WoL Footage: Harris, Steenberg, Betts

So we already posted the Subversion wobblecam footage from last year’s big indie event, World Of Love, but now there’s much more from a bunch of other speakers. Almost certainly the most interesting of these is the talk by Cliff Harris, who speaks in plain terms about the practicalities of making a living from producing indie games. If you don’t have a cash-button formula like Minecraft then there’s still a lot of hard work to be done, and Cliffski lays that out with illegible Powerpoint slides and straight-talking. Really, this one is worth a watch.

There’s also some of Eskil Steenberg’s wizardry, and some thoughts about how to avoid retro visuals and look good in the 21st century from Tom “Nullpointer” Betts. Go take a look. Also, don’t forget the second World Of Love is up this month. More on that soon!

World of Love: Cliff Harris from Mudlark on Vimeo.

World of Love: Eskil Steenberg from Mudlark on Vimeo.

World of Love: Tom Betts from Mudlark on Vimeo.


  1. bildo says:

    Well, I cant hear anything worth listening to when both computer and player volume all the way up. I hate having to use a laptop without head phones.

  2. abigbat says:

    Speaking of Love, what ever happened to the wanky but beautiful MMO thingie?

    • geldonyetich says:

      The first thing I thought of when seeing the title of this entry too.

      Last I heard, it’s still around and being worked on in the typical Indy style. You’ll have poor luck trying to find it in Google unless you call it, “Quel solaar.”

    • Jacques says:

      Last I checked Eskil still ranked on the first page of Google for “Love”, albeit at the bottom.

      Anyway, the game’s still going on, lots and lots of updates recently which has pretty much overhauled the player/AI system, basically, AI can now be friendly, and give you unique items and such, so it introduces a new way to play the game.

      Also, Eskil hasn’t announced it yet, but 10 Euro gets you 180 days of playtime, not 30 days.

    • DrazharLn says:

      180 days you say?

      As soon as these exams are over I’m reactiviting my old account!

      Do you still get a free friend account?

  3. harmen says:

    Would that be interesting for experienced programmers with too much time on their hands and no drawing or game-making skills? Or has the age of Unity etc progressed so far that every prospective gamemaker can just do it themselves?

  4. Flappybat says:

    Cliff’s slides are operating on a whole other level of communication.

  5. AndrewC says:

    You know, I kind of would.

  6. Ricc says:

    Does Eskil license these tools? Shouldn’t everybody in the industry use his tech by now? o_o Seriously, the guy should make some serious money as a middleware / tools developer.

  7. Jon says:

    Really enjoyed watching Cliff Harris’ talk, have sent him a few questions, hopefully what he said out reading every email is true.

  8. frags says:

    Those texturing and UV mapping tools are super cool. Didn’t Spore do something similar?

  9. DOLBYdigital says:

    Thank you for introducing me to these videos…. somehow forgot about this event but glad you helped me catch up…. some cool stuff :)