Mod News: Snow Business

Hello, fine sirs and madams, and welcome to an extra special delayed Mod News. You can blame the snow for that, since it meant I spent the majority of Tuesday trying to get from one end of the country to the other, instead of working as planned. Bloody snow. John may hit me for badmouthing the snow, so quick! Let’s get on with some mod news before he notices.


The big news on the mod front this week has been the launch of Desura. This is ModDB’s bedroom-dev answer to the likes of Steam: a digital distribution platform that allows easy installation and management of mods and indie games. It was quite impressive when I had a play around with it earlier in the year, and I’m interested to see how it develops as more developers sign up their work.

In exciting Half-Life 2 mod news, Off Limits is about to be released. Supposed to be today, but will now be tomorrow. Hopefully. The team is still manically trying to fix a crash bug, but other than that it’s done. Whenever it appears, it’ll be an absolutely gorgeous team-based shooter.

Also for Half-Life 2, the Eternal Silence lot are planning a massive update. Dubbed a “cinematic multiplayer space mod”, it’s garnered a dedicated fanbase over the four years since its release, and rightly so. No word on when the update will be released, as far as I can tell, but I will be keeping a beady eye on it.

It’s not all Half-Life 2, though. Here, for example, is a mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It’s called CALL IN, and while the rebel-soldier-escape story sounds fairly generic, the screenshots are looking nice and moody. It’s out in February.

Meanwhile, there are some stunning new screenshots of Crysis Wars mod Wreckage. The follow-up to Rainy Days, it’s shaping up to be very interesting indeed, and absolutely beautiful. No word on a release date, yet. Sniff.

Finally, fancy helping out Mr. Morrowind Rebirth? He wants some splash screens making. Here, have a snazzy slideshow of the mod’s improvements.


A demo of Doom 3 mod Weatherman has been released. I’ve not played it yet, primarily because I’m not entirely sure where my copy of Doom 3 is, but I’m eager to do so. It’s a puzzle-platformer in which you’ve the power to alter the elements, and doing so allows you to solve a variety of conundrums. I mainly want to play it so I can cover someone else’s life in snow, and see how they like it when they can’t get to their desired destination. Yeah.


Titan Quest mod Underlord has been updated to version 1.5. It’s a reworked version of the original game, with added quest content and a re-addressed balance. The update features a new side quest, a new default skill, and a bunch of other stuff. Grab it from ModDB.

There’s also an update for FUEL: REFUELED, which is a name that seems to be cropping up a lot at the moment. Beta 4, as I think I noted last week, allows players to create their own content. Which is a neat touch. Grab the update from ModDB, why don’tcha?


This is some impressive work. RPSite Wulf has been compiling a big list of Fallout: New Vegas mods of all different types. Bug fixes, mechanical tweaks and new content reside within.

Of course, it’s also been ModDB’s awards week, with the Editors’ Choice categories having thrown up some interesting results. Best Original Art went to The Call of the Fireflies (Crysis 2), Best Upcoming Mod was Dear Esther (Half-Life 2), Best Multiplayer Mod was Eastern Front (Company of Heroes), and Best Singleplayer went to Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge (Oblivion).

Esther was the only one I voted for, but all the choices seem pretty sensible as far as I can tell. Congrats to them all, and a happy festive season to everyone.

‘Til after Chrimbo…


  1. Schaulustiger says:

    No news from the Black Mesa team before another year without a release ends?

    (Yes, obligatory Black Mesa comment)

  2. zipdrive says:

    What? There’s a mod for Crysis 2? The game isn’t being release for a few months yet, no? Is this a time traveling mod?

  3. The Great Wayne says:

    Hmmm, Morrowind Rebirth doesn’t look like anything new, is it ? I’ve recently modded my GOTY edition of Morrowind, and therefore had to delve into the various graphic extensions and mods available.

    Came out with something far prettyier than what rebirth seems to offer. Little example of what I’m talking about: link to

    • poop says:

      morrowind looks pretty nice with that but something is weird about the nice water, hdr and god rays juxtaposed with the ugly textures and the complete lack of shadows

    • Xercies says:

      Hmm yeah the textures definitly need improving a bit, i definitely need to go back to Morrowind at some point and try out these mods that improve the graphics.

    • Wulf says:

      I’m curious, now. Is ‘god rays’ the gaming term for crepuscular rays? I’ve seen it used a few times in relations to games and mods. Like the way I’ve seen NPCs that are zoomed in on that have full facial animation and lip-synching referred to as ‘talking heads’.

      Anyway, another problem with ‘prettifying’ Morrowind is that Morrowind isn’t supposed to be pretty, it’s a bloody swamp, it’s supposed to be a mess. Though I’ve seen many mods that brighten it up far too much, which is confusing. But nothing–nothing–baffles me more than the mods which add temperate zone trees to a swamp. I remember Alec modded Morrowind to contain such, and the screenshots made me feel all kinds of crazy. You do not have temperate zone trees in a swamp.

      I think a lot of Morrowind modders actually forgot that Morrowind is a swamp. This is why I’m glad that I’m doing my own mod list for New Vegas, since I can keep the feel of what it’s supposed to be: a game set in post-apocalyptic Nevada overlaid with some Fallout 2 levels of silly. There are mods like the temperate zone trees for New Vegas, and those would be me if I used them too, so I don’t. Like the Sahara type cacti which actually are not found in Nevada. The Mojave does have cacti, like the barrel cacti sort, for example, but not those tall cacti.

    • Petethegoat says:

      Rebirth changes the landscape and the towns to better match what the author felt they should be like, it isn’t a graphical mod. It also smooths out the terrain and such.

      Speaking of graphical mods…
      I do believe it is time to pimp some of my own.
      If you’re using Better Bodies and Better Heads, you’ll almost certainly have noticed that male Dunmer heads do not match their bodies.
      Grab it here.
      I’m perfecting my copy of Morrowind, and this was -far from perfect- so I had to fix it.
      I hate being obsessive about this sort of thing sometimes. :(

      I also got annoyed by the low poly moon sugar mesh, so I redid that too.
      I’d post it here, but it hasn’t been accepted just yet.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Actually Wulf you can pretty much choose whatever mod you want among the large library of visual stuff. Trees are a mod of its own which, admitedly, can look weird even if it does a good job at making the world look bigger.

      I too am not a big fan of mods that make Morrowind look too much like Oblivion empire lands.

    • Basilicus says:

      I tried my little heart out to mod up Morrowind visually, but I couldn’t get the extenders to work for the life of me. They didn’t screw anything up, they just…didn’t work. I’ve got a bazillion mods working in other games, so I don’t know what I was doing wrong.

      Too bad, since I’d like to go back and finish Morrowind, play through Bloodmoon and Tribunal, too, but the graphics have aged so terribly. And I still go back and play Doom and Hexen sometimes, but Morrowind…those models and textures haven’t aged well at all.

  4. Urael says:

    I’m with John. Stop badmouthing the snow! Grrr.

  5. Tyler Jinks says:

    Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2 got its 2.4 update a couple of hours ago. It has the new Holy Grail replacement gamemode and the new voices.

  6. Robert Yang says:

    Dark Mod 1.03 is out. New in-game mission downloader, HDR bloom effects…

  7. ascagnel says:

    Goddamn spammers.

  8. Torgen says:

    Can someone point me to a good site for learning to mod ArmaII? It’s been suggested that it is the best candidate for making a near-future mod, and I’d like to give an idea a shot. Also, which would be better to buy, the original ArmaII, OA, or both? Oh, and if you have a different suggestion for a modern-era FPS engine, I’m all ears.


  9. Torgen says:

    Ever notice how, when a spam comment is deleted, the next comment is posted into that slot? For example, my previous comment was made 4 days after ascagnel’s, yet it’s above his post.