Nothing At All Announced About Fable 3

God, here’s some news to rival yesterday’s some manner of Mass Effect 2 DLC is coming at some point story. Lionhead Studios have tweeted that they can’t currently reveal anything about the PC version of Fable 3, which had previously been scheduled for December, but they hope that they will be able to “spill the beans” soon. You’d better believe that when Lionhead finally does upend its precious beans, RPS will be right there on the scene, standing behind the protective perspex bean screen. That is all.


  1. futage says:

    I will always remember where I was when I read this story.

    • Mac says:

      Welcome to the re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-launch of Microsoft on the PC …

  2. Choca says:

    Are they seriously trying to tease us with this ? I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or just sad.

  3. Schadenfreude says:

    I’d recommend anyone holding out for the PC version give it a miss; supremely disappointing game IMO.

    • Mungrul says:

      Same here. I played it on the 360, having absolutely adored Fable 2, but was incredibly disillusioned by the end. It has huge, DLC-shaped holes in it, and has been simplified to the point of being insulting.

  4. MrMud says:

    Considering the critical reception of this game it sounds like bargain bin x360 is the way to go if you want to play it (as if it is only sold on the games for windows marketplace on pc the prices will never go down).

  5. skinlo says:

    It has a metacritic of 80% which isn’t too bad is it?

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      unless if you know that spore has a metacritic of 84%

    • mondomau says:

      or that metacritic composite scores are based on a broken, illogical and highly subjective grading process.

      This game was genuinely upsetting for me – I loved the first two, regardless of the Molyneaux-hype hysteria/hate and bought this on day one.

      What utter toss. They basically marginalise everything that made the first game fun, either simplifying it to a single button press (social interaction) or squashing it into the first half of the game (exploration and questing) before proudly serving up a shallow and ultimately pointless ‘Kingship’ mini-game.

      Fuckin’ Yaaaaaawn.

    • Freud says:

      When one of the most hyped console games get 80% average reviews, you know it is flawed in some pretty significant way.

  6. sneetch says:

    Getting closer to either not bothering at all or buying a second-hand copy of the 360 version (hey, if I have to get the 360 version then they’re not getting my money, same way they didn’t when I got Alan Wake second-hand).

    • Foxfoxfox says:

      Why should they not get your money?
      You are going to play the game, yes?

    • sneetch says:

      Frankly, I’m tired of them dicking PC gamers about, when they delayed the PC version in August they told us they’d give us a new PC release date “soon”, they’re now hoping to be able to tell us “soon”. If they simply gave a release date I’d (probably) be quite content to wait for it but as they can’t well, I don’t feel particularly well disposed to them.

  7. zergrush says:

    After playing the not really good first one and the extremely boring sequel I can’t care enough to have any sort of reaction.

  8. patricij says:

    ooooh, I so love news about no news at all!

  9. dancingcrab says:

    Maybe they’re taking extra time to port Fable 2 to WIndows, which will be included as a special bonus with the Windows version of Fable 3 to reward our ongoing patience…

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I genuinely hope so, but I severely doubt it. I actually liked the first Fable, probably because I always ignore everything Molyneaux ever says. We all have that one flawed game that we do genuinely like. Still, I seriously doubt they’re going to port Fable 2 to the PC. Of course, if they do, I’ll gladly eat my hat.

    • Ajh says:

      Wouldn’t that be nice.

      They obviously don’t want our money though.

  10. Mark says:

    Would rather play this on PC for the graphical enhancements, but these continual delays just push me towards the 360 release.

    • Mac says:

      That’s their plan – they make more money off of you on the 360 – don’t show weakness now !

  11. The Hammer says:

    This is pants.

    Microsoft once again announce a lot but provide very little indeed. This renewed resurgence on the PC (something they blew all their trumpets about back in Spring/Summer) hasn’t materialised yet, and probably won’t come for some time.

    The PC Gaming Alliance; how proud we are of them!

    • subedii says:

      We can only hope that their recent hiring of Rahul Sood (founder of VoodooPC and basically had some harsh words for MS’s handling of GFWL to date) signals an interest in earnestly changing the platform around.

      I’m not too optimistic.

  12. Inigo says:

    My apathy is palpable.

  13. KauhuK says:

    Oh the suspense is killing me. Will they announce that because of some technical or design problems it will take more time to port it to pc. Or is it so bad that it wont come to pc at all. I was mildly interested in this but no way ill be paying the full price for this when/if it comes to pc.

  14. Bobsy says:

    I remember playing a computer game once.

  15. Rich says:

    You know what they say: “no noose is good noose.”

    Also… no. No I am not posting too quickly.

  16. Dreamhacker says:

    Why is this even being reported? :/

    • august says:

      We can’t report currently on why this is being reported. We’ll issue a report on our ability to report as soon as the report becomes available.

  17. august says:

    Also I have no real opinion on this game, but it was awarded Giant Bomb’s “Most Disappointing Game of 2010” award.

    • Nickosha says:

      I borrowed it from my friend and it was so oversimplified that I couldn’t enjoy it at all. It was through this experience that led me to the realization that I like menus and I like status bars. Fable is far from the RPG that I wanted it to be; it is just a children’s storybook turned into a children’s game.

      Then while I played Tropico 3 in the night that followed, my 12 year old brother completed the thing in what couldn’t have been more than 6 hours. He enjoyed it, I guess.

  18. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Fable 3 will uninstall itself on startup because PC gaming is dead.

  19. Ajh says:

    Dear Microsoft and Lionhead,

    Still not buying a 360. I don’t care if you delay or cancel the porting of games I want to the pc to try to get me to buy a 360. I just won’t play them. I’ve got a limited amount of money I budget to game, and if you snooze, you lose. Take too long and I, and many other pc gamers, will have forgotten all about Fable 3. Hell, I almost forgot about it already, as there’s a new elder scrolls game coming out.


  20. JeCa says:

    Sadly enough, I think the most interesting part of this article is one of the tags:
    “This is a job that I have”
    What could it possibly mean? Will Lionhead be able to tell us soon? Should we be more excited about it than Fable 3?


  21. Pijama says:

    Ah, forget about it. Fable is just a bloody cash cow and too little Bullfrog-fun-factor.

    Yeah, Bullfrog… Something that mr. Molyneux seems to have forgotten about.

  22. Chris Remo says:

    I want a protective perspex bean screen

  23. SquareWheel says:

    Lionhead, teasing gamers? UNHEARD OF!

  24. StealthSilver says:

    Spoilers: The game is junk.

  25. Hematite says:

    You mean there wasn’t a PC version originally? I sort of assumed it had been and gone and nobody cared.

  26. paladintom says:

    This isn’t going to sell well at all and Microsoft is going to blame the pc platform again.

  27. Kadayi says:

    Personally I’d still like them to release Fable 2 on PC (though fat change of that ever happening now I guess..)

  28. Grey says:

    Microsoft can go to hell. I don’t need Fable 3 when I already play The Witcher 2 or Dragon Age 2. :D


  29. KillahMate says:

    The meh, it burns.