Get Voting: BI Community Awards 2010

We do love a bit of Arma 2 action here at RPS – it’s a regular for game nights, and an all round top manshoot – and so it’s a delight to be able to announce this year’s Bohemia Interactive Community Awards. You can nominate your favourite mods, missions and videos just here. For a reminder of the highlights of last year’s event, check out the winners here. Full details of the awards can be found beneath the click.

Bohemia Interactive Community Awards 2010 launched

Bohemia Interactive launches today the next annual installment of its Community Awards celebrating the creativeness of the Arma 2 dedicated community!

Prague, Czech Republic, January 4th 2011 – Bohemia Interactive together with Natural Point and are today pleased to announce the start of the next of its annual event celebrating the creativeness of Bohemia’s projects community: Bohemia Interactive Community Awards 2010 which invites the extensive Arma and Arma 2 community to nominate and vote for their favorite fan made content.

The three phase awards event starts on today with the nominations and continues with a voting phase in February 2011. Subscribers can nominate their favorite community created piece of work for Arma or Arma 2 (inc expansion/DLC specific mod content) till Midnight CET, January 31st 2011. Winners will be announced in the first two weeks of March 2011. Bohemia Interactive Community Awards 2010 consists of the following categories:

– Best MOD/Addon Of The Year
– Best Mission/Campaign Of The Year
– Best Website Of The Year
– Best Member Of The Year
– Best Video Of The Year

Marek Spanel, Bohemia’s CEO, explains: “Last time around it was a great success. It proves to us that Community Awards are the right kind of event to support the Arma 2 enthusiasts and help them spread the word of mouth about our projects. We would like to continue giving their great work more recognition beyond the usual hardcore community and use this opportunity to introduce the huge size of our Armaversum, as well as the unlimited gaming opportunities brought by the complex yet easy to use mission editor. Thanks to our dedicated community we are able to continue our work of adding and improving the library of military simulations available!”

All details including the competition´s conditions are described at Bohemia´s homepage at and on Arma 2 website at

Arma 2: Private Military Company, the latest expansion of the Arma 2 series is available now! Check out the project´s homepage and learn more about Arma 2: Combined Operations – a unique collection of the original Arma 2 and the massive standalone expansion pack, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

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• Twitter: BohemiaInteract
• Facebook: Bohemia Interactive
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  1. owenj says:

    Ooh I’ve been looking for a group to play Arma with. What gametypes do you guys play and when do you usually do it?

    • dartt says:

      Hi owenj, come in to the RPS steam chat room and you’ll find people playing ARMA2 most evenings (GMT).

    • Spiny says:

      owenj , dartt cool, expect me along too. I picked it up in the steam sale. I’m presuming a headset is a prereq.

    • Nullkigan says:

      It helps to be able to yell at the medics when you need healing, as otherwise the chatter can get lost, but we don’t strictly require you to have a mic. Being on mumble so we can pretend to coordinate ourselves is looked upon favourably, though!

  2. Nullkigan says:

    This is a link to our long, meandering RPS forums thread. You can also find lots of ARMA-heads in the RPS steam group chat room.

    We play mostly coop and from 6 or 7 in the evenings, GMT. Currently we have people getting together for regular “Tactical Tuesdays” and “Warfare Wednesdays” but are found online throughout the week.

    The server IP is: and the password is “rumpus”. Or you can filter for games by name using Rock or RockPaper. We have a mumble server on the same IP and the default mumble port, with the same password. Tip: Right click and select “local mute” to quiet down some of those hyper energetic youngers.

    We don’t use any mods, so you can jump straight in. However, if you have a bunch of clientside stuff you like, that’s cool too (we don’t block or require anything). If you have missions you’d like to see on the server, let us know in the thread.

    As for the awards, I’d nominate Stillborn Eagle by RPS reader Monty for best mission of the year. Sadly, he’s not released it publicly yet so nomination is difficult :(

    • Vorrin says:

      Thanks for all the info, I had been wondering how the RPS get-together worked, and just bought OA recently, so, as soon as I’m back from holidays, count me in too!

  3. loshon says:

    Hopefully Xeno’s Domi2 Domination mission won’t win again.

    Like it has for the last several years.

  4. MajorManiac says:

    My initial reaction was how this advert misses it demographic.

    But then the ‘AF Tank woman’ sounds pretty useful in ARMA.

  5. Smithson says:

    When’s the joint Operation Reality (ORC) / Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS) gaming session? I heard this was being organized, any prospective dates?