Lego Universe’s Space Ninjas Unmasked

Despite feeling a little lukewarm towards the release-month accomplishments of Lego Universe, we’re still keen to keep an eye on it. And the game – which was fairly small on release – is expanding. The latest reveal shows off Crux Prime, which shows skeleton minfigs mining on asteroids, and which reportedly contains some kind of martial arts monastery where players can learn “Spinjitzu”. This is, apparently, related to the real-world toys’ new Ninjago line, which features ninjas and the undead in conflict. The new zone will contain 100 new missions and will appear in the game in a few weeks time.

There’s a lovely trailer for Crux Prime just here.


  1. sfury says:

    I’m holding out until they introduce Space Nazis. :\

  2. Flimgoblin says:

    hang on, zombies vs ninjas? someone’s got their meme wrong…

    unless it’s pirate zombies?

    • Ian Moriarty says:

      Pirate zombies are already in the game, amusingly. These are a little more bony than their pirate cousins, and ride Skull themed motorcycles.

  3. JFS says:

    Lego sure has come a long way since I was young. And all of it forced upon the poor children by us, the Electronic Entertainment Plague ™, that now in turn benefits by getting its memes plasticized so you can acutally touch them instead of just reading up on them in some forum. Oh my.