No F3AR: Not Until May, Anyway

Here is the news about F.E.A.R. 3: it has been delayed. Warner Bros confirmed last night that the spooky shooter sequel would not arrive until May. We are going to assume that is because Day 1 Studios are making it awesome. Also, did everyone know that Jon Carpenter was helping with the cutscenes? I’d missed that somehow, but there it is.

I really liked the original game, but the subsequent stuff has been a bit tedious. I’m rather hoping this, with its superstar plot people and “evolved cover system” might be a bit better. It’s troubling me a bit that the trailers have all been live action rubbish and stuff.


  1. ZIGS says:

    They stopped advertising John Carpenter’s involvement when other games also started doing live-action trailers that were much better (the new Ghost Recon for example)

  2. Bloodloss says:

    We march for Macragge.

  3. dethtoll says:

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, FEAR 2 was very nearly GOTY 2009 for me (then I played Batman Arkham Asylum) and I’m all over this. I’m a big fan of the FEAR series and FEAR 2, despite having some things that annoyed me, was very much a worthy sequel. I’ll probably gobble up anything with FEAR on the box, I’m afraid. Probably a bad thing, but I don’t care!

  4. Jacques says:

    Those guns remind me of Hellgate, and now I’m sad that Hellgate died :(

  5. juandemarco says:

    I guess I’ll have to play 1 and 2 again and try to like them. I was into Condemned much, much more, it’s a shame they decided to shelve it.

  6. Bungle says:

    I sure hope “evolved cover system” doesn’t mean “pop and shoot.” But that is usually what it means.

    • Ringwraith says:

      Not when you can kick tables over!
      Well, kicking people does tend to shake things up a bit.

  7. Bioptic says:

    I picked up the “absolutely everything related to F.E.A.R. for £5” pack on Steam in the sale, and have really been enjoying the first one. It’s a heady mix of exploring old-fashioned FPS levels (when things were more fiddly and less annoyingly chunky), demolishing screaming soldiers with a really satisying range of weaponry (hugely overpowered shotgun, full-auto sniper rifle, and the standard “pin things to the scenery with foot-long spikes”) and slow-mo kung fu, and being totally blindsided by scary things occasionally popping into the edge of your vision.

    But with Monolith gone, I’m not sure what appeal the franchise holds – it needs a spark of invention or distinction of some kind, otherwise it’s the most generic kind of manshooter.

  8. Navagon says:

    I’ll be bloody stunned if this turns out to be anything above average. I also preferred Condemned. But the sequel brutally murdered that IP.

  9. Optimaximal says:

    Jim, you may have missed John Carpenter’s involvement because of a strange case of RPS tag-misalignment.

  10. Napalm Sushi says:

    A curious barrage of glitches that seem totally specific to my PC renders FEAR 2 unplayable for me, so I can’t really say anything about the evolution of the series as a whole, but that screenshot tells me that the current devs have completely forgotten what kind of intense, immersive game the original was. Why does everything in entertainment these days have to be “RAAAWWR EEEEPIIIIIICCC”?

  11. brulleks says:

    I’m very happy that the reviews for FEAR 2 were largely underwhelming as it meant I was pleasantly surprised by it actually being quite good, and not all that different to the first one (a definite plus in my book), when I finally bought it for a couple of quid in the Steam sale.

    Which is strange when you consider that I thought the demo was utter pants. How did they manage to release a demo that undersold the game so badly? It was quite a while ago that I played it, so can’t really remember what I hated so much – I know it felt clunky, and I’m pretty sure the helmet HUD restricted the view more. Was the full game patched like mad after release or something?

    Anyway, hopefully this means they are sorting out all those problems before release this time. Are Monolith dead-dead or are they finally-making-another-NOLF-game-so-no-longer-interesting-to-mainstream-press-dead?

  12. Samuel Bass says:

    Really liked Fear 1, but never made it past the demo for the sequel.

    What I really want is a Condemned 3, one which retcons the massive shark jump that was the second half of prior sequel – the moment when it went from “weird horror thing with hobo punching” to “80’s straight to video sci-fi action movie, possibly starring Robert Urich and Wings Hauser”, to be specific.

    As an aside, I actually studied under John Carpenter in Film School. Interesting guy, opinionated but also willing to hang out in a cafe for an hour before class and be badgered by gawky film student types.

    Never thought I’d end up watching In the Realm of the Senses with the guy who made The Thing.

  13. RegisteredUser says:

    As long as they stop restricting gun slots to only 4 and figure out something to make it a little more interesting than “press slomo, rotate through 3 guys, wait to recharge, repeat..”, then yea, sure, at least I will look.

    Did not really go bananas over Fear 2, managed to get through both F1+2 however. But during 2 quite frankly I found myself almost calling for the next effect / “spooky” sequence before it happened, simply because they all stood out so clearly and were set up so obviously..

    Then again I guess that’s what happens after x games of the kind, as it is basically 100% the same with hollywood movies where you can literally pre-say the next sentences of characters many a time..and be 80-100% spot on right. Dito for the plot.