What Big Swords You’ve Got: Core Blaze

But it's going to be no use for chopping carrots.

Have you heard of Core Blaze? No, nor me. But it’s got both ninjas AND robots! There, I got my own attention. And it’s an MMO. Oh, I lost my attention again. But look how big their swords are! Now I’ve confused myself with homoerotic imagery. It also boasts some quite remarkable claims of adaptable quests, even depending upon the time of day they take place. Now I’m feeling sceptical. I’ve really run the gamut of emotions here. Now I don’t know what a gamut is. There’s a trailer below. Now I want to click.

I realise that it’s called a “longbow”, but this just looks impractical:

Here’s the blurb on those quests from publishers Gamania:

“Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers a structured fantasy world unique in its main and branch leveling design. Its free customization alters the core gameplay experience dynamically depending on various factors, such as the player’s current level, choice of combat style and weapons, geography and map environment, monsters’ element, and even the weather and time of day. Changing any factor produces a new quest line and outcome, which will change the player’s strategy, even when entering the same map at a different time of the day.”

They’re aiming to get it finished in the second half of this year, presumably with plans to go for a Western release since they’re promoting it over here. Enjoy the video:


  1. awwells says:

    Graphics have a guild wars feel to them…I Can only hope the cut scenes are a well put together as that games were….

  2. The Snee says:

    The overall layout and way it seems to play (as well as the weapon options) reminds me of Monster Hunter, which I had some fun with though it was impenetrable in places. Might keep my eye on this.

    • Starayo says:

      Yep, looks just like Monster Hunter to me!

      Definitely not a bad thing, since I doubt we’ll ever get to see Monster Hunter Frontier in English-speaking regions! :(

  3. DOLBYdigital says:

    Awww the video is blocked for my country but hearing you say it reminded you of Monster Hunter perks my interest. God I love that game

  4. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Looks nice but you lost me at MMO…

  5. Jake says:

    I am pretty sure a gamut is a type of duck, though admittedly a gamut of emotions makes little sense in that context.

    There are so many games that look like this, they should just all combine into one huge game with a million square miles of woodland for your scantily clad bowwoman (possibly not a word) to tediously dash through.

    Also ‘Core Blazes’ sounds like a cockney expression of surprise like cor blimey. Core Blimey would be a good name for an MMO.

  6. Zyrxil says:

    Effffff youuuuu Playcast. What kind of assholes have the job of blocking trailers and promotional materials from being seen in other regions? I very sincerely hope the person who came up with this business strategy spontaneously combusts.

    As for the trailer, it looks like another action-brawler type Korean MMO that are somehow becoming the norm now. Seriously, how does that country simultaneously produce dozens of MMOs at the same time? Related videos on Youtube showcases a bunch of similarly actiony MMOs with characters rolling around and slashing big monsters. There’s got to be an unholy amount of asset sharing between these games.

  7. Springy says:

    We’re sending our women to war in their undergarments again. It always seems like such a good idea until the casualties.

    • Wulf says:

      This is one of the reasons I’m actually pleased by Charr women in Guild Wars – they’re dignified. I find that a worrying degree of sexualising occurs in many MMOs, and Blizzard will sex up anything, even the beast races. (See: Lady Worgen.) But with the Charr, they do have a strong sense of dignity, and they’re also pragmatists, so going into battle nearly naked just doesn’t work for them. Due to this, the men and women among the Charr in Guild Wars 2 are equally armoured.

      For this reason, I’m actually going to roll a lady Charr and I’ll most likely stick with it. I’ve tried to do the opposite gender thing before, but with how incredibly oversexed most MMOs are I tend to end up just becoming rather embarrassed of the character and never playing her again. Ever. So this will actually be a breath of fresh air, to me.

      One of the things I was most pleased about in GW2 was the first Warrior series of videos, which had a fully armoured Warrior lady in it.

      Let me see if I can find that…

      Ah, here we go!

    • KauhuK says:

      I have higher hopes for GW2 than any other MMO coming near future. It seems to me that Arenanet are at least trying to do something different and looking at the videos it seems they are getting somewhere. I liked GW 1 and all its expansions though I hate myself for not getting more into the pvp and now its too late for that. I hope arenanet delivers its promises.

    • Tei says:

      Springy, you wins the internet today.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      C’mon Wulf, don’t try to hide behind a logical explanation, we all know people going charr (much alike the ones going dickwolves in cataclysm) are juste furry sympathizers !

      And, and ! I’d like to add, stop the shenanigans with this swords-are-phallic-symbols, this is simply not true. The truth is that everyone not so equipped would like to have a big sword, and that the only ones who’re talking about compensation are those equipped with tiny sword and don’t accept it.

      Hmmm wait, that didn’t came out right…

    • aldo_14 says:

      It does make the raping and pillaging more efficient, though.

    • Pop says:

      Aldo_14. Sir, you lose the internet

    • BooleanBob says:

      I agree with Tei. Springy’s (genius) comment reads like the winning entry in a caption competition that never existed. Can RPS Towers sort him out with an honorary prize? Even a hobnob would suffice.

    • Joshua says:

      There are only a few places where I don’t see this happening: Mass Effect, Neverwinter Nights 2, and the Lord of the Rings (but mabye that one doesn’t count).

    • adonf says:

      “So this will actually be a breath of fresh air, to me.”

      Please raise your virtual hand if you read “a breast of fresh air”

      [raises hand]

  8. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    What is a sceptical.

  9. JackShandy says:

    If you complete a quest at a different time of day, the environment will actually dynamically change to reflect your choice, even up to the extent of showing the sun at an entirely different angle.

    • faelnor says:

      I officially endorse the three (3) above posters (including the one I am hereby replying to)

  10. drewski says:

    Sorry, double post.

  11. drewski says:

    From now I’m going to try to remember to read the tags before reading the story so I don’t get excited about some pretty, interesting game that happens to be an MMO.

  12. Vaerriek says:

    Trailer is blocked in the USA :(

  13. irongamer says:

    Here is a trailer that works. While the video is not as epic as some Vindictus videos I do like the idea of Vindictus type gameplay in an open world.

  14. Kaltano says:

    I am getting sick of every MMO having either the Anime look/combat or the WoW cartoon look. Can we dial back the crazy please? If only LoTRO hadn’t been a wow clone, beautiful and believable armor and weapons aplenty there.

  15. bill says:

    As someone who has never played an MMO, I’m rather surprised that all MMOs don’t do that already.

    You mean every quest is the same every time? And they have different quests for different levels? It seems like a lot of hard work to make all that content. Surely it makes much more sense to have quests that can accept all levels of player, and which are ranomised – saves on work for one thing. And sounds less repetitive.

  16. pupsikaso says:

    Looks like a more polished Vindictus with a lot more emphasis on skill based action.
    Looking forward to it.

  17. deimos says:

    I’d rather have Monster Hunter Frontier in than a clone.

  18. Shadram says:

    “Gamania” sounds like what happens in certain bathhouses in cities around the world every Friday and Saturday night. Trailer makes the game look kinda fun, though.

  19. zergrush says:

    It’s pretty sad that all of the available PC options for a Monster Hunter-like action game are MMOs =/
    Even the Korean MHFrontier is not as good as the PSP versions.

    Vindictus is pretty cool, but the need for a proxy kills every chance to play as a party ( so as not to ruin someone else’s gaming due to lag ). I soloed till getting bored at level 30 or so.

  20. Dominic White says:

    This looks very Monster Hunter-ish. You should have gotten Quinns to write about the game.

    As for “I realise that it’s called a “longbow”, but this just looks impractical:” – it looks perfectly practical to me. How else are you going to get an arrow through a 30 foot tall demon robot?

  21. Xercies says:

    If it does all that then aren’t you really playing a single player game? because i don’t get how you would get to do those quests Multiplayer if they change and well the only way I could see them doing this is that new terrain moving thingy majigy which if I remember rightly only can affect single players or only a few players at a time.

  22. Ezhar says:

    Eastern MMO’s never work for me. They’re always too bland and grindy and often have weird user interfaces and other silly stuff (click to move? no thanks. Character is glued to the ground and can’t jump, resulting in having to walk around a tiny outcropping in the ground? fuck off.)

    • Dominic White says:

      That’s a weird statement to make, especially on a trailer for a game which clearly uses action/arcade style controls, and has plenty of jumping and climbing.

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  24. Lizard Dude says:

    In eleventh century Europe, music theory of the time was based on a six-note scale (hexachord). The names for the six pitches in the scale came from the first syllables of each line in a particular Latin hymn where each phrase started on the next note up (ut – re – mi – fa – sol – la). Just like our modern scales, the hexachord could start on various notes (e.g., C-scale, F-scale) but the options were more limited because starting on certain notes would make it impossible to hit the correct six intervals (since the “in-between” notes simply didn’t exist as options in their theory, and thus their minds).

    To name a specific note in this system, you first listed the note letter and then all possible positions in the overlapping existing hexachords. The lowest C was called “C-fa-ut”, the next note up from that was “D-sol-re”, while the C an octave above was called “C-sol-fa-ut”, etc. The absolute lowest theoretical pitch recognized was the bottom bar of the bass staff and, I guess because they wanted to start the alphabet at the beginning, this specific note was called Γ (gamma) instead of G. Since this was the lowest note in existence it could of course only be used as an ut. So the note’s proper name was “Γ-ut”. The term “gamma ut” eventually became used to refer to the entire range of notes (as in, “starting from the Γ-ut”) and from there eventually expanded to describe the full range of anything. Along the way, the two words got slurred together and that’s the origin of the word “gamut”!