This Is An Art Attack: King Arthur 2 Coming

Skipping rope demons are famously unbeatable by all except 8 year old girls.

I’m going to the annual Paradox Interactive convention next week, where developers will says things to me like “We’ve finally corrected the hat height of our 16th century Polish Hussars!” And I will nod like a man trying to escape from the tender embrace of a headcrab. But it won’t all be inaccessible historic strategy games! Hark: Neocore has just released a teaser trailer for King Arthur 2, which awaits your inexhaustible attention beneath the jump. Seriously, what are they feeding you?

What are we looking forward to? In brief:

King Arthur II will feature a new and dark fantasy setting. No longer a valiant ruler, King Arthur is now the Maimed King trying to mend a land almost beyond repair in a stunning new plot. More heroic, large scale battles with bigger armies are at reach to defeat more powerful foes. Intense boss fights never seen before promise to pit hero’s forces against unique and terrifying enemies. A new wide range of camera control options, revised animations and an extensive tutorial will provide for the ultimate gaming experience.

Boss fights never seen before in the ultimate gaming experience! Christ!

There’s no denying that Neocore are quite good at this basically-Total-War-but-not-quite thing. Jim quite enjoyed the first King Arthur, and I felt the same way about their next game, Lionheart. I reckon King Arthur 2 will literally be pretty good. That’s what I reckon.


  1. Archonsod says:

    And still no sign of the Druid DLC …

  2. Javier-de-Ass says:

    weird. are they going more kingdom under fire with it? I mean, more focus on single playable characters among the npc chaos

  3. Om says:

    Never mind giants or whatnot, I want word on a possible Victoria 2 expansion. Do you hear me Iron Quinns!

  4. Zenicetus says:

    Ugh… there’s that phrase again: “Dark Fantasy.” This is getting to be a code word for “we don’t really know what that means, but there will be lots of gore, and no sunny days with blue skies in the environment.”

    • Davie says:

      It should really mean more fatalism and smelly peasants, not flames behind the logo and Raspy McGravelbox doing the voice-over.

      Nonetheless, the first one was pretty fun, so it’s probably worth a look.

    • pipman3000 says:

      noooo i liked all the beautiful colourful sunny days and knights in shining armour from the first king arthur game.

      damn you bioware >:(

  5. Vadermath says:

    Any chance on a detailed Crusader Kings 2 coverage, Quinns?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      That, and more! I’m curious about Crusader Kings 2, actually.

    • Vadermath says:

      Excellent! Have you played the original CK, by the way? I’ve spent many hours with it, despite some of its flaws.

    • Jae Armstrong says:

      Eh, CK2 is still in pre-alpha. I’ll doubt there’ll be much to see that hasn’t already been covered in the dev diaries. I’m going to echo Om and ask you to keep an eye out for a V2 expansion, or news on SotS2.

      We’re about due for the former, and information on the latter is frustratingly sparse considering how long it’s been in development.

  6. thesundaybest says:

    I have a hard time believing Britannia awaits me when the person doing the telling is from Florida.

    • Navagon says:

      The first game had a British / British sounding narrator. So I hope they don’t make the same mistake they did with Lionheart with the sequel. After all it was the most universally panned mistake they made with that game. Hoping, hoping, hoping…

    • DrazharLn says:

      I agree. It Just Bugged Me.

  7. Navagon says:

    Ooooh! Definitely adding this to the wish list in a nice, high spot. I hope they optimised the engine a bit given all they’re throwing at it now. It still looks pretty but couldn’t handle a hell of a lot of stuff going on very well.

    The only bad news is that it seems like the Druid DLC is no more.

  8. Vague-rant says:

    Brillo. Currently playing through the first but its started to drag at the end stages (admittedly after about 40 hours…). Hopefully they can balance it a little better this time.

  9. omicron1 says:

    King Arthur feels like a Western developer making a game about ancient Britain as it might be made by a Japanese game studio. So you’ve got the ridiculously fancy armor, the gigantic swords, and the melodrama, while remaining surprisingly free of JRPG gameplay influences.

    • Dominic White says:

      While King Arthur was decent, I’d still much rather play a more creative butchering of european history.

      link to

    • omicron1 says:

      Huh. Bladestorm looks like an Eastern developer making a Western take on a period of European history.

      So you have Eastern gameplay with a surprisingly Western look to it…

      …oh, and AFAIK it’s not on PC.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, it’s 360/PS3 only. Koei are a weird studio – they do everything from hardcore historical turnbased strategy, to abstract tactical games, right up to insane hack n’ slash brawlers.

  10. Arathain says:

    Quinns, could you find out some interesting and exciting things about Sword of the Stars 2 while you’re out there? Ta!

  11. Theory says:

    Actually, that did look like a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure they won’t have cyclopses with flail arms in medieval Japan.

  12. thebigJ_A says:

    I just got Victoria 2 from the steam sale at Xmas. Never played the first one, but I played a crapload of EUIII (haven’t yet got Divine Wind, as it’s not out on Steam) and a decent amount of HOI3.

    I’m looking forward to another great experience of being absolutely shit at it for a month or so, then getting the hang and starting to really enjoy myself. At which point DW will finally be release on Steam, so I can do it all over with the new Japan and China mechanics.


  13. Basilicus says:

    I loved King Arthur’s first quest, wherein you had to fix the game being completely broken, only to be followed by the second quest in which it constantly stuttered. It was an unsolvable riddle combining my own too-powerful gaming rig with a post-processing resolution effect that actually made the game play worse when running it at lower res. And just when you get used to playing at 8 fps, you discover that an evil curse has been placed upon your units, whereby the A.I. will only follow your commands for about 3 seconds before getting bored and doing their own thing.

    King Arthur was a genius meta-game about our modern relationship with technology. Apparently, the most dedicated fans even found an easter egg – some sort of strategy game hidden underneath!

    • Vague-rant says:

      It wasn’t that broken. I’ve nearly finished it (after about 40-something hours) and only encountered one crash. Thats pretty good going in my book. Overall the game was good- lots of little balancing issues but very fun once you got to grips with combat. It does drag on a bit though.

  14. Towercap says:

    Did the bot match kangaroo babies too?

  15. negativedge says:

    maybe you guys shouldn’t just write off “inaccessible historic strategy games,” especially considering they are quintessentially PC, have a devoted following, have been around forever, etc.

  16. Lambchops says:

    This is an art attack

    link to

    Ah, one of the few things I ever watched on CITV (Funhouse and Finders Keepers being the others) as CBBC was so much better.

  17. dogsolitude_uk says:

    I’m getting on OK with King Arthur, after having bought it in the Steam Sale.

    The only thing that bothers me is that Ipswich (the city in the county of Suffolk), is marked on the campaign map, however the game calls the city in the county above it ‘Norfolk’, when it should actually be ‘Norwich’. Norfolk is a big flat thing full of carrot fields, Norwich is the (smallish) city in it. I mean, they got Bury St Edmond’s roughly correct, and that’s even smaller than Norwich.

    Actually, it bothers me so little I don’t know why I felt the need to mention it. Jeez, I must be catching that weird ‘Roston Vasey’ness off the local inhabitants or something…

  18. Nameless1 says:


  19. RegisteredUser says:

    I’m a massive TW strategy game fan, but compared to them the King Arthur game was just a very pathetic and pale carbon copy attempt.

    Formations and actual tactical maneuvers are close to nonexistant and everything is over faster than you can say “omg did I just do that”.
    Also: army destroying hero spells = massive imba.

    The rest was fairly interesting conceptually..more individual skills, items, RPG elements and quests(i.e. a touch of space rangers), but utterly terrible core gameplay.
    Just made me stop playing along the way as nearly every battle ended up casting 2-3 spells and then taking out the 1-2 heroes in mop-up.

    A lot of promise, just little delivery.

    Maybe they will eventually get it right. I might give it a try once my eyes have stopped rolling at the memory of what it used to be.