Ship Simulator Extremes v1.3 Patch & Editor

I've never been to Australia. Gotta go. Got to. Maybe I could tour the homes of RPS fans, eh?

Developers VSTEP are hard at working improving Ship Simulator Extremes, and the new 1.3 patch adds a collection of new features including a mission editor, nine new misions, a cinematic camera and improvements to the game’s visuals and multiplayer. It is a boat bonanza! If we have any proud virtual sailor boys reading this who haven’t heard of Ship Simulator Extremes, I’d included the latest trailer after the jump. My experience with it was mired by bugs, but hopefully they’re alllll gone now.

The full run-down of what’s included in 1.3-

– Free Ship Sim Extremes Mission Editor: Create your favourite maritime missions and share them with your friends
– New Cinematic Camera allowing for those impressive vessel shots
– New vessel & environment functionality: bridges now have fully operational and moving dials and radar, anchor chains and dropping anchor option has been added, buoys now have navigation lights, and charts have added depth functionality.
– Several Performance improvements
– Visual improvements, brighter colours & reflections
– Multiplayer improvements


  1. Level85nerd says:

    I hate simulators, no matter what you simulate, it’s always boring, like this game.
    Even an editor or a new patch could never get me into this.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Clearly you aren’t talking about Truck Simulator, because HOW COULD THAT BE BORING.

    • AndrewC says:

      Who doesn’t like trucks?

    • Mctittles says:

      ” Instead of admitting that the game or the genre is just not for them, they decide that it’s the devs’ fault”

      I think Level85Nerd is actually admitting it’s the genre he doesn’t like.

      I was originally put off by his comment, possibly because it’s somewhat curt, but also because he doesn’t agree with me. Which is ok I realized and comments is the place to leave your opinion right?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      What about simulators that simulate rich fantasy worlds, or those that make you fight aliens in space? Do you hate those too?

    • Skull says:

      Froklift Simulator was the pinnacle in awesome simulators: link to

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @kobzon: Well he never said anything about it being the devs fault. He simply stated he hates simulators. Granted, it might have had an inflammatory tone, but that’s all he essentially said.

      I’m in the same boat with him generally. I hate racing sims but love arcade style racers. I realize though that people do enjoy sim games.

    • PUKED says:

      I’m sorry, but if you don’t like Ship Simulator EXTREMES or Forklift Simulator you are clearly a broken, terrible person.

      You should probably take up a hobby more your speed like throwing bottles at old people.

    • malkav11 says:

      I dunno. I’m partial to Power Shovel myself.

    • littlewilly91 says:

      @ Skull: That forklift truck simulator was amazing! I like the reviewer so much! Much more forward thinking and generous than Yahtzee and most critics. I think you’d have to be a megalomaniac to be offended by his criticisms if you’re a developer. Maybe because he only distantly comprehends that there are developers and stuff means he isn’t torn by any of it, and just calls it like it is and doesn’t get that feeling that the game is a job and vocation. More an option.

    • Finster says:

      That’s not a frock lift simulator.
      This is a frock lift simulator: link to

  2. Unaco says:

    Someone forgot to dub in the Hawaii Five-0 theme tune over that video. Although, having just tried it myself, I’d say the Magnum PI theme works just as well.

  3. Out Reach says:


    Got this as part of the Paradox Interactive bundle on steam… should I install?

  4. kulik says:

    Can it simulate storms so big it could sunk the ship?

  5. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Okay, so when can I buy hats?

  6. konrad_ha says:

    Ahh RPS, will your love-affair with Ship Simulator EXTREMES(!!!) never end? Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  7. alice says:

    Oh Quinns, you can tour my home of San Jose, CA, USA any time.

  8. luminosity says:

    If you do tour our homes, Quinns, will we appear in a new Journey of Saga-esque?

  9. Navagon says:

    I’ve actually got this game. I didn’t know that until quite a while after I bought it. But that’s the Paradox Complete pack for you.

    I’ve got a feeling I’m going to wind up playing this game before some of the games I actually bought the pack for. Curiosity is a strange beast like that.

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