the third time.

    Just keep trying I guess.

  11. SF Legend says:

    You should just be able to download it from here.

  12. jeep says:

    another bit of spam, looks like they’re not giving up

  13. Flaringo says:

    I might have solved the problem. I don’t think you can have any spaces in the name field.

    I tried entering my full name (first name and surname) for like 5 tries, but after that I wasn’t bothered typing as much so I only entered my first name and it worked.

  14. jeep says:

    I just tried that and it worked, no spaces in the name field

    Someone put that in the article, their page was made by amateurs

  15. mod the world says:

    Hi James, welcome back!

  16. nukeofwf says:

    I would like to say that currently the max number of players at one time i have seen is 10 on a map. but this is just what i know at the moment.

  17. sink257 says:

    I’ve played it a bit since the closed beta, and it’s good, and yes it’s slightly Men of War-ish, except with fallout style makeshift weapons and vehicles.

    Do give it a try, and possibly you’ll get to play with the devs if they’re online too.

  18. anjin says:

    I want to feel like a warm

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      I feel like a warm but more like this wallets.

      Sometimes humanity makes me think I’d be justified if I went on a killin’ spree.

      On topicness: Whoa that preview video showed a hell of a lot of casualties on both sides. Are you supposed to kill your soldiers before they run out of ammo? I kinda like the idea that good players can win without any losses. As opposed to getting two rocks and smashing them together until there’s only dust.

  19. Thants says:

    I got my key from them, and then it never asked me for it in steam.

  20. derf says:

    Okay, I jumped straight into a coop game and I suggest everyone to do the tutorial missions first. The concepts are simple (area and resource control) but the lack of mouse-over tips doesn’t make the interface very intuitive.

    Also, the game isn’t so much like Men Of War.

  21. nathanebht says:

    Played a 3 vs 3 against the AI. Looks like you can have up to a 16 vs 16?

    Not sure I like this RTS. Units run out of ammo. Lots of micro management neccessary.

  22. konrad_ha says:

    Nice, just got my key, will see…

  23. handbagsblog says:

    I like this game, but more like this wallets

    • Kektain says:

      ^^ Spam

    • Sassenach says:

      That they seem to recognise the nature of the website is indicative of a step forward in the bot’s evolution. Will we ever see the likes of forking shoes and feeling like a warm again?

  24. Kits says:

    Just played for an hour or so, and really didn’t appeal to me. Some nice enough ideas..taking control of various points of salvage around the map, rescuing injured people to increase your number of survivors for training and such, but the game just feels clunky and unexciting.

    • Olero says:

      My opinion exactly. The game feels “odd”:

      The way your units (and the enemy’s units) move and act is very basic and disappointing. The AI just doesn’t work for a game that is new. Maybe in the 90’s I would have no problem with dumb AI, but being used to smarter AI in the RTS’s of today (Men of War for example), Apox just doesn’t work.

      Of course the ideas behind the game are not bad, but in the end they’re not that innovative. I got bored of this game in half an hour, and that is not a good sign, is it?

      I think the biggest thing I missed in the game is the lack of story, immersion and all that. It just looks like they thought “hey, Fallout’s doing pretty well, and Starcraft’s a big success. Let’s make a post-apocalyptic RTS!”. Where is the story? Where are the unique units? (not the colourless, copy paste units Apox gives you) And where’s the fun? I’m going to give the multiplayer a shot these days, but don’t have high hopes.

      If this beta version is near it’s final state, I don’t think it’ll be a good game. I wish the potential this game definately has to come true, so I hope I’m wrong.