The RPS Bargain Bucket: Price Decapitation

Are you ready to kickstart another year of cheap games? I hope so, because the bargain bucket is back, and 2011ier than ever before. In case you’ve forgotten, I also have a website called that tells you about all of the cheap games all of the time. Here’s this weeks, admittedly slightly underwhelming, selection of cut price digital fun.

“Best of 2010” sale
Lets take a moment out of our busy schedule to laugh at the artist formerly known as MSGFWLGOD. Games for Windows have got a not particularly good “Best of 2010” sale on at the minute, featuring four games that came out in 2010, five games that came out in 2009, and one that Microsoft themselves published in 2005. Everything in the sale has been available elsewhere at the same price or less recently too, with the exception of AoE3, which isn’t available digitally anywhere else. You can pay in Microsoft’s fictional points currency if you like, which lets you save a few pennies (but at what cost?).

DC Universe – £23.96/$39.96
Apply coupon “batman” in the UK and “joker” the the USA.
I always have a little trepidation about encouraging people to buy any MMO, at any price. Especially pre release. Who knows what could happen in the digital DC universe over the next few months, and if you decide that it’s not fun enough to justify the (rather expensive) £9.99/$14.99 a month subscription, you’ll have wasted your money. At the very least, it’s always nice to have games with Hamill and Conroy reprising their roles as the voices of Joker and Batman. RPS coverage here.
According to the pixels on the web site, this offer should be available to people in the EU too, but I can’t actually get it to work.

A Man with a Monocle – £2.88/€4/$4
Here’s a top tip for all developers wanting to get their game featured in the Bargain bucket. Some weeks, there aren’t very many games on sale, and I end up a bit stuck for picking which games to fill it up with. On those weeks, I’m generally inclined to pick whichever game has the silliest name. A Man with a Monocle is a platformer with a silly name, and there is a demo here.

ArmA 2 – £4.99/€7.49/$9.99
The expansions and previous game have been similarly discounted. You can see everything here.
Here’s wot Jim thinks of ArmA 2.

What PC games are is a wide open landscape, and that monstrous, uneven terrain is only getting larger by the day. Thank fuck for this twisted little peninsula of realism, without it gaming would be a whole lot less interesting.

He talks about bits of the game having unfinished elements. I take it it’s a bit more finished now? You can find a tankfull of RPS coverage here.

[Jim’s note on Arma 2: The optimisation and such still leave a lot to be desired, but heavy patching has done a lot to remove the issues I encountered on reviewing the single player aspect of this game. Also, I would point out that we generally play standalone Operation Arrowhead for RPS multiplayer sessions, rather than this original vanilla game.]

Deal of the week
Fatale – Free
For today only, so hurry up and grab it if you’re interested. Tale of Tales games seem to be a little love them or hate, indeed sometimes both, so free is probably an ideal price for lots of people. No risk of paying for something you don’t enjoy, but every chance of finding something astounding. In Tale of Tale’s own words:

Salome is a first century Judean princess mentioned in the Christian Bible by Matthew and by Mark. But it is Oscar Wilde’s 19th century play “Salome” that really inspired Fatale. In the Bible, Salome is a child who dances for King Herod and asks the head of John the Baptist as a reward. In Wilde’s version, Salome falls in love with the prophet. He rejects her and she has him executed. The play ends with her kissing the lips of his decapitated head.

Most of Fatale takes place in the aftermath of this event, when all has turned quiet and the moon brings comfort to troubled hearts.

I’m not sure what exactly makes this stand out from all the other Oscar Wilde biblical adaptation inspired interactive vignettes. It’s a pretty crowded marketplace, and I’m not sure this one even has leaning.

Remember to click on to be tricked into buying yet more games you probably don’t even want that much, just because they are cheap.


  1. Starky says:

    You know I can see a point in the next 2-3 years where January and February become utterly dead months for PC sales, no one has any money to buy anything, everyone already has far too many games yet to play – all due to steam and it’s insane sales.

    I can’t even be bothered with that free game, knowing that I just don’t have the time to play it, and probably won’t for months.

    • rayne117 says:

      I am probably going to play it for 20 minutes and then never touch it again.

  2. mcnubbins says:

    Well, can’t beat the price of free. Guess I’ll try out the weird-looking Salome game that I’ve never heard of before.

    • dadioflex says:

      I was just complaining about wacky payment services on indie developer sites over on the Dream Machine thread and doesn’t Fatale use something called… where’s the incentive for me to buy from a site I’ve never heard of? Yesyes, I know, it goes straight to the download but I’m right, IN PRINCIPLE.

    • Oak says:

      There is also the issue of having something called show up on your monthly statement.

  3. tomnullpointer says:

    “I’m not sure this one even has leaning.” ace combo breaker!

  4. invisiblejesus says:

    Just a clarification, DC Universe Online isn’t going to have a subscription fee. It was originally announced last summer that it would, but they’ve since opted to go to a free to play model with microtransactions.

    Edit: Check that, there are a bunch of conflicting news reports out there about it but the official site does say it’ll be subscription based.

    • Vandelay says:

      I just watched the trailer and got excited. But not if it has a monthly cost.

    • Pardoz says:

      “DC Universe Online will carry an anticipated retail price of US$59.99 for PlayStation 3 and US$49.99 for PC in North America. The game includes one 30-day game membership, with monthly subscriptions available thereafter for US$14.99.”

      Pity they didn’t go the no-cover/microtransaction route, since there just isn’t enough there there to justify a monthly subscription. Still, if you fancy a superhero brawler there’s a solid 30-50 hours of gameplay to be had for the box price, then cancel before the free month expires.

    • Torgen says:

      I like the art style and many of the missions in DCUO, and enjoyed the game a lot more once I started looking at it as a fighting game where the superpowers are the “powerups” and not the focus of combat.

      No way I can justify the $50 price tag + $15 monthly fee though, with so many iconic powers of the DC world missing from the game, and with games like Lord of the Rings Online free to play.

  5. Nullkigan says:

    Interestingly ArmA 2 works as an expansion pack to Operation Arrowhead. That is, if you buy Combined Operations (the A2/OA bundle, £14.98 on gamersgate right now) you get several new ‘islands’ and a bunch more units (Russians, US Marines, Chedaki) to play with. Whilst we try to have mostly OA only content on the RPS server, having CO lets you join in on a wider variety of missions. The DLC does not work in the same manner and instead only improves textures and sounds of new ‘islands’ and units provided as part of the patches.

    Anyhoo, copy and pasting this from an earlier ArmA 2 related post:

    This is a link to our long, meandering RPS forums thread. You can also find lots of ARMA-heads in the RPS steam group chat room.

    We play mostly coop and from 6 or 7 in the evenings, GMT. Currently we have people getting together for regular “Tactical Tuesdays” and “Warfare Wednesdays” but are found online throughout the week.

    The server IP is: and the password is “rumpus”. Or you can filter for games by name using Rock or RockPaper. We have a mumble server on the same IP and the default mumble port, with the same password. Tip: Right click on and select “local mute” to quiet down some of those hyperenergetic youngsters.

    We don’t use any mods, so you can jump straight in. However, if you’re a verteran player and have a bunch of clientside stuff you like, that’s cool too (we don’t block or require anything). If you have missions you’d like to see on the server, let us know in the thread, on steam, or in game.

    • TWeaK says:

      Is there any extra content to be gained by buying Combined Op instead of the two separately? If you buy them separately, you save a penny!

    • Nullkigan says:


      None at all, exact same product set. In fact you can do two sets of ratings and reviews to get gamersgate own rewards currency (blue coins) rather than just one. It’s closer to 10p cheaper!

    • Archonsod says:

      There’s a tool on Bohemia’s site that lets you turn a separate ARMA 2 and OA install into a single Combined Ops one. Even works on the Steam version with a little bit of tinkering.

  6. SquareWheel says:

    Apparently I already own FATALE from the Tale of Tales pack a while back. I never played the game, just picked it up to support the devs.

  7. Daave says:

    – Beards

  8. Wizlah says:

    Saw the CO price at gamersgate, and I might finally buy it, although this does mean posponing purchasse of solium infernum AGAIN. February, I guess.

  9. Navagon says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Fatale.

  10. adonf says:

    So no Daikatana this time either ? I was hoping John Romero would make me his bitch in 2011 for $.99 or something…

  11. HexagonalBolts says:

    anyone got any thoughts on fatale?

    • Alegis says:

      It’s from Tale of Tales.

      That’s a warning sign louder than a WW II air raid siren.

    • Xercies says:

      Say what you will about them at least there doing interesting stuff in gaming and I have to respect them for that.

  12. Carra says:

    Finally, a weekend where I can keep my wallet closed.

  13. malkav11 says:

    If for whatever reason you want Blacklight: Tango Down (nothing I’ve heard suggests there’s much reason to get it), it’s $7.49 on Steam as well as GFW.

    • LostSoviet says:

      Blacklight Tango Down is on sale everywhere it seems – Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive, Games for Windows – for 50% off.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Steam didn’t even bother announcing it as a deal, it just shows up in the specials list at 50% off (there’s no weekend deal ad in the top right corner of the Steam homepage for me). That’s the biggest ad for steering clear I’ve ever seen.

  14. The Hammer says:

    Man, I feel sorry for the poor soul that has to write those “Tips” in the Games For Windows Marketplace.

    “Tip: Explosion type weapons work great on groups.”

    “Tip: Take the stairs because jumping can cause you damage.”

    “Tip: Limit your formations and improve the skill of your team!”

    “Tip: Gather armor to protect you as a battle could begin at anytime!”

    It’s just so… rubbish.

    • sinister agent says:

      “Tip: Aim weapons at hostile combatants for improved accuracy.”

    • OldRat says:

      Tip: Shoot your weapon to damage enemies!

      Tip: Move around to change your position!

      Tip: Move away from explosions to prevent damage!

      Tip: Ambushes are a great way to surprise your opponents!

      Also, “Tip: Limit your formations and improve the skill of your team!” seriously needs to have “for much victory!” in the end.

    • mwoody says:

      “Attack its weak spot for massive damage!”

  15. safetydank says:

    GameTap is selling R.U.S.E. for $15. It registers on Steam and is a bit cheaper than their recent sales. Takes a few hours for them to send you the serial though.

    link to

  16. Gabe McGrath says:

    I’m currently playing A Man with a Monocle

    If you like Knytt-esque platformers, with functional graphics and a nice quiet atmosphere, it may be for you. :-)

  17. Gabe McGrath says:

    @ RPS:

    Just had a weird error… logged in, type comment, pressed ‘opinion away’ and I got:

    “Regex ID: 124496 (PRADA) appears to be an invalid regex string! Please fix it in the Blacklist control panel.
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    Regex ID: 124470 (PYAPAL) appears to be an invalid regex string! Please fix it in the Blacklist control panel.”

  18. Hideous says:

    Oh man. You used my image again. I am happy now.