Breach Gets Its Gadgets Out

Breach, the forthcoming wall-penetrating multiplayer destructo-shooter, is out on January 26th, and the team are showing off the various gadgets and techno-trickery that supplements the blowing-holes-in-walls bits, in a new trailer. For more information of rather more textual variety, please browse Quintin’s preview feature, where he talks about the game because he has seen it and so forth. Yep.


  1. Linfosoma says:

    The sound in all the videos I’ve seen is terrible, Bad Company 2 has spoiled me : /

    • terry says:

      Every game should have a war tapes setting. I swear I haven’t even got through the campaign because of the extreme audio-willies I get from BFBC2.

    • wazups2x says:

      I didn’t like the war tapes setting, it made it sound worse. I just used the default, sounded much better,

  2. ChaK_ says:


  3. jthmmdom says:

    It reminds me of Call of Duty.

  4. airtekh says:

    IR sniper detector? :O

    Do want, for every game ever that included snipers.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I think the discussion where they came up with the game went like this:

      A: Let’s make a game with destructible environments!
      B: But that would just be Red Faction all over again! And people will use it to cheat if we don’t limit it!
      A: But having the freedom to destroy everything is the whole point!
      C: Hey, when we have destructible walls, wall cheats will become futile.
      A: That gives me an idea: Why don’t we just add everything in there that cheaters use, then there will be no point in cheating any more!
      C: You mean like seeing trough walls, detecting snipers, highlighting enemies, etc?
      A: Yeah man!
      B: Fuck yeah!
      C: Let’s do it!

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      haha exactly what i thought :D

  5. sneetch says:

    I think the edge of the wall in that screen shot has a quest.

  6. Brumisator says:

    I like the ventilated hockey helmet the player character is wearing. Best idea ever for stopping deadly projectiles.

    Also, the use of the words “real life” is too hilarious for words.

    • Lightbulb says:

      Jake Bosworth
      Mar 26 2005, 06:01 PM
      This taken from Black Hawk Down-
      “…He was carrying a small medical pack and his CAR-15, sidearm, rounds, radio, canteen and body armor. Instead of a K-pot (the standard US Army Kevlar helmet, Wilkinson was wearing the lightweight plastic Pro-Tech hockey helmet preferred by most of the D-boys. Their specialized work called for them to move fast in and out of small places, so their primary concern was bumping their head, not taking a bullet or shrapnel…”

      link to

      So yes, it probably is a hockey helmet. :)

  7. omicron1 says:

    Boy, Between Breach, Brink, and Bulletstorm, they’ve Been Building a Big Bunch of B-list B-name Boomstick games.

  8. ChaK_ says:

    The last dude is throwing 203’s like he’d throw rocks. Dangerous guy I tell you

  9. Flaringo says:

    god damnit, it annoys me that every fps with multiplayer has to be “cool” these days and implement features that shit all over player skill :( if someone saw this shit a few years back they would have called hax on that shit.

  10. BooleanBob says:

    Only three of ’em, but actually.. all pretty good looking stuff!

  11. mollemannen says:

    anyone know were to get this? can’t find it anywere for pc.

  12. Bungle says:

    Ooh! They took everything I hate about Call of Duty and put it into a new game!

  13. Bilbo says:

    No thanks, that looks hugely frustrating to play. FPS players already seem to be very good at knowing where I am, without needing handy-dandy GUI hints or a wall-hack. Giving this a berth *this* wide.

  14. Torgen says:

    Please tell me they are releasing mod tools for this.

  15. geldonyetich says:

    Another attempt to recreate the surprise success that was Counterstrike. This one is one of those that comes with its own wall hack.

    Obligatory mention of the 19871995 series with the same name.

    • cog says:

      Mmmmm. Turn Based Tactical Goodness. Speaking of, what ever happened to JA3?

  16. golden_worm says:

    I watched the whole video thinking this was Brink.

  17. wootles says:

    Another boring shooter. It has the premise to be awesome if had just taken a tactical cue from the Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon series. No, not the Las Vegas games (terrible excuses for a tactical shooter). If only a new Raven Shield would come out *sigh*.

  18. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    I like gadgets. They add some degree of texture to the blandness of the genre. Almost enough to fool me into thinking I could tolerate going back to manshoots but then I noticed it was a duel platform release.
    No thanks.

    • opel says:

      How’d you notice that it was coming out on the console? Was it the “Xbox” bit at the end, or was it the fact that the guy in the trailer couldn’t aim for shit?

  19. Tommo says:

    I would be interested in this WITHOUT the gadgets. This is why i dont play Modern BLOPS.

  20. msarge says:

    I love destructible environments.

  21. pupsikaso says:

    On the 26th? How long has the game been in development? I’ve just heard about it for the first time like around December =/

  22. kulik says:

    C’mon Tripwire give me RO:HOS already, don’t you see what kind of shit are they trying to force me to play?!

  23. Lightbulb says:

    Does it still include Dust2?

  24. CaseytheBrash says:

    Remember the old space game called Breach?