Fight At The End Of The Tunnel: SSFIV PC?

This is what John sees when anybody tries to hug him.

A new rumour has entered the ring! Silicon Era has posted about a recent live Q&A session with Capcom USA’s Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, in which the question of Super Street Fighter IV on PC raised its hopeful and bruised head once again. Silicon Era point out that Capcom USA are always the first branch of Capcom to come out with PC ports, so Svensson’s answer carries plenty weight. Let’s see what he said…

I’ll just thunder on and post the whole transcript:

“The answer we’ve always given to this point has been a little bit one of resource management to some degree. That is to say, we have the guys working on Super Street Fighter IV 3DS. They were previously working on Arcade Edition for arcade. And now that team is working on Street Fighter x Tekken. So we didn’t really have the bandwidth for those guys to work on more.

“I think the guys that read [Capcom-Unity forum thread] ‘Ask Capcom’ frequently know that I am a die-hard, die-hard PC gamer and I’ve continued to push for the existence of a Street Fighter IV PC.

“I’ve always said the answer is ‘no’ until it becomes ‘yes,’ and let’s just say I’ve not given up pushing, and maybe at some point in the future we could change that question to ‘Why did it take so long…’ instead of ‘Why is there no…’ Unfortunately, we can’t do that yet, but I’m still cautiously optimistic.”

Well, I suppose that’s not the worst answer in the world. Let’s cheer up with a video of some high level Super Street Fighter IV play, eh? Would that cheer you up? Even just a little? Look, check out the K.O. in the first match. It’s so beautiful.


  1. Javier-de-Ass says:

    that answer didn’t help at all. bu

  2. HexagonalBolts says:

    Awww, from the video’s sample picture I thought the elephant was one of the contestants. What a disappointment.

  3. pkt-zer0 says:

    “The answer we’ve always given to this point has been a little bit one of resource management to some degree.”

    Well, if you don’t count the whole “no SSF4 due to piracy” part, I suppose.

  4. Hatsworth says:

    I for one am really insulted by them not releasing it for the PC. I fully expected them to, and bought an official fightpad for vanilla and then an official stick. This is in addition to buying the game twice(second time during a steam sale).

    Hopefully if it comes out, it will be the Arcade Edition.

    pkt-zer0: Capcom officials have been quoted as saying SFIV PC sold beyond their expectations. Though I guess they might think pirated versions cannibalize console sales. At this point this should be a non issue though.

    Although I haven’t even played the games; having only the first iteration of BlazBlue irks me as well. I don’t know why they chose to port the first iteration if they were only going to release one game for the PC.

  5. Commander Gun says:

    Still, if SSf4 actually comes out, it’ll make my whole gaming year very good indeed. I’m still playing SF4 every day and some new chars and ultra’s would make my day!
    Agreed with pkt though, they stated very clearly that due to piracy they probably won’t release ssf4 for pc. Although the comments above hardly are a confirmation for me (he just hopes), it’s better than it used to be.

  6. heretic says:

    I don’t understand their piracy comment. Are they trying to guilt trip people into buying future games?

    I mean… if they make a PC version many people will still buy it, yes it will be pirated, but if they can make a profit it’s good for them right?

    Was it really the case that they would not make a profit? I honestly doubt it…

    On the other hand if they don’t make a PC version nobody from the PC only crowd buys it, but it gets pirated on consoles anyway…

    • subedii says:

      link to

      Basically they’re working off the presumption that it doesn’t matter how well it sells. Piracy will happen on the PC, and they need to “protect the IP” of the Street Fighter franchise as such.

      How on Earth this logic flies with every other game Capcom’s released on the PC so far is a question of course, unless they plan on not doing any more ports at all.

      There’s also the issue that they’re likely viewing this as piracy cannibalising sales console-side. Although as far as I’m aware, there have never been any stats that show this connection, it’s always just been an implicit presumption with some companies. Which is why, say for example, companies like Ubisoft never release a PC port of any of their games until 3-6 months later (pretty much helping to ensure that sales are as minimal as possible since they missed the marketing campaign, and then bundle on crazy DRM on top of it).

      Successful console games have always sold well, regardless of whatever happens to ports PC-side. Heck you just need to look at any of the Modern Warfare games. If a game’s developed first for the PC market then sales are generally lower when ported over to consoles, and vice-versa, but that’s natural. In reality it’s extremely difficult to say whether PC piracy has any real effect on the console market, since the two are usually extremely different.

      The ironic thing is that the arcade hardware IS PC hardware, and the engine they’re building their games on is built to run on it. It’s why Capcom’s been able to port these games over so well and so easily. As it says in the interview, A PC version is already 99% complete. The biggest part of the port would probably be making the new UI.

    • Ravenger says:

      I read one comment (not sure how true it is) that the piracy that Capcom are talking about isn’t home piracy – it’s using the PC version to make cloned arcade cabinets in Asia, eating into their arcade profits.

    • Plankton says:

      I think the reason BlazBlu got a PC port was actually a direct result of piracy of the arcade version. Apparently, the arcade version ran on what’s practically a PC and some guys cracked it and made it run on normal PC hardware, so that there was practically a PC version available. The BlazBlu dev then decided to push out a PC port themselves so that they could at least make some money on the PC.
      I have read that somewhere, so I am not sure if its totally true and I don’t know if that situation is similar with SF4.

    • Hatsworth says:

      Plankton: The arcade version that got dumped was the second iteration, yet they ported the first :/. I doubt it was related.

  7. Navagon says:

    The main reason I never grabbed SFIV even when it was cheap is because Capcom are so utterly bloody predictable when it comes to Street Fighter. Of course there was going to be a Super Street Fighter IV and probably several other versions after that. What turned out to be less predictable was that Capcom’s otherwise good PC support would then take a nosedive.

  8. MSJ says:

    A better question:

    Is MvC3 coming to the PC?

    • Delusibeta says:

      What about TvC?

    • kikito says:

      TvT, TvZ, TvP, PvP, ZvP, ZvZ are all on PC.

      And ZvZ has stopped being zergling-baneling lately.


    • Rotekian says:

      Tatsunoko vs Capcom? If it were a choice I’d prefer Marvel vs Capcom 3. Although the giant robots replacing a fighting team idea is quite amusing.

      I’m certainly hoping for SSF4 for pc so my fightstick doesn’t go to waste. Although I still play SF4 since I play Rose (and am still quite bad) I tend to lose a lot.

  9. Po0py says:

    So the answer is no. Until it becomes yes. At which point the answer will be yes. Until it becomes no.

  10. Tunips says:

    Isn’t Street Fighter 4 already on PC? I could have sworn I heard a hullabaloo.

  11. tomeoftom says:

    That was amazing,

  12. afarrell says:

    This fighter is not Tekken* => the physics are all wrong and it hurts my eyes

    * feel free to replace Tekken with whatever fighter you were brought up on.

  13. Oneironaut says:

    I was interested in getting this, but I got SFIV in the Steam Christmas sale and now I don’t really care. I’m completely horrible at the game, and can barely beat the campaign mode on very easy. I guess I’m looking for a less hardcore fighter game, like one I played on the gamecube that I used to enjoy, called Bloody Roar.

    • Rotekian says:

      This sounds like your reaching the brick wall that is the end boss Seth. If your running into trouble before this then I don’t have much to comment on since as I recall you can win pretty easily up to this point with normal moves and knowing how to throw fireballs is overpowered as far as the easy AI is concerned.

      Unfortunately Seth seems to be bugged. He doesn’t get much harder with increases in difficulty, but if you set him off you can end up fighting that battle far too many times. I’ve found that the AI almost always lets you jump in at the start of the round and if you see him teleport multiple times in a row that is generally the starting point of hard mode. As long as you have his life down low enough you just need to be patient and wait for him to waste his ultra with good blocking and back dashes to avoid his teleport-grab shenanigans.

  14. rocketman71 says:

    Whenever I remember Capcom accusing PC gamers of piracy and I see their complete ripoff of ‘Splosion Man, I laugh.

    Yeah, they’re so saddened about it that they’re going to do absolutely nothing about it. Not even apologize to Twisted Pixel. And man, is it hard for me to side with a XBLA developer that doesn’t release for PC instead of with one of our PCGA shining knights in armor.

  15. Auspex says:

    I thought Mr. John liked hugging. He’s mad for hugging, yes?

  16. mashakos says:

    Svensson is the man! He’s a huge advocate of PC gaming, I’m sure he’ll eventually wear those boring execs at Capcom HQ and get a PC port out someday.

  17. Sic says:

    So, Svensson is putting all his money on that nobody on the internet knows that SSFIV IS ALREADY A PC GAME?

    The arcade version is running on a PC with WinXP. Yeah, that’s right. There is no “work”. Worst case scenario, it’s done over a caffeine heavy weekend.

  18. KillahMate says:

    Let me know when the next BlazBlue comes to PC. This 3D fighting stuff is for kids.

  19. Heynes says:

    In the rare chance it does come out, it’ll probably be the “normal” SSFIV; consoles probably will long have had the Arcade version for quite a while by then.

  20. multiname says:

    Release it and I’ll buy it. Same goes for Puzzle Fighter HD and Dead Rising 1. Hey, make it a compilation!