Tidalis Lite Is Not Tidalis, Say Arcen Games

All aboard the good news Zeppelin! Come, come! Quickly! You too! Yes, and you! No, not you. Sorry. The good news Zeppelin is full now. You should have been faster.

Arcen games has released both another update for Tidalis, their excellent & colourful block puzzler, as well as a new, ‘Lite’ version. A unity-powered browser game, Tidalis Lite was inspired by business models on the iPhone, where the norm is a free, lightweight version that goads people to stop being so cheap and buy the full version. But this is NOT A DEMO. No. Arcen games explain that they already have a demo for Tidalis. This is something else. Ye olde chipper Tidalis trailer is after the jump.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    “Tidalis Lite Is Not Tidalis”

    But is it Lite?

  2. Pie21 says:

    Am I the only one for whom that trailer went from sleepily practical to thoroughly surreal? It lulls you into a trance at the start at then throws a mad screen of dancing treasure at you, dominated primarily by a psychopathic-looking teddy bear and a pair of brand new gumboots.

    Or am I just way too tired?

  3. Red_Avatar says:

    I bought this game and I was told it was pretty good but haven’t had time to properly play it yet. Too busy playing Fallout Tactics right now.

  4. Colonel J says:

    I love Tidalis and have played it more than all the indie-pack games I bought last year put together. Must have sunk 20+ hours into just getting past 100 of the 115-something levels of the long adventure mode and I’ve barely touched the puzzle mode yet. Must admit I only tried it because it’s by the AI War people, didn’t expect to like it and didn’t click straight away with either the game mechanic or the cute cut-scene art. But once it got it’s hooks in I couldn’t leave it alone. The more time you spend with it the more you appreciate the depth and the smart design in there. And the amount of content and customisability is just rude for a game that cost me about 80p in the Steam Puzzle pack last year.

    There was a review somewhere that called it the ‘the thinking man’s Bejewelled’ – which is bob on.

  5. Fumarole says:

    For a moment there I read that trailer title as Tidalis 2. Now I’m sad even though I didn’t play through as much of the game as I should have.

  6. patricij says:

    It has no music…what a shame.