Shift 2: Unleashed Gets Trailered, Dated

Via Blues, I spy a Shift 2: Unleashed trailer, which is posted below. The latest Need For Speed game is huge, with over 130 cars and 100 different tracks to race on, and features a bunch of the cleverness from Hot Pursuit, such as the in-helmet cam and the race-stat comparing autolog thing, which allows you to immediately compare your race-fu with online chums. The game us due on March 24, 2011 (March 29th in North America), and it looks a bit good.


  1. Chizu says:

    This trailer was played whilst Hot Pursuit was busy installing itself on my PS3.
    Picked up the first Shift on PC a while back. Love the in-car camera. thouroughly enjoyed the gameplay.
    Hated drift events though.
    But this looks good, the new improved helmet cam looks pretty good.
    Certainly looking foward to it.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      With EA, as with politicians, always remember: They only promise you stuff just to the point where they can sell it. They don’t give a shit about later. As long as you pay / vote for them, they’re good. Later: Fuck you. It’s a wonder if the games start up at all, let alone being fun.
      No fucking thanks!

  2. Paul says:

    Hot Pursuit was shit, and it did not have incar view, much less in helmet view.

    So there.

    Also, Shift 1 was great and this look even better – I could not be happier it is on PC, where it can really shine. And in 3 months! Wonderful.

    • skinlo says:

      Nope, its was a lot of fun! Did you like Burnout?

    • fuggles says:

      Hot Pursuit is one of the most fun games I have played in recent memory. It’s not a sim in any respect and is pure arcade joy with a compelling multiplayer vs mode.

      Sometimes I wish it had an incar view, but I can live with it and autolog does its job surprisingly well – I can’t say I am actually friends with the 30+ people I’ve added, but I appreciate that it generates challenges for me, based on their performance.

      Although it looks like the PC is not getting DLC, I don’t mind too much as that just means EA are not getting any more of my money. Similarly, whilst I like the look of Shift 2, I’m still all about the pursuing.

    • Paul says:

      I actually like and own Burnout, but I could not stand HP for more than 2 hours or so – the races were simply too boring, damage model laughable. It did not feel like driving a car at all, more like some weird nonfun wipeout feelalike. I dunno.

      I really loved the graphics of its environments though.

  3. Dhatz says:

    HP was forgotten immediately i found other games to pay. but i dont think the footage that follors stoptime is the same as in the trailer you cant skip when launching HP first time.

  4. cyberninja says:

    Never played shift, but this looks amazing, I’m defiantly interested.

  5. Phinor says:

    Good old floaty feeling with ridiculously bad tyre physics is back I see. I much prefer driving games where it feels like you are driving an actual car.

  6. KillahMate says:

    I find that ‘most realistic racer ever’ bit somewhat hard to believe.

    • Warth0g says:

      Agree – it looks fantastic but will no doubt be nothing more than an arcade racer like the majority of these titles. I’d like to believe otherwise but history suggests than this will be far from realistic..

  7. AndrewC says:

    I really like the autolog friend competition stuff. Could RPS post a guide to having any friends?

  8. Navagon says:

    Bah, look at those obvious barriers! Blatant linear corridor racer.

    First comment of the day… too fast.

  9. Arbodnangle Scrulp says:

    I was just thinking the other day about racing games, high-speed reaction-a-thons versus realism-at-all-costs-even-the-fun-unless-you’re-a-stats-nerd, not unlike RPGs versus FPSs.

    Show me a racing game with an almost but not quite realistic damage model (ie more than cosmetic damage, affects the gameplay, but not quite one crash ends the race) and almost but not quite realistic handling (tyres with very good but not infinite grip) and I will be happy. A good wheel and a 3D monitor would be a plus.

    • Fede says:

      Mobil 1 British Rally Championship is Magnetic Fields’ best game, and does what you ask for.

      I heard that Richard Burns Rally improved on it and is even better, but I have never played it, so I cannot confirm.

    • Dimonte says:

      Try TOCA Race Driver 3 if you don’t mind a bit dated visuals. There are also Forza and Gran Turismo series, they both rock, though not on PC.

  10. Sam Crisp says:

    It seems they done a Modern Warfare 2 and half-dropped Need for Speed from the title. There’s something about racing game franchises and monosyllabic names: Dirt, Grid, Fuel, Shift, Blur, etc. I want to see one called Vroom.

  11. Lyon says:

    It looks pretty, maybe even prettiererer than the first, but the physics still look like they’re modelled by a child.

    It doesn’t need to be a full on sim with an arcade mode to cater for everyone, but physics based on this universe would be nice. Shift tried to make a motor racing game dressed up like a sim, the intention was never to attempt to replicate what happens in the real world but to give people a sense of what it is to be part of it all. An admirable design philosophy, I have no problem with somebody designing a game to be played by all skill types, it would just be nice if Shift catered for the simmers and not just the more casual gamers. The problem is that Shift managed to do neither very well, the hardest setting were difficult enough that it might as well have been semi realistic, and the easiest setting still would have massively benefited from a more realistic (but totally assisted) physics and tire model.

    • Paul says:

      This is fun. Slightly Mad Studios, made up of people like Ian Bell, founder of Simbin….actually models games like children would.Uh huh.

    • Lyon says:

      There is nothing of the good stuff from Simbin left over in SMS. Every previous Simbin title had better, more predictable and more enjoyable physics with propper race weekends and a much more mature community. Shift replaced all that refinement and purity with batshit insane handling, quick 3 lap race events that encouraged you to aggressively overtake the entire field in a few laps and the most infantile thing to ever happen to motorsport, Drifting.

      If they’re going to tout about how this is “the most realistic racer ever”, maybe they should actually listen to sim racers.

  12. doktorfisch says:

    Colin McRae Rally 4 was the most realistic racing game ever. Period.

  13. CaptainKapowski says:

    Despite all the above comments, I think most of the cars are realistic to drive with a wheel and pedals input with all the “driver assists” turned off.

  14. y0chang says:

    Richard Burns Rally wasn’t a game. It was a simulation. Its as hard to master as Grand Prix Legends and just as rewarding when you did. I was so focused on driving, I turned off the graphical helper signs that flashed up because I learned that taking your eyes off the road for a second generally lead to a huge crash. I had to learn to use my ears to listen to the co-driver instead.

    link to

    Watch and marvel…It still looks better than most modern games as well but look at the full 3d camber of the road and watch how the driver uses it to get around the corner.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mobil One is still one of my favorite games ever and its what got me into watching Rally, but RBR was the greatest simulation since Gran Prix Legends.