Nifflas: NightSky Release For 6th Jan

Nifflas sends word that his celebrated silhouetted physics-puzzled NightSky will be turning up on the PC on the 6th. There’s a new trailer, too, which you can see below.


  1. Sam Crisp says:

    Does anyone know if it’s coming out on the 6th on the Wii as well? Or at all?

    • TSA says:

      Word has it that the Wii version is what’s held up the PC release for some time now.

      Don’t know the release date for Wii, but I did have the impression that they’ve waited for the port to be ready, so shouldn’t be far off.

  2. dethtoll says:

    Oh this is a Nifflas game? I’m interested now.

  3. Memphis-Ahn says:

    As much as I like Nifflas, I’m sour grapes with Nicalis.
    Don’t know if want.

  4. JeCa says:

    Aah, does anyone else get fond memories of Within a Deep Forest from watching that trailer? That game (and the prospect of finding many more like it) might very well be the reason I didn’t move over to consoles back in those days. While I might possibly have overplayed stylistic, simplistic physics-based indie games lately I’ll definitely give this a go.

  5. Ba5 says:

    Why isn’t there a catchpa phrase to stop the spam?

    • MrTest says:

      There is. This one seems to be manually signed up. It’s an actual person spamming, which we don’t seem to be able to do much about at the moment.

  6. Jetsetlemming says:

    It looks like Within A Deep Forest, which has me interested, but Saira was really, really bad compared to Knytt Stories, so I’m refusing to show interest in this until my interest turns up a demo or review from a trustworthy source (someone who agrees with me on knytt stories and saira).

  7. johnbeeler says:

    Hi all. Long time lurker to RPS first time poster. Anxiously awaiting news of that Carrier Command remake. Anyway. I work for Asthmatic Kitty Records. One of our artists, Chris Schlarb, scored NightSky and did a terrific job. I have 10 codes I can give away – would it be alright to post them here?