Lenovo Show Arcade Laptop Casemod

This is quite the thing, via Technabob: it’s a case in which to place a laptop, turning it into an arcade machine. The case hooks the laptop up to arcade-style control pad and buttons, while providing an extra slide-out keyboard beneath the main cabinet so that you can still use it as a PC. Frustratingly, this doesn’t yet appear to be a commercial project, and instead is simply a demo project by this chap. As casemods go, this is both practical (if you’re an arcade nerd) and awesome, and totally should be a commercial thing. There’s a video of it being demonstrated in action beneath the click.


  1. backcountry says:

    i think everyone who grew up in the 90s dreamed of having an arcade machine in their room at some point.

  2. Zern says:

    Speaking of Fighting Games, are you guys gonna cover Blazblue: Calamity Trigger someday? It’s been out on the PC for about half a year now. (I realize it has been replaced by Continuum Shift, but that one’s not on the PC (yet) afaik.) I thought it was a really nice game, and much easier to get into than Street Fighter 4.

  3. Navagon says:

    That guy’s got some skills. He should be able to get some funding to produce those cabinets. There’d definitely be a market for them if he could make them compatible with a reasonably wide array of laptops.

  4. HilariousCow says:

    I am in a comments thread, having an opinion about Happ vs. Seimitsu vs. Sanwa buttons.

    Oh dear.

    SSFIVAE PC Please, capcom!

  5. James says:

    I expected a completely different voice for some reason when he started talking. Cool box.

  6. Mephisto says:

    Realism is lacking. No build-up of fag ash next to the buttons.

  7. limbclock says:

    I hope that they’ll release this widely, or make it easy to mailorder. I mean heck, it looks pretty awesome.

  8. Jason Moyer says:

    Was this posted from 1998 or are MAME cabinets news again? In any case, I think I’d rather have the cocktail version:

    link to ikeahackers.net

  9. Reapy says:

    I took on the project of making my own arcade stick for the xbox by moding a cheap arcade stick that cost 20 bucks. It was a pretty awesome project and at the end of the day I ended up with a small hinge box with working arcade buttons to play capcom vs snk.

    At the end of the day it turned out that I actually hated using arcade buttons since I guess I didn’t really get to play in the arcade growing up (had a pc at home, parents didnt want to kick $$’s for me to play), so I played all of 10 minutes with it, but still it was awesome.

    Queue the cheese, the best use I got out of this thing was stashing an engagement ring in it. I had just finished up the joystick and had yet to show my soon to be wife. So what I did was find a corner in the box with all the wires and stuck the ring box there. I then ran 2 fake wires into the ring box to make it look like a part of the joystick.

    After the usual cheesy setup date, we went back home to check out the ‘joystick’ ( too easy to joke), we cracked the lid, I told her the ring box was the hardest part to do, had her crack it open, bam one more geeky proposal in the record books ;)

    The best part was trying to explain to ‘normal’ people how I proposed. “Yeah it was in his joystick” lol

  10. Fumarole says:

    That is very cool. Props to this guy.

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  12. Kong says:

    A great thing for the living room, pure genius. A good reason to buy a bloody laptop eventually.


    In an ideal world people would have enough reasons to celebrate. That’s what FB-Clickgame, Steam, Rockstar Social Club etc offer their members: achievement awards, halls of fame, pantheons of digital godlikeness for suffering virtual grind and torment:
    “Step in every Dogshit of Liberty City Award”
    “Complete the Empire TW campaign with each faction Award”
    RPS needs a hall of fame for First Reply Achievement. People want it.

    In an ideal world there would be no need to wish for censorship in case somebody asked for a blowjob.

  13. Stephen Roberts says:

    Making things, real physical things, is beautiful.