InfiniRaveHammer = Modern Warfare 3?

Oh look, another headline with a question mark in the title. That’s journamalisming for you. Can we have some less ambiguous news now please?

So – Black Ops 2, World At War 2, Modern Warfare 3 or some other two to three word summation of conflict? Until now, we had no idea what this year’s Call of Duty game would be. We also had no idea there would be another Call of Duty game this year. It just seemed so very unlikely that this series would continue. Apparently it will, despite catastrophically low sales, rock-bottom reviews and perennially empty servers. Whouldathunkit. The LA Times thinks it knows what’s up. Modern Warfare 3 it is, allegedly. So who’s making it?

While a vast chunk of Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward fled to form Respawn when their bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West were escorted off Activision’s premises, Infinity Ward still exists. That means Activision can have it make the frankly inevitably Modern Warfare 3 for them, but apparently they need a spot of help.

That allegedly comes in the form of two other Activision studios, Sledgehammer (reportedly working on their own COD) and Raven (who’ve been terribly quiet since the reasonable Singularity was released to little or no fanfare, though rumour is they pitched in with Black Ops too). The latter’s specifically working on the multilplayer, allegedly. Allegedly, allegedly, allegedly, allegedly, agoddarnedllgedly.

So there’s that. Modern Warfare 3? I don’t think there’ll be too many gasps of astonishment somehow. Oh, I can’t wait to see how that cliffhanger about those blokes being in that situation because of that completely incoherent thing that other bloke did is resolved. Might be nice to see Price again though, as long as they take him back to being a stoic soldier/father figure rather than that unconvincing Cockney philosopher MW2 made him into.

And what of West and Zampella/Respawn? Well, despite having a game in the works with EA they may be speeding towards a tough time of things, as Activision’s stepping up its counter-suit against them. EA’s being pointed at sternly too, with Activision alleging the pair had colluded with its long-time rival to mess up assorted COD plans and ultimately jump ship. The latest claim, via leaked emails, is that W&Z (or WeeZey from now on) allegedly agreed to delay the release of the Stimulus Pack DLC for MW2 so that EA had a chance to get Battlefield Bad Company DLC out first.

Says the apparent internal mail from EA marketing boss Lincoln Hershberger, the man with the most American name in the world, “A couple months ago, I asked Vince to hold back their map pack until after we launched (he owes me one). Given that they’ve already made a billion, he was cool with that, obviously Kotick took it as being belligerent.”


EA’s Jeff Brown told Gamasutra it’s a big fat bag of nonsense. “This was obviously sarcasm. It’s clear from the email this was a joke and they never spoke. We explained this to lawyers at Activision – who apparently don’t have much of a sense of humor.”

Activision want $400m from EA for their alleged skullduggery with WeeZey. If the court rules in their favour: Jesus Christ, basically.


  1. airtekh says:

    Well, I’m not excited, but I’m sure millions are. Call of Duty was fun once, but I find it loses its appeal when the forumla is rehashed a bazillion times.

    I’m very curious as to what Respawn are doing though; if the legal fiasco hasn’t slowed them completely.

  2. drewski says:

    It *does* look kinda suspicious.

  3. checkers says:

    This is a stupid post.

  4. Starky says:

    God, can you imagine if 5 years ago someone told you that you’d be rooting for EA, and that they’d be the “good guys” (reliantly speaking) of big publishers…

    First with the edge trademark troll smackdown and this, I seriously hope that EA smash Activision in court, in sales and in market value.

    • frymaster says:

      since the re-organisation of EA, they’ve been fairly… not-evil. I wouldn’t go further than that, but they’ve put a lot of games on steam, began to back down from their “let’s pile on even more DRM” stance (to the extent that they’ve removed third-party DRM from steam games), and the section responsible for creating new games has in fact created new games (Mirror’s Edge; Dead Space – whatever you might say about their sucess, you can’t say they weren’t at least trying to mix things up)

      Sure, there’s the sport-game-of-the-year and the sims-expansion-pack-of-the-minute, but you can ignore them :)

  5. Sam Crisp says:

    This is going to be the best Call of Duty ever!

  6. Colthor says:

    I hope it involves walking down a corridor clicking some guys in the head!

    And if there are boxes to crouch behind, that would be awesome!

    • zergrush says:

      I’ll only buy it if there’s terribly narrow and limited multiplayer maps and LOTS AND LOTS of multiplayer-relevant stuff to unlock.

      Boy, do I love me some imbalance, camping and grenade-spamming!

    • ShiftyParadigm says:

      You can’t have both camping and grenade spamming. One cancels out the other.

    • zergrush says:

      When I try to camp I’m grenaded, when to grenadize I’m camped…

      On second thought, am probably just not good at the game =(

    • Barnaby says:

      Oh, and tons of DLC map packs! Wouldn’t that be sweet?!

  7. tomeoftom says:

    I’d be really curious as to the percentage of RPS regulars that even bothered to pirate the latest COD. Could we have a poll?

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I’m proud to say I’ve completely ignored the series.

    • zergrush says:

      Played MW2s campaing on a borrowed steam account.

      I still make fun of the friend who paid 60 dollars for that thing.

      *apostrophe removed*

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      I was all set to completely ignore MW2, until I was unexpectedly given it on Steam for my birthday. I haven’t played BLOPS at all.

    • ChaK_ says:

      Borrowed my steam account to a friend of mine.

      He still makes fun of the 60 dollars I paid for it.

    • Aemony says:

      I bought CoD4 on the Steam Christmas Sale last month. Does that count?

    • mda says:

      Played MW1, nothing after.

    • zergrush says:


      FIY, we’re also making fun of you for getting that Naruto fighting game for PS3.

      You have like the worst taste ever for games, dude.

    • Kadayi says:

      I’ve held off buying Blops, simply because I’m unlikely to bother with the multi-player, so £35 seems a lot for a 6 – 7 hour max SP gaming experience (I feel a little burnt after the disappointment of MW2 also tbh). When it comes down in price to £20 in 6 -12 months or so I’ll possibly give it a shot then. Though much like Nintendo, Activision seem fairly reluctant to lower their prices on older titles way past their life cycle, so it might be a good while yet before Bobby k gets his Kad money.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      I kind of wish I hadn’t, but I can’t say that.

      I enjoyed MW1 for what it was, an interactive (I use that term loosely here) action movie. MW2 had some moments. I barely played the multi-player at all though (Unbelievable how many times I heard f*g yelled over the mic, and that was on the PC).

      Bought CODBLOPS, played a few hours of single-player, and then realised that I might as well not be in the same room as my computer while the game was running. There was NO A.I. at ALL. It was ridiculous. So, boring single-player, and annoying little brats and terrible gameplay in multi-player. Oh, and the obligatory Zombie mode. I think I’ll give it a miss.

      *EDIT* Oh yeah, and what what in the butt to Mr. Bobby Kotick . . . in the bad sense of what what. *EDIT*

    • brulleks says:

      Enjoyed the first one, the second one wasn’t bad, then it went modern and I lost all interest.

      It was the equivalent of when they started hiring actors who looked like boy band members to appear in tv versions of classic literature.

      In so far as that’s when I got rid of my television anyway.

      Okay so it’s nothing like it other than I hated both moves. And hate is the most important thing about any comments thread, after all.

    • MDevonB says:

      I pulled an Edward Teach. Gave the single a little time to grow on me as a demo, looked at the price, heard it had some form of multiplayer unlockables, laughed my ass off, deleted the files and played a wee bit of masturbation instead. Felt it had the same experience. Rephrensiveness at first, a few minutes of fun, half an hour of laughter, and a day of shame.

    • KillahMate says:

      Bought, played, enjoyed CoD1, 2, 4:MW very much. Unfortunately in my opinion the entire genre peaked with CoD4, so all the games after that one are sort of like overblown expansion packs. Not bad, but I want novelty and they don’t have it. Played some MW2 multi over a Steam Free Weekend, but didn’t find much difference so I wasn’t impressed. As far as I’m concerned I finished/completed/won the Call of Duty series, and I’ve moved on. Currently moved on to BFBC2 (different, interesting), looking forward to Brink (even more different, interesting).

      Note that I don’t dislike the CoD template, I’m just disappointed that they haven’t done anything new with it since CoD4 and don’t look like they’re going to. The ‘heavily scripted, militaristic manshoot’ genre is slowly calcifying, so I no longer care. Perhaps in ten years some equivalent of Jonathan Blow will use the genre as a jump-off point for a redefinition, like Braid did to platformers. That would be fun.

      Looking back on what I’ve written, I realize I haven’t specified whether I mean SP or MP, but everything I said applies to both.

    • DrazharLn says:

      Never bought a CoD game, played them a few times round friend’s houses and they seemed fun enough (haven’t played BLOPS or MW2, don’t feel any need to either). They weren’t exactly amazing games and I’d rather funnel the ~£30 price into more interesting games, like Solium Infernum, SpaceChem, Minecraft etc.

    • westyfield says:

      Bought MW1 a few months after it came out, enjoyed it.
      Bought World at War, thought it kinda sucked.
      Didn’t buy MW2 or BLOPS but have played MW2 co-op on an Ex-Box 2*pi.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Bought, played, enjoyed CoD1, 2, 4:MW very much.

      This. The IW games that were made before MW2 and the IW/Activision blowup were great. MOHAA (by basically the same team) was great as well. I’ve played the singleplayer of WaW, MW2, and BLOPS to completion and can’t say I enjoyed them at all.

    • ezekiel2517 says:

      Well, I bought both MW2 and Black Ops. I enjoyed MW2 for a while, but it’s flaws were abused until I got bored with it. I was annoyed by the noob tube spamming, but I was FAR more annoyed by the “good players” who made lobbies and would yell if you used anything other than that bolt action sniper.

      Black Ops is a disappointment. I decided not to buy it and get Civ 5 instead back in it’s release, but I got it last month since a friend recommended it. He enjoys it well enough but I can’t ignore how similar it is to MW2. Couldn’t they have just fixed that? I don’t like it that I have to pay 60 dollars for some problems to be fixed and new ones to be introduced. This game also requires a lot of time if you want to be decent at it, which I don’t want to do.

      This is definitely the last CoD game I try. It’s not a terrible game, it’s just plain and requires too much time to enjoy in MP.

  8. Jonas says:

    We also had no idea there would be another Call of Duty game this year. It just seemed so very unlikely that series would continue. Apparently it will, despite catastrophically low sales, rock-bottom reviews and perennially empty servers.

    Wow it took me maybe 15 seconds of staring at that sentence to realise you were joking. Just couldn’t make sense of it. Seems I’m a bit slow today.

  9. outoffeelinsobad says:

    I am relieved that the future of manshoots is not in peril.

  10. trooperdx3117 says:

    Well a new call of duty would be worth if your willing to provide some of your marvelous commentary on some the trailers there Alec

  11. HermitUK says:

    Multi-developer projects are never a great prospect. Especially when the three teams are spread out right across the US (Sledgehammer and IW are at opposite ends of California, while Raven is about 2000 miles away in Wisconsin)

    Usually this sort of endeavour makes the end result feel like a mish mash of work instead of a single complete package. Medal of Honour’s single and multiplayer may as well have been two completely different games – different engine, game mechanics and playstyle. Bioshock 2’s multiplayer was built on a different version of the Bioshock 1 engine compared to the SP. As such it suffered from a bizzare 40fps cap, the weapons feeling outdated, and less impressive visuals compared to the single player.

  12. Navagon says:

    How is it that on one hand Activision can rake it in, yet on the other they have the appearance of a rapidly disintegrating company with no real future for any of their divisions (CoD, licensed games and peripheral games)?

    • Aemony says:

      Blizzard stands for the postivive stuff, obviously.

    • Navagon says:

      Positive how? Income?

      Activision seem to be making… enough to get by. But I doubt that shareholders would want to see Blizzard propping up Activision any more than they’d want to see Activision propping up one of their own studios. Whichever ones they have left…

      Peripheral gaming is dead. That is peripherals that aren’t Kinect, Wiimote or PS3mote. Licensed gaming they clearly don’t care about at all. And they’re having to throw together decaying remains of studios to keep CoD alive. Those are their three areas of focus and none seem to have a future.

  13. Teddy Leach says:

    Is it just me, or is Actard commanded by Lucifer?

  14. Blackseraph says:

    Why people buy anything from activision anymore? I can never understand.

  15. arioch says:

    “Lincoln Hershberger, the man with the most American name in the world,”

    And yay… another 5 hour long beautifully scripted game that I will never feel the urge to spend £50 on, despite my friends insistence that the mulitplayer is amazingly good fun, and isnt full of 10 year olds who will annihilate me, and then tell me how bad I am.

  16. Big Murray says:

    Am I alone in saying that Call of Duty twists my soul into a mangled husk of what it once was?

  17. ShiftyParadigm says:

    Lots of CoD hate out there today. Sure MW2 was over the top but completing the spec ops. missions with freinds was great and the multiplayer was hilarious (riot shields anyone?).

    Yes it is scripted very heavily however thats what makes this Call of Duty. If you want open world then Just Cause or Oblivion or GTA or Fallout are waiting to be played.

    I’m not going to defend Activision though, they’re the ones running the franchise into the ground. Looking at guitar hero, its amazing CoD has lasted this long without becoming bad games in general.

    • Sigh says:

      Yeah it is kind of funny. It is like readers are worried that they will lose their RPS badge of honor for not spewing some invective and sarcasm on every Call of Duty post. I actually enjoy the games for what they are and the multiplayer is quite fun as I like to explore unusual tactics. I have never found them too unbalanced and at least you can shoot down a f**king helicopter in CoD! If they are not your thing, fine, just move along to your Minecraft server.

    • Barnaby says:

      Grenade perks, AI controlled choppers, spawning into air strikes, spawn camping. Yes, all this reeks of balance. Not to mention all the other reasons why this series is over-hyped garbage.

      Sorry but seeing you defending this shit makes my eye twitch a bit…

    • Sigh says:

      Thank you for your opinion.

      I never quite understand why people spend so much energy writing comments about games they dislike, hate, or find boring. I guess that in some cases someone makes a mistake and purchases a game they end up not liking and they feel compelled to express their anger to the world, which is somewhat understandable. But the comment threads after any CoD post on RPS are almost tedious to read and this is a website that normally attracts intelligent articulate readers. If I dislike a game I generally ignore it and any information exchange regarding it and just move on and spend my time and energy with games or products that I have an affinity with. Perhaps individuals feel empowered as a consumer when they articulate their misplaced anger on some random forum.

      I don’t think CoD is some masterpiece forward-thinking game design or an instance of brilliant philosophical expression (though some installments did revolutionize some FPS features), but guess what, I approach it and enjoy it for what it is. No other game fills the twitch-shooter arcade FPS niche quite like CoD (for me at least as my opinion is subjective) and that is why it belongs in my collection. I enjoy a myriad of other genres and titles alongside CoD as well, but it has its place.

      Sorry but seeing your misplaced anger makes my eye twitch a bit…

    • skalpadda says:

      I suppose only those who either love it or hate it (or love or hate the posts of those who do) care enough to take the time to comment. I personally don’t care about the series at all since it doesn’t do anything that interests me, although I do get the urge to shake some sense into my friends when they claim it’s the greatest thing ever. Then again if they’re having fun: more power to them.

      Anyway, my point being that most people probably don’t care which is why it looks like everyone either hates the game or defends it.

    • Sigh says:

      You know, I can’t think of one game that I hate or makes me so angry that I am compelled to post vitriol. Sure there are games that bore me, disappoint me, or fail to interest me, but I have never met a game that I hate.

      They are just luxury consumables after all.

  18. Sam says:

    I didn’t buy MW2 or Black Ops. Won’t be buying this one.

  19. JohnnyMaverik says:

    “We explained this to lawyers at Activision – who apparently don’t have much of a sense of humor.”

    Well I could have told him that… =/

  20. heretic says:

    I fail to understand why people buy this series on console, saw my flatmate play it on his PS3 the other day and it looked ridiculous. Can’t aim for shit either.

  21. Dominic White says:

    So, can we put the ‘Activision aren’t evil, they’re just doing what’s in their best interests as a company’ stuff to rest? They fired the guys that created the single most profitable single videogame in history, and now are trying to sue them into a smoking hole in the ground (400 million dollars!!!!) for ‘insubordination’ and ‘sabotage’ because of an obviously facetious, tongue-in-cheek email.

    Corporate psychopathy has seldom been more obvious.

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      Activision aren’t evil, they’re just bloody stupid…

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Activision’s 2010 $1.3 billion net profit says you are rather misinformed.

      Also Dominic, if that’s the way you feel about the videogame industry, Id hate to think what you think about the international energy & resources industries.

  22. Radiant says:

    I have no idea what BLOPS was about.
    Whoever made that game needs to stop cocaining their way through game design.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind Kotick?
    Activision were nearly bankrupt twice before he turned up.
    The man must be doing something right surely?
    Yeah he’s an arsehole but damnit who up there isn’t?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Activision were a great company. In 1980. Wish those other 2 times they had just died.

  23. zkylon says:

    New Vegas publisher Larry Liberty has the most american name i can think of.

  24. Duffin says:

    You lot only moan about Call of Duty BECAUSE YOUR ALL SHIT AT IT!

    • JayTee says:


    • DeathHamsterDude says:


      Burn. He didn’t even bother to type ‘you are’, he just threw a rather flippant ‘you’re’ out there. He’s saying you’re not worth an A, dude! And I also heard him say terrible things about your personal hygiene!

      Maybe you should fight! In CODBLOPS!


      Also, I actually found it too easy tbh. Regenerating health? Oh please. I can kill 5 or 6 players with a bit of luck in CS:S when I’m on 1 health. But hardcore PC FPSes have spoiled me I suppose. ;(

      One thing I’ll say though is *SPOILER WARNING BITCHES* in MW2 when they drop the E.M.P on Washington(?) and as you’re running along, all these planes just start falling out of the air, and then you notice your red-dot sight has shorted so you have to fire from the hip until you find iron-sights. That was a pretty phenomenal section of the game. That’s pretty much the one thing that’s stuck with me about MW2.

  25. Jad says:

    In an alternate world I would have no problem whatsoever with yearly CoD. This is an alternate universe where the singleplayer costs no more than $20, and it’s not a huge, massively over-hyped phenomenon, but rather a somewhat niche game made by dedicated enthusiasts who like making highly scripted shoot-em ups.

    I’m serious — the shortness of the campaign in my mind is not a bad thing. A year is a pretty long period of time, and six hours of gameplay a full year ago is easily forgotten. I’m not “exhausted” by doing the same thing again for 6 hours every 8765 hours or so (the number in a year,according to Google). Six hours of mindlessly shooting dudes sounds like a fine palate-cleanser in between more meaty fare. I don’t need to have every game I play be stunningly innovatively original novel stuff. I read silly fantasy novels and critically acclaimed contemporary literature. Shock!

    So, $15-20 for that, once a year, sounds fine. But not $60. On the multiplayer side, similarly. Have one game, and then $15-$20 expansion packs once a year to keep things fresh. So, $30-40 if you like both parts.

    I’ll pick up BLOPS at some point, when it reaches $30 or so, and I will have no problem with that. It is irritating that it takes so long to come down to that price, because of what a world-wide block-busting seller it is.

  26. Joshua says:

    Will MW3 contain subtle anti war messages, like MW1’s parody of the Iraq war and MW2’s ‘blindly following orders leads to the death of the world’?

  27. lucasdigital says:

    I only bought Modern Warfare 2 at Christmas, loved it, although it definitely felt a little over-amped in the plot department. Yes, it was a tad short, and the see-it-a-mile-away twist felt a little forced, but I actually whooped with joy when I made that skidoo jump.

    Bit of a SPOILER COMING UP…If you haven’t finished Modern Warfare 2 you better hum the national anthem backwards while reading the next bit to preserve that non-existent surprise….

    Is there a touch of life-imitating art, in that the game ends with the two lead characters turning against their masters and flying off into the sunset with their trusty work colleague.

    Maybe Modern Warfare 3 opens up with new characters who are set on hunting down two rogue games developers SAS warriors….

  28. PleasingFungus says:

    Call of Duty 1 was a pretty fun game.

  29. GoodPatton says:


  30. Tetragrammaton says:

    For what they are the COD series are good mindless fun. Personally i haven’t played the new one but im sure it is not the devil made flesh(game?) that people seem to trumpet around these here parts.. Still, I suppose the rage must go on.

  31. noclip says:

    Let the wolves tear each other apart if you ask me.

  32. kennycrown says:

    what’s this?